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Dimensions 設計概念 Dimensions 設計圖

Front Elevation Scale: 1:20 Width x Height x Depth 360 cm x 285 cm x 160 cm

285 cm (2.85 m)

360 cm (3.6m)

Bird cages with plants inside (Stainless Steel)

Streamline (Tempered Glass)

Side Elevation 160 cm (1.6 m)

40 cm (4 m)

Bird cage-like bus route (Stainless Steel)

設計概念 Main Body (Tempered Glass)

285 cm (2.85 m) 100 cm

255 cm

Birds sing randomly Leaf-like seats (Stainless Steel)

40 cm (4 m)

360 cm (3.6m) Chan Hei Ting 10018999 VA2770

Design Concepts 設計概念

rd a Bo

d l t er e h o S s s ” Bu g M o of n i S Bird o t g in “Listen

Inspirations Shelter: A continous line, creating leaf-like shape shelter. Throughout two dimensions, it allows more open space for people to get into and out from the bus shelter. Eco-friendly: Using recycle bird cages to decorate shelter which are eco-friendly. Actually, the design is inspirated from Hong Kong-style bird cages, adding Hong Kong local characteristics would definitely make it more unique. Adding plants not only improve the air quality around the bus stop, but also could enhance the whole design visual effect. Making bird cages as the key focal point, every audiences would like to stop and crap their hands while seeing the design. Interactive: Birds sing randomly, people may take a rest while waiting bus.

Streamline (Tempered Glass)

Bird cages with plants inside (Stainless Steel)

Bird cage-like bus route (Stainless Steel)

Main Body (Tempered Glass)

Birds sing randomly

Materials Used - Main body (Plastic transparent material) - Bird cages (Stainless Steel) - Cover (Plastic transparent material)

Leaf-like seats (Stainless Steel)

Chan Hei Ting 10018999 VA2770

Finished Product 設計作品


Front Back Chan Hei Ting 10018999 VA2770

Bus Shelter Design  

Bus Shelter Design, part of competition and part of homework. Did not win, but i love my design. All rights are reserved.