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2009–10 wrestling

tim mahoney 165 Sophomore

Blake reed 165 Junior

derrick Pousson 149 Junior

Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

2009-10 Cougar Wrestling

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General Information 1 ... Quick Facts • 1 ... Contact Information • 1 ... Media Information • 1 ... Referring to SIUE • 2 ... SIUE Athletics’ Values • 2 ... SIUE Athletics’ Philosophy


About Southern Illinois University Edwardsville 3 ... Overview of SIUE • 4 ... Student Services and Support • 5 ... Housing at SIUE • 6 ... Chancellor Vaughn Vandegrift • 7 ... Director of Athletics Dr. Brad Hewitt • 8 ... Vadalabene Center • 8 ... Wrestling Room

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Coaching Staff 9 ... Head Coach David Ray


History 18 ... 2008-2009 Results • 19 ... Series Records • 20 ... Division I AllAmericans • 21 ... Division II All-Americans • 21 ... Division II National Champions • 21 ... Division II Four-Time All-Americans • 22 ... Records • 22 ... NCAA Championships • 23-24 ... SIUE Athletics Hall of Fame

2009-10 Season Preview • 10 ... Season Outlook • 11 ... 2009-10 Roster • 11 ... Weight Class Breakdown • 11 ... Breakdown by Year • 12-15 ... Student-Athlete Biographies • 16-17 ... 2009-10 Opponents

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Contact Information

Media Information

618 Area Code Head Coach: David Ray Phone: 650-2949 E-mail Intercollegiate Athletics 650-2871 Tickets 650-2841 University Housing 650-3931 Academic Advising 650-3722 Financial Aid 650-3880 Web site SIUE Web site

618 area code Sports Information Director (SID) Eric Hess SID office phone 650-3608 Home phone 656-0510 SID Graduate Assistant Bruce Robidou SID Graduate Assistant phone 650-3155 SID FAX 650-2296 SID’s E-mail Press Box Phone 650-2188 SID Mailing Address Campus Box 1129 Edwardsville, IL 62026

Referring to SIUE The proper usage of the University’s name is Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. There are no hyphens or other words to connect University and Edwardsville. SIU Edwardsville is appropriate, also minus a hyphen. SIUE is acceptable on second reference. The teams nickname is Cougars, which is the same for men’s and women’s teams.

Quick Facts Location Edwardsville, Illinois Founded 1957 Enrollment 13,940 Nickname Cougars School colors Red and White Facility Vadalabene Center Capacity 4,000 Affiliation NCAA Division I (Reclassifying) Conference Independent Chancellor Dr. Vaughn Vandegrift Athletics Director Dr. Brad Hewitt Faculty Representative Dr. John Meisel SIU Edwardsville Minutes from downtown St. Louis 25 Acres 2,660 Student/Faculty ratio 16 to 1 Average class size 25 Percent of full-time instructional faculty who have a terminal degree 82 Accredited by The Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association SIU Edwardsville Students Students who reside on campus 3,500 Average freshman ACT score 22.6 Financial aid $116 million (AY09) Total Alumni 82,300 Program History First year of wrestling All-time record No. yrs. in NCAA Tourn./last

1969 226-273-13 36/2006-2007

Team Information Overall Record last year Final ranking last year (poll) Home Record: Road Record: Neutral: Letter winners returning/lost: Newcomers:

4-6 n/a 1-4 1-1 1-2 6/0 23

SIU Edwardsville Staff Head Coach David Ray Alma Mater, Yr. Simpson College ’90, Iowa ’92 Record at school (Yrs.) 4-6 (1 yr.) Career Record (Yrs.) 145-51-4 (13 yrs.) Best time of day to reach Coach 10 a.m. Head Athletic Trainer Gerry Schlemer


Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

2009-10 Cougar Wrestling

Athletics Philosophy and Values SIUE Athletics’ Values Higher Education No goal of ours exceeds the mandate to educate and graduate the student-athlete. We are dedicated to being consistent with the educational purpose of the University. Rules and Regulations We are dedicated to enforcing adherence to the rules and regulations of the NCAA by our student-athletes, coaches and administrators. Pursuit of Excellence Intercollegiate Athletics, with its emphasis on excellence at all levels of play, provides opportunities for undergraduate/graduate students to understand the rewards that come from dedication to a larger purpose and to develop their personal, physical and intellectual skills. Citizenship We believe that the values of citizenship are realized through sportsmanship and ethical play in athletics. We are committed to teaching our student-athletes essential skills that will provide for a lifetime of contributions to their community, state and nation.

Tim Mahoney and Coach David Ray

Amateur Sportsmanship Participation in amateur sports provides the student-athlete with opportunities to experience and develop life skills in the areas of leadership, discipline, teamwork, goal-setting, self-respect and respect for others.

SIUE Athletics’ Philosophy The Intercollegiate Athletics Program at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville has Intercollegiate Athletics should been developed with the belief that intercollegiate sports, subscribing to the principles of good complement the instructional, sportsmanship, rules compliance and integrity, are beneficial activities which contribute to the research and service programs of physical, intellectual and social experiences of the entire University community. Intercollegiate the University and must function Athletics should complement the instructional, research and service programs of the University and must function within the framework of the University’s overall goals. within the framework of the In harmony with the stated mission of the University, the goals of Intercollegiate Athletics University’s overall goals. are to enhance the physical and intellectual abilities of those participating in the program and to provide for the physical and social welfare of our student-athletes, as well as to provide spectator benefits for the University community and the community at-large. The recognition that the goals of the Athletics Program are integrated into the goals of the general academic program should guide the activities of those responsible for the conduct of Intercollegiate Athletics. SIUE Athletics must enhance, not detract from, the University’s educational program. Intercollegiate Athletics is intended to provide students with opportunities to enhance their education, to represent their University and to participate in athletics while developing skill and understanding. Participation in the Intercollegiate Athletics Program is always secondary to the academic obligation of the student. To this end, it is the responsibility of those administering the program to schedule the length of playing seasons, the frequency of practice sessions and the number of contests so that they shall not unreasonably conflict with students’ obligations to attend class regularly; to study; to develop their intellectual, moral and social faculties; and to graduate from the University as educated men and women.


Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

2009-10 Cougar Wrestling

Southern Illinois University Edwardsville SIUE Numbers/Web Sites:

For more than 50 years, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville has prepared students to become leaders in their community and professionals in their fields of study. SIUE students choose from degree programs ranging from career-oriented fields to liberal arts. Graduates are prepared for the challenges of today’s competitive workforce and graduate school. Near several major interstates, the campus is beautifully situated on 2,660 acres of woodland on bluffs near the Mississippi River, yet only 25 minutes from downtown St. Louis. The University’s outstanding programs, faculty, location, and affordability make SIUE your best choice for a successful academic career. A Great Value SIUE has one of the lowest tuition rates among four-year public universities in Illinois. Last year, SIUE students received more than $116 million in financial aid, and more than 1,500 students are employed on campus. Undergraduate students realize even more savings with the SIUE textbook rental program. High-ability students may qualify for four-year tuition scholarships and academic support through the Meridian Scholarship Program. The Johnetta Haley, Housing, Provost, Foundation, Athletic and departmental merit scholarships also are available. First-Year Living Options Prairie Hall, Bluff Hall and Woodland Hall feature suite-style living, with two people sharing a room and four people sharing a bathroom. You can choose a general assignment or take advantage of a living and learning community. Horizons is a first-year experience program designed to acclimate residents to campus while making adjustments to campus life. Focused Interest Communities are designed to complement an academic major or special interest. Upperclass Living Options Evergreen Hall is a unique environment for sophomores and above that features suite- and apartment-style living with the amenities of a residence hall. Living units are available in four different layouts and most contain private bedrooms. Cougar Village is home to transfers, families and residents who are sophomores and above. These comfortable lakeside apartments combine the academic advantages of living on campus with the freedom of apartment life.

Area Code: 618 Academic Counseling and Advising ..................................................... 650-3701 Admission Counselors/Campus Tours.................................................. 650-3705 ..................................................................... ..................................................................or Toll Free in Illinois 1-800-447-SIUE Alumni Services .................................................................................... 650-2760 Career Development Center................................................................. 650-3708 Housing Office ...................................................................................... 650-3931 Intercollegiate Athletics ......................................................................... 650-2871 Student Financial Aid ............................................................................ 650-3880 ...................................................................................

How to Contact Us Area Code: 618 Coach Ray ............................................................................................ 650-2949 Coach Ray E-mail..................................................................... Web site...........

SIUE Facts • Established in 1957 • Accredited by The Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association • 25 minutes from downtown St. Louis • 2,660 acres • 44 undergraduate programs • 72 graduate and professional programs • 50 undergraduate minors • Student/Faculty ratio of 16 to 1 (Average class size is 25) • 82% of full-time instructional faculty have a terminal degree appropriate to their discipline • Seven academic units: Arts & Sciences, Business, Education, Engineering, Nursing, Dental Medicine and Pharmacy

The Students • Enrollment of 13,940 • 3,500 reside on campus • Average freshman ACT score 22.6 • Financial aid: $116 million (AY09)

What Does It Cost To Attend SIUE? Undergraduates, Fall and Spring semester 15 hours* (2009/10 AY) Illinois Non-Illinois Tuition/Fees $8,336.40 $17,637.90 Room & Board $7,461.00 $7,461.00 Total $15,797.40 $25,098.90 *12 hours is considered full-time. Cost is subject to change.


Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

2009-10 Cougar Wrestling

Student Services and Support Career Development Center provides counseling to assist students with choice of major, career options, resume development, job search strategies, interviewing techniques and interest/personality inventories. The Center also handles the Cooperative Education Program. The Center is located in Founders Hall 3126 and may be reached by calling 650-3708 or visiting their Web site at Chemistry Tutor Room is located in Science Building 1109 and provides tutorial services to students in all levels of chemistry courses. CougarNet allows you to access your class schedule, unofficial transcripts, grades, course availability and financial bill. You can use any computer with Internet access to sign on to CougarNet at You will need your student ID number and your PIN (a four-digit number that you created) to sign into the system. If you forget your PIN, you must reset your PIN in the Service Center which is located in Rendleman Hall 1309. Disability Support Services is located in Rendleman Hall 1218 and can be reached by calling 650-3726. This office offers a range of services to support students with disabilities. At SIUE, every effort has been made to eliminate barriers to learning and help students reach their educational goals. Examples of services provided through this office include extended test-taking time, use of a note-taker and use of hearing/vision devices. Health Services is located in Rendleman Hall 0224 and may be reached by calling 650-2842. This office provides general outpatient care, laboratory testing, women’s health and pharmacy services. Instructional Services collects and provides tutorial information from the various departments. For information, call 650-2039, visit Peck Hall 1404 or visit The office manages supplemental instruction, which provides regularly scheduled out-of-class study sessions. Visit their Web site at for a listing of sessions. Kimmel Leadership Center offers educational, cultural and social enrichment opportunities that support student learning and campus life through participation in structured leadership experiences,


SIUE is filled with valuable resources and tools to help you be a successful student-athlete. It is important that you utilize the help that is available. campus organizations and volunteerism to develop a lifelong appreciation of diversity, recognition of the value of involvement, responsible decision-making and professional/personal development. For more information, visit Morris University Center 1065, call 650-2686 or visit Math Resource Room is located in Peck Hall 1414 and provides tutorial assistance to students who are enrolled in developmental math courses through college algebra. For more information, visit the Math Resource Area Web site at or call 650-2039. Math tutoring in upper-level math courses is located in SL 1224. Information Technology Services provides e-mail accounts and dial-in access for students. This office is located in Dunham Hall 0238 and may be reached by calling 650-3739 or visiting their Web site at www. Speech Center provides assistance to help students with the development of their speech assignments. Assistance is provided in the areas of topic research, outline development and speech delivery skills. For information, visit Alumni Hall 3323, call 6503085 or visit the Web site at SPC%20Center%20Webpage/homepage.htm. Student Employment/Job Finder maintains a database of on-campus and off-campus jobs at www. For more information, visit Rendleman Hall 2221 or call 650-2563. Student Financial Aid advises students and parents regarding application and eligibility requirements for

various grant, loan, tuition waiver, scholarship and work-study programs. The office also ensures that students make satisfactory academic progress to retain financial aid eligibility. Athletic aid is disbursed to SIUE student-athletes through this office. For more information, visit Rendleman Hall 2308, call 650-3880 or visit their Web site at Textbook Services provides a unique textbook rental program for students. Textbook rental is an economical alternative to purchasing most textbooks. The textbook rental fee is included in your student fees. The office is located at 200 University Park Drive in Room 1121 and may be reached by calling 650-3020. The Undergraduate Catalog is available online for students to view. The catalog lists each academic major/minor offered at SIUE and the requirements for each. You may view the catalog by visiting www.siue. edu/registrar/catalog_index.shtml. University Police provides services around the clock to the SIUE campus. Emergency 911 calls are directed to University Police for the dispatching of appropriate services. Other services provided by University Police include campus escort services, assistance in retrieving keys from locked vehicles and low-tire service. The non-emergency phone number for University Police is 650-3324. Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Office is located in Rendleman Hall 2306 and may be reached by calling 650-2020. The office contributes to student learning and supports students in meeting the challenges they face during their academic career. The office also serves as the Student Ombudsman. They advise, counsel and assist students with any problems they may have with other offices, other students, or faculty and staff at SIUE. The office also handles grievances, appeals and complaints and is responsible for ensuring compliance with the Student Code of Conduct. Writing Center is located in Peck Hall 1419 and assists students with writing papers and reports. Self-instructional materials are also available on a wide variety of writing-related topics such as organization, thesis development and grammar. For more information, visit their Web site at www.siue. edu/IS/WRITING or call 650-2045.

Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

2009-10 Cougar Wrestling

Housing at SIUE All residence halls at SIUE are set up in suite-style living, with four persons per suite, two persons per room and four persons sharing a bathroom. Each carpeted living unit is furnished with two beds (with extra long mattresses), two desks and two dressers. Beds are bunkable and raise up high enough for additional storage space. Each room contains two active data jacks with access to the campus network and one active telephone jack, with the option to purchase a second line. All rooms are equipped with basic expanded cable, temperature controls for comfort, smoke alarms and sprinklers. Each wing in the residence hall features 24-hour study and social lounges. Social lounges contain a microwave, sink and television and are great areas to meet community members and relax. Moreover, each hall has a 24-hour laundry facility, 24-hour computer lab and Learning Resource Center. Evergreen Hall is SIUE’s newest residential facility, having opened in August 2007. Home to upperclass residents, it features apartment- and suite-style living in a residence hall environment. Students choose between various floor plans, most of which include private bedrooms. This facility houses a multifunction room, meeting rooms and a fitness center. Evergreen Hall is located across from the Art & Design Building at the corner of Circle Drive and Whiteside Road. It is home to the Second Year Experience Program, where second-year residents can continue to develop their leadership and academic study skills. Bluff Hall opened August 2001. This building is located directly across from the Engineering and Art & Design buildings and houses traditionally-aged freshmen. The activity wing boasts a multifunction room, Learning Resource Center, a classroom and a 24-hour computer lab. If you need a snack, you can always purchase grab-and-go items from the Bluff Hall Cafe. Bluff Hall is home to Focused Interest Communities. Prairie Hall opened to freshmen students in August 1998. This hall houses traditionally-aged freshmen. Residents living in Prairie are encouraged to participate in the Freshmen Horizons Program--a program designed to help students be successful in their academic career, adjust to their new social environment, get involved on campus and become involved in a dynamic and caring community. Prairie Hall has a multifunction room, Learning Resource Center, a classroom and 24-hour computer lab. Woodland Hall was opened in 1994 and houses all levels of undergraduate students. Woodland Hall is home to the Residence Housing Association which provides funding for programs to the Hall Councils and residents in University Housing. This group also acts as an advisory board to the Director of University Housing. The Woodland Hall activity wing accommodates student activities in the multifunction, conference and meeting rooms. If you need a quick breakfast or dinner item, pick something up from the Woodland Cart, open limited hours Monday through Friday. Dining Services serves the entire campus community, including the residence hall students, faculty and staff. The facilities include the Center Court Food Court, The Den sports-themed dining area, table service dining at the University Restaurant and the Commons Grill, a satellite dining area in the Cougar Village Commons Building. Cougar Village has 496 student apartments in 62 buildings. It is home to single students, graduate students and family residents. Traditional freshmen are not allowed to reside in Cougar Village unless they are contracted family residents. As of Fall 2000, all apartments were fully renovated, which brought technological updates and a more comfortable atmosphere to the apartments. Cougar Village is just a short walk or shuttle ride from classrooms and main campus buildings. Applicants may choose a shared bedroom (two people in a bedroom designed for two) or a private bedroom (one person in a bedroom designed for one). Private bedrooms are in very limited supply. A typical shared bedroom size is 12 x 10. A typical private bedroom is 8 x 11.

Services and Facilities at Cougar Village • Convenient campus access via Cougar Shuttle. (Free bus service on campus) • Commons Building with laundry, computer lab, television lounge, meeting and activity areas and the Commons Grill Laundries available on the 400 side • Community programs • Public transportation to nearby communities and St. Louis via Metro Link • Locked mailboxes • Recreation area including basketball, tennis and sand volleyball courts • Regular police patrols • Smoke-free • Expanded basic cable • Active telephone jacks in each room • Wireless access to the SIUE network (active data jacks also available) • Air conditioning Off-Campus Housing For those students interested in finding off-campus living accommodations, below are two Web sites which SIUE has created to make the search a little bit easier. They include accommodations in Edwardsville, Glen Carbon and surrounding areas. Though these lists are comprehensive, they may not include absolutely every rental property in the area. For more information on all housing options for SIUE students, please visit http:// Or contact the Central Housing Office by mail, phone, fax, or email for answers to any of your housing questions. Central Housing Office Campus Box 1056 Rendleman Hall Edwardsville, Ill. 62026-1056 phone - (618) 650-3931 fax - (618) 650-3864 email -


Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

2009-10 Cougar Wrestling

Chancellor Vaughn Vandegrift Dr. Vaughn Vandegrift was appointed the seventh chancellor of Southern Illinois University Edwardsville on July 1, 2004. Emphasizing teaching, research and public service programs, SIUE is a fully-accredited public institution—beautifully situated in Edwardsville on 2,660 acres just 25 miles from St. Louis—awarding degrees in 44 baccalaureate and 64 master’s programs encompassing the arts and sciences, nursing, education, business and engineering. The Schools of Pharmacy and Dental Medicine award first professional degrees, the D.M.D. and the Pharm.D. For the fourth consecutive year, SIUE has been heralded by U.S. News and World Report for its Senior Assignment Program, an integrative learning experience required of all seniors prior to graduation. U.S. News lists SIUE among the top 10 public universities in the MidwestMaster’s category for the second consecutive year. The main campus includes University Park, a research park established to enhance economic development. The Edwardsville campus also is supplemented by campuses in East St. Louis and Alton. Since the time of his appointment, Vandegrift has been instrumental in guiding the University toward fulfillment of its vision to be recognized nationally, as a premier Metropolitan University, for the excellence of its programs and development of professional and community leaders. He developed a plan for achievement of the vision by the year 2015 that combines the values and goals of the University with knowledge gained from his 33-year career in higher education. Vandegrift is a New Jersey native who came to SIUE from Georgia Southern University, a comprehensive, residential university of 16,000 students, where he served as Provost, Vice President for Academic Affairs, Chief Information Officer and Professor of Chemistry. His areas of responsibility included six academic colleges, graduate studies, international studies, information technology services, the library, continuing education and public service, a museum, a wildlife education center and a botanical garden. He also served as Dean of the College of Science and Mathematics at Montclair State University in New Jersey, the second largest university in the state of New Jersey. He served as Chairman of the Department of Chemistry at Murray State University in Kentucky and held earlier faculty positions at Southern Illinois University Carbondale and Illinois State University. Vandegrift has been the author or co-author of grants resulting in more than $3 million in funding from various sources during his career, including support from the Commonwealth of Kentucky, the National Science Foundation, the Fats and Proteins Research Foundation and the AT&T Corporation. He has also been active in working with foundations and donors who have made major gifts in support of the institutions where he has worked. Dr. Vandegrift is author of more than 40 professional publications and presentations including works published in Biochemistry, Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry and Methods in Enzymology. Vandegrift is a member of the American Chemical Society and the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Vandegrift currently serves on the Boards of Directors of Leadership Council Southwestern Illinois; University Park, SIUE; Focus St. Louis; St. Louis Regional Commerce and Growth Association; United Way of Greater St. Louis; the Southwestern Illinois Higher Education Consortium (SIHEC); the Southern Illinois Collegiate Common Market (SICCM) and the Executive Council of The Alliance of Edwardsville-Glen Carbon. He has been elected into the honor societies of Omicron Delta Kappa, Sigma Xi, Beta Gamma Sigma and Phi Kappa Phi. He has provided service on boards in support of science education and has been listed in Who’s Who in the East, American Men and Women of Science and Who’s Who in Frontier Science and Technology. He received his Ph.D. from Ohio University in biochemistry studying the effects of nuclear histone proteins on the conformation of DNA. His bachelor’s and master’s in chemistry were obtained at Montclair State University. Vandegrift and his wife, Sue, are the parents of three adult children. Beth is an attorney, while David and Mark are both employed in private business. Vaughn and Sue are the proud grandparents of two granddaughters, Vaughn and Camilla.


Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

2009-10 Cougar Wrestling

Director of Athletics Brad Hewitt Dr. Bradley L. Hewitt has served as the Director of Intercollegiate Athletics at SIUE since August 2002. Dr. Hewitt served 13 years in numerous positions at SIUE before stepping in as the seventh Director of Athletics in the school’s history. Hewitt’s charge was to regain SIUE’s storied national success of the 1970s and 1980s (16 national championships) and expand that success across a broad-based athletic program. Since his start as the Director of Athletics, 37 Cougar teams have competed in their respective NCAA individual or team championships. Hewitt has helped elevate SIUE’s previous best 131st place finish in the U.S. Sports Academy Directors’ Cup to a 78th place finish in 2004, a 37th place finish in 2005, a 4th place finish in 2006, and an 11th place finish in 2007. For the 2006-07 seasons, the Cougars won both the prestigious Great Lakes Valley Conference (GLVC) All-Sports Trophy and the Commissioner’s Cup. The Cougars won the All-Sports Trophy with 141.5 points, the highest total points recorded in a single season since the award was conceived more than 25 years ago. The Commissioner’s Cup is awarded to the program that produces the overall best finish in the league’s seven “core” sports. SIUE posted top five finishes in six of the seven sports that count in the Commissioner’s Cup standings, including conference titles in men’s soccer and softball. Also considered are volleyball, men’s and women’s basketball, and baseball. The pinnacle of achievement was a 2007 national championship in softball. In 1994, Hewitt, in his role as Assistant Athletic Director, served as the University’s venue manager for the United States Olympic Festival-’94 track and field and wrestling events. Since 1994, Hewitt has held several positions at SIUE including acting Chief Executive Officer of the SIUE Foundation and acting Vice Chancellor of University Relations (19982000), adjunct graduate professor in the Department of Kinesiology and Health Education (1996-2003), and Assistant Vice Chancellor for University Relations (1994-1998 and 2000-present). From 1995-1998 and 2000-2002, Hewitt was the internal and external liaison for the Vice Chancellor of University Relations overseeing Alumni Services; SIUE Foundation; Public Affairs; Photographic Services; and University Graphics, Publications, and Printing. Hewitt has a diverse background in intercollegiate athletics. Before coming to SIUE, he was the director of sports marketing and associate head football coach at Morningside College in Sioux City, Iowa; the recruiting coordinator and assistant football coach at Southern Illinois University Carbondale; and recruiting coordinator, track event manager and assistant football coach at his alma mater The University of Central Missouri in Warrensburg. Hewitt earned a bachelor’s in mathematics in 1981 from Central Missouri as well as a master’s in athletic administration in 1982. Hewitt completed his doctorate in education at SIUC in 1994. Hewitt has been a highly-active member of the area community serving as a member of the board of directors for the St. Louis Sports Commission since 1999, a member of the board of directors for the Edwardsville-Glen Carbon Chamber of Commerce, a member of the Board of Governors for the Prairie State Games and as a member of the State Games of America Board of Directors. He is presently serving his second term as a member of the Edwardsville Chancellor Vaughn Vandegrift, Eric Pretto, Athletic Director Dr. Brad Hewitt and District 7 School Board. Coach David Ray at the SIUE Jacket Ceremony. In 2006, Hewitt completed the executive management program at the Sports Management Institute which provides specialized executive management programs for sports management professionals. The Sports Management Institute was developed in 1989 as a joint venture of the athletic departments and business administration schools of the University of Southern California, the University of Notre Dame and the University of North Carolina. Significant fundraising success (especially in facility development) has been a capstone of Hewitt’s professional career. Since 2000 Hewitt was instrumental in securing several multi-million dollar facility gifts and pledges ($10 million plus in total) for the University. These facilities gifts helped build the 12,000 sq. ft. Birger Hall (SIUE’s Foundation and Alumni Building), the 1,500 seat SimmonsCooper Baseball Complex, and the 5,000 sq. ft. SIUE softball stadium/clubhouse. He was a significant member of the SIUE Foundation team that saw exponential growth in the Foundation’s annual giving campaign and endowment from 1995-2002. Since rejoining Cougar Athletics in 2002, he has focused on increasing the athletic endowment, doubling the number of endowed scholarships. Hewitt and his wife Kay, a professional educator, reside in Edwardsville. Their daughter Loren is a 2007 graduate of SIUE and tennis alumnae, and their son Matthew is a senior at the University of Illinois majoring in mechanical engineering.


Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

2009-10 Cougar Wrestling

Sam M. Vadalabene Center The grand opening of the Sam M. Vadalabene Center was Dec. 5, 1984. In May 2008, the Vadalabene Center gymnasium was shut down so that construction could begin on a $6 million renovation that included new seating, expanded restrooms, office space, storage space and two new classrooms. The new seating includes nearly three times as many chair back seats than the previous configuration. The Vadalabene Center has been the site of some of the area’s top wrestling events. It includes the U.S. Olympic Festival-’94 wrestling event. The facility set a Festival record for wrestling attendance. SIUE also was the site of the 2004 NWCA (National Wrestling Coaches Association) All-Star Classic. The event, which included a motivational speech by wrestling legend Dan Gable, featured the top wrestlers in each weight class in a head-to-head battle to open the season. SIUE wrestling has a premier 4,000-seat facility to showcase the Cougars.

SIUE Wrestling Room

The SIUE wrestling room has been the home to national champions and NCAA standouts over the years. The room is adjacent to the Vadalabene Center’s main gymnasium and gives the Cougars a practice facility which is conducive to maintaining focus on wrestling. New mats were installed in the wrestling room in 2009.


Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

2009-10 Cougar Wrestling

Coach David Ray David Ray enters his second year as the head coach of the Cougar Wrestling Program. Prior to coming to SIUE, Ray was the head wrestling coach at Montana State University-Northern for 12 years. In his time at MSU-Northern, Ray produced 85 All-Americans and 21 national champions from 19932005. Ray led the Northern Lights to four NAIA National team titles and was named the NAIA National Coach of the Year four times. He was also named the Northern Region Coach of the Year 10 of his 12 years. While coaching at MSU-Northern, Coach Ray’s wrestlers received the “Outstanding Wrestler” Award six times at the national championships, and he had a wrestler place in the prestigious Midlands Tournament six times. Ray coached one of only six individual four-time National Champions in the 53-year history of the NAIA Championships. In 2004, his team tied a 46-year-old record with five individual national champions. One of Ray’s most thrilling achievements was the development of 2004 Dan Hodge Trophy-winner Emmett Willson. The Dan Hodge Trophy, often referred to as the “Heisman of college wrestling,” is given to the most outstanding wrestler of the year. The 2004 season was the first and only time a nonNCAA Division I wrestler has received the Dan Hodge Trophy. In Ray’s first year at SIUE, the Cougars finished with a 4-6 record. Ray holds an overall career dual meet record of 145-51-4. He served three years (2002-2004) as the tournament director and coordinator of the NAIA National Wrestling Championships in Great Falls, Montana. Ray also served as the president of the NAIA National Wrestling Coaches Association from 2001 to 2003 and as Chair for the NAIA National Team and Individual Rankings for six years. Ray served two years as an assistant coach at Simpson College and two years as a graduate assistant under coach Dan Gable at Iowa. He earned a bachelor’s degree in education from Simpson College in 1990 and a master’s degree in Exercise Science in 1992 from Iowa. In 2008, Ray received his Administrative Endorsement from the University of Montana. He began his collegiate career as a wrestler for the University of Iowa and then wrestled one year for Edinboro University. Ray was a Division I and Division II All-American in 1986, finishing second at the Division II tournament and third at the Division I tournament. He was 37-7 his final season at Edinboro. Ray had a successful Freestyle and Greco Roman career; twice he was a Junior National Greco Champion and Freestyle runner-up. He finished fourth in the US Greco National Championships in 1982 and 1983 and at the age of 21 he finished fourth in the 1984 U.S. National Greco Olympic Trials. Ray is married and has five children: Kathryn, Taylor, Alexiss, Michelle, Brooklyn and one granddaughter. His wife, Kim, is a K-12 administrator at Triad High School.

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Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

2009-10 Cougar Wrestling

Season Outlook Southern Illinois University Edwardsville begins the 2009-10 wrestling season with a roster of 22 freshmen. The Cougars begin their second year of NCAA reclassification to Division I status. The team is young and a probable lineup is unpredictable but could consist of more than a majority of underclassmen. SIUE’s schedule is demanding as the Cougars face five Big Ten teams starting off with the two-time defending national champions, the University of Iowa, on Nov. 20 followed by the 50-team Cliff Keen/Las Vegas Invitational. SIUE is not eligible to compete in any postseason NCAA tournaments during the reclassification process. To increase the length of the season and give the student-athletes more competition, SIUE will compete in the NCWA National Tournament in Hampton, Va., March 11-13. Below is a breakdown by weight class.



SIUE started the year with five recruits and dropped down to just two with freshmen Kris Treat and Dustin Young. Young and Treat were teammates at Anna-Jonesboro High School.

With two of the most experienced student-athletes on the team, this weight class arguably could be the toughest. Eric Pretto, a 2008 NCAA Division II national qualifier, and 2009 NCWA All-American Blake Reed will be going head-to-head for a spot in the starting lineup. Pretto redshirted last year while Blake competed at the 165-pound weight class. Freshmen Steven Driscoll and Zach Stewart add depth to the 165- and the 174-pound weight classes.

133 Competing for the starting position will be two freshmen who both have very competitive spirits in Brendan Murphy and Cameron Vance. Their head-to-head match at the Red vs. Black Intrasquad figures to be one of the night’s highlights. Brendan, of Marian Catholic High School, had an exciting summer defeating the No. 10 nationally-ranked 130-pounder from Ohio at the Florida Disney Duals. Vance is a two-time Illinois state champion from Riverdale High School.

174 Sophomore Tim Mahoney has moved up a weight class and will be challenged by sophomore Terrence Connors. Connors wrestled at 184 pounds last year but has decided to compete at 174 this year.



This weight class is one of three weights with four individuals competing for the starting position. Leading the pack is sophomore Dillon Pousson who led the Cougars last season with 21 pins and a 27-13 record. He will be challenged by redshirt freshman Eric Biehl and newcomers Seth Chamberlain and Nick Capozzoli.

One of the leanest weight classes on the team will be fielded by freshmen Sawyer Smith, Robert Cooney and A.J. Smith. A.J. Smith, Robert Cooney and Sawyer Smith all were recruited to wrestle 197, but after certification and an injury to freshman Gabe Hocum the 184-pound weight class became available to anyone. A.J. Smith was a two-time Illinois State placer at Marist High School, Sawyer Smith was a Washington state place-winner at Aberdeen High School, and Cooney was ranked as high as No. 1 in high school at 215 pounds last year at United Township High School. Connors remains a possibility at this weight class .

149 This weight class might be the one with the most experience. Junior Derrick Pousson, who may redshirt, was the 2009 North Central Conference champion, but he will be challenged by senior Nick Jones. Both Jones and Derrick Pousson vied for the starting position last year. Challengers will be redshirt freshman Kyle Lowman and freshman Jon Young. Lowman and Young are two talented and hard-working individuals. Both will make a positive impression on the team this year. Jon Young was a 2009 Illinois state champion for Bishop McNamara High School.

157 Sophomore Steve Ross returns to reclaim the 157-pound weight class that was his for 2008-09. Close on his heels and ready for the challenge are freshmen Chase Odeen and Lenny Kuspa. Odeen was an Illinois two-time finalist and state champion at Coal City High School.


197 The starting position will go to the winner between A.J. Smith, Robert Cooney and Sawyer Smith.

285 With three heavyweights, there is no forfeiting at this weight class. Freshman Chase Grafton at 243 pounds is coming off a redshirt year and has improved his technique and increased his strength tremendously. He will be challenged by freshmen David Devine and Dalton Fleck. Devine weighs in at 265 and was a two-time Illinois State Champion. This past summer, Devine was voted the most outstanding wrestler among 35 teams at the Disney Duals. Fleck weighs in at 250 and has been impressive during the preseason.

Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

2009-10 Cougar Wrestling

2009-10 Roster NAME Wt. Class Eric Biehl 141 Nick Capozzoli 141 Seth Chamberlain 141 Terrence Connors 174 Robert Cooney 197 David Devine 285 Steve Driscoll 165 Dalton Fleck 285 Chase Grafton 285 Gabe Hocum 174 Nick Jones 149 Lenny Kuspa 157 Kyle Lowman 149 Tim Mahoney 165 Blake Meyer 133 Brendan Murphy 133 Chase Odeen 157 Derrick Pousson 149 Dillon Pousson 141 Eric Pretto 157 Blake Reed 165 Steve Ross 157 A.J. Smith 184 Sawyer Smith 197 Jacob Stendback 174 Zach Stewart 165 Kris Treat 125 Cameron Vance 133 Dustin Young 125 Jon Young 149 Head Coach: David Ray Student Manager: Conrad Manske

Yr. Fr. Fr. Fr. So. Fr. Fr. Fr. Fr. Fr. Fr. Sr. Fr. Fr. So. Fr. Fr. Fr. Jr. So. So. Jr. So. Fr. Fr. Fr. Fr. Fr. Fr. Fr. Fr.

Hometown/ High School Waynesville, Ill./Olympia Vernon Hills, Ill./Vernon Hills Dixon, Ill./Dixon Belleville, Ill./Belleville East East Moline, Ill./United Township Petersburg, Ill./Porta Addison, Ill./Driscoll Catholic Springfield, Ill./Lanphier Alexandria, Va./West Potomac Clarkston, Wash./Clarkston Evanston, Ill./Evanston Township Oak Forest, Ill./Oak Forest Naplate, Ill./Ottawa Joliet, Ill./Joliet West Manito, Ill./Midwest Central Palos Park, Ill./Marian Catholic Coal City, Ill./Coal City Round Lake, Ill./Augustana Round Lake, Ill./Round Lake Senior Orland Park, Ill./Carl Sandburg Granite City, Ill./Granite City Carlock, Ill./Normal Community West Chicago, Ill./Marist Aberdeen, Wash./Aberdeen Pittsfield, Ill./Pittsfield Bartonville, Ill./Limestone Community Anna, Ill./Anna-Jonesboro Port Byron, Ill./Riverdale Anna, Ill./Anna-Jonesboro Kankakee, Ill./Bishop McNamara

Breakdown by Year Freshmen

Jacob Stendback

Eric Biehl

Zach Stewart

Nick Capozzoli

Kris Treat

Seth Chamberlain

Cameron Vance

Robert Cooney

Dustin Young

David Devine

Jon Young

Steve Driscoll


Dalton Fleck

Terrence Connors

Chase Grafton

Tim Mahoney

Gabe Hocum

Dillon Pousson

Lenny Kuspa

Eric Pretto

Kyle Lowman

Steve Ross

Blake Meyer


Brendan Murphy

Derrick Pousson

Chase Odeen

Blake Reed

A.J. Smith


Sawyer Smith

Nick Jones

Weight Class Breakdown 125 Kris Treat Dustin Young 133 Blake Meyer Brendan Murphy Cameron Vance

141 Eric Biehl Nick Capozzoli Seth Chamberlain Dillon Pousson 149 Nick Jones Kyle Lowman Derrick Pousson Jon Young

157 Lenny Kuspa Chase Odeen Eric Pretto Steve Ross 165 Steve Driscoll Blake Reed Tim Mahoney Zach Stewart

174 Gabe Hocum Terrence Connors Jacob Stendback 184 A.J. Smith

197 Robert Cooney Sawyer Smith 285 David Devine Dalton Fleck Chase Grafton


Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

2009-10 Cougar Wrestling

Student-Athlete Biographies Eric Biehl 141

Terrence Connors 174

David Devine 285

Freshman Waynesville, Ill. Olympia

Sophomore Belleville, Ill. Belleville East

Freshman Petersburg, Ill. Porta

High School: Named All-Conference three times in wrestling at Olympia High School ... Twice selected team captain ... Finished with a 105-44 prep record ... Received four varsity letters in wrestling ... Qualified for the National High School Coaches Association (NHSCA) national tournament twice ... Named AllConference in cross country. Major: Undeclared

Nick Capozzoli 141

Robert Cooney 197

Freshman Vernon Hills, Ill. Vernon Hills

Freshman East Moline, Ill. United Township

High School: Finished his prep career with a 96-39 record at Vernon Hills High School ... Qualified for the sectional tournament three times ... Selected AllConference as a senior ... Finished fourth place at the Whitewater Invitational. Major: Undeclared

Seth Chamberlain 141 Freshman Dixon, Ill. Dixon High School: Finished his high school career with a 68-52 overall record ... Received four varsity letters at Dixon High School. Major: Undeclared


2008-2009: Finished the season with a 6-18 record at 184 pounds in his first season at SIUE ... Recorded two pins for the season against Nick Bowman of Missouri Baptist and J.R. Logan of Missouri Valley. High School: Letter winner for Belleville East High School. Major: Secondary Education

High School: State qualifier as a senior at United Township High School after winning regional tournament ... Finished his high school career with a 120-39 record ... Selected All-Conference, All-Metro and team Most Valuable Player as a senior ... Won first place at the Geneseo Bi-State Tournament, Palatine-Berman Tournament, the Lyons Township and Morton tournaments ... Named football team captain and Most Valuable Player ... Senior Class President ... Earned Deere Harvester Leadership Award, Quad City Times Leadership Award and Junior Rotarian Community Award. Major: Undeclared.

High School: Won state championships for Petersburg Porta High School his junior and senior years ... Won the championship match as a junior in overtime ... Finished his prep career with a 137-9 overall record, including 98 pins ... Ranked third at Porta High School in career wins ... Also competed in football and track and field at Porta. Major: Secondary Education

Steve Driscoll 165 Freshman Addison, Ill. Driscoll Catholic High School: Finished his prep wrestling career with a 17-24 record at Driscoll Catholic High School ... Helped Driscoll Catholic to a 4A Illinois state championship in football. Major: Undeclared

Dalton Fleck 285 Freshman Springfield, Ill. Lanphier High School: Completed his prep career with a 66-37 record at Lanphier High School ... Qualified for the Illinois sectionals twice ... Named Illinois state alternate as a senior ... Received the team Lineman of the Year award ... Earned three varsity letters in wrestling and football. Major: Undeclared

Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

2009-10 Cougar Wrestling

Student-Athlete Biographies Chase Grafton 285

Nick Jones 149

Tim Mahoney 165

Freshman Alexandria, Va. West Potomac

Senior Evanston, Ill. Evanston Township

Sophomore Joliet, Ill. Joliet West

High School: Placed third in district tournament and regional qualifier at West Potomac High School as a senior ... Competed at 189-pound weight class, earning second place at Oceanview Tournament ... Named the Parkview Tournament Most Valuable Wrestler as a senior ... Previously attended high school at Belleville East, placing fourth at regionals as a sophomore ... Awarded Marine Corps scholarship. Major: Undeclared

Gabe Hocum 174 Freshman Clarkston, Wash. Clarkston High School: Won the 2009 Washington state championship at 171 pounds for Clarkston High School ... Posted a 42-1 record his senior season ... Qualified for the Washington state tournament his junior season ... Finished prep career with a 107-46 record ... Received varsity letters in wrestling all four years and two letters for cross country ... Member of National Honor Society. Major: Undeclared

2008-2009: Finished the season with a 5-14 record at 149 pounds ... Placed sixth at the NCWA conference tournament ... Previous: Double transfer from Triton Junior College and North Carolina-Pembroke ... Named an NJCAA Academic All-American in 2007 ... High School: Multi-sport athlete at Evanston Township High School ... Three-year letter winner in wrestling ... Selected All-Conference and All-Area in wrestling his senior season ... Finished his senior year with a record 34-12 ... Team Captain ... Wrestled for the Black Kats Wrestling. Major: Criminal Justice

Lenny Kuspa 157 Freshman Oak Forest, Ill. Oak Forest High School: State qualifier at 152 pounds his senior season at Oak Forest High School ... Placed second at sectionals and won regionals as a senior ... Took third place at conference meet as a senior ... Finished his high school career with a 64-43 record ... Wrestled with the Top Gun and South Side Wrestling Clubs. Major: Undeclared

Kyle Lowman 149 Freshman Naplate, Ill. Ottawa

2008-2009: Posted 3-16 record in first season as a Cougar ... High School: Letter winner at Joliet West High School. Major: Education

Blake Meyer 133 Freshman Manito, Ill. Midwest Central High School: Illinois state champion at 130 pounds as a senior at Midwest Central High School ... Qualified for the state tournament his junior year ... Finished his prep career with a 138-15 record ... Lettered all four years at Midwest Central High School ... Also a standout baseball player at Midwest Central. Major: Undeclared

Brendan Murphy 133 Freshman Palos Park, Ill. Marian Catholic High School: Qualified for state championships in Illinois three times at 135 pounds for Marian Catholic High School ... Finished his high school career with a 110-24 overall record ... Received a bronze medal in 2009 and a copper medal in 2008 at the Disney Duals ... Placed second at the ASICA/USA Wrestling Folkstyle Nationals in 2007. Major: Accounting

2008-2009: Redshirt. High School: Placed fourth at 140 pounds at the Illinois state championships as a senior at Ottawa High School ... Two-time qualifier for the state tournament in the 135- and 140-pound weight classes ... Four-year letter winner in wrestling ... Participated in the NHSCAA Championships, finishing fifth in 2007 ... Finished seventh in nationals in 2008. Major: Computer Engineering


Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

2009-10 Cougar Wrestling

Student-Athlete Biographies Chase Odeen 157

Dillon Pousson 141

Blake Reed 165

Freshman Coal City, Ill. Coal City

Sophomore Round Lake, Ill. Round Lake Senior

Junior Granite City, Ill. Granite City

High School: Won Illinois state championship as a junior at 152 pounds and placed second at 160 pounds as a senior for Coal City High School ... Finished fourth at the state championships as a sophomore ... Compiled a 133-20 career prep record with just four losses in his final two seasons ... Received All-Academic honors ... Wrestled for the Lifestyle Wrestling Club ... All-Conference selection in football. Major: Undeclared

Derrick Pousson 149 Junior Round Lake, Ill. Augustana 2008-2009: Finished the season with a 19-17 record at 149 pounds ... Collected pins against Bryce Jones of Southern Indiana, Steve Miller of Pratt College, and Hunter Samuels of Dana College ... Recorded pins against Josh Dubman, of UW Milwaukee, and Wayne Leonard, of Grand Valley State at the NCWA Conference tournament ... The pin over Leonard was for the 149-pound title. Previous: Transfer from Augustana. High School: Multi-sport athlete in cross country and wrestling at Round Lake Senior High School ... Three-time team captain ... Qualified for sectionals ... Finished ninth in sectionals ... Threetime conference champion. Major: Pre-Dentistry.


2008-2009: Finished the season with a 27-13 record at 141 pounds in his first season with the Cougars ... Recorded a team-leading 22 pins including the pin against Northern Illinois’ Pat McLemore ... Recorded four pins at the NCWA regional tournament against Brad Frey (twice) of Grand Valley State, Eric Evangelista of Toledo and Jason Musall of Mott College ... Placed third at the Art Kraft Invitational. High School: Multi-sport athlete in wrestling, tennis, cross country and soccer at Round Lake Senior High School ... Four-year team captain in wrestling ... Twotime conference champion and All-Sectional selection ... Two-time regional champion ... Qualified twice for state tournament ... Named All-Conference and All-Regional four times ... Named Senior of the Year ... Wrestled for Pinicle ... Three-time Fargo National qualifier ... State champion in freestyle and GrecoRoman styles. Major: Secondary Education.

Eric Pretto 157 Sophomore Orland Park, Ill. Carl Sandburg 2008-2009: Sat out season. 2007-2008: Advanced to the NCAA Tournament, dropping a pair of close matches before being eliminated ... Worked his way back through the bracket to true fourth place at the NCAA Regional ... Led the team in victories with a 21-17 record ... Recorded two technical falls. High School: Four-time state qualifier ... USAW Folkstyle National Champion ... USAW Freestyle All-American ... Wrestled for the Overtime Club wrestling team. Major: Special Education.

2008-2009: Placed eighth at the NCWA national tournament ... Pinned Jerry Matthews of Bowling Green and Michael Wright of Delaware at the national tournament in Hampton, Va. ... Finished the season with a 24-17 record at 165 pounds ... Recorded pins against J.T. Jenkins of Indianapolis and Juan Alvarez of Missouri Valley ... Secured pin against Scott Kelly of Dayton while finishing fourth at the NCWA conference tournament. 2007-2008: Finished with a 10-22 record in first season as a Cougar. High School: Team captain for Granite City High School ... First team All-Southwestern Conference selection ... Two-time state qualifier ... Wells Fargo Nationals Qualifier ... National Honor Society Member. Major: Biology.

Steve Ross 157 Sophomore Carlock, Ill. Normal Comm. West 2008-2009: Finished the season with a 15-20 record at 157 pounds ... Recorded pins against Tony Williams of Rend Lake and Anthony Damico of Apprentice School at the NCWA national tournament ... Placed sixth place at the Art Kraft Invitational ... Also finished fifth place at the NCWA Conference Tournament. High School: Multi-sport athlete at Normal Community West High School... Three-year letter winner in wrestling ... Two-time letter in cross country ... Four-year letter winner in track and field ... Team captain in all three sports ... Finished second in Big 12 Conference, regionals and sectionals during 2008 wrestling season ... Big 12 Conference Scholar-Athlete ... Three time sectional qualifier ... State alternate his senior year with a record of 33-6 ... Pontiac Invitational champion ... Metamora Tournament Champion ... Urbana Invitational placed second. Major: Undeclared

Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

2009-10 Cougar Wrestling

Student-Athlete Biographies A.J. Smith 184

Zach Stewart 165

Dustin Young 125

Freshman Chicago, Ill. Marist

Freshman Bartonville, Ill. Limestone Comm.

Freshman Anna, Ill. Anna-Jonesboro

High School: Placed twice at the state tournament for Marist High School with third place as a senior at 215 pounds and a fourth-place finish as a junior at 189 pounds ... Received the Most Valuable Wrestler Award in 2008 ... Two-time sectional champion ... Finished first at the regional championships and conference championships three times ... Posted high school record of 125-24 over four seasons ... Also played football at Marist ... Selected as an Illinois State Scholar. Major: Undeclared

Sawyer Smith 197 Freshman Aberdeen, Wash. Aberdeen High School: Placed seventh at the Washington state championships his junior year, finishing 29-5 overall ... Finished his senior season 14-1 before being injured ... Placed fifth at the school boy duals in Greco and Freestyle ... Won the Greco Western Regional twice ... Placed second at the Freestyle Western Regional ... Named All-League in football ... Received a varsity letter four years in wrestling and lettered in football. Major: Undeclared

Jacob Stendback 174 Freshman Pittsfield, Ill. Pittsfield High School: Named an Illinois State Scholar at Pittsfield High School ... Finished with wrestling record of 67-51 in three seasons ... Received the perfect attendance award for all four years ... Member of National Honor Society. Major: Undeclared

High School: Completed his prep career with a 27-47 record ... Received three varsity letters at Limestone Community High School. Major: Undeclared

High School: Recorded a 58-17 record over his final two seasons at Anna-Jonesboro High School ... Named Scholar-Athlete ... Selected to the Beta Club and Honor Society. Major: Undeclared

Kris Treat 125

Jon Young 149

Freshman Anna, Ill. Anna-Jonesboro

Freshman Kankakee, Ill. Bishop McNamara

High School: Posted 92-34 record in four seasons at Anna-Jonesboro High School ... Finished ninth at Brute Adidas Nationals ... Selected Senior Class President. Major: Undeclared

High School: Posted a 44-1 record at 145 pounds and won the Class 1A Illinois state championship as a senior at Bishop McNamara High School ... Set the Bishop McNamara record for the most wins in a season with 44 ... Placed third at the state finals as a junior ... Finished his prep career with a 135-17 record ... Won the 2009 Chicago Catholic League title ... Wrestled in the Illinois vs. Indiana duals ... Named team captain his senior year ... Selected a two-time All-Chicago Catholic league football player ... Earned varsity letters in wrestling, football and baseball. Major: Undeclared

Cameron Vance 133 Freshman Port Byron, Ill. Riverdale

The Cougars and the NCWA High School: Illinois Class A state champion at 125 pounds as a senior at Riverdale High School ... Finished third as a junior and second as a sophomore at the state championships ... Two-time sectionals champion and four-time regional champion ... Posted a 147-15 career record at Riverdale ... Named the Most Valuable Wrestler three years straight ... Named to the Three Rivers Conference team three years in a row ... Received a pre-season No. 1 ranking at 125 pounds in Class A by and by Illinois Best Weekly ... Honored by Wrestling USA Magazine as among top 20 125-pounders in the nation ... Received the Scholastic Achievement Award in 2007-08 ... Led Riverdale Senior High School wrestling team as a senior with 19 pins ... Member of the National Honor Society. Major: Undeclared

During the transition to NCAA Division I status, SIUE will lengthen its season as well as give proper recognition to Cougar wrestling’s student-athletes by competing in the National Collegiate Wrestling Association (NCWA) North Central Conference Championships and the NCWA’s national championships. There are 154 members schools from 38 states which are divided into seven conferences (Mid-Atlantic, Mideast, North Central, Northeast, Southeast, Southwest and West Coast). Last season, Blake Reed was named All-American for his efforts at the NCWA National Championships. This season, SIUE begins the year ranked No. 5 in the nation among “Division I” NCWA programs.


Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

2009-10 Cougar Wrestling

2009-10 Opponents


Campbellsville Tigers

Cornell Rams

Illinois Fighting Illini

Sun., Feb. 14 • 3 pm at Indianapolis, Ind.

Fri., Nov. 20 • 1:30 pm at Iowa City, Iowa

Fri., Jan. 8 • 7 pm at Champaign, Ill.

Location: Campbellsville, Ky. Enrollment: 2,601 Affiliation: NAIA Conference: Mid-South Arena: Gosser Gymnasium (500) School Colors: Maroon and Grey Head Coach: Franky James Career Record: 47-36 (6 yrs.) 2008-09 Overall Record: 10-8

Location: Mount Vernon, Iowa Enrollment: 1,200 Affiliation: NCAA Division III Conference: Iowa Intercollegiate Arena: Multi-Sport Center (2,000) Colors: Purple and White Head Coach: Mike Duroe Career Record: 51-37-1 (5 yrs.) 2008-09 Overall Record: 14-8

Location: Champaign, Ill. Enrollment: 42,326 Affiliation: NCAA Division I Conference: Big Ten Arena: Huff Hall (4,500) School Colors: Orange and Blue Head Coach: Jim Heffernan Career Record: First Season 2008-09 Overall Record: 13-2

Central Missouri Mules

Eastern Michigan Eagles

Indiana Hoosiers

Thu., Jan. 28 • 7 pm at Vadalabene Center

Sat., Dec. 12 • 10 am at Chicago, Ill.

Sat., Dec. 12 • 2 pm at Chicago, Ill.

Location: Warrensburg, Mo. Enrollment: 11,191 Affiliation: NCAA Division II Conference: Independent Home Venue: UCM Multipurpose (8,500) School Colors: Cardinal and Black Head Coach: Robin Ersland Career Record: 129-117-2 (14 yrs.) 2008-09 Overall Record: 9-7

Location: Ypsilanti, Mich. Enrollment: 22,638 Affiliation: NCAA Division I Conference Mid-American Arena: Convocation Center (8,800) School Colors: Black and Gold Head Coach: Derek DelPorto Career Record: 54-51-1 (5 yrs.) 2008-09 Overall Record: 7-11

Location: Bloomington, Ind. Enrollment: 40,354 Affiliation: NCAA Division I Conferences: Big Ten Arena: University Gym (2,000) Colors: Cream and Crimson Head Coach: Duane Goldman Career Record: 201-109-4 (16 yrs.) 2008-09 Overall Record: 15-7-1

Coe Kohawks

Findlay Oilers

Indianapolis Greyhounds

Sat., Dec. 12 • Noon at Iowa City, Iowa

Sun., Feb. 14 • 1 pm at Indianapolis, Ind.

Sun., Dec. 20 • 4 pm at West Lafayette, Ind. Sun., Feb. 14 • 3 pm at Indianapolis, Ind.

Location: Cedar Rapids, Iowa Enrollment: 1,200 Affiliation: NCAA Division III Conference: Iowa Intercollegiate Arena: Eby Fieldhouse (1,800) School Colors: Black and Gold Head Coach: John Oostendorp Career Record: 59-6 (7 yrs.) 2008-09 Overall Record: 15-5

Location: Findlay, Ohio Enrollment: 4,700 Affiliation: NCAA Division II Conference: Independent Arena: Croy Gymnasium (2,000) School Colors: Orange and Black Head Coach: Shawn Nelson Career Record: n/a (12 yrs.) 2008-09 Overall Record:

Location: Indianapolis, Ind. Enrollment: 4,729 Affiliation: NCAA Division II Conference: Independent Arena: Nicoson Hall (4,000) School Colors: Crimson and Grey Head Coach: Jay Yates Career Record: 33-40 (5 yrs.) 2008-09 Overall Record: 7-8

Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

2009-10 Cougar Wrestling

2009-10 Opponents

Iowa Hawkeyes

Northern Illinois Huskies

Purdue Boilermakers

Fri., Nov. 20 • 5:00 pm at Iowa City, Iowa

Fri., Jan. 29 • 7 pm at DeKalb, Ill.

Sun., Dec. 20 • 2 pm at West Lafayette, Ind.

Location: Iowa City, Iowa Enrollment: 30,409 Affiliation: NCAA Division I Conference: Big Ten Arena: Carver Hawkeye Arena (15,500) School Colors: Black and Gold Head Coach: Tom Brands Career Record: 59-6 (3 yrs.) 2008-09 Overall Record: 24-0

Location: DeKalb, Ill. Enrollment: 24,397 Affiliation: NCAA Division I Conference: Mid-American Arena: Convocation Center (10,000) School Colors: Cardinal and Black Head Coach: Dave Grant Career Record: 113-90-6 (13 yrs.) 2008-09 Overall Record: 5-8

Location: West Lafayette, Ind. Enrollment: 39,697 Affiliation: NCAA Division I Conference: Big Ten Arena: Holloway Gymnasium (1,696) Colors: Black and Gold Head Coach: Jamie Gibbs Career Record: 19-15-1 (2 yrs.) 2008-09 Overall Record: 9-7-1

Iowa Lakes Lakers

Northwestern Wildcats

South Dakota State Jacks

Fri., Nov. 20 • 10:30 am at Iowa City, Iowa

Fri., Jan. 22 • 7 pm at Evanston, Ill.

Wed., Jan. 20 • 7 pm at Vadalabene Center

Location: Estherville, Iowa Enrollment: 4,133 Affiliation: NJCAA Conference: Iowa Community College Athletic Arena: Laker Gymnasium (2,400) School Colors: Blue & Gold Head Coach: Ty Eustice Career Record: 7-3-1 (1 yr.) 2008-09 Overall Record: 7-3-1

Location: Evanston, Ill. Enrollment: 8,000 Affiliation: NCAA Division I Conference: Big Ten Arena: Welsh-Ryan Arena (8,117) School Colors: Purple and White Head Coach: Tim Cysewski Career Record: 149-167 (20 yrs.) 2008-09 Overall Record: 9-8-1

Location: Brookings, S.D. Enrollment: 12,376 Affiliation: NCAA Division I Conference: Western Wrestling Arena: Frost Arena (6,500) School Colors: Yellow and Blue Head Coach: Jason Liles Career Record: 141-110-3 (16 yrs.) 2008-09 Overall Record: 9-11-1

2009-10 Tournaments Mount St. Joseph Lions Sun., Dec. 20 • Noon at West Lafayette, Ind. Location: Cincinnati, Ohio Enrollment: 2,200 Affiliation: NCAA Division III Conference: Independent Arena: Harrington Center (2,000) Colors: Blue and Gold Head Coach: Casey Stouffer Career Record: 19-17-1 (2 yrs.) 2008-09 Overall Record: 6-12

Sat., Nov. 14 Fri., Dec. 4

Central Missouri Open Las Vegas/Cliff Keen Invitational

Sun., Jan. 17

UCM Denker Open

Sat., Feb. 27

NCWA North Central Conference

Thu., Mar. 11

NCWA National Tournament


Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

2009-10 Cougar Wrestling

2008-2009 Results RECORD: Duals Wrestler Justin Bucsa Terrence Connors Nick Jones Tim Mahoney Max Orris Derrick Pousson Dillon Pousson Blake Reed Steve Ross Joe Peters DATE 11/16 11/23


HOME 1-4

Wt. Class 133 184 149 165 174 149 133 175 157 285

AWAY 2-1


W-L 3-12 6-15 6-18 3-16 9-18 19-17 27-13 24-17 14-19 6-5

Falls 1 2 1 0 3 6 21 4 3 3

OPPONENT ^Central Missouri Open Mizzou Open Mizzou Open (F/S) 11/23 Simpson Invitational 11/23 Art Kraft Memorial Open 1/7 Rend Lake 1/10 vs. Northern Illinois Missouri Baptist Indianapolis 1/16 at Central Missouri 1/17 ^UCM Denker Open 1/27 at Knox Lincoln 2/8 at Rend Lake Southern Indiana 2/12 McKendree 2/28 #NCWA North Central Conference 3/12-14 !NCWA National Tournament ^ Warrensburg, Mo. #at Allendale, Mich. !at Hampton, Va. All HOME matches at Vadalabene Center

Tech. Falls 0 0 0 0 0 2 1 0 0 0 RESULT NTS NTS NTS NTS NTS W 36-27 L 48-6 L 43-18 L 38-9 L 51-0 NTS W 33-13 L 27-20 W 31-16 W 30-18 L 36-12 2nd/106 NTS

Dillon Pousson

Blake Reed 18

Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

2009-10 Cougar Wrestling

Series Records Through 2008-2009 Season School Adams State Air Force Arizona Arizona State Ashland Augustana (Ill.) Augustana (S.D.) Bloomsburg State Briar Cliff Brigham Young California-Berkeley California Poly-SLO California St.-Bakersfield California St.-Fullerton Carson-Newman Central Missouri Central Oklahoma Chadron Chicago State Cincinnati Clarion Clemson Cleveland State Colorado Concordia Cumberland Drake Eastern Illinois Eastern Michigan Embry-Riddle Evansville Fort Hays State Franklin Marshall Fresno State Grand Valley State Harper Illinois Illinois College

Record 1-0 1-0 1-1 3-3 0-2 2-0 2-1 0-1 1-0 0-2 1-0 1-0 0-3 1-0 0-4 12-19-2 8-21-2 0-3 1-0 1-0 0-2 1-0 0-1 1-1 1-0 1-0 1-0 9-27 0-1 0-1 2-0 2-8 1-0 1-1 0-1 0-1 6-15-1 2-0

School Illinois State Illinois Wesleyan Indiana Indianapolis Iowa Iowa State Iowa Wesleyan Kansas State Kent State Kentucky Knox Lincoln Lindenwood Louisiana State MacMurray Manchester Marquette Maryland McKendree Middle Tennessee St. Minnesota Minnesota St.-Mankato Minnesota St.-Moorhead Missouri Baptist Missouri-Columbia Missouri S&T Missouri-St. Louis Missouri State Missouri Valley Morgan State Monmouth Nebraska Nebraska-Kearney Nebraska-Omaha Newman (Kan.) New Mexico Northern Colorado

Record 9-10 0-0-1 6-18 3-5 0-4 0-1 2-0 2-1 1-1-1 3-3 2-0 0-1 1-6 0-2 5-0 1-0 1-1 0-1 1-4 1-0 3-4-1 0-2 0-1 2-4 4-16 3-0 1-0 19-2 3-9 1-0 1-0 1-4 0-2 6-3-1 0-0-1 0-1 3-1

School North Dakota State Northern Illinois Northern Iowa Northern State Northwest Missouri St. Northwestern Ohio Oklahoma Oklahoma State Portland State Purdue Rend Lake San Diego State San Jose State Slippery Rock St. Southeast Missouri St. Southern Colorado Southern Indiana Southwest State SW Minnesota State Tennessee-Chattanooga Tennessee-Knoxville Tennessee-Martin Truman St. Utah State Utah Valley State Upper Iowa Wabash Wartburg Washington U. Western Illinois Wisconsin-Eau Claire Wisconsin-Parkside Wisconsin-Stevens Point Wisconsin-Whitewater Wright State Wyoming William Penn

Record 0-1 2-20-1 1-7 1-1 3-0 1-2 2-0 0-3 0-8 1-0-1 5-5 3-0 1-0 0-1 0-1 2-0 3-0 1-0 0-1 2-1 7-3 2-0 1-0 11-8-1 0-1 0-1 0-3 0-1 0-2 2-0 14-0 1-0 0-3 1-0 0-2 4-2 0-4 1-2 19

Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

2009-10 Cougar Wrestling

NCAA Division I All-Americans Mark Hattendorf

Booker Benford

Placed 8th (1978) Placed 8th (1979)

Placed 3rd (1984) Placed 3rd (1985)

Tom Reed

Alan Grammer

Placed 4th (1980)

Placed 3rd (1985) Placed 5th (1986)

Don Stevens

Al Sears

Placed 7th (1983) Placed 8th (1985)

Placed 8th (1985)

Tim Wright Placed 3rd (1987) Alan Grammer


Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

2009-10 Cougar Wrestling

NCAA Division II All-Americans Name Phil Janetas Barry Walsh Larry Pruitt Frank Savegnago Mike Taylor Jerry Washington Dennis Byrne Terry Mulrenin Dave Byrne Mark Hattendorf Dave Robinson Dru Meshes Tom Reed Tim Ervin Norm Mitchell Tim Napier Brett Means Don Stevens Booker Benford Joe Glasder Al Sears Ray Garcia Steve Stearns Mark Kristoff Tim Wright Alan Grammer Maurice Brown Ernie Badger Dan McGinnis Brian McTague Kip Kristoff Bob Dahm Phillip Johns Eric Morgan Steve Harmon Dwight Downs Russ Witzig Kurt Bednar

Years 1971 1973 1974, 1975 1974, 1975, 1976 1974, 1975 1974, 1977 1974, 1975 1975, 1977, 1979 1976, 1977 1976, 1977, 1978, 1979 1976, 1978 1977, 1978, 1979 1978, 1979, 1980, 1981 1979, 1980, 1981 1979, 1980 1979 1980 1982, 1983, 1984 1982, 1983, 1984, 1985 1982, 1983 1982, 1983, 1984, 1985 1983 1983, 1985, 1986 1983, 1984, 1986, 1988 1984, 1985, 1986, 1987 1984, 1985, 1986 1984, 1985 1984, 1985, 1986 1985 1985, 1986, 1987 1986, 1987, 1988, 1990 1986, 1987 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991 1988 1988, 1989 1988 1988, 1989, 1990 1988

Wt. Class 126 HWT 134 190 150 190 167 126 167 177 134 142 118 142 177 150 126 126 177 190 HWT 118 134 150 118 134 142 190 158 150 142 158 126 142 158 177 190 HWT

Name Eric Roberson Kris Hayward Tom Blaha Chad Humphrey Trevor Clark Tom Chernich Harley Roesler Ben Foust Jayson Querciagrossa Mike Rogers Jason Carter Brian Anderson Jessie Montez Titus Taylor Zach Stephens

Years 1991, 1992 1992, 1994 1992 1992 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1997 1996, 1997 1998 1998, 2000 2003

Wt. Class 142 118 158 177 190 190 HWT 126 142 HWT 190 126 126 158/165 174

NCAA Division II National Champions Name Jerry Washington Mark Hattendorf Don Stevens Tim Wright Don Stevens Booker Benford Ernie Badger Tim Wright Alan Grammer Booker Benford Tim Wright Alan Grammer Steve Stearns Tim Wright Kip Kristoff Mark Kristoff Phil Johns Trevor Clark Titus Taylor

Year 1977 1979 1983 1984 1984 1984 1984 1985 1985 1985 1986 1986 1986 1987 1987 1988 1991 1992 2000

Wt. Class 190 177 126 118 126 177 190 118 134 177 118 126 134 118 150 167 126 190 165

Record n/a n/a 30-9 32-8-1 40-10-2 45-8 33-10 39-5 45-7 53-4 41-2 28-3 28-10-1 36-3-1 25-12 15-4 19-1-1 25-10 33-4

Four-Time All-Americans

Booker Benford

Mark Hattendorf

Phillip Johns

Kip Kristoff

Mark Kristoff

Tom Reed

Al Sears

Tim Wright


Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

2009-10 Cougar Wrestling

Records Cougars in the NCAA Record Book Most Career Pins 112, by Al Sears (1981-85) Most Career Wins 161, by Booker Benford (1981-85) Most All-Americans in a season 9 (1985) Most NCAA-II Tournament finalists 6 (1984 &1985) SIUE season marks Most pins 30 by Al Sears (1985) Most wins 53 by Booker Benford (1985)

Most tournament championships 6 by Joe Glasder (1985) Most dual meets won as a team 20 (1984-85) Most team wins over NCAA-I 12 (1982-83, 83-84, 84-85) Most All-Americans 9 (1985) Most team tournament championships 5 (1984-85) Most NCAA-II Regional Champions 9 (1983)

Miscellaneous marks Largest dual match victory 57-0 over Truman State (1982-83) Largest dual match victory over NCAA-I 48-3 over Missouri State (1984-85) Fastest pin by a Cougar :09 by Bob Underwood (1971) Best winning percentage .953 by Tim Wright (41-2 in 1985-86) .933 by Jan Gitcho (28-2 in 1972-73) Most points in a match 47 by Don Stevens vs. Ron Holmes of Chicago State (47-14 in 1984)

Al Sears

Tim Wright

NCAA Championships Year 1971 1972 1973 1974 1975 1976 1977 1978 1979 1980 1981 1982 1983 1984 1985 1986 1987 1988


Team Place DNP DNP DNP 3rd 2nd 3rd 6th 5th 4th 6th 4th 3rd 4th 1st 1st 1st 2nd 3rd

SIUE All-Americans 1 0 1 4 5 4 5 4 7 4 2 4 7 8 9 8 4 8

Year 1989 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006

Team Place 11th 7th 9th 6th 24th 21st 28th 24th 14th 18th T33rd 15th N/A T26th 26th N/A 30th N/A

SIUE All-Americans 3 3 2 5 1 2 1 2 2 2 0 1 0 0 1 0 0 0

Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

2009-10 Cougar Wrestling

SIUE Athletics Hall of Fame

1984 Team With a team which featured just one senior in 126-pound Don Stevens, the SIUE wrestling program vaulted to national championship status with four individual national champions and eight All-Americans under NCAA Coach of the Year Larry Kristoff. Stevens, Tim Wright, Booker Benford and Ernie Badger all finished as national champions. Alan Grammer, Maurice Brown, Mark Kristoff and Al Sears also gained All-American status for a team which won the national title over five-time defending champion Cal State-Bakersfield by an astonishing 48.5 point advantage. SIUE’s 14-5-1 dual meet record included a number of victories over Division I competition, including No. 10 Missouri. Other valuable members of the national championship squad were Ray Garcia, John Eichelberger, Robert Ervin, Bob Lacefield, Dan McGinnis, Bob Dahm, Doug Zinzer, Brian McTague, Lewis Reed, John Ruffu, and John Borror.

1985 Team Coming off its first NCAA Division II crown, Coach Larry Kristoff and his Cougars were out to prove something at the 1985 Championships. The Cougars won by 48.5 points over Nebraska-Omaha with three national champions (Tim Wright at 118 pounds, Alan Grammer at 134 pounds and Booker Benford at 177 pounds). SIUE also produced six more All-Americans that season. The list includes Steve Stearns at 126 pounds, Maurice Brown at 142 pounds, Brian McTague at 150 pounds, Dan McGinnis at 158 pounds, Ernie Badger at 190 pounds, and Al Sears at heavyweight. SIUE made a splash at the NCAA Division I Championships with three All-Americans. Benford and Grammer placed third while Sears took eighth. Other key members of the national championship team included Bob Dahm, Robert Clarkston, Sean Wilkus, Steve Apicella, Robert Briggs, Robert Hall, David Crowe, Mark Kenny, Troy Juden, David Hansen, Mark Kristoff, Michael Parker, Todd King, John Ruffu, Robert Ervin and Assistant Coach Norm Dahm.


Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

2009-10 Cougar Wrestling

SIUE Athletics Hall of Fame Larry Kristoff A five-time world champion medalist and two-time Olympian as a heavyweight wrestler, Larry Kristoff joined the SIUE coaching staff in 1969. Kristoff built SIUE into an NCAA Division II powerhouse that included three consecutive national championships in 1984, 1985, and 1986. SIUE finished in the top 10 nationally 18 times under Kristoff, who spent 30 seasons as the team’s head coach. With Kristoff’s direction, SIUE posted 111 NCAA Division II All-Americans, including 18 national champions and 11 NCAA Division I All-Americans. Kristoff has been inducted into numerous Halls of Fame including the pinnacle in his sport as a member of the National Wrestling Hall of Fame.

Alan Grammer After a highly-successful high school career in Indiana, Alan Grammer proved to be among the nation’s finest wrestlers. Grammer wrestled in three NCAA Division II National Tournaments for the Cougars, and his teams won by a large margin each year. Grammer, a three-time NCAA Division II All-American, won individual national titles in 1985 and 1986. He earned All-American honors two other times by placing third in the 1985 NCAA Division I nationals and fifth in the 1986 NCAA Division I Nationals. During the 1986 season, he ranked No. 1 in the country and was selected to compete in the prestigious East-West All-Star Match, defeating the defending NCAA I National Champion 9-7. A Division II Wrestling Hall of Famer, Grammer’s career record was 119-17-1. His career extended to international competition where he posted an impressive 35-2 record. Grammer majored in psychology.

Don Stevens A two-time NCAA Division II individual champion in 1983 and 1984, Don Stevens ruled the 126-pound weight class. He also placed seventh at the 1983 NCAA Division I Championships and eighth at the 1984 NCAA Division I Championships. Stevens was the Division II runner-up in 1982. Posting a 101-25-2 record in his three seasons as a Cougar, Stevens helped guide SIUE to top four finishes as a team in each season. The Cougars placed third in 1982, fourth in 1983, and won the national team title in 1984. As a senior, Stevens was one of four Cougars to have their hands raised as national champions. It was the beginning of three straight team titles for SIUE. Stevens graduated with a bachelor of science in business administration in 1987.

Al Sears Known simply as the “Pin King,” Al Sears was clearly an automatic six team points for the SIUE wrestling team from 1982 to 1985. A four-time All-American in the heavyweight class, Sears holds the school record for falls in a season with 30. His 122 career falls were recognized as an NCAA record. Sears was a member of SIUE’s first two national championships in 1984 and 1985. He advanced to the 1985 NCAA Division I Championships, placing eighth. Sears graduated in 1987 with a bachelor of science in physical education.

Tim Wright The only four-time NCAA Division II champion at SIUE and the first in NCAA history, Tim Wright may have wrestled at 118 pounds, but his stature was among the sports giants. Wright was an NCAA Division I All-American in 1987, finishing third in his final collegiate season. He continues to hold the school record for winning percentage at .953 with his 1985 mark of 41-2. Wright was the lead wrestler in the Cougars’ journey to three consecutive national championships from 1984 to 1986. Wright graduated in 1987 with a bachelor of science in business administration.


steve ross 157 Sophomore

Terrance Connors 174 Sophomore

Dillon Pousson 141 Sophomore

2 0 0 9 – 1 0 C O U G A R S w r e s t l i n g S C H E D U LE


Opponent / Event

Location Time

Fri., Nov. 6

Red and Black Intrasquad Vadalabene Center

7 p.m.

Sat., Nov. 14

Central Missouri Open

Warrensburg, Mo.

9 a.m.

Fri., Nov. 20 Fri., Dec. 4 Sat., Dec. 5

Iowa Duals Iowa Lakes Coe Cornell Iowa

Iowa City, Iowa Iowa City, Iowa Iowa City, Iowa Iowa City, Iowa

10:30 a.m. Noon 1:30 p.m. 5 p.m.

Las Vegas/Cliff Keen Invitational Las Vegas/Cliff Keen Invitational Las Vegas/Cliff Keen Invitational

Primm, Nev. Primm, Nev.

11 a.m. 11 a.m.

Sat., Dec. 12

Chicago Duals Eastern Michigan Indiana

Chicago, Ill. Chicago, Ill.

12 p.m. 2 p.m.

Sun., Dec. 20

Purdue Duals Mount St. Joseph Purdue Indianapolis

West Lafayette, Ind. West Lafayette, Ind. West Lafayette, Ind.

12 p.m. 2 p.m. 4 p.m.

Fri., Jan. 8


Champaign, Ill.

7 p.m.

Sun., Jan. 17

UCM Denker Open

Warrensburg, Mo.

9 a.m.

Wed., Jan. 20 South Dakota State Vadalabene Center Fri., Jan. 22 Northwestern Evanston, Ill. Thu., Jan. 28 Central Missouri Vadalabene Center Fri., Jan. 29 Northern Illinois DeKalb, Ill. Sat., Feb. 6 Missouri Valley Open Marshall, Mo.

7 p.m. 7 p.m. 7 p.m. 7 p.m. 9 a.m.

Sun., Feb. 14

Greyhound Duals Findlay Campbellsville Indianapolis

Indianapolis, Ind. Indianapolis, Ind. Indianapolis, Ind.

1 p.m. 3 p.m. 5 p.m.

Sat., Feb. 27

NCWA North Central Conference

Allendale, Mich.

10 a.m. ET

Thu., Mar. 11 Fri., Mar. 12 Sat., Mar. 13

National Duals NCWA National Tournament NCWA National Tournament NCWA National Tournament

Hampton, Va. Hampton, Va. Hampton, Va.

11 a.m. ET 11 a.m. ET 9 a.m. ET

Home matches in bold

All times Central unless indicated

Dates and times subject to change

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The official Southern Illinois University Edwardsville 2009-2010 wrestling guide.

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