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Arty the Arctic Fox

Deep in the snowbanks of Antarctica,an arctic fox named Arty is just getting up very early in the morning. When Arty was born, he was born with a fire truck stuck in his left paw. no one knows why. His brothers don’t like him and never play with him because he is different. So Arty ran away. He got up early in the morning and snuck out of his cave while everyone was sleeping.

Arty continued on his way. He walked for about 2 hours and finally had to eat something. He had packed some fish for his journey and some berries too. He went ahead and ate all of the berries he had, which definitely filled him up. While he was eating, a bunny walked up to him.

The bunny asked if he could have some of his food. But he didn’t like fish so he didn’t eat them. The bunny asked if he could stay with Arty so he said that he could. He said that he had ran away from home and his name was Mcjumpers.

So Mcjumpers and Arty headed forward. They soon came to a forest. They decided to shelter in the forest since the trees will shelter the rain if it rains. The started to set up camp and went to go to bed right away. so they did. in the middle of the night, they heard a growling sound. Out of the trees popped a wolf! he was just baby though

. The wolf asked if he could travel with Arty and Mcjumpers and they said yes. So they continued out of the forest. Arty said that he missed his family even though his brothers didn’t like him, so he wanted to go home. the others asked if they could spend Christmas with Arty and he said that was fine.

So they began on their way to Arty’s cave. they traveled for 1 day now. they were Starving. They were just about back to Arty’s cave when they heard a sharp screeching sound coming from the sky. It was a hawk! The hawk swooped down and landed in front of them.

The hawk said that he ran away and needed someone to spend Christmas with. So they said that he could come with them . They traveled for 2 more days and were full with food because the hawk, named Talon was able to find berries for them.

They finally arrived at Arty’s cave and they walked in. When they saw Talon, Saber, and Mcjumpers, they all gasped. Apparently they all have been attacking and stealing food from the cave. They all apologized for stealing and attacking and vowed never to do it again.

Since they were all friends now, they decided to all spend Christmas with each other. Arty’s brothers decided to play with him now even though he is different. Now his brothers know that even if he is different, he can still do big things, like making friends with enemies. Merry Christmas!

Arty the Arctic Fox  

This story is about an unusual fox that returns back to his home for Christmas. Join us on his amazing adventure as he meets friends, foes,...