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Vent Valve RMG 915

General Description

915.00 Edition 03/2001

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Vent Valve RMG 915 Application • to protect indoor stations from gas leakages out of diaphragm chambers, can replace installation of venting lines • for the vent line connections at the diaphragm assemblies, pilots, and measuring units of the following valves: RMG 265, RMG 268, RMG 610, RMG 402, RMG 409 (only up to pe = 25 bar) RMG 300, RMG 320, RMG 330 (for regulating lines of slow reaction only) RMG 322, RMG 332, RMG 408

Characteristics • approved by DIN-DVGW • can limit gas leakages resulting from diaphragm deficiency to the max. permissible standard value of 30 l/h (air) • easy installation by screwing valve into vent bore

1. Technical data max. permissible service pressure pzul

25 bar

max. permissible gas leakage qn

30 l/h (air)


G 1/2 or M 16x1.5


body diaphragm

ambient temperature

-15 °C ... +60 °C

aluminium rubber-like plastic material (NBR)

2. Dimensions in mm 42

30 44

G 1/2 or M 16 x 1.5



Vent Valve RMG 915 3. Design and operation

valve seat body spring valve sealing restrictor bore

The standards DIN 3380 and DIN 3381 for gas pressure regulators and safety devices impose the obligation to limit gas leakages resulting from diaphragm deficiencies to a max. permissible value of 30 l/h. The vent valve RMG 915 was designed in order to meet this requirement, so that the installation of vent lines is not necessary. The vent valve consists of body, a diaphragm, and a spring and functions like a flow-regulator. In the non-working position the valve sealing connected to the diaphragm is lifted from the valve seat by the force of the spring, thus creating an open passage-way through the control element and the restrictor bore in the diaphragm to the chamber to be vented. Any gas leakages due to normal stroke movements of the valve or resulting from a diaphragm deficiency will cause a differential pressure at the restrictor bore moving the valve sealing towards the valve seat to initiate the flow control process. The diaphragm surface, restrictor bore and spring force are sized and adjusted to one another so as to make sure that the maximum permissible leakage limit cannot exceed a flow of 30 l/h. Quickly succeeding stroking movements may lead to a short pressure increase in the chamber to be vented. The venting effect, however, remains uninterrupted. In the eventuality of a diaphragm deficiency causing a pressure increase of more than 0.5 bar, the vent valve will close and remain closed.

operational diagram

air leakage rate qn in l/h


standard flow limitation

reaction under normal valve stroke movements

reaction upon diaphragm deficiency > 30 l/h

pressure in diaphragm chamber p (bar)


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