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Have students spread across this line. Students will advance or retreat depending on the statement read. In order to ensure students are spaced out across the field, assign statements to certain groups of students (use shirt or eye color, laces on shoes, gender, etc). By not allowing every student to advance down the playing field, you are demonstrating that not all salmon return to spawn. If time allows after each step gained or loss reinforce the statement read.

Move ahead 1 step. • Tree roots hold soil in place keeping the river clean and clear, but the trees along the riverbank have been logged. Everyone move back 2 steps. • Now you’re a smolt! You found the perfect hiding spot from predators in eel grass. Move ahead 2 steps. • You get nibbled on by a kingfisher. Move back 1 step. • You’re an adult now! You munch on some krill. Move ahead 3 steps. • You get stuck in a gill net. Take 2 steps back. • It’s herring season, food is everywhere! Take a big jump ahead. • You get hooked by a troller and become someone’s dinner! Take two steps back. • You are small enough to swim through a gillnet. Take 1 step forward. • The Department of Fish and Game sets regulations on how many fish a fisherman can harvest from the ocean. These rules make sure enough fish return to their natal stream to spawn. Move ahead one step. • A sea lion gobbles you up. Take a big step back. • A sport fisherman catches and then releases you. You survive. Take 1 step forward. • You’re a spawner now! You find your natal stream. Move ahead three steps. • Lots of animals depend on spawning salmon for food. You get eaten by a bear. Move back 2 steps.

Note: Predators and fishermen are part of the food web and aren’t necessarily a bad thing. This concept will be reinforced in a following lesson.

• Your egg is nestled in the gravel with cool water flowing over you. Move ahead two baby steps. • Someone picks up the trash around the river. Move ahead 1 step. • Someone walks through the river and steps on you. Move back 3 steps. • You’re an alevin now! You find a good hiding spot under the shade of a tree. Move ahead 2 steps. • You get poisoned by water pollution. Move back 1 step. • Now you’re a fry! You find a delicious bug to eat. Move ahead 2 steps. • A trout eats you. Take 1 step back. • Fallen trees make the perfect pool in the river for you to hang out in.





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Stream to Plate Class Lessons  

A collection of classroom lessons from Sitka Conservation Society's Fish to Schools program.

Stream to Plate Class Lessons  

A collection of classroom lessons from Sitka Conservation Society's Fish to Schools program.