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2016 Annual Report

Founded in 1970, the Sitka Center for Art and Ecology nurtures people’s connection with creativity and nature to fulfill its mission of expanding the relationships between art, nature and humanity.


Current Board (Back Row, L-R): Dan Twitchell, Kristin Walrod, Bob Hazen, Barbara Triplett, Christy Wyckoff, Heidi Beebe, Greg Parra, Ruth Spetter (Not pictured: Martha Wylder) Current Staff (Front Row, L-R): Mindy Chaffin, Joanne Daschel, Ben Shockey, Andre Bouchard, Carrie Hardison, Kimberly Ota

Kristin Walrod, President Bob Hazen, Vice-President Dan Twitchell, Treasurer Christy Wyckoff, Secretary Martha Wylder Barbara Triplett Ruth Spetter Heidi Beebe Greg Parra


Kregg Hanson


Ben Shockey, Executive Director Carrie Hardison, Program Manager André Bouchard, Development Manager Mindy Chaffin, Events Coordinator Joanne Daschel, Marketing Coordinator Kimberly Ota, Office Coordinator Ernie Rose, Sponsorship Manager (retired Feb. 2017) Caroline Brooks, Program Manager (through Feb. 2016)

2016 WORKSHOP SEASON Molly O’Leary, Studio Technician Abby Anderson, Summer Art Intern Maia Raeder, Summer Art Intern PAGE 2


Connect with nature, explore your creativity. The Sitka Center is a bit of happy contradiction. People come here for escape and relaxation, yet it is also an energizing place, a catalyst for new things. The Sitka experience is firmly rooted in place, but this place meets people at some point along their personal journey, and when those people leave Sitka, be it 3 hours or 3 months later, they’ve experienced new growth, moving further along their path. Sitka’s activity in 2016 also reflects this dual nature, firmly rooted and yet sprouting new growth at every turn. In 2016 Sitka honored roots and tradition in a number of ways. We are always striving to see that long-time instructors and alumni are part of the mix of new teachers, residents and Invitational artists we bring to our programs. In 2016 we took that engagement a step further, running a successful campaign to publish a book about the story of Sitka’s growth and development over nearly 50 years. We also made an investment in storage and systems to better house and share the products of our Jordan Schnitzer Printmaking Residency. While we remain grounded by our roots, Sitka has not ceased to grow. In 2016 we renewed our commitment to bringing ecologists as residents to Sitka with the launching of the Howard L. McKee Ecology Residency. We also piloted a series of partnerships with Blue Sky Gallery and Literary Arts in Portland, OR, the Roundhouse Foundation in Sisters, OR, and the Hatfield Marine Science Center in Newport, OR. We enhanced our Jordan Schnitzer-funded youth outreach program, Sitka Emerging Artists, through a partnership with the Salmon Drift Creek Watershed Council’s REEF program. This new program offers free outdoor environmental education with an arts integration component to teens from Taft High School in Lincoln City. 2016 also saw the departure of Program Manager Caroline Brooks and of Board President Kregg Hanson. We thank them both for their years of service to Sitka. New faces on Sitka’s staff and Board of Directors in 2016 included Office Coordinator Kimberly Ota and board members Ruth Spetter and Heidi Beebe. Thanks to each of you for joining us on our journey into 2017 and beyond! —Sitka Staff and Board of Directors



Our Residency Program runs from October to May and provides artists, writers,

musicians and natural scientists with the opportunity to delve deep into their work while being surrounded by the natural environs of Cascade Head. Each resident is provided with comfortable living and work spaces, free of charge, for up to three and a half months. We are able to support five residents at a time (about 20 per year). Two special residencies take place in the fall and spring. In the fall, the Jordan Schnitzer Printmaking Residency (JSPR) offers three professional artists who are not printmakers with the opportunity to expand their repertoire by creating copper plate etchings under the guidance of master printmaker Julia D’Amario. The Recorder Residency brings a professional recorder player for six weeks in the spring. Sitka’s residents perform community outreach during their stays through teaching workshops to area adults and in coordination with local schools as well as providing lectures, demonstrations and assistance to area non-profits and ecology agencies. SPRING RESIDENCY – JANUARY TO MAY 2016 Sandra Dorr, February 1 - March 25, writer, Grand Junction, CO Rebecca Forgac, February 4 - May 6, visual artist, Winchester, MA Gail Grinnell, January 9-23, JSPR visual artist, Seattle, WA Maxim Loskutoff, January 25 - May 6, writer, Missoula, MT Heather McMordie, April 18 - May 9, visual artist, Philadelphia, PA Alison Melville, April 17 - May 6, recorder musician, Toronto ON, Canada Linda Wiener, January 25 - May 6, entomologist, Santa Fe, NM

FALL RESIDENCY – OCTOBER 2016 TO JANUARY 2017 Nina Elder, October 11 - December 19, visual artist, Santa Fe, NM Analee Fuentes, October 3 - October 20, visual artist, Coburg, OR Geetha Iyer, October 3 - January 13, 2017, writer, Panama City, Panama Cynthia Lahti, October 3 - January 27, 2017, visual artist, Portland, OR Marsha Slomowitz, November 16 - December 22, visual artist, Port Townsend, OR Eileen Torpey, November 17 - December 4, filmmaker, Santa Fe, NM Maddison Colvin, December 26 - January 13, 2017, visual artist, Eugene, OR Ray Troll, October 23 - November 7, JSPR visual artist, Ketchikan, AK Rebecca Welti, November 1 - January 13, 2017, visual artist/ecologist, Port Townsend, WA



RESIDENCY OUTREACH HIGHLIGHTS The artists-in-residence engaged in a variety of community outreach projects this year. Artists, writers and scientists shared their expertise and knowledge with the local community in an assortment of free events. Rebecca Forgac and Sandra Dorr developed and hosted a collaborative drawing and writing workshop focusing on different ways of seeing and saying things. Students participated in drawing exercises that helped them see in variety of ways and learned how to translate what they see to paint a lyrical experience with words. Heather McMordie, printmaking artist-in-residence, led a collographic workshop. She demonstrated a variety of making and printing techniques and led the attendees in collaborating on a group collographic print. Linda Weiner, scientist-in-residence, worked with St. James Santiago School and led the students in a field observation on the school grounds capturing and observing a variety of insects. These outreach events help to inform the local community of the important work our residence are doing and help to create more opportunities for the community to participate and engage with Sitka.

IN THE RESIDENTS’ WORDS... “While at Sitka, I had the opportunity to lead a short printmaking workshop. During the workshop, participants collaborated on a large collograph plate. Seeing others with little or no printmaking experience connect with this process about was an incredible moment. In the time since, a few of those workshop participants have emailed me images of new prints they have made. I had shared something I was passionate about, and others found it interested as well!” - Heather McMordie, visual artist, spring ‘16 “Using the solitude and beauty of the place as a way of stilling my mind, I looked back on the stories I’d written over the past five years, found a link between fifteen of them, and created a manuscript, my first finished book.” – Maxim Loskutoff, writer, spring ‘16 “The time and the space that Sitka provided was truly invaluable. Sitka allowed for a degree of focus and headspace which was unique and powerful. In addition to the generous time and space of the residency, the landscape of Sitka was something that I think has effected me deeply and which I think I gained from immeasurably. Thinking about my work in the context of Sitka, Cascade Head and the Oregon Coast has had a lasting impact on me.” – Rebecca Forgac, visual artist, spring ‘16 2016 ANNUAL REPORT


Our Workshop Program takes place between May and September and

provides individuals of all levels the opportunity to make art, write, play music and enjoy their connections to nature. Sitka offers more than 100 workshops in a variety of topics including painting, drawing, printmaking, ecology, fiber arts, photography, poetry, metal work and wood carving. Our workshops are led by knowledgeable instructors experienced in guiding students towards reaching their creative goals. Workshops take place in one of our three studios or outdoors in the Cascade Head Scenic Research Area, with a few offered as part of the Sitka Art Invitational in Portland each fall. The annual workshop catalog is available in print or online each February.

WORKSHOP HIGHLIGHTS • Eight hundred and fifty-eight students took workshops in 2016. • Workshops were taught by 60 returning instructors and 30 new instructors. • Of the 103 workshops offered, 48 were full, which is an increase of 9 from the previous year. • Sitka paid instructors a total of $62,795. • The Adult Scholarship Program paid ½ the cost of tuition for 15 participants who normally would be unable to afford the cost of taking a workshop at Sitka. • The High School Art Scholarship Program supported 2 youth in taking a workshop of their choice, free of charge. • Sitka supported the growth of two young adults through our summer internship program.



FROM THE WORKSHOP PARTICIPANTS... “Erika was a very good teacher, giving plenty of one on one instruction where needed. She made sure each student had mastered the techniques before going on to the next steps. The optional tea ceremony before class on the second and third days were a lovely addition and preparation for the day ahead.” - student Ahna Ortiz, Oceanic Library, instructor Erika Ekrem “Anji was exceedingly supportive, encouraging, curious, open, helpful, etc. Her methods are FASCINATING! You can’t help but come away with gorgeous work.” - student Edith Rohde, Elements of Nature and Texture in Watercolor, instructor Angela Grainger “That moment in a Kim Stafford class where the barriers really come down and people start diving below the surface. I’ve been in three of his workshops and it has happened every time.” - student Greg Parra, An Open Letter for Your Place, instructor Kim Stafford




ART INVITATIONAL HIGHLIGHTS The 23rd Annual Sitka Art Invitational, held in Portland at the World Forestry Center on November 5-6, bustled with 2,150 art enthusiasts and 364 pieces of artwork exhibited by 125 Northwest artists. The goals of this outreach event were to spread the word about Sitka’s mission, support Northwest artists and build awareness of our Workshop and Residency Programs. In all, 83 art buyers purchased 109 pieces of artwork. Proceeds of sales were split 50/50 with the artists, resulting in $34,137 paid out to artists. Including all sales, sponsorship and in-kind donations, Sitka’s direct income was $127,391. This event would not be possible without the enthusiastic support of more than 150 volunteers, exhibit committee members, sponsors and the entire board and staff. Volunteers contributed more than 1,500 collective hours of service during the Art Invitational.



COMMUNITY CONNECTIONS During the Sitka Residency Program, more than 196 people attended the four free Resident Show & Tell events. Held at the beginning and end of each residency period, the presentations gave residents an opportunity to share their work, connect with each other and the local community. During our summer workshop program, four free Mingle and Muse events drew 156 attendees. The Mingle and Muse lecture series featured visiting artists and instructors. These events encouraged viewers to learn more about the work of accomplished experts and explore the Sitka Center grounds and studios. Mingle and Muse Presenters: R. Keaney Rathbun ~ Annamieka Hopps Davidson ~ Laura Berman ~ Cynthia Herron In November, Sitka offered a reading by author and past Sitka resident Nick Neely. Nick shared excerpts from his recently published book Coast Range.



FINANCIAL STATEMENTS Statement of Financial Position as of December 31, 2016 Assets Cash & cash equivalents Investments Inventories Works of art Land Accounts receivable Property & equipment, net Total Assets Liabilities Accounts payable Payroll taxes payable Deferred income Total Liabilities Net Assets Unrestricted Board designated Undesignated Total unrestricted net assets Temporarily restricted Total Net Assets Total Liabilities and Net Assets


$272,270 $3,062,028 $15,189 $98,451 $143,624 $2,100 $1,242,868 $4,836,530

$2,297 $12,262 $16,805 $31,364

$4,381,312 $268,062 $4,649,374 $155,792 $4,805,166 $4,836,530


Statement of Activities January to December 2016 Income Memberships Program income Designated contributions General contributions Grants Interest and dividends Unrealized gain on investments Total Income and Support Expense Program *Management & general Development/fundraising Depreciation Total Expenses

$31,065 $329,027 $162,271 $82,675 $40,832 $84,121 $177,538 $907,529

Unrealized gain on investments, $177,538

Memberships, $31,065


Interest and dividends, $84,121

Program income, $329,027

Grants, $40,832

$284,708 $210,284 $69,939 $44,767 $609,698

General contributions, $82,675

Designated contributions, $162,271

*Marketing, Services, Facilities, Support Admin.

Expenses directly benefitting artists:

Development/ fundraising, $69,939

Art Invitational artist commissions on sales $34,041 Workshop instructor fees $62,873 Honoraria & stipends $12,700 $109,614

Depreciation, $44,767


Program, $284,708 *Management & general, $210,284

Operating income and expense for 2016 was balanced. Income exceeds expenses due to temporarily restricted revenues and unrealized capital gains. 2016 ANNUAL REPORT


DONORS Christine Anderson Finlay Anderson & Amy Turnbull Adrian Arleo & David Duncan Ruth Armitage Heidi Beebe & Doug Skidmore J. Bruce & Betty Bell Patty Bentley Letitia Berlin Timothy Bishop Cathy Boggs Dorothy Booth Jane & Frank Boyden Jack & Nancy Brennan Deborah Broeker Deborah & Terry Brown Briana Brown William Bruzas Kristan Burkert Patricia Burraston Susan Campbell Adele Carey Elizabeth Carnes Marjorie Casswell Patricia Cheyne Katherine Clark Ann Coffey Messick Corlu Collier Maribeth Collins Truman Collins Lydia Conklin Diane Cook Anna Cosper Eileen Cotter Howell Shari Dallas Philip Darney & Uta Landy Joseph & Mary Daugherty Bob Dayton & Judy Vogland Jerry & Elizabeth Dickason PAGE 12

Sandra Dorr Joe & Inga Dubay Helen Dunbar Phoebe Dylan Norman Eder Sandy Epplett Eleanor Ewalt Patricia Farrell Eileen Flory Jerry Franklin Analee Fuentes Stacia Sue Gabriel Robert Gamblin Shirley Giesbrecht Patricia Giraud Sierra Golden Eula Graber Carol Green William Gregory Heidi Preuss Grew Edward Grosswiler & Sammye Sanborn Alicia Hallett Lorrie Hallman Rosalind Hamar Kregg & Andrea Hanson Robin Hawthorne Mary Jo Hessel Kathleen & John Holt Steve Hoover Linda Hornbeck Linda Hutchins & John Montague Matthew Jacob Al Johnson Nels Johnson Beth Johnson-Burger Jeri Jones Kathleen & Barry Jones Mary Kimball

Barbara Koppel Kiernan & Brian Kiernan Peggy Landau Lori Latham MJ Levine Mary Beth Llorens & Howard Newman Terrie Lyons Boyd & Joanne MacNaughton Margaret MacNicol Melissa Madenski Susan Mall Jacqueline Mallegni Linda Mantel Barbara Mason Darle & Pat Maveety William McClelland Jr. Kennon McKee Victoria McOmie Lois Mills Dorothy Moniz Gwendolyn Morgan & Judy Rose Satoko Motouji Wade & Corinne Newbegin William G Newton & Ann M French Usha Noble Ken O’Connell Janine Offutt Linda Olds Natalie Osburn Pete & Connie Owston Elaine Padovani Barbara Paley JoAnn Pari-Mueller & Daniel Mueller William Park Jacinda Paschoal Lisa & David Platt SITKA CENTER FOR ART AND ECOLOGY

Shirley Plummer Jän & Diana Polisensky Carol Putnam Kirstin Valdez Quade Robert & Marilyn Ridgley Dylan & Allegra Riley Ernie Rose & Doreen Thirkell Gerri Sayler Judy Schwartz Sorrel Jo Senters Joan Severson Phillip Sher Corinne Sherton & Dennis Martin Paul Shirkey Ben Shockey Jay & Josie Sibara George Simmons Eileen Skoog Marsha Slomowitz Emily Smith Benjamin Smith Lola Sonnenschein Ed & Lynn Stover Ann & Sid Stuller Nancy & Charles Tauman Helen Thompson Andie Thrams Pat Thompson Richard Townsend Diane Tratz Barbara Triplett & Bill Busch Ray & Michelle Troll Cathy & Peter Tronquet Sandra Troon Claudia Usher Mason & Sharon Van Buren Eric Vines & Elsa Stavney Margot Voorhies Thompson & George Thompson 2016 ANNUAL REPORT

Kristin Walrod Patti Warashina Greg & Valoy Warburton Sharyn Warner Robert & Patricia Watson Barbara & Gary Weber Janet Webster Victoria Wetle Marcia Whitney Christina Wilson Christy & Laura Wyckoff Martha & Tim Wylder Lynn Youngbar

Institutional Support Ark Foundation The Collins Foundation The Kirby Foundation McKesson Foundation James F. & Marion L. Miller Foundation Roundhouse Foundation Jordan Schnitzer Family Foundation Oregon Arts Commission

Event Sponsors Chinook Winds Casino Resort Columbia Bank Mills Ace Hardware North Quality Printing Service City of Lincoln City Greenegaard Farms Mark Pyrch & Will Peterson McClain’s Printmaking Supplies Paloma Clothing Schwabe, Williamson & Wyatt Skutt Ceramic Products, Inc. Thomas & Ellen Abrego Jane & Frank Boyden Bob & Janet Conklin Bob Hazen & Joanne Mulcahy

Gordon Akeson & Barbara Schramm Janine & Skip Stanton Charles & Nancy Tauman Margot Voorhies Thompson & George Thompson Bob Dayton & Judy Vogland Martha & Tim Wylder Ronald Atwood & Rebecca Youngstrom Patty Bentley Christy & Laura Wyckoff Bill & Judy Hale Timothy Bishop John Soelling

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McMenamins Crystal Hotel Park Lane Suites & Inn United Pacific Forest Products Amy Turnbull & Finlay Anderson

In-Kind Donors Jennifer Sears Glass Art Studio Diana Lett Siltstone Wines Linda Wiener


MEMBERSHIPS INDIVIDUAL Gordon Akeson Christine Anderson Diana Anderson Ann Archbold Barbara Arsenault Andrea Baker Anna Baker Pamela Baker Melvyn Ball Lenor Balme Kathi Baron Margaret Beedle Janet Bell Susan Bennett Linda Berg Mary Jane Bish Ginevra Blake Mickey Boersma Deborah Bouchette Angela Bowers Margaret Bowman Christa Brandenburg Kathy Brewer Joanne Brody Deborah Broeker Sandra Brooks Cathy Brosnan-Trepus Patricia Burraston Cheryl Butterfield William Cary Maynard Chambers Connie Cheifetz Katherine Clark Corlu Collier Dayna Collins Toni Corrente-Evans Carolyn Cotton Jemma Crae Bill Currey PAGE 14

Paul Dakopolos Susan Dale Shari Dallas Cheryl Degner Sheila DeLaquil David Dickinson Will Dixon Paul Dobrowski Denise Duffy Helen Dunbar Phoebe Dylan Tom Eaton Linda Ennis Maria Ferre Kathleen Fial Inga Fisher Williams Gail Frank Bryan Friel Analee Fuentes Stacia Sue Gabriel Kristine Garratt Gail Gartner Francine Goodfriend Glenda Goodrich Sarah Greene Alicia Hallett Lorrie Hallman Kathy Hammer Noel Hanlon Cheryl Hantke Georgia Harker Jean Harkin Susan Harlan Kathy Haydon Beki Hayes Kathy Heerema Susan Heinz Jane Heisler Colleen Helmstetter Kim Herbel

Cynthia Herron Mary Jo Hessel Steve Hoover Linda Hutchins Nancy Hutt Holly Iburg Diane Jackson Sam Jacobson Roberta Janssen Nancy Jellison Laura Jetmalani Carol Jones Sharon Jonquil Lesley Kelly Charles Kilo Gwen Kirk Karen Knight Kristin Kohl Sharon Krimmel Joan Kruse Ruth LaFrance Kate LaGrand Rachel Laura Ann Lindsay Bob Liner Walt Lorence Susanna MacDonald Barb Mahan Grayson Yeager Malone Lois Manookian Ann Mason Ursula McCabe Cynthia McCain Sue McCormack Amy Mfuni Roger Miller David Moore Janet Murphy Karel J. H. Murphy Lynne Naughton

Jenny Nepom Susan Nestor Shay O’Neil Dave Oatman Elaine Padovani Pam Parker Eva Parsons Susan Paulson Luzi Pfenninger Olive May Phillips James Piper Nancy Pobanz Alex Prentiss Thomas Putnam Sarah Rabkin Kate Raphael Margaret Rattle Joanne Rekow Delores Rhodes Teresa Rhodes Michael Riley Carol Riley Katie Robins Eric Root Wendy Ross Cheryl Rubenstein Edward Running Martha Samco Carol Schallberger Barbara Schramm Jill Schulman Wally Schwab Carol Scott Lynette Scribner Donna Seeto Jo Senters Wes Shaw Karen Shawcross Sandy Shepard Ben Shockey

Frank Silkey Teresa Simmons Emily Smith Scott Smith Leo Smith Shawn Smithley Julie Snyder Phyllis Solow Judith Sosne Darlene Southworth Anne Squier Chris Stadig Kim Stafford Kezia Steinkamp Zue Stevenson Marlana Stoddard-Hayes Ernest Sugden Nancy Tanner Lauren Teubner Doreen Thirkell Judy Thompson Kathryn Thompson Martha Thornton Catherine Tindle Randall Tipton Diane Tratz Danise Trute Rosamond Turnbull Angela Vorderstrasse Marjory Wall Mabel Walters Wendy Warren Saundra L Warren Rosemarie West Linda West Rebecca Wild Judy Williams Lynne Wintermute Rollie Wisbrock Pat Wittenberg

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SUPPORTER Nancy Arko Russell Marvin Baker Karen Bettin Jacqueline Bloom Bill Brandt Nancy Burdick Luanne Bye Elizabeth Carnes Debra Carus Julie Cassin Loretta Chambers Nancy Chapman Christine Clark-King Mervin Cole Susan Comerford Rebecca Dant Anne Erickson Robert Evenson Linda Farris Tom Gory Shirley Grossnickle Michael Hale Geneva Hallett Susan Hamilton Katharine Harding Lois Harris Elizabeth Hoffman Margaret Jacobson Robert D Johnson Marta Kallstrom Michele Kemper


Mary Catherine King Linda Kostalik Robert Lee Rebecca Lemon Judy Lightfoot Sarah Livingstone Christine Lodge Lin Loen Cindy Luxhoj Hahn Amy Maroney Alice McCartor Lana McCullough Ellen Mendoza Karen Miller Wendy Mitchell Debbie Moller Connie Morgan Betsy Moritz Louise Myers Michele Neal Teresa Neal Daryl Nelson Mary Carol O’Bryan Julie O’Toole Amy O’Connor Lauren Ohlgren Nancy Orr Natalie Osburn Pete Owston JoAnn Pari-Mueller Barbara Parker Ruth Pattison Karen Paulino Cynthia Perkins Caroline Petrich Donna Pritchard Liisa Rahkonen Ruth Robbins Edith Rohde Susan Roper 2016 ANNUAL REPORT

Susan Rudloff Meredith Savery Judy Schwartz Sorrel Linda Schwerzler Joan Severson Sally Sheridan Nadia Sokolova Cathy Stinson Sandra Troon Janice Veillet Penny White Marcia Whitney Rollie Wisbrock Donald Zobel

HOUSEHOLD Joel Allen Heidi Beebe Brooks Cavin Jeanne Chamberlain Michael de Forest Laura Doyle Inga Dubay Richard Gartrell Gary Harrison John Loeser Terrie Lyons Boyd MacNaughton Paula Manley Polly McCarthy Gwendolyn Morgan Terri Reiman Sandra Reinke Chris Richardson Cheryl Ritenbaugh Susan Roberts Roxce Stavney Ann Stuller Barbara Triplett Eileen Williamson Kathleen Holt

SUSTAINER Thomas Abrego Jane Boyden Rule Brand Virginia Jensen Melinda Mathiesen Tina McCann Ellen Naden Miriam Owen William Park Dell Rhodes John Soelling Kathy Stewart Nancy Tauman Patricia Watson Victoria Wetle


Patty Bentley Philip Darney Mark Fay MK Leineweber Noonan Darle Maveety Janet Webster Martha Wylder

This list reflects memberships purchased in 2016.


VOLUNTEERS Thank you to everyone for being a part of the Sitka community and for helping to enliven our mission. Sitka Campus ~ 53 volunteers ~ 535 total hours Abby Anderson Heidi Beebe & Doug Skidmore Ashley Bellouin Laura Berman Jane & Frank Boyden Ben Bracken Ben Cosgrove Sandra Dorr Laura & Jack Doyle Mark Elliott Cindy Estes Rebecca Forgac Sue Gabriel Tom Gory & Vivian Lucero Taylor Grenfell Terri Hayden Susie & Bill Henderson Tony Herman

Cynthia Herron Hannah Hindley Kathleen & John Holt Annamieka Hopps Davidson Ren Jacob Paul & Cheryl Katen Michele Kemper Randal Koch Maxim Loskutoff Carrena Lukas Heather McMordie Alison Melville Annie Mueller Gary Murphy Nick Neely Carrie O’Bryan Molly O’Leary Connie & Pete Owston Jan Polisensky

Maia Raeder Keaney Rathbun Robin Speer Marsha Slomowitz Elizabeth Smith Robin & Joe Speer Roxce & Gerry Stavney Joe Steele Doreen Thirkell Barbara Triplett Dan Twitchell Mary Voboru Kristin Walrod Rebecca Welti Linda Wiener Lynne Wintermute Christy Wyckoff

Sitka Art Invitational ~ 150 volunteers ~ 1,500+ total hours COMMITTEE MEMBERS Karen Baines Deb DeWit Laura Garnier Lori Latham Patty Maly Ruby Maly Katie McClintock PAGE 16

Stan Peterson Susan Rudloff Gerry Stavney Carl Vandervoort Judy Vogland Greg Wilbur SITKA CENTER FOR ART AND ECOLOGY

For years, author Sharon Overton has lovingly worked on a book telling the story of Sitka through a series of interviews and vignettes. In 2016, with the support of more than 100 donors, Sitka raised the funds to self-publish the book. Many thanks to Bryan Potter and Mariane Zenker at Bryan Potter Design in Portland, OR for design and editing. As Natural as the World Will Allow: Stories of Nature, Culture, and Transformation from the Sitka Center for Art and Ecology will be available for purchase beginning in July 2017. Thank you to the many generous returning and first-time donors who made this publication possible!

BOOK CAMPAIGN SUPPORTERS MAJOR DONORS Anonymous Lisa & David Platt Nancy & Charles Tauman Dyann Alkire Adrian Arleo Harley Augustino Timothy Bishop Lisa Blacher Dorothy Booth Christa Brandenburg Jack & Nancy Brennan Nancy Burdick Barb Burgess Betsy Carnes Debra Carus Mindy Chaffin Jeanne Chamberlain Laurie Chambreau Patricia Cheyne Christi Clark Corlu Collier Maribeth Collins Su & Bob Cowen Shari Dallas Dawn Dauble 2014 ANNUAL REPORT

Bob Dayton Pat Demartini Jan Dempster Deborah DeWit Michael DeWit Charlotte Rains Dixon Jo Ann Douglas Carol Edelman Kathryn Egnaczak Linda Engstrom Eleanor Ewalt Ann French Tom Gory & Vivian Lucero Amarie Gory-Romero Sarah Greene Barbara Haga Bill & Judy Hale Geneva Hallett Kregg Hanson Wendy Harding Goodwin & Katharine Harding Molly Hashimoto Teresa Heady Maria Henson Anthony Herman MaryJo Hessel

Dorcas Holzapfel Jane Ingram Allen Sam Jacobson Deb, Paul, & Whitney Jensen Gloria Jensen Jim Jensen Jon Jensen Virginia Jensen Robert Johnson Beth Johnson-Burger Michele Kemper Patricia Klindienst Randall Koch Carrie Larson Sonya Leasure Carol Lebreton Bob Liner Dierdre Lockwood Nancy Long John Lurz Vivian Manning Ursula McCabe Alison Melville Lorinda & Ray Moholt Gwendolyn Morgan Ryozo Morishita Betty Nelson

Ken O’Connell Amy O’Connor Janine Offutt Cynthia Ondrick Kimberly Ota Mary Overton Michael Overton Pete & Connie Owston Jacinda Paschoal Karen Paulino Alita Pearl Karl Pilato Jän & Diana Polisensky Alex Prentiss Yvonne Quinlan-Pierce Sarah Rabkin MaryEllen Reed Ruth Robbins Joan Robinson Sean Roherty Ernie Rose Deirdre Ruark Erin Ruark Carl Sandeen Patricia Schmidt Rodney Schmidt Barbara Schreiber Nanci Sheeran

AS NATURAL AS THE WORLD WILL ALLOW Stories of Nature, Culture, and Transformation from the Sitka Center for Art and Ecology by Sharon Overton

Sandy Shepard Ben Shockey Eileen Skoog Lola Sonnenschein Sandra Soria Kathy Stewart Marlana Stoddard-Hayes Doreen Thirkell Andie Thrams Barbara Triplett Sandra Troon Claudia Usher Eric Vines

Judy Vogland Dayton Kristin Walrod Kori Walsh Greg & Valoy Warburton Naomi Weidner Scott Werner Victoria Wetle Rick Wheeler Penelope White Linda Wiener Julie Winter Christy Wyckoff Martha Wylder PAGE 17

56605 Sitka Drive, Otis, Oregon 97368 541-994-5485

2016 Sitka Center Annual Report  
2016 Sitka Center Annual Report