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Things To Avoid In A Relationship Like


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15 Biggest Marriage Mistakes

Not making time for your partner


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Not making time f or your partner is a f orm of neglect. You owe it to your relationship to make time f or each other. No matter how busy your schedule, you must find time to spend some alone time with your partner regularly. (Sleeping together doesn’t count as “alone time”). You need to make time outside of the bedroom that includes time f or conversation as well as f un and relaxation. Remember, we make time f or the things that we truly value. If time with your partner isn’t on that list, it’s time to re-prioritize! Read Mo re »

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Things You Can Do To Reignite The Passion In Your Relationship Like

Financial Mistakes Friendship Get Yo ur Bo yfriend Back

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T here are many other things you can do to reignite the passion in your relationship as well:


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Start f lirting again. Let your partner know you think he’s hot. Leave him playf ul notes in his brief case or via text messages to let him know you’re thinking of him and how you’d like to “please” him when he gets home. Anticipation is a signif icant part of the excitement. Remember how excited you f elt when you were f irst together and you couldn’t wait to be intimate?

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What You Deserve In Your Realationship Like

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Passio n Playing The Blame Game Po o r Decisio n-Making Relatio nship Advice

Your relationship is a 0 serious investment and, twe e ts unless it f its one of the retweet “red f lag” categories discussed earlier (and even those at times do improve, although the odds are not in your f avor), there is plenty of reason f or hope.

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If you are determined and willing to make the necessary changes, your relationship will have a much better chance of surviving any crisis you may have and of becoming stronger as a result. But again, YOU are the one who must make some changes. Don’t wait f or (or expect) your partner to. And if it still ends (and hopef ully it won’t) you will have gained invaluable insights, skills, and greater wisdom and maturity that you can bring into your next relationship. Read Mo re »

When to Seek Professional Help Like

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While there is nothing magical 0 about couples therapy (or twe e ts individual therapy), if your marriage retweet is in a severe state of crisis or all of your ef f orts to get things back on track have f ailed, you may want to consider couples therapy. As mentioned earlier, if your partner won’t go with you, you can still benef it f rom talking to a trained therapist on your own – pref erably someone who specializes in marriage therapy or couples counseling. Unlike f amily or f riends, as wonderf ul as they may be, a therapist doesn’t know you or your partner and doesn’t have a bias regarding your relationship. Your therapist can help you look at things f rom dif f erent perspectives, gain clarity, and have a better understanding of the dynamics that may be sabotaging your relationship.

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The Importance of Realistic Expectations Like

Co llege Health Insurance

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We are conditioned f rom 0 early childhood to believe in twe e ts a knight in shining armor retweet and a beautif ul (and f lawless) princess riding of f into the sunset together to live happily ever af ter. As we grow older, Hollywood continues to bombard us with images of gorgeous starlets and hunky heartthrobs with perf ect lives. It’s no wonder so many people get caught up in the idealistic idea of a perf ect relationship in which the worst problem is a clogged drain. While I realize this is an exaggeration, it hopef ully makes a point. Many relationship problems stem f rom unrealistic expectations. Part of being in a mature relationship is to recognize from the get go that your partner is human and has f laws, as do you. Read Mo re »

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