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Safeguard Your Family with the Ionic Pro速 Turbo T he Ionic Pro速 Turbo air purif ier is revolutionizing the oxygen ref inement industry simply by removing the air-borne particles that make you ill.

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T he Ionic Pro速 Turbo: Destroys bacteria, germs, and mold spores Removes cold and f lu viruses, pet dander, smoke, pollen and many more Transf orms smog and ozone into pure oxygen

No Filtration systems to Replace Silent

Click Here To Start Your Free 30-Day Trial Now! T he Ionic Pro® Turbo has been proven to pick up 99.9% of the air-borne germs in a normal size examination room in less than 60 minutes. Breathe in freely with the Ionic Pro® Turbo You may spend 90% of your time in the house where you’re conf ronted with numerous contaminants. T hey hide in your carpets and rugs, wall space, even your clothes. And thanks to today’s airtight homes and workplaces the air you’re breathing in can be toxic. T he Ionic Pro® Turbo air cleaner enables you to inhale openly by taking out the pollutants that can cause allergic reactions and bring about asthma. T he Ionic Pro® Turbo will detoxif y the air in an average room within 30 minutes.* Based mainly on CADR measurements as according to ANSI requirements, the Ionic Pro® Turbo will deliver enough thoroughly clean oxygen to f ill a typical size room (10′x12′x8′) within just 30 minutes.

Click Here To Protect Your Family With Whe Ionic Pro® Turbo Now! T here is virtually no danger associated with the Ionic Pro® Turbo. Absolutely no pricey f iltration systems to replenish

Completely noiseless without any noisy f ans or motors One-touch simple push button procedure Utilizes a comparable quantity of electricity like a night-light One year minimal guarantee Now you could saf ely remove harmf ul airborne contaminants out of your home and protect yourself and your entire f amily!

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