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A case of innovating the service of monitoring and controlling the motorway systems for the purposes of the predictive maintenance of bridges, viaducts and overpasses. A “smart� technological solution ensuring the automatic and sophisticated monitoring of the state of health of an infrastructure. A project providing the client with control efficiency and motorists safety.

THE CLIENT AUTOSTRADE PER L’ITALIA SPA: ONE OF THE MOST EXTENSIVE MOTORWAY SYSTEMS IN EUROPE Autostrade per l’Italia SPA, together with its Italian subsidiary concessionaires (, manages one of the most extensive toll motorway systems in Europe:

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It performs a function of significant importance for Italy: bringing it closer it to Europe’s social-economical fulcrum by ensuring an effective broad territorial range and providing an essential mobility service in the larges metropolitan areas. The company is also a reference player in terms of its professional know-how (management, infrastructures, materials and technology) and for its commitment to constantly looking to improve the safety standards for its users and the quality of the infrastructures managed. Autostrade per l’Italia is therefore a reality with advanced technological expertise that pays great attention to the products and solutions that allow it to improve its services and increase the performance of its infrastructures in terms and safety and traffic management.

CLIENT’S NEEDS HOW TO ENSURE AUTOMATIC MONITORING OF THE “STATE OF HEALTH” OF BRIDGES AND OVERPASSES FOR THE SAFETY OF AN ENTIRE COUNTRY Autostrade per l’Italia’s system counts over 4,200 major structures including bridges, viaducts and tunnels, and 9,000 minor water structures, representing more than 12% of the motorway system. This extension requires significant monitoring by the company and considerable investments in routine and extraordinary maintenance activities on the whole system. As a result, the Autostrade Group expressed its need to monitor in advance the overall “health” of overpasses by researching an automatic monitoring system. An advanced system with respect to those on the market, not only capable of providing the dynamic control of the transiting vehicles and structural monitoring of the structures, but also capable of increasing road safety by pre-selecting vehicles transiting with excessive weight (overloads) and the police bodies acquiring data in real time.

THE SOLUTION PROPOSED BY SITE OUR SMART BRIDGE SOLUTION ON THE KIRETI PLATFORM IS CREATED: THE INNOVATIVE MOTORWAY OVERPASS MONITORING AND CONTROL SOLUTION SITE has accepted the challenge proposed by the client, working with the client to process the system requirements and identify its functions to ensure the objectives are reached in terms of monitoring transiting vehicles, infrastructure prevention and providing traffic management support through the punctual analysis of the data collected in the field. In greater detail, the following types of monitoring have been classified: Monitoring structural stresses resulting from possible failures due to the shape itself of the overpasses and/or resulting from the transit of regular vehicle traffic Monitoring load or overload peaks of the structure due to the transit of motor vehicles with exceptional loads that are both known and unknown to the services and infrastructure manager. A further distinguishing element of the solution was the ability to develop the processing and correlation of the data collected through: Vehicle classification identified by: Class Overall weight Axle layout (and load per individual axle) The correlation of the dynamic monitoring with the structural monitoring allows identifying: The specific transiting vehicles from which critical repercussions were triggered on the infrastructure with respect to the initial data and parameters detected (T0) The traffic flows detected which allow identifying: The volume and type of heavy means transiting on the road infrastructure (class) and the overall number of means transiting by time slot and direction of drive, including the percentage over overloads by time slot. This analysis and development process in favour of the client resulted in the creation of the SMART BRIDGE SOLUTION: based on the Kireti platform, integrated with specific software modules and sensor and 4k camera kits with the possibility of video analysis, this system is an advanced monitoring and control solution for bridges, overpasses and viaducts.

THE SMART BRIDGE SOLUTION IN ACTION After analysing and developing the solution, the project was implemented in the field (at the end of 2017) on certain stretches and overpasses - both interchanges and external traffic - of the A1 and A14 motorways. SITE wholly managed the steps of the entire project lifecycle and each individual area of expertise, taking care of all aspects of starting up the system and following the complete progress required for its implementation, and more precisely: visit and 3D prospective processing  Site of the overpasses

of traffic closures and installa Management tion of the devices

 Study of the instrumental network

training the client’s and traffic con Shadow trol police’s dedicated human resources

of the most suitable devices, senand calibration of the geote Selection  Configuration soristics and dynamic monitoring systems, chnical parameters to be identified to autobased on the structural specifications of the individual overpass examined

matically acquire and manage data in order to define the reports, alarm statuses and intervention procedures to be automated

The maximum system scalability and flexibility likewise allowed integrating further functions in order to also deal with the client’s other future needs for monitoring other infrastructures in addition to the overpasses, thus allowing the automation and control of other processes. Some examples of functions that can be integrated for the future could be its use to monitor, in a predictive manner, the occurrence of seismic events or the identification of the causes of accidents with repercussions on the asphalt, guardrails, road markings and safety services headed by the traffic control police, etc.

BENEFITS The Smart Bridge solution ensures the client will achieve the following objectives:


A more punctual planning of routine and extraordinary maintenance activities


Optimisation of investments relative to upgrading and preserving overpasses by accurately identifying priorities as a function of the actual state of preservation and use of the structure being monitored


More efficient and effective emergency procedures in the event of failures or damage


More effective use of human resources dedicated to maintenance by sending out automated procedures


Increased traffic safety on the motorway system

ABOUT THE COMPANY Site is a unique partner and provides constant support for all your mobility and safety innovation projects. SITE has over 70 years of history. It has contributed to Italian national technological development by creating systems and infrastructures in the fields of telecommunications, transport and energy. SITE provides excellent services for putting technology at the service of citizens, and also develops innovative proprietary solutions in strategic fields such as mobility, safety and the interconnection of all communities with their surrounding territory.

SITE S.p.A. - Via del Tuscolano, 15 - 40128 Bologna, Italy - tel. +39 051 329111 - fax +39 051 321106 -

Smart Bridge Solution - Case history- Eng. Version  
Smart Bridge Solution - Case history- Eng. Version  

A case of innovating the service of monitoring and controlling the motorway systems for the purposes of the predictive maintenance of bridge...