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WHAT IS OUR SMART BRIDGE SOLUTION SMART BRIDGE SOLUTION is an advanced monitoring and control solution system for bridges, ovrpasses and viaducts. It’s based on the Kireti platform and is integrated with specific software modules and sensor and camera kits to provide the following functions: Dynamic monitoring of weight of vehicles in transit Structural monitoring of infrastructure conditions of a structure


Monitoring of traffic flows by time slots, direction of drive, travel lane Monitoring of any criticalities (slowing down, accidents, presence of smoke or pedestrians, etc.) Monitoring of hazardous goods loads

ADVANTAGES It therefore allows the following objectives to be achieved: Predictive maintenance of an infrastructure by examining the “state of health” of the structure, its stress trends and any critical events

Identification of causes triggering any criticalities on the infrastructure

Identification of vehicles with loads exceeding the legal thresholds or in any case important in terms of infrastructure stress

Providing support to traffic management by identifying flows, events or critical transports

BENEFITS Our SMART BRIDGE SOLUTION raises the safety standards of infrastructures, reduces the risks and costs associated with possible structural failures, anticipates traffic problems and takes care of user safety.

FUNCTIONALITY Our SMART BRIDGE SOLUTION allows the data detected by the devices strategically installed on the infrastructures (sensors with geotechnical-structural parameters, cameras) to be automatically acquired, saved, stored and sent to the platform, where they are systematically validated, reprocessed, displayed and logged on specific databases.

MAIN FUNCTIONS SHM monitoring (structural health monitoring) of the behaviour of the structures, their manners of vibrating and deformations, by acquiring and analysing the data from a medium-to-longterm period in order to monitor their state of health. This ongoing monitoring system can be specifically adapted to the type of bridge and/or river viaduct being monitored.



WIM dynamic monitoring (weigh in motion) of the traffic volumes and the weight of the vehicles in transit on the overpass in real time.


Automatic detection of loads and overloads by time slot, direction of drive, travel lane.


The system is based on a series of sensors (compatible with the sizes considered) that accurately measure accelerations and process the data acquired to determine the speed and movements in the three directions.

The system is based on a chain of strain gauges which, opportunely positioned on the structure to be monitored, allow the weight of the moving vehicles to be measured.

These dynamic measurements and the processing automatically performed by the system allow assessments to be made on the:

Increased accuracy of results

Indicators (movements) Main vibrating methods Monitoring these values over time allows the behaviour of the structures to be assessed in terms of: Spring back Wear of the supporting apparatuses Joint deterioration Roadbed deterioration

Automatic detection of overloads of vehicles in transit on overpasses travelling with a (known or unknown) load or weight exceeding the maximum threshold allowed, and generation of alarms each time they are identified.


Main characteristics: Limited impact -> no cuts in the asphalt Easy and quick installation Can be moved from one location to another with reduced costs Speed range: 20 km/h -> 200 km/h Modular system Expandability with addition of other sensors

Classification of vehicles in transit by type of means, number of axles, overall weight and weight on individual axles for an analysis of the state of wear of the overpass.


Identification of overland vehicles thanks to the integration of the plate reading function in the Kireti system and its interconnection with the National Police Force Centralized Plate and Transit Service (S.C.N.T.T., Servizio Centralizzato Targhe e Transiti della Polizia di Stato).


Identification of vehicles transporting hazardous goods through the recognition of Kemler codes.


Video analysis of the entire traffic area, thus succeeding in identifying criticalities for traffic conditions such as slowing down, queues, accidents, or the presence of anomalies such as smoke, pedestrians, etc..


TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS The ADVANTAGES of SMART BRIDGE SOLUTION also include optimizing the information management, analysis and exchange times and the on-site maintenance work by traffic and maintenance operators, such as: Centralised and departmental management of the information and possible events and alarm statuses thanks to a federal architecture (also available on a web interface that can be consulted remotely on mobile devices). Creation of reports and statistics that can be configured according to diversified parameters (day, week, month, year, vehicle type, vehicle weight), to be used to determine maintenance policies based on the state of wear of the bridges and the transit statistics. Automatic classification of the events detected to identify systematic procedures for intervention based on the seriousness of the alarm received.

Configuration of the system to manage and automatically activate intervention procedures, manage events and collect information also from the mobile sensors (traffic aids). Documentation of all events by associating images and videos with the push video mobile function which allows safety or maintenance operators to display and play the video surveillance system videos and send video streams to other users registered throughout the entire system.

USER INTERFACE The SMART BRIDGE SOLUTION user interface is highly intuitive and easy to manage. It is divided into several sections, the main ones relating to:

Project documentation where it is possible to display the photo gallery, the architecture of the monitoring system, the graphic maps identifying the sensors and instruments installed, technical reports, etc.

Real-time charts representing the dynamic section of the system thanks to the possibility of processing the data and providing all the statistics of interest for the purposes of monitoring.

3D graphs on prospective plan of the areas involved and all the sensors registered on the platform to perform simulations, allow interaction with all the devices installed and the elements and symbols representing them. Their colour automatically changes as the risk level and the characteristics of the critical events varies.

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Smart Bridge Solution Eng. Version  

SMART BRIDGE SOLUTION: based on the Kireti platform, integrated with specific software modules and sensor and camera kits with the possibili...

Smart Bridge Solution Eng. Version  

SMART BRIDGE SOLUTION: based on the Kireti platform, integrated with specific software modules and sensor and camera kits with the possibili...