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Discovery Written by Cami Lee Illustrated by Cami Lee and Brooke Lee

Once upon a time there was little girl named Linda.

It was her birthday.

She had just moved into the neighborhood. Her friends had hidden her present near a cave.

She found flower seeds. Then she planted them and they became all sorts of different flowers. Some of them were the same.

After a while she discovered a cave. Then she discovered lots of trees. She decided that the cave would be her home. She decided to make furniture out of the trees – chairs, tables, everything a house would need. Her father and mother had died, so she decided that she should get her father’s and mother’s working supplies.

Linda planted the flower seeds near the cave and they grew really, really big. She put the flowers in a special way – she made a flower path to each of her friends’ houses so they wouldn’t get hot when they came to visit. I mean, these flowers were as big as a tree!!!!! Every time she would cut a flower, a few days later it would grow back. It was kind of like magic. That’s what this story is all about.

The magic flowers kept Linda company. Whenever she was hungry all of a sudden a little bud would come out of the ground next to the flowers and inside the bud there would be food. Like hamburger, or any kind of food that a little girl would want to eat. Linda made a pool and the flowers baptized her in the pool once she turned eight. The flowers made everything she needed, so she didn’t need any money to buy stuff.

One day she was walking in the woods. She had forgotten that the flowers told her there were dangerous things in the woods. She didn’t notice, but all around her were lots of different kinds of animals and they were all very, very MEAN! A bear was creeping up behind her and he was very, very hungry.

Then all of a sudden a bat swooped down and almost hit her. Linda thought she was safe, but then she heard the bat calling again, way up high in the air. Then she heard all kinds of scary sounds, and she remembered what the flowers had warned her about. But, she had forgotten how to get home. The forest was very bright, and she wasn’t used to all that brightness because the flowers always shaded her. It hurt her eyes and made her confused. She thought the sun was right above her because it was so bright in the forest for her.

So all these scary animals were creeping around her, but she couldn’t see any of them because she was blinded from the light. She hadn’t noticed that all of her pet birds were always watching over her. They saw her in the forest. As soon as they knew she was in trouble, two big birds swooped down and picked her up. She laid down on their backs and they flew all the way back to her cave and her flowers. Linda was safe.

The bear followed the birds back to Linda’s cave, but no one knew it. The bat and all the forest creatures also followed her home. When they saw the flowers they were scared, because they were allergic to shade and flowers. A little breeze came up, which caused the flowers to start shaking and spreading pollen all over the forest creatures. The breeze got stronger and blew the creatures back to the forest. When they got there, they were all dead.

No one noticed that all the forest creatures had left little, tiny eggs behind on the forest floor. Then the eggs opened. All the forest creatures like bats, scary birds (not like the birds that were Linda’s friends), wolves, 2,000 tigers, 3,000 lions and 9 million vampire bats and mean rats with two sharp teeth sticking out. Unfortunately for these creatures, they were allergic to the flowers, but not the shade. They had been in shade their entire lives, because they had been in the eggs!!! However, they WERE allergic to the sun (he he he).

Then the flowers started coming apart where the animals were in order to let the sun shine through. So the animals all died and the breeze blew their remains back into the forest.

Then the flowers, the birds AND Linda lived happily, ever after.

The End.

copyright 2011 by Cami Lee

Linda's Great Discovery  

Linda lives in a cave surrounded by friendly flowers that give her everything she needs to live.

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