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What is Website Evaluation? Website evaluation has two points of view; · ·

A visitor’s point of view And the owner’s point of view

From your point of you as a reader you will be looking for something that will make you remember the websites you’re visiting and you will be try to access things if the information conveyed from those websites are credible and not biased to other industry it is involved to. Thing you might want to check on a website as a reader: -

Do the articles have an author? Can you find any information about the author? Is it copyrighted? Is it not trying to promote its product biasedly?

These are only the few things that will help you assess the credibility of the website you are viewing. Learning website evaluation as a visitor will now help you identify false information and reliable information on the web. Check our website for free site analysis. For companies that uses website as medium for their transactions, you might noticed that other competing websites are getting better figures than you do. This is because they have evaluated their website and found out what to do to cope up with the demands on the internet. Website evaluation for owners has to be very detailed wherein you need to learn:

· · · · ·

the performance of your website the availability of your website its usability its marketing approach if you are ranked in any search engines

There will be a lot of methods to know this information from your website; it might be through a manual approach or by using a site evaluator tool. There will be a lot of site evaluator tools available in the internet but then you need to verify its credibility. Some offers with a paid service, promotional service or a free service and it depend on what tool you will find out in the internet. For information about site evaluator, proceed to What is Site Evaluator? So, with website evaluation a reader can assess the credibility of a website and a website owner can assess what to do for future site improvements that will bring more profit for its reader and its owner. Visit for more information about What is Website Evaluation?

What is website evaluation  
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