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Site Evaluator - Marketing Metric What is the Marketing Metric? The purpose of your website is to market your products and services and the internet had made it even more cost effective-- especially if you know what you’re doing. Marketing measures the site’s use of marketing strategies and techniques known to be industry best practices. Most websites exist as marketing tools. In order to maximize their effectiveness, sites should incorporate as many of the accepted best practice strategies and techniques as possible. These include the existence of an active blog, mobile version, integration of social media, landing pages, RSS feeds, and more.

How does Marketing impact your website ranking? Adding content to the Internet regarding your product or services will have a direct impact on your web site traffic. Adopting strategies such as link building from high profile sites, blogging and social media integration will drive traffic to your site and increase the popularity of your content. How is the Marketing Score calculated? Average of following scores multiplied by 100. •

RSS Feed (0 or 1)

Blog Post Tweeted (0 or 1)

Blog Post Shared (0 or 1)

Recent Articles (0 or 1)

Unique Post Titles (0 or 1)

New Blog Posts (0 or 1)

Easy Blog Find (0 or 1)

Mobile Version (0 or 1)

Apple Icon (0 or 1)

Meta Viewport (0 or 1)

Landing Pages (0 or 1)

Marketing Automation Software (0 or 1)

Landing Pages (0 or 1)

Blog Post Link to Landing Page (0 or 1)

Easy Subscribe by E-mail (0 or 1)

Social Subscription Options in Blog (0 or 1)

Marketing Marketing score formula is based on:


Mobile score: This is calculated based on the presence of mobile CSS or a redirect to a mobile website


Lead generation score: This is calculated based on the presence of landing pages with forms to generate leads, marketing automation and set up of analytics to measure marketing activities.


SEO score: This is calculated based on the presence of alt tags to images, usage of page titles without the company name, and usage of unique page descriptions


Social media score: This is calculated based on the presence of a Twitter account for the company, presence of a Facebook business page and presence of the link to social media accounts from the site home page.


Blogging score: This is calculated based on the presence of the following: a blog on the site, RSS feed, a link to blog from site home page, social sharing buttons to site blog, social subscription options to site blog, email subscription option to site blog How is the Marketing Score calculated? Marketing score


>= 60


>= 40 and < 60

Needs improvement

< 60


How can you improve your Site Marketing score? Taking the time to add and maintain these features to your site will contribute to the overall marketability of your site because they help to increase your popularity on the Internet. To increase the popularity of your company on the Internet, consider implementing the following: •



RSS Feeds

Social Media integration, etc.

Check to see if your website’s back-end can add these features. For many website platforms, this functionality is as easy as clicking the “on” button. If the platform does not come with these additions, and you would like them, remember that it is easy to adapt these services with Power Site. Power Site comes pre-made with the latest in web functionality. Check out our social media services in our store. If your website platform doesn’t offer these services, check our Power Site. Fast Track’s fully customizable website solution that includes all of the latest features including a CMS, eCommerce, SEO and more. Visit for more information about Site Evaluator - Marketing Metric

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