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Vertex of a Parabola Vertex of a Parabola Parabola is a mathematical conic shape which is formed by intersection of a right circular plane and line on a surface. In the simple we can say that parabola is a kind of arc which is specified by a moving point that has equal distance from a fixed point inside a arc and to a line. According to the mathematical definition we can define parabola as a shape which is a collection of several point that having a equal distance from a point and a line. The shape of parabola can be obtained by focusing on a line and a point on a plane. In the concept of parabola the point also known as focus and a line also known as directrix . When the given line is perpendicular and passing through from a point of parabola, it means to say that parabola is split from the middle by a line are known as axis of symmetry. At that time, the available points on axis of symmetry are known as vertex. Here in this section we are going to discuss about the Vertex of a Parabola. According to the definition of various mathematicians about vertex of a parabola we can say that it is a point from which parabola cross their axis. Know More About :- How to Find the Surface Area of a Rectangular Prism

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In mathematical equation term Vertex of a Parabola can be define as: b = xa2 + ya2 + z, This can also be written in vertex form like given below: b = x(a – h)2 +k (vertex form of a parabola). The above given equation is a standard equation for plotting a point for drawing an equation. When in above equation, coefficient of a2 having a value greater than zero then we can say that vertex should be plot on the lowest point of a graph. On other side, if coefficient value of a2 is less than zero then vertex should be at highest point on the graph. You can see how this relates to the standard equation by multiplying it out: b = x(a – h)(a – h) + k, b = xa2 – 2xha + xh2 + k. So, here coefficient of ‘a’ is –2xh. This means that in the standard form, b = xa2 + ya2 + z, the expression gives the x-coordinate of the vertex. Now question arises that how to calculate vertex of a parabola equation. If we are aware from the concept of algebra then it is simple to calculate the vertex of a parabola. Vertex of a parabola can be defined as a max and min point which is defined by quadratic equation. Now we show some of the steps that help us at the time of solving vertex of a parabola equation. Let’s see below: I ) In initial step we required to write the equation in vertex form that are mention above. Learn More :- How to Add Fractions with Different Denominators

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II )After that focus on the value of the variable k as b coordinate of the vertex. III ) In the next step set value of a – k = 0 and find out solution for a. IV ) In last combine the value of a and b coordinate which is obtained from step 2 and 3. On the basis of these value we can easily find the vertex of a parabola.

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Vertex of a Parabola  
Vertex of a Parabola