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How to Find Volume of a Cylinder How to Find Volume of a Cylinder In mathematics there are various fields like trigonometry, algebra, calculus, statistics etc and geometry is one of the field of mathematics in which we study about lines, points, space, planes and many theorems. In geometry there are some rules, facts and givens by which we get the conclusions. Now the meaning of givens is the definitions and by using these givens we get the conclusions and they are called theorems. Geometry is sub divided into two different types and they are 1. Two dimensional and 2. Three dimensional. In 2d geometry we study about flat surfaces which consist of only two axis and that is x and y and both axis are perpendicular to each other and flat surfaces are like circle, rectangle, square etc. Know More About :- What are Supplementary Angles

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In 3d geometry we study about those surfaces which are having three axes and that is x, y and z and all three axis are perpendicular to each other and surfaces are like cube, cylinder, sphere etc. But here we are going to concentrate on cylinder. Cylinder is a 3 dimensional geometric figure consist of 3 axes. The side of cylinder are curve and having two bases one is on top and second is on bottom but both are parallel and congruent and the base is circle and if we join both the circles by straight line then the shape we get is called cylinder. Now the volume of cylinder is Volume of cylinder (V) = πr2h Where pie (π) is constant and its value is 22/7, r is radius of circle and h is the height of cylinder. Now we are going to show how to calculate cylinder volume. Let’s take an example if calculating Cylinder Volume. Suppose that we have a cylinder and its height is 15 cm and radius of circle is 7 cm and calculate volume of cylinder. Now first write the given values Radius of circle (r) = 7 cm Height if cylinder (h) = 15 cm Now put all the values in formula Volume of cylinder (V) = πr2h Learn More :- How to Multiply Radicals

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So, V = (22/7) × (7 cm)2 × 15 cm V = (22/7) × 49 cm2 × 15 cm V = (22/7) × 735 cm3 V = (16170/7) cm3 V = 2310 cm3 This is the volume of cylinder. Now if volume of cylinder is given and also radius of circle then we can find the height of cylinder. Let’s take one more example so the volume of cylinder is 1245 cm3 and diameter of circle is 12cm now find out the height of cylinder. First we know that radius of circle is half of diameter so radius = diameter/2 Radius = 12/2 So, radius = 6 cm and volume of cylinder = 1245 cm3 Now put the values in formula Volume of cylinder (V) = πr2h 1245 cm3 = (22/7) × (6 cm)2 × h (1245/6) cm = (22/7) × h 207.5 cm = 3.14 × h, (207.5/3.14) cm = h h = 66.082 cm So the height of cylinder is 66.082 cm and by this formula we find the volume of cylinder.

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How to Find Volume of a Cylinder  
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