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The Store For Homemade Andhra Style Non Vegetarian Pickles

ABOUT US Sitara Pickles was started by Two Well Educated Housewives who can make pickles in such a way that, each bite of rice you take with our pickles will feast your taste buds. It's more of a tradition than business for last 33 years. We feel that everyone should taste our pickles at least once to tell this is true. We are backed by a couple of grannies, who fed few hundred families in their decades of homemade pickling experience. Our pickles are 100% home-made with fresh and best quality ingredients which are all sourced from nature. We make each pickle in a way that, we are making it for our own family consumption. Best quality oils are used in our pickles they give the best taste that you experience by eating our pickles.

We were doing well with our homemade mommy-granny pickles and our customers asked “why don’t you try to share and supply us our childhood memories?” We were shocked and then our customer said, by tasting our pickles, he got to remember the taste of his granny pickles from childhood and so the nostalgic memories turned back in his life. Wait! It doesn't stop there. We thought let's bring back even more memories to all our customers by offering exotic and rare fruits & flowers too. These so called exotic varieties were street fruits & flowers which vendors used to sell in our days.

Why Should You Buy For Product ?


100% Premium Quality

Fresh food

100% Organic Products

100% Premium Quality

100% Fresh Food

Our products are made by local village women, who are experts in making Pickles, Sweets & Organic Products

Using fined quality of products meeting the food safety standards

We hand pack the fresh ingredients from the local farmers which are grown in natural methods.


Free Delivery

Free Delivery Throughout India We deliver your products free of cost through out India

❖ High Spice Boneless Chicken Pickle ❖ Prawn Pickle ❖ High Spice Mutton Pickle Boneless

Non Vegetarian Pickles Menu

❖ Fish Pickle ❖ Gongura Chicken Pickle Boneless ❖ Gongura Mutton Pickle ❖ Gongura Prawn Pickle ❖ Mild Spice Chicken Pickle ❖ Mild Spice Mutton Pickle ❖ Chintha aaku Chicken Pickle Boneless ❖ Chintha aaku Mutton Pickle Boneless

Chicken Pickle Types • • • •

High Spice Boneless Chicken Pickles Gongura Chicken Pickle Boneless Mild Spice Chicken Pickle Chintha aaku Chicken Pickle Boneless



Unique and Exclusive by Chitaaku Iguru Chicken pickle by SITARA FOODS More Number of pieces per unit weight of Pickle Bone Less Chicken Fresh Halal Cut Premium Quality Chicken Used Home Made Pickle No Preservatives Fresh Locally Sourced Ingredients Can Buy Online and get delivered to your doorstep with Free Shipping any where in India.

Mutton Pickle Types • • • •


High Spice Boneless Mutton Pickles Gongura Mutton Pickle Boneless Mild Spice Mutton Pickle Chintha aaku Mutton Pickle Boneless

Mutton pickle is made with fresh lamb/sheep halal cut meat. The meat is cut into tiny pieces both boneless and with bone are used in pickling based on the preferences, but for our customers who buy mutton pickle online at SITARA, it’s only boneless variety. The mutton is thoroughly washed and dried few minutes to make it moisture free. Then the pieces are fried in hot Gingerly oil or sunflower till they are cooked properly. Once the meat is properly fried spices such a fenugreek, cumin, mustard, clove, star anise, cardamom, garlic, red chilies, coriander seeds, black pepper corns, nutmeg, fennel, garlic and curry leaves along with few other ingredients are added to the pickle. Then it is stored in glass or porcelain jars. The pickle is ready to be eaten; usually, the mutton pickle has a shelf life of six to eight months.

Prawn Pickle Types • High Spice Boneless Mutton Pickles • Gongura Prawn Pickle Boneless • Chintha aaku Prawn Pickle Boneless When you get bored of red meat or fish for the matter, choose something like prawns to interest you more. Prawns are Summer Simple Delights! Just buy a pack of bread and prawn pickle. Use the pickle as a spread for your sandwiches with your favorite veggies stuffed inside and enjoy! Now, you will not even have a second thought, of inviting friends home for a snack-up! You may also buy our other non veg pickle variants like Gongura Prawn Pickle, Mild Spice Mutton Pickle, Fish Pickle and High Spice Boneless Chicken Pickle at Sitara Foods online store.



Benefits of Fish

Fish Pickle

• Increases grey matter in brain and reduces risk of agerelated deterioration • Only dietary source of Vitamin D • Reduces risk of auto-immune diseases: Omega-3 or fish consumption reduces risk of type-1 diabetes in children and also in adults. • Prevents Asthma in children • Protects vision in old age

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Sitara Foods Non Veg Pickles PDF Menu  

SITARA FOODS is India No.1 Biggest Online Store for Ordering Best Quality homemade veg & non-veg pickles, Sweets, Powder & Masals and Organi...

Sitara Foods Non Veg Pickles PDF Menu  

SITARA FOODS is India No.1 Biggest Online Store for Ordering Best Quality homemade veg & non-veg pickles, Sweets, Powder & Masals and Organi...