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D ing the M untain


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f you find yourself on Stone Mountain in Atlanta, GA, don’t say that you’re hiking. It’s called “doing the mountain,” and that slight nuance means everything to Kenya and Michelle Jackson-Saulters, founders of the Outdoor Journal Tour and the We Hike to Heal movement.

Outdoor Journal Tour (ODJT for short) is part outdoor recreation, part spiritual healing. Founded in 2015, ODJT is ushering in a new way to approach doing the outdoors. It’s designed for women who want to explore scenic landscapes and hiking trails, and at the same time want to dive deeper into their personal development but are bored with traditional self-help methods. Kenya and Michelle’s calling is to help women learn the importance of “praying with their energy,” as they say, which simply translates into living each day as if you already embody all of your future goals. It’s no secret that women are caregivers, to their families, to their co-workers, and to their communities. They prioritize serving others, but often don’t spend the same level of energy on themselves. ODJT provides a sacred and safe space for women to reconnect with themselves and with nature. Their tours challenge women to think outside of the box. 32