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Gift Guide 2018

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Dear Friends, I just asked Spotify to turn on Mariah Carey Christmas songs so I could get in the holiday spirit to write this annual letter. It seems that the holiday season comes earlier and earlier each year and I do admit that it seems silly to be writing about the holidays with a bowl full of Halloween candy to my left and four empty wrappers to my right. Whoppers and Reese’s, for those of you who are wondering my guilty pleasure of choice. My optimistic self says that this early onset of holiday season just makes the best time of year a little longer. Yeah I like that. I’m all for it, actually. Last year the theme of my letter was all about stepping back to enjoy and not trying to “do it all”. The reason we put so much effort into this gift guide is to help you streamline your holiday gifting. It’s a resource you can come back to all season long so you can use your brain capacity for other things like…baking for the annual cookie exchange?? In all honesty, I show up to the cookie exchanged empty handed with an empty container. You can bet I fill that empty container to the brim, kiss the cooks, and bring all that deliciousness back to my home. Life is all about recognizing your strengths and weaknesses, and for me baking is the later. And so is singing for that matter. So I lean on my friends (my sister for baking, Mariah for singing) and stick to what I’m good at, which brings me to my next point…. Personally, 2018 was all about getting a little help from my friends and that took shape in many forms. As I look back on the year, I am a more “whole” contented person because I stopped trying to be everyone’s everything. Letting go of some responsibilities and letting in people to help…..well, it feels so good and gives your mind the space it needs to breath. This year’s edition of The Motherchic gift guide plays off that theme because I was able to lean in on all of YOU for help as well. I am learning things from you all on a daily basis and I decided to tap into your kitchens, your expertise, and your hearts to share what makes the holiday special for you. I am so honored to include some of your holiday recipes, hacks, and traditions throughout this gift guide. Whether it’s swapping kids with a friend so you can run last minute holiday errands alone, getting a mother’s helper so you can wrap gifts in your bedroom during daylight hours, ordering gifts online, or showing up to a cookie exchange empty handed…. do it for you and your sanity. Because in the words of Mariah, all they want for Christmas is you. Wishing you all the happiest holiday season, Lindsey

Let’s do This! Top Gifts For Her Pajama Favorites For Him Toddler & Baby Picks For Kids Sports Fanatic STEM and beyond Tweens Teens In-Laws

Table of contents

Table of contents

Beauty Buys Millennial Must Haves Best in Tech Office Chic Personalized The Best Boots Casual Kicks Stocking Stuffers The “aha� Gifts Splurge Worthy Cheers Pets Experiences

Top Gifts Techy, practical, FUN, and an easy way to communicate with your child without giving them a cell phone! The pink watch has GPS and 2 way communication.

Splurge-worthy good for a smooth ride that’s as pretty as it is well made.

Classic, timeless, and designed by yours truly in collaboration with L.Priori Jewelry. The Florence Necklace is back and available in gold, silver and rose gold.

The Motherchic Exclusive Necklace

I asked my husband why he loves these athletic pants and his answer, “I don’t know why I love them, I just do”. Well, there you have it folks. Trust me, they will go over well!

For Her The must have jacket in an exclusive color!

These indulge worthy products work while you sleep

The cheekiest beauty gift

Denim with a fashion forward fly

Jo Malone is the perfectly chic scent

Cashmere. Oh and it’s $98

TMC Reader Tradition Pick a theme every year and everyone gets gifts within that theme!

Diff eyewear makes all the difference

If it’s not leopard, it better be camo

A Motherchic favorite

Surprise her with the coolest brands: Outdoor Voices and Jade Yoga

These rainboots also come in leopard

Pajama Party

Glittery goodness

All the pretty little things

A little lace

Everyone’s favorite brand

The prettiest bralette

Never enough leopard

This cashmere set is the end

These pajama sets are Oh so Chic

For Him James Bond worthy dopp kit

Going somewhere?

It’s a gym in a box! An outfit-maker for him

Gearing up for a new year A space pen, yup astronauts use it.

Give his basics a major upgrade

Too cute to boot

He will live in this

The best in work bags

A classic

The only jeans he will ever need

Toddler & Baby

There is a first for everything

The ultimate white noise machine

Inspire originality

No more cold feet

Baby oh baby! Start the soundtrack of their lives

Baby it’s cold outside

Everyone wants (needs!!!) a Joanna Gaines kitchen

Sugar and spice, and everything nice Classic books

Picks for Kids Interactive Monkey Business

Paging, Santa.

What tutu dreams are made of

I’ll take one in light blue, ‘54 convertible too A huggable night light

One word. Pre-assembled.

I know a Rhino

Make the holidays magical

College fund or Shoe fund? Either way “Girls just want to have FUNDS!�

Wow factor

I was at Target and came home with...

Sports Fanatic

Totally Zen

Safety First

The look of pure...

Kick is up and it’s good!

Literally hours of fun

Slam Dunk Status

I have four boys, need I say more.

Is playing more fun than watching?

Because, snow days.

STEM and beyond The beginnings of an engineer

STEM toys encourage Because slime is still in

skill development but feel just

Magnet Tiles

like playing

A bug’s life

Reach for the stars

Is there a pancake emoji? There is a genius hiding inside my kid

Self expression is key This book is also mesmerizing

Just like hiring a personal chef Unleash their inner artiste


Balance bracelets

Pom poms, trending.

So cute you’ll want one in your size

My 11 year old self would go nuts for this jacket. Yes, you can also get a Caboodle for yourself

Glitter is always a good idea

future Taylor Swift?


All the techy stuff

Blue Tooth & LED Humor in a box

To match Mom, obviously

Toilet reading?

Play all day

Casual Kicks

Boys will be boys I will be borrowing this


Star Power 30 color choices

Positively cute

For glowing skin

A+ Student

The best part of these gifts will be the look on their faces Never too early to start a bucket list

Not just for lounging

My mom always said I’d forget my head if it wasn’t attached ;)

Winter White

For the love of music Includes instructions on how to clean a bathroom

First Date Ready

Squeaky Clean Made in the USA

Addictingly Fun

As cool as it is cute

Subtle hints.

In-Laws Movie night must-have

These gifts will get you major brownie points

The most stunning diffuser

Cashmere, Darling

For graceful aging

The cutest personalized calendars

The chic-est of slippers

Grandad never looked so good

From the golf course to cocktails Keep them connected With hints of wit and wisdom He will thank you for these

All the warm and fuzzies He loves candles too

Vacuum-insulated, Stainless-steel Canister aka Wine Chiller

Beauty Buys A place for everything

Because self-care is always in fashion

Rock solid eye treatment No Sleep Eraser

The most amazing mask

Penny Talk


Beauty Elixir

Essential for Oils

Cult Favorite Deodorant

Luscious Locks Dry brushing is the best in exfoliation

Awake in a flash

Power Drops for color treated hair

These are the things you would never buy for yourself

Have yourself a good hair day

Major ponytail upgrade

A must try for beach waves

The most exclusive hair care kit

For “wand�erful hair

Scrunchies are back and better than ever A towel for your tresses

Take care of those unwanted hairs

A little pampering for him

A gentle exfoliator for the face

The new toolkit

For a better lather Hands down, his favorite face wash For that baywatch flow

Pearly Whites

Millennial Must Haves This will gauc your world

Meal prep on the go

Packed lunch never looked so good Your personal trainer

Thank goodness for ...

Give your phone a “time-out” with this perfectly placed vase Once you go metal...

Tongue scraping is the new flossing Cows (and moms) aren’t the only ones making milk anymore?!

Best in Tech Music on-the-go

Pocket Printer. Mind Blown.

Wireless earbuds that are also really pretty

These gifts have major wow factor

Portable Projector, an instant jaw dropper

Show off your style… in watchbands and laptop cases

TMC Reader Tradition Read a Christmas book each day in December with the kiddos <3

Office Chic Straightforward To Do List

Top Rated for the travelling girl boss Rothys = reader obsessed

How to grow a business

The ultimate charging dock

TMC Reader Hack Get all the shopping done early! Cyber Monday is my LAST shopping day. Then you can actually enjoy the holidays!

Are backpacks the new briefcase?

Solid. Cologne.

Cable drops are actual life savers Easy to care for love fern.

All the essentials at eyesight



A jewelry holder for the travel buff

Make it personal

The ABCs of cooking

Feeling Fresh

TMC Reader Tradition We do a peppermint pig -you hit the pig and the pieces represent good luck for the next year

Birthstone keychains

A token of your affection

Whatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s your sign?

Monogrammed card holder

The Best Boots Play all day in these best all around boots

Better to splurge on snow boots than to bet against snow days

Fashionable and functional for all winter weather

After 3 older brothers these shoes still do the trick

That little pull tab makes all the difference between wet and dry

Described as perfect for shoveling the driveway ;)

Casual Kicks

Once you put these on, you’ll never take them off

The eco-friendly sneaker, that doesn’t look eco-friendly

The coolest waterproof sneaker

The “on cloud” running shoe

I love these becauseâ&#x20AC;Ś No laces

And they are perfect in pink

A little bit of shimmer and a whole lot of style

These are good for the whole family

Stocking Stuffers Nail Kit Key Chain

Handy Dandy Lip Tint

Great things come in small packages

Whale Face Brush

Message in a bottle necklace Beauty Water Packets

A taste of the sweet life

Touch screen friendly

Vanilla Bourbon Candle

Infused toothpicks

Best in Show Tie

My husband wonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t stop talking about these

TMC Reader Tradition Hot Chocolate for the kids, adult hot chocolate for the adults, rent a bus with friends and go look at the lights!

Unicorn horn sidewalk chalk

Bath time just got a whole new flavor

Future Top Chef

Blossom drop gift set

Feline Friendly

Much needed beauty rest

Fingerling friendship on your fingertips

Light up the night Fun for all ages

My kids could play with these for days

Kidding, this would never fit in a stocking


TMC Reader Tradition

The â&#x20AC;&#x153;ahaâ&#x20AC;? gifts

Making Santa footprints coming out of the fireplace using baby powder!

Avoid dishwasher confusion To get rid of the piling on your sweaters

How did I live without these?

Best non stick pan

Weighted blanket for a better sleep

Air Fryer so you can enjoy avocado fries at home

No more soggy granola! The best vacuum ever

Why didnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t I invent this?

For all your hot water needs

Rice Cooker Made with the healing power of honey

Splurge Worthy

Highly coveted eyewear

Chloe. A handbag dream. Two words. La Mer.

Hello Gorgeous

The coat of all coats

Packing light made easy

Please and Thank you

Fine Art (yes, this is the artist displayed in the Motherchic office!)

TMC Reader Tradition Annual holiday date with my significant other! Great to make time for the two of us during the holidays.

There is no better cooler The power of Pendleton

The makings of epic outdoor entertaining Garmin knows watches

The ultimate outdoor essential Heart warming nights

A travelling sound system

TMC Reader Tradition


Tailgating after cutting down our Christmas Tree.

Liquid Diet? These are some of our favorite drinking vessels

There is a perfect temperature for coffee

Unicorns drink water too

Keep it hot or cold!

Heavy duty is an understatement

Holiday Recipe Winner Boilo! Apple Pie Moonshine (aka Coal Cracker Champagne)

Recipe Makes 1 batch ● ● ● ● ●

1/2 gallon of 100-percent apple cider 4 cinnamon sticks 2 teaspoons cloves (whole or ground) 2 teaspoons ground nutmeg 3 cups of cheap, blended whiskey

Infuse, heat and enjoy! Courtesy of Megan M.

Holiday Hack Winner Easy Giftables ● Buy dollar store white ceramic plates ● Write/draw on them with sharpies with personalized messages or holiday cheer. ● Bake at 350 for 30 mins and the ink sets on the plate. ● Fill the plate with homemade cookies/treats and give as gifts to anyone! Courtesy of Lauren H.

Pets I am not even a cat person, but <3

The ultimate treat puzzle

Pawtection, couldnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t of explained it better

A bowtie for every day of the week

Walk this way Dinner is served Slow feeder

For the kids...

Anything on Ice Sporting Event


Family Vacation Date with Mom & Dad

For Him...

For Herâ&#x20AC;Ś

Fishing Trip

Cooking Class

Golf Lessons

Spa treatments

Craft Beer Tasting

Yoga Retreat

Woodwork Class

Wine Tasting

The Motherchic Gift Guide 2018  

200+ gift ideas

The Motherchic Gift Guide 2018  

200+ gift ideas