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A newsletter published by the Sisters of Notre Dame | Toledo Province | Fall 2011

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Dear Friends: Vol. 22, No. 2, Fall 2011 CrossRoads is published quarterly by the Partnership for Mission Office of the Sisters of Notre Dame, Toledo, Ohio. Its purpose is to create a sense of shared mission among members, family and friends. The title CrossRoads refers to the crossing of paths of our congregation and our friends in the communities where we serve. The “cross” in CrossRoads has special significance in our congregation’s history. Editorial Board Denis Eble Sr. Marilyn Marie Ellerbrock George Mezinko Sr. Jennifer Marie Zimmerman Editor Teri Bockstahler Correspondence may be sent to: CrossRoads Sisters of Notre Dame 3837 Secor Road Toledo, OH 43623 Phone: 419-479-3093 email: Visit us on the web: Our Mission: Sisters of Notre Dame proclaim God’s goodness and provident care. As disciples of Jesus, we: Create community for mission Nurture faith through education Stand in solidarity with those in need.

The Autumn breezes and brilliant colors have energized us and filled our hearts with gratitude – all in preparation for another season and a time of Thanksgiving. We have been blessed in many ways and the stories of our ministries keep us mindful of how good our God is! The Sisters of Notre Dame are grateful to have welcomed eight new Associates who have professed their covenant to live and help us share the Notre Dame charism.

Sr. Mary Delores Gatliff

Our sisters ministering in New Orleans and on the college campuses highlighted in this issue demonstrate the continuing need to grow and adapt as a community, in order to meet new needs in the ever-changing world. Thank you for your ongoing support and generosity; your annual gifts are recognized in this issue. The Sisters of Notre Dame are grateful to have such giving and wonderful friends. You help us prepare for the next ministry God makes known to us. In Notre Dame,

Provincial Superior

About the cover: Sr. Linda Marie White assists a student experiencing success at Holy Ghost Catholic School in New Orleans with the BrainPower program during computer class! Sr. Kerstin Maria Deubel is seen in the background. There are a total of eight Sisters of Notre Dame in various ministries in New Orleans. Read more on pages 3-5.

Inside: Sisters of Notre Dame on college campuses . . . pages 6-8.

Sr. Mary Vernon Bick is a teaching assistant at St. Leo the Great Catholic Central School in New Orleans. 


Sisters of Notre Dame serving in New Orleans The effects of Hurricane Katrina which hit New Orleans on August 29, 2005, have been longlasting. As the city experienced devastation lives were lost, citizens evacuated and rebuilding continues. Three Sisters of Notre Dame, Toledo Province, accepted the invitation of New Orleans Archbishop Alfred Clifton Hughes, to come to the area to teach. The Archbishop felt that teachers were needed to reopen schools, and having schools would be key in the rebuilding process. They headed to New Orleans in July of 2007. Now, four years later,

weak cognitive skill such as attention, memory, visual processing, auditory processing or logic and reasoning, generally speaking, they will find learning to be difficult, according to Sr. Mary Ellen Schroeder, SND. Sr. Mary Ellen, along with Sr. Linda Marie White, Sr. Mary Nancy Vance and Sr. Kerstin Maria Deubel teach “Brain Power” skills to young students and adults at the Mirabeau Learning Center in New Orleans.

“Building a child’s foundation for learning will increase his/her capacity to be successful in school,” said Sr. Sr. Margaret Mary Faist is a 2nd grade teacher Mary Ellen. “When their at St. Leo the Great Catholic Central School in learning skills are strong, New Orleans. She has taught there since 2007. learning becomes easier, they learn faster and learning can a total of eight sisters minister in be fun,” she added. The online New Orleans in various program offers core exercises to ministries. build mental skills and the sisters are on hand to oversee the stuSr. Margaret Mary Faist dents and help foster their learning teaches second grade and potential. Sr. Mary Vernon Bick is a teaching assistant at St. The Mirabeau Learning Center is Leo the Great Catholic located in the Filmore Parc ApartCentral School. St. Leo the ment Complex, making access Great is the result of the to the Brain Power program conOffice of Catholic Schools venient for residents and nearby in New Orleans creating neighbors. Mirabeau is open in the Catholic Central Schools out of previously parishbased schools in the most devastated neighborhoods of Orleans and St. Bernard Parishes.

Sr. Mary Ellen Schroeder poses with a young student who stops by after-school at the Mirabeau Family Learning Center.

In another location not far from St. Leo, sisters are working to develop BrainPower in their young students.

Students build cognitive skills through intense drilling!

When students have a continued on page 4 

lives,” Sr. Linda said. Sr. Mary Nancy says, “Students both young and adult are a delight to teach. They are eager to learn despite the many obstacles that hinder regular attendance. The children are very affectionate and generous with hugs. “We were using a game to illustrate what ‘drop a sound’ means, so Sr. Linda Marie and I were the letters. I was the second sound and Sr. Linda was the first sound; when Sr. Mary Ellen said drop the first sound and asked which sound is left, one of the students answered ‘Sr. Nancy.’ Needless to say we had our work cut out for us; they provide us with many smiles.”

The Mirabeau Family Learning Center is located within the Filmore Parc Apartment Complex and is easily accessible for residents and neighbors.

early afternoon for adults and after school from 3- 6 p.m. for school– age kids, and then again in the evening for adults, Monday through Thursday. The Sisters will even meet with students by appointment on Saturdays. The Sisters also live in Filmore Parc. In the morning during the week, the four sisters offer Brain Power to first grade students at Holy Ghost School in Orleans Parish for an hour Monday through Thursday. Sr. Linda Marie says that BrainPower is a mental workout for the young students. “We hope the mental training helps the students perform better in the classroom and in every other part of their

Adults can be all smiles too when they accomplish work toward their GED. Sr. Mary Bonita Sniegowski is the GED coordinator at the St. Vincent DePaul Adult Learning Center in New Orleans. She has been with the Center since August 2009 and sees about 50 students a week. “We have 35 in the morning class and 15 in the evening class.  Our program is selfpaced and consists mainly of one-on-one instruction, although we do offer small group classes on specific academic skills and computer.

Sr. Mary Nancy coaches a first grade student at Holy Ghost School during a BrainPower session. 

“Last school year we had 11 students receive

their GED. “Having a GED has opened doors for these individuals.  Many of them have gone on to the community college to study in such areas as physical therapy, early childhood education, and nursing.  Our Adult Learning Center has given them hope for their future,” she added.  Student Nina Ficaro commented, “I enjoy coming to St. Vincent de Paul’s Adult Learning Center because of how one-on-one this

Sr. Mary Bonita at St. Vincent dePaul Adult Learning Center.

program is. I have been to many other GED programs where they just hand you a workbook and you’re on your own.  Here they want to see you succeed.” Fellow student Yoshakia Simon said, “They are willing to help you with whatever you need help with.  I love that.  They take their time with you.  It makes you feel like you’re the only person that matters.”  “In addition to the appreciative adults and the children being very warm and affectionate, we feel that New Orleans is a very welcoming city. We also do not seem to be far from anyplace we need to go!” Sr. Mary Nancy concluded.

Rebuilding is collaborative Feeling fresh and ready for the day after a morning shower is such a wonderful feeling, and it’s one that most homeless people are denied unless they have a community resource. One such resource in New Orleans, Louisiana, is the St. Joseph Rebuild Center. The Rebuild Center is a collaborative organization serving the homeless population in the Canal Street corridor in New Orleans. The Lantern Light Program, sponsored by the Presentation Sisters and The Harry Tompson Sr. Mary Magdalen Westrick and two volunteers in front of the shower Center sponsored by the Jesuits, joined together after Hurricane Katrina to provide more area at the Harry Tompson Center. services at one location. The Center was built on the former parking lot behind St. Joseph Church in the mid-city of New Orleans. Portable buildings were moved into place and a kitchen, decks and canopies were constructed to create a place where homeless individuals and those struggling to rebuild after Hurricane Katrina can receive basic services like showers, laundry and access to phone, medical and legal help at the Harry Tompson Center and get birth certificates, state IDs, mail service and emergency financial and food assistance plus a daily noon meal service provided by the Lantern Light Program. For the past four and a half years, Sr. Mary Magdalen Westrick, SND, has ministered in the Harry Tompson Center. “We provide not only basic amenities, but by our caring and respect of these people, hope to build their self-confidence and give them a sense of their own dignity. Our personal reward is gaining their trust and friendship,” Sr. Mary Magdalen said. Harry Tompson Center guests finish grooming after a shower.

The Rebuild Center was the brainchild of Sr. Vera Butler, PBVM, who has devoted tireless service to the poor and homeless in the St. Joseph Church neighborhood.

“The homeless are our guests.” Sr. Mary Magdalen 


o l l e

ive Sisters of Notre Dame, Toledo Province find themselves immersed in ministries on college campuses and feel blessed to have contact with the students and their colleagues in each instance.

g e campus

Indianapolis, Indiana, is the scene where Sr. Marie Kathleen Hood, SND, says “I have a wonderful hybrid of administrative and teaching roles in the Butler University College of Business, as well as the blessed opportunity to be the advisor for the Butler Catholic Community on campus.

“Needless to say, with all three of these roles to play, my days are full, but extremely enriching,” she added. Her administrative role in the College of Business involves serving as the Budget Director for the College. For the last five years this has meant, in addition to managing the normal college operating budget, administrating the $22 million grant Butler received from the Lilly Endowment to experientialize the education they offer Butler students in the College of Business through the Real Life, Real 6

s Ministering on the

Sr. Marie Kathleen Hood with the campus minister intern working with the Butler University Catholic Community.

Business curriculum which they have developed.

“This has also provided the opportunity for me to join the team that delivers the Real Business Experience course to Sophomores who devise a Business Plan, test the concept, present it to a Board for a funding loan from the grant, and then actually operate the business for a semester,” she said. Last year, Sr. Marie Kathleen was also asked to be the advisor for the Butler Catholic Community on campus, serving as part of the leadership team that consists of 2-3 members each from the freshman, sophomore, junior and senior classes. A Busy Person’s retreat was a recent activity for about  20 students who committed to praying for a half hour daily

and meeting with a spiritual companion for a half hour daily from Sunday through Thursday. Butler student Lauren, said, “I really enjoyed having Sr. Kathleen as my spiritual companion for the Busy Person’s Retreat at Butler. She helped me to grow a lot in my faith, and being able to pray, reflect, and talk about God’s presence in our lives with her was an excellent experience.”  “I love the variety of ways I am engaged at Butler, and am especially enjoying the opportunities I have to be in direct relationship with the students.  It is a graced and energizing experience to live life with these intelligent, inquisitive and committed students whose faith and life values are a priority for them.  God is so good!” she concluded.


r. Sally Marie Bohnett, SND, serves as Campus Minister at Mercy College, Toledo. Campus Ministry serves the entire college community—students, faculty, and staff. It is rooted in the Roman Catholic tradition, yet is designed to serve all people.  Sr. Sally Marie says, “Our students are primarily studying for healthcare professions, and they have service imprinted on their hearts!” A few ways Sr. Sally Marie is present for the students is when the Campus Ministry office hosts Veteran’s Day and Ash Wednesday prayer services, holy day liturgies, and provides individual direction and group prayer. “One of the highlights of my days here at Mercy College is the chance encounter that I may have with a student. Sometimes the smile, the greeting, or asking how his or her day is going leads into a deeper conversation. So…perhaps that is not chance but God’s provident care for that student,” Sr. Sally Marie said. As campus minister Sr. Sally Marie helps provide opportunities for spiritual growth. “Sr. Sally is a great leader and true follower of God’s word. The campus ministry she is running is making an impact on the student body,” said student Rebecca Noethen. The ministry offers activities to celebrate students’ faith along with promoting well-being through meditation and stress relieving exercises throughout the year. “Sr. Sally helps students at Mercy College find different ways to show the love of Christ to others. Over the last two years, I have personally benefitted from her leadership through the ambassador program at Mercy

“We invite students, faculty and staff to join us in the growth opportunities we offer. Service

to others is a focus, and we

even sponsor an Alternative Spring Break. We offer retreats, weekly adoration, and the More Ministry Club which is another student-led group that meets weekly to pray together, witness, serve, and provide fellowship within the Thomas More student community.

Sr. Sally Marie with a student during a recent Leadership Retreat.

College. While I was part of the ambassadors program, I developed leadership skills and learned a true appreciation for serving others. I feel that with her presence, our campus at Mercy College is a better place,” Rebecca added. Campus Ministry also offers many opportunities to engage in service projects. From helping make blankets for Project Linus to participating in the Alternative Spring Break Trip, Mercy College students reach out to those in need.  “To lead and serve in the global community is what Mercy College is about!” Sr. Sally Marie exclaimed.

“Right now we’re pretty excited about upcoming events. We’re having a “Witness to Innocence” speaker, Ray Krone, who was exonerated from Death Row and we’re working with Catholic Relief Services and having a Palestinian and Israeli conversation about peace-building in the Holy Land,” she said. Student Jessica Daily expressed her experience by saying, “There’s something for everyone.  You can celebrate your faith in a wide variety of programs and events.  My favorite is Dinner and a Movie with Jesus, where we get to eat a home-cooked dinner and discuss Christian themes in modern movies.”


n the rolling hills of Crestview Hills, Kentucky, on the campus of Thomas More College, Sr. Mary Patricia Dorobek, is another SND serving as the Director of Campus Ministry. She Sr. Mary Pat Dorobek (left) with her campus says that Thomas More ministry team at Thomas More College. College has a studentbody of about 1900 and is highly continued on page 8 commuter. 7

SNDs . . . on the college campus continued from page 7


r. Marie Joyce Dettinger, SND has been an adjunct instructor at Lourdes University since 2000.   She teaches “Music for Teachers of Young Children.”  This class is basically for future early childhood teachers.  Students learn basic music skills, repertoire and pedagogy for teaching music to young students in a school or daycare setting.  “Many of the college students come to class very timid about their musical abilities, but in a short 15 weeks are able to teach a music lesson, sing, play recorder and Orff instruments and generally feel good about themselves in a music situation!” Sr. Marie Joyce explained.  During the semester each student develops a resource binder to be used in their future teaching Sr. Marie Joyce teaching her Lourdes University students to experiences. The students in class are always involved in some type of music making which makes read rhythmic and melodic patterns as they play their boomwhackers. the class enjoyable. The class also makes the student aware of how important music is in the aesthetic and cognitive development of the child.   “The students also come to the awareness that  music deeply touches the soul of each of us as human beings. I delight in seeing the students come to a new appreciation of the importance of music in their lives,” Sr. Marie Joyce added.  


r. Marya Czech, SND was asked to help create a biology major program at Lourdes University in the early 90’s for students interested in pre-professional and environmental studies because of her experience with curriculum. Soon after, Lourdes began offering a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology in 1994 and a Bachelor of Science in Biology and in Environmental Science since 1998. According to Sr. Marya, when additional faculty were added in the Biology Department, she was able to concentrate on courses in botany and ecology. “One of my favorite courses has been Seasonal Field Ecology, open to majors from other disciplines, during which we travel the wetlands and waterways of Northwest Ohio, and assess water quality by examining the invertebrates and fish which have ‘niched’ in various crannies among the rocks and stream sediments. Sr. Marya and Lourdes University student Sam Alvarado were dressed to help monitor for sea lamprey with a Division of Fisheries team who monitor the effects of lampricides on sediment invertebrates. She took four students in a Great Lakes course to the Sturgeon River area on Keweenaw Peninsula, Michigan for service learning last summer. 8

“My students and I continue to work on regional efforts to combat the algal overgrowth which turns the Western Lake Erie Basin into toxic bright green ‘pea soup’ each summer,” she explained. In addition to getting wet in Lakes Superior, Michigan, and Huron, their trip may lead to the establishment of a biological field station on one of the pristine sites they explored.

Partnership for Mission Dear Friends, Welcome to the Fall issue of Crossroads. In this Annual Report issue, we recognize all donors who have supported the Sisters of Notre Dame throughout the 2010-2011 administrative year. It is time to say thank you and recognize each of you for your ongoing commitment and support. During the past year donors have chosen to include the Sisters in their estate planning. Their planned gifts allow them maximum use of their charitable donations. One of the main benefits of their planned giving is, depending on circumstances, diminishing or eliminating income taxes (including capital gains) and transfer taxes (gift, estate, and inheritance). Now would be the time to consider a year-end gift. Examples of planned gifts include: Bequests - A charitable bequest is a specific distribution from your estate to the Sisters of Notre Dame through your will. This is the most simple and most common form of a planned gift. Your charitable bequest may be a: • Specific dollar amount or percentage from your estate • Specific item or property from your estate • Portion or all of “what’s left” of your estate after making other provisions Life Insurance - Life Insurance can be an easy and effective way of making a charitable gift to the Sisters of Notre Dame. Whether you donate an older policy that you no longer need or start a new policy, life insurance offers a unique way to turn a modest investment into a sizable gift. There are four basic ways you can support the Sisters of Notre Dame by using life insurance: • Transfer ownership of an existing policy to the Sisters of Notre Dame • Name the Sisters of Notre Dame as your primary beneficiary • Name the Sisters of Notre Dame as your successor beneficiary • Purchase a new policy naming the Sisters of Notre Dame as owner If you have already included the Sisters of Notre Dame in your estate or other gift plan, please inform us so we can thank you during your lifetime and celebrate your generosity now, through The Wolbring Giving Society. The generosity of people like you enables our ministries to grow and prosper. Your partnership has enabled us to nurture faith through education and stand in solidarity with those in need. Again, thank you for your ongoing support. With you as partners, the mission and charism of the Sisters of Notre Dame can and will grow stronger. Respectfully, George Mezinko Partnership for Mission Director P.S. If you would like to discuss or receive information on your participation in The Wolbring Giving Society, please contact me at 419.724.1352 or via e-mail at

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Sr. Mary del Ray Bogner visits with Ben and Denny Hickey, brothers of our deceased Sr. Theresa Mary Hickey at FamilyFest 2011. Joel Nickoli Evelyn A. Ruffing

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Orange Park Laetitia M. Kaiser

Ellenton Mr. & Mrs. William Wernimont

Lakeland Susan Habusta Mr. & Mrs. Tom Langevin

Ormond Beach Barbara M. Havens

Estero Dr. & Mrs. Lawrence Gregory Christine Gregory Vierra

Lauderhill Rev. Fred J. Nietfeld Lehigh Acres Colleen Murphy

Fort Lauderdale Barbara Horninger Mr. & Mrs. James Mies Mr. & Mrs. Hugh Reynolds

Longboat Key Robert J. Kromer

CT Riverside Mr. & Mrs. John Chesney DC Washington Agnes M. Brown Michael Lestingi FL Cape Coral Clara C. Letany Edgewater Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Murray Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Stoup

Fort Myers G. Joseph Bick Dr. & Mrs. John Carroll Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Goetz Rosemary J. McFarland Gainesville Joseph Dougheny Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Hackett Holy Faith Catholic Church Mr. & Mrs. Kipp Kennedy Mr. & Mrs. Albert Losch Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Quisling St. Francis Catholic High School Mr. & Mrs. John Starr Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Umlauf

Melbourne Rev. Msgr. Cleo Schmenk Naples Suzanna Areddy-Schenk George & Mary Kremer Foundation Luke L. Kill Mr. & Mrs. John Mangas Mr. & Mrs. Tim Pellegrino

Grant Jean M. Allan

Holmes Beach Annemarie Marten

Superior Dr. & Mrs. Dennis Zoglo

Jacksonville Bernard Aebly

Orange City Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Remmington

Plantation Mr. & Mrs. Gene Family Fund Ponte Vedra Beach Mr. & Mrs. Richard Mulvey Michael J. Zambetti Port Orange Sharon Becker Vincent L. Preston Port Saint Lucie Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Tifft Satellite Beach Drs. Ray & Mary Bonhomme Spring Hill Mr. & Mrs. George Pasch Summerfield Mr. & Mrs. Jim Hafner Sun City Center Mr. & Mrs. Vic Foos Susan Schemenauer Tallahassee Florence Gareau Tampa John Baker Cheryl Stine The Villages Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Patton Bernard Schneider Venice Mr. & Mrs. Karl Ittner Zephyrhills Arla Goldsmith

Hollywood The Randall Family

Peyton Mr. & Mrs. Gary Miller

Ocala Dorothy A. Arnold Helen K. DeWyer Dr. & Mrs. John Stechschulte

GA Atlanta Frank B. Borowiec

Rich Reineck, 50/50 volunteer from Fremont has been attending FamilyFest for 20 years!

Dacula Marie O’Neill Decatur

Mr. & Mrs. Mark Valentine Martinez Mr. & Mrs. Paul Zielinski Mcdonough Mary Augustyniak Millen Jim Hite IA Belmond Alfred McLaughlin Mr. & Mrs. Mike McLaughlin Calmar Sylvia Ehler Cedar Rapids Mr. & Mrs. Harold L. Schulze Clarion Mr. & Mrs. Jimmie Johnson Mr. & Mrs. Dwight Sann St. John Catholic Church Eagle Grove Sacred Heart Church Fort Dodge Mr. & Mrs. Mitch Sadler Muscatine D. E. Wisniewski Ossian Mr. & Mrs. Allan Schmitt Toledo Mr. & Mrs. Stan Upah ID Idaho Falls Deborah E. Gallagher Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Matranga IL Belleville John Bugner Buffalo Grove Mr. & Mrs. Mark Recker Champaign Kristin Wetzel Chicago Katherine Malhas Roberta Mesker Adrianne Kolebuck Mr. & Mrs. James Woods Glen Ellyn Mr. & Mrs. Frank Barr Gurnee Mr. & Mrs. Steve Burkhart Hinsdale Mr. & Mrs. John Hendrickson Marianne Thomas Joliet Mary Rose Bucciarelli Rev. Christopher Groh Kankakee Marian Wulffe Libertyville Mr. & Mrs. Michael Klestinsk

Mokena Mr. & Mrs. Robert S. Kaminski Morton Grove Elizabeth Howes Naperville Selitha Raja Rev. John M. Sebahar Maxine C. Wilverding Niles Kathy Dornseif Northfield Sandra Sneider Roselle Rev. Francis B. McDonald Saint Charles Martiin L. Stephenson Wheaton Mr. & Mrs.Vince Baratta Dr. & Mrs. Dennis Beck The James Brintnall Family Mr. & Mrs. Tom Credille Dorothy Darrow Mr. & Mrs. Steve Dean The Henry Gron Family Bernie Hurley Mr. & Mrs. James Jensen Rosemary Kaenel Henry N. Kohley Paul Lantero Barry Link Joseph G. Lukes Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Maguire Mr. & Mrs. William Matte Mr. & Mrs. Frank Murnane M. Murray Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Nilsson Mr. & Mrs. L. William Retzner Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Richards Cynthia Robinson Mark Schmitt St. Michael School Bruce Sufranski Theresa Terna Mr. & Mrs. John Thacker Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Trotta Mr. & Mrs. Michael Vallaro Mr. & Mrs. Nick Viggiano Mr. & Mrs. Albert Waszok Mr. & Mrs. Mike Winegard IN Akron Mr. & Mrs. Charles Gerdeman Angola Linda Branwell Mr. & Mrs. John Crowley Auburn Mr. & Mrs. Tom Havey Batesville Mr. & Mrs. Joseph L. Giesey Carmel Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Capone Mr. & Mrs. Mark Catton Lisa Claps Mr. & Mrs. Scott Eiker

Mr. & Mrs. Gary Finn Mr. & Mrs. John Flanigan Sheila Freiburger Mr. & Mrs. Doug Gettelfinger David D. Gill Mr. & Mrs. Mark Haag Mr. & Mrs. Bill Homrighausen Mr. & Mrs. Mike Keller Verda A. Klemm Mr. & Mrs. Tim Kopf Mr. & Mrs. Gary Malone Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Marcheggiani Mr. & Mrs. Gary Martindale Glenn Marut Madonna McGrath Mr. & Mrs. David Mitchel Mr. & Mrs. Mark Neterer Mr. & Mrs. Brian Rittgers Sandra M. Rowland Mr. & Mrs. Rex Rund Norman Sesi Mr. & Mrs. Bob Shocklee Mary E. Wellman

Betty Miller Theodore J. Moring Anne Nicholas John F. Offerle Mr. & Mrs. John Otto Mary M. Pohlman Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Przybyla Mr. & Mrs. Art Renninger Corene Rooney Mr. & Mrs. Donald Ryan Dave Schleinkofer Mr. & Mrs. Phil Schnelker Mr. & Mrs. Steve Sherburne William D. Shrader Mr. & Mrs. Edward St. John St. Jude Catholic Church St. Jude Catholic School Sam Talarico Rev. Robert Traub Arlene Turnbow Richard F. Weber Diane Winkeljohn Marilyn & William Wunderlin Mr. & Mrs. Russell York Sara Young

Cloverdale Mr. & Mrs. Don Gedert Decatur Sharlene Bauman Fishers Mr. & Mrs. Mike Wilson Fort Wayne Mr. & Mrs. Andy Alexander Mr. & Mrs. Harlan Altena Raymond C. Alter Kathleen Ankenbruck Mr. & Mrs. Gene Ashby Joan C. Banet Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Beuchel Sr. Julia Marie Hutchison with two K. Bookmyer young FamilyFest guests. M. Janine Brown Fremont Mr. & Mrs. Robert Current Mr. & Mrs. Ed Disser Mr. & Mrs. Bill Dolan Mr. & Mrs. Elmer Patrick Doyle Helmkamp Dr. & Mrs. Chris Eckrich Mr. & Mrs. George Knotek Paul Eisaman Mary Grime Hammond Joanne C. Grueb Mr. & Mrs. Nick Mueller Mr. & Mrs. Michael Harness Huntington Carl F. Herman Susan Wilhelm Beatrice Hoevel Elizabeth Janssen Indianapolis Kathleen Jarboe Dr. & Mrs. Michael Ball Mr. & Mrs. Donald Kemp Mr. & Mrs. Jim Creamer Rae M. Kirk Michael Hirt Mrs. William Koester Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Marcel Terry Ludwig Lagrange Steven Ludwiski Donald Bobilya Rosemary Maher Monroeville Dennis Mahoney

Theresa E. Oberley Monticello Mr. & Mrs. Donald J. Pauken New Haven Mr. & Mrs. Robert Hulbert New Palestine Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Kingery Newburgh Mr. & Mrs. Alfredo Bolisay Noblesville Ervin Gulley Plymouth Sr. Carleen Wrasman Richmond Mr. & Mrs. Steve Hart Saint Joe Mr. & Mrs. Jason Ranger South Bend Donald Laskowski Spencerville Mr. & Mrs. Mark Dolezal Syracuse Mr. & Mrs. Clyde Rector Vincennes Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Atkinson Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Hubers Westfield Mr. & Mrs. John Bates Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Carlstedt KS Olathe Joan Brisimitzakis Wichita Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Mayle KY Elizabethtown Susan Trubey Bahl Frankfort Mr. & Mrs. Rod Gorby Park Hills Sr. Shauna Bankemper Pewee Valley Mr. & Mrs. George Graham LA Denham Springs Mr. & Mrs. Charles Harper Lafayette Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Trible Metairie Mrs. Charles Derbes Sisters of Mt. Carmel New Orleans Mirabeau Family Learning Center, Inc. Don Thompson MA Nantucket Virginia Kinney


Needham Heights Suzanne Ullman Tyngsboro Mr. & Mrs. Donald G. Rizzo Woburn The Richard Cornell Family Worcester Mr. & Mrs. Phil Ober MD Arnold Donna Mae Manders Huntingtown Dr. & Mrs. Kyle Pellegrino

Peggy Ann Wilds Caledonia Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Natali Camden Sharon Grodi Canton Mr. & Mrs. Cyril J. Riedy Cement City David Bosio Coldwater Elizabeth Heitz Grace Mr. & Mrs. Herman Hemker

Farmington Hills Carol Roble Mr. & Mrs. Ted Widman Flat Rock Chris Kopp

Fraser Livaria Burley

Luna Pier Elizabeth S. Roper

Saline Dawn Martin

Grand Rapids Kevin Furlong Gordon Food Service Timothy McMorrow & Ann Byrne Mr. & Mrs. Darryl Wiersma

Manitou Beach Mr. & Mrs. Patick Kania

Samaria Irene Folk

Maple City Jane Ireland

Sandusky Mr. & Mrs. Jerome Peresta

Mattawan George F. Danca

Southfield Laura Gorrill

Maybee Mr. & Mrs. Monte Jackson

Southgate Reva Flannery

Metamora Mr. & Mrs. Larry Palte

Tecumseh Mr. & Mrs. Cornelio Naguit

Milan Laurol St. Clair

Temperance Mr. & Mrs. Paul Ashburn JoAnn Burkard Suzanne Carter Mr. & Mrs. Wesley Cousino Stanley Dec Mr. & Mrs. Cecil Erdman Phyllis Glowacki John K. Guth Mr. & Mrs. Gilbert Hatcher Mr. & Mrs. Leonard LaPointe Karen R. Larrow Robert Lavoy Cecilia Lumbrezer Mr. & Mrs. Floyd Perkins Ruth Pio Mr. & Mrs. Robert Schmall Kathleen Seromik Felicia Stiegel Mr. & Mrs. Joseph W. Stock Carol Wernimont Mr. & Mrs. Don Wielosinski

Hartford Mr. & Mrs. Paul Burgess Hastings Mr. & Mrs. James Langschied Horton Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Glick

Sr. Jennifer Marie Zimmerman works in the refreshment booth with NDA soccer players Demi Whitaker and Dani Johnson.

Rockville Carole Fox

Cottrellville William A. Pollauf & Karen Lisco

Saint Leonard David L. Scroggy

Detroit Thomas Blaser

MI Addison Mr. & Mrs. William Boyle

Erie Madge Ausmus Ann Berninger Dale Burgard Mr. & Mrs. David Burgard Darlene M. Burke Mr. & Mrs. Ward Close Mr. & Mrs. Neil Cousino Prudence Cousino Mr. & Mrs. Mike Denko Bessie Grodi Mr. & Mrs. Bryan Hanlon Mr. & Mrs. Tom Hilkens Knights of Columbus Council #7413 Susan Lavoy Mr. & Mrs. Robert Lyons Laura Martin Eloise M. Morrin Rose Mary Spotts Kathy Stofka Deacon & Mrs. Kenneth Trabbic

Adrian Mr. & Mrs. Roger Russell Allen Park Patricia Russell Ann Arbor Kent Burkhart Mainstreet Ventures, Inc. Diane Swanbrow Bloomfield Hills Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Gariepy Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Silk Brighton Kathleen Breckenfeld Britton Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Cabla Brooklyn


Saint Clair Catherine Aufrance

Livonia Rev. Robert W. Haener Mr. & Mrs. Mike Stepleton

Mr. & Mrs. Scott McPherson

Comstock Park Kathryn Ernst

Linden Mr. & Mrs. James Lynch

Saginaw Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Stoma

Frankenmuth Mr. & Mrs. Carl Suhr


Potomac Dr. & Mrs. Fran Chiaramonte

Lincoln Park Mr. & Mrs. John Sosa

Milford Larry Betzler Monroe Mr. & Mrs. Jason Ausmus Philip J. Cousino C. Lorraine Diroff Luann Diroff Lynn R. Weeman Matt West

Howell Mr. & Mrs. Michael Rumschlag

Nazareth Sr. Regina M. Cermak

Ida Michael

Northville Mary Ellen Flecksteiner

Duffey John Mayer Parran’s Green House & Farm Market La Salle Mr. & Mrs. Elwood Cousino Mr. & Mrs. Ken Kerste Mr. & Mrs. Earl Russeau Lambertville Norbert Abel Mr. & Mrs. Lowell Cousino Bob Daney Jacklyn (Riley) Dreps Carol Fleitz Dr. Molly S. Judge Virginia E. Katafiasz Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Krohn Karen & Jodi Krzyminski Edwina VanDruten Kurt Angela Langevin Richard J. MacAdams Fran Minns Mr. & Mrs. John Mohr Mr. & Mrs. Edmund Naber Mr. & Mrs. Robert Ray Mr. & Mrs. James Salisbury Helen Steinmetz Marcia Tietjen Lansing John C. Michaud

Newport Mary Marion

Okemos Grand Hotel Ottawa Lake Mr. & Mrs. James G. Bennett Joseanna Bischoff Mr. & Mrs. Thomas L. Bischoff Mr. & Mrs. Ken Dressel Ron Dressel Gloria Knaggs Constance M. LaPointe Palms Mr. & Mrs. Scott Long Petersburg Mr. & Mrs. Ray Keller Mr. & Mrs. Donald Schuster Mr. & Mrs. Victor Stevens Mr. & Mrs. Ron Yacks Plymouth Barbara Wernimont Portage Mary Bunce Richland Mr. & Mrs. Tom Scampini Rochester Hills Mr. & Mrs. John Jackson

Saint Clair Shores Michelina Macioce

Traverse City Rosemary J. Kennedy Trenton Felicia Kopp Troy Barb Ann Lee Mr. & Mrs. Mark Rider The Wlosinski Family Warren Jane Werner Mr. & Mrs. Phil Werner Wayne Rev. David G. Burgard Wolverine Lake Mr. & Mrs. Mark Kulwik MN Inver Grove Heights Mr. & Mrs. John St. Martin Saint Paul John O’Donnell West Saint Paul Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Nicklay

MO Chesterfield Mr. & Mrs. Paul DeMargel Saint Joseph Mr. & Mrs. Jack George Saint Louis Mr. & Mrs. Bernard M. Vance MS Madison Rev. Alfred L. Camp MT Bozeman Christy Cousino NC Brevard Mr. & Mrs. William DiLemme Henderson Clarice Hug Lexington Celeste Queen Lincolnton The Mack Harvey Family Newton Mr. & Mrs. James Richards Pinehurst Elizabeth Tribe Wake Forest Richard W. Boes NE Gretna Clifton G. Rockwell Omaha Donna & Sue Duval NH Nashua Rita Ralston NJ Califon Mr. & Mrs. David Harper Medford Gaye Jones Scotch Plains Judith D’Alessio-Flanagan NM Albuquerque Mary D. Gasser Mr. & Mrs. David Walentowski Los Lunas Mr. & Mrs. Albert Sanchez Santa Fe Donald R. Perkins NV Las Vegas Carolyn Masten Reno Mr. & Mrs. Donald Babione NY Baldwinsville Mr. & Mrs. Donald Priebe Brooklyn Marie Dillon

Buffalo Linda Tucholski Lakewood Angie Muzzo Mamaroneck Nancy L. Johnson New York Elizabeth Ducat Brad Gerdeman Oakdale Mary Ann Sadler Gaisser OH Akron Margaret A. Gray Alvada Susanne Overmier Amherst Craig & Julie Coughlin Mr. & Mrs. Alan Szucs Archbold Mr. & Mrs. Greg Grime

A. F. Lehmkuhl Mr. & Mrs.Dave McElwain Mr. & Mrs. Robert Meyers Mr. & Mrs. Ryan Missler Mr. & Mrs. Larry Ocker Mr. & Mrs. Joe Pifher Irma Ramsey Barbara Reinhart Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Rospert Mr. & Mrs. Donn Rospert Mr. & Mrs. Kenn Rospert Elizabeth Ruppert Mr. & Mrs. John San Gregory Mary M. Scagnetti Mr. & Mrs. Paul Schaffer Virginia Socha Mr. & Mrs. Herman Studer Mr. & Mrs. Al Valko Anna B. Williams Berkey Mr. & Mrs. John Fritsch Mr. & Mrs. Don Fritsch Berlin Heights

Bryan Mr. & Mrs. Denny Breneman

Theresa Becker Jeannette Wannemacher Mr. & Mrs. Tom Ward

Burgoon Mary Gutschalk Mr. & Mrs. Tim Haubert Mr. & Mrs. Herbert Hoffman Mr. & Mrs. Joe Ochs

Clyde Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Baker Mr. & Mrs. Rich Eshleman Marie Fisher Mr. & Mrs. Dick Karr Mary C. Nickell George Pickett Mary L. Willer

Cambridge Mr. & Mrs. Mark Chismar Canfield Mr. & Mrs. Bill Pfahler Carey Isabelle Brodman Cheryl Kimmet Castalia Mr. & Mrs. Greg Grime Christine Hacker Mr. & Mrs. Paul E. Veleba Celina Clara R. Fleck Louise Hinders

Arlington Sharon Kidd Ashland Mr. & Mrs. Jack Smith Attica Mr. & Mrs. Bob Langjahr Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Schank Mr. & Mrs. Harold A. Walliser

Coldwater Robert J. Hempfling Collins Mary Caley Karen Chaffin Columbus Ned Braun Mr. & Mrs. Mitchel Gruesen Anita Lantz Roland-Jake Paredes Thomas Pflieger Sam F. Schillaci Mr. & Mrs. Dale Smith Mr. & Mrs. John Sumner Clarice Sutter Donald S. Woessner Columbus Grove Mr. & Mrs. Alan Begg Mr. & Mrs. Mike Fortman Mr. & Mrs. Ken Rieman Leonard Rieman Darren Siefker Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Siefker

Aurora Mr. & Mrs. John P. Haslinger Avon Sheila Kloc Eugene Micinski Joan M. Sutter Avon Lake Ellen McFadden Barberton James Peresta Phyllis Peresta Beavercreek Frank Campanile Bellbrook Don Frericks Belle Center William & Eileen Halter Bellevue Mr. & Mrs. Ed Bartl Mr. & Mrs. George Beery Agnes E. Bogner Mary Bollenbacher Harold Bumb Mr. & Mrs. John Daiello Mr. & Mrs. James DePolo Kathleen Dick Mr. & Mrs. Biagio Fontana Mrs. James L. Furlong Ruth Ann Hay Carol Hemker Elizabeth Houle Joan Knight Mr. & Mrs. Ken Krupp Rev. Robert Kunisch

Dining Room clean-up volunteers: (from left) Jordan Conrad, and Alexis Grace from NDA; A. J. Coleman of Perrysburg; and Matt Mowka from CCHS. Mr. & Mrs. Dick Mittendorf Bluffton Mr. & Mrs. Dave Hoffer Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Sehlhorst Marcia Thomas Botkins Mr. & Mrs. Nelson Schaub Bowling Green Richard Bosak Mr. & Mrs. Charles Boyk Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Coburn Joseph Knippen Mr. & Mrs. Charles Konecny Janice (Dunlap) LaBine Mr. & Mrs. Larry Lamont Dr. & Mrs. Mike Lemon Mr. & Mrs. Richard Mertes Bradford Mr. & Mrs. Louis Reindel Brecksville John P. Trudeau

Emma Klosterman Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Rable Mary Agnes Studer Centerville Mr. & Mrs. Paul Labbe Mr. & Mrs. George Schlotterer Mr. & Mrs. Tom Wheeler

Continental Charles L. Warnimont

Convoy Mr. & Mrs. Todd Wehner Crestline Eugene Rietschlin Mr. & Mrs. Edgar Sutter Rosemary Sutter Mr. & Mrs. George Young

Chardon Constance Orosz Wagoner

Curtice Helene Mominee Rev. Raymond Sheperd

Cincinnati Paul Ruffing Mr. & Mrs. Robert Ruffing Mr. & Mrs. Robert Stevie Marilyn Young

Cuyahoga Falls Mr. & Mrs. Kyle O’Dell Michael Turby Dayton Karl A. Keyes

Circleville Mr. & Mrs. Terrell Richmond

Defiance Mr. & Mrs. Richard E. Boff Mr. & Mrs. Omer Elwer Carol Gable Mr. & Mrs. James Meier Virginia M. Rath St. John the Evangelist Parish St. Mary Parish

Cleveland L’Arche-Cleveland, Inc. Ann Mace Cleveland Heights Joan M. Zoltanski Cloverdale


St. Michael’s Ridge Parish Mr. & Mrs. Floyd Stites Georgiana Wagner Mr. & Mrs. Paul Wagner Francis E. Weber Delphos Mr. & Mrs. Charles Ardner Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Ardner Mr. & Mrs. Charles Ashby Mr. & Mrs. Paul Baumgarte Mary Jo Becker Jane Beckman Mary Elizabeth Beckmann Mr. & Mrs. Jim Benfield Mr. & Mrs. Claude A. Bergfeld Mr. & Mrs. Donald J. Bergfeld Betty Birkmeier Bettie Bohnlein Eileen Bonifas Rosella Bonifas Doris Brotherwood Mr. & Mrs. James Buettner Tom & Irma Buettner Mr. & Mrs. Frederick Calvelage Mr. & Mrs. Jim Calvelage Catholic Daughters of America Court #707 Mr. & Mrs. Tony Closson Chuck & Maryalice Davey Joyce A. Day Mr. & Mrs. Ken Dickrede Mary Dienstberger Mr. & Mrs. Dave Drerup Mr. & Mrs. Tim Drewyore Mr. & Mrs. Keith Dukes Richard Dukes Deb Elwer Mr. & Mrs. Geroge Ervin Marciel Etzkorn Gerald L. Fischer Mr. & Mrs. Vern Fischer Dorothy A. Fisher Mr. & Mrs. Harry Flanagan Martha Flanagan Sharon K. Fuller Mr. & Mrs. Chuck Geise Mr. & Mrs. Roger Geise Mr. & Mrs. Earl Gerdeman Mr. & Mrs. Herb Gerdeman Rev. Jacob Gordon Mr. & Mrs. Paul Grilliot Mr. & Mrs. Don Grothouse Mr. & Mrs. Philip Hablitzel Rose Hanf Lou Anna Hanshumaker Mary Hasselschwert Donald G. Helmkamp Paul Hemker Margaret Hesseling Mr. & Mrs. Denny Hickey Wilma F. Humpert Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Huysman Diana Ireland Charles Kaverman Mr. & Mrs. Darrol Keck


NDA graduate, Audrey Warner with her daughter Dana and foster son. Dana said, “I’ve been coming to FamilyFest for a very long time. I’m eight!” The Warners live in Waterville. Mr. & Mrs. Ken Kill Mary K. Kill Joyce Kill Vernon R. Kill Joyce Klausing Mr. & Mrs. John B. Kramer Krendl Machine Co., Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Bill Kroeger Kenneth C. Kundert Margaret A. Lause Mary Ann Lisk Mr. & Mrs. Carl Maas Scott Markward Mr. & Mrs. Bill Massa Mr. & Mrs. Larry McClure Mary Jeannette Menke Barbara Mesker Beatrice Miller Burl G. Morris Karen A. Morris Mr. & Mrs. Robert Mueller Mr. & Mrs. John Odenweller Mr. & Mrs. Terry Odenweller Betty Osting Mrs. Ronald Patton LaDonna Peterson Alice Pohlman Mr. & Mrs. Dave Pohlman John R. Pohlman Louise E. Pohlman Mr. & Mrs. Paul Pohlman Helen Pothast Kathleen Richardson Mr. & Mrs. Gary Ricker Ken Rode Patrick A. Rode Charles A. Rohrbacher Rita Scherger Mr. & Mrs. Leo Schmelzer Viola M. Schmit Alfred Schmit Alice Schmit Darlene Schulte Mr. & Mrs. Bob Schulte

Serra Club of Delphos Mr. & Mrs. William Shobe Eloise V. Shumaker Leonard Smith St. John the Evangelist Parish Mr. & Mrs. Nathan Stant Linda D. Stemen Mary L. Thitoff Mr. & Mrs. John Trentman Mr. & Mrs. Robert Ulm Irene H. Utrup Norma

Vonderembse Marilyn J. Wagner Mr. & Mrs. Ron Wagner Janet A. Warniment Mr. & Mrs. Larry Webb Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Weger Mr. & Mrs. James Wellmann Mr. & Mrs. John Wellmann Alfreda Wieging Roger D. Wilhelm Mary Beth Will Virginia Will Ken Wise Mary Lou Wrocklage Mary C. Young Delta Barbara J. Vidra Deshler Mr. & Mrs. Mike Knueven Edgerton Mr. & Mrs. Ronald S. Lingvai Edon Louann M. Dulle Elida Susan Dew Mr. & Mrs. Frank Mueller Mr. & Mrs. Gene Rayman Mr. & Mrs. Ed Rieman Peggy Rizor Mr. & Mrs. Earl Sherrick Elmore Bill Bundy Elyria Mr. & Mrs. Bill Haney Mr. & Mrs. Chris Snyder Findlay Bona Betz Mr. & Mrs. Doug Conine Mr. & Mrs. Richard F.

Edelbrock Carolyn Fisher Dolores Gatliff Mr. & Mrs. Bob Gatliff Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Goshe Mr. & Mrs. Ed Hartzell Mr. & Mrs. Denny Jolliff Mr. & Mrs. Francis K. Kill Monica Messmer David Meyer Jane Morrin Betty L. Myers Mr. & Mrs. Tom Recker Mr. & Mrs. William Recker Mr. & Mrs. Dan Rieman Karis M. Schroeder Mr. & Mrs. LeRoy L. Schroeder Lucille Siebeneck Charlene Spitan Karl A. Streacker Virginia Weissling Mr. & Mrs. Eric Wentz Marie Youngpeter Fort Jennings James C. Buettner Helen Clementz Mr. & Mrs. Gale Elwer Mr. & Mrs. George Knebel Eda Kohls Harold Krietemeyer Diana Wrasman Fostoria Carolyn Baker Becky Baker Betty Beaston Janice Benshoff Rita J. Binkley Nannette Bodart Annabelle Bouillon Haydee M. Bradner Mr. & Mrs. Jack Brubaker Marilyn Bugner Mr. & Mrs. Ray Burns Kathryn Carrel Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Chaney Louise Collins Geraldine V. Coppus Corporate One Benefits Agency, Inc. Alice Daugherty Sara Dotson Mary Lou Droll Mary M. Droll Leah M. Evans Joella Feasel Michael J. Foos Mr. & Mrs. Matt J. Fox Mr. & Mrs. Donald Frankart Mary Frankart Mildred R. Gallant Dr. & Mrs. Steve Geroski Sam A. Guillen Mr. & Mrs. Samuel J. Guillen Mr. & Mrs. Phil Helterbrand Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Henley Connie Hoening Mr. & Mrs. Roger Holman Mr. & Mrs. Tom Kramb Mr. & Mrs. Gerald King Mr. & Mrs. Frank Kinn Marylin Kinn Mr. & Mrs. Lyle E. Lahman

Jane C. Lonsway Barbara L. Marley Mr. & Mrs. Donald Mennel Donald P. Miller Jane Munger Mr. & Mrs. Eric Nye Mr. & Mrs. Gene Ochs Mr. & Mrs. Laszlo Papp John A. Pocs Joseph Z. Pocs Reineke Ford, Inc. William F. Reineke Carl Reiter Mary Ellen Row Floyd Rumschlag Mr. & Mrs. Gerard Rumschlag Mr. & Mrs. Gene Schalk Rita Schultz Paul Seebon Frederick Smith St. Wendelin High School St. Wendelin Parish Mr. & Mrs. Herbert J. Thibodeau Rose Turner Mary VanCuran Mr. & Mrs. Herm Vande Kerkhoff Rev. Nicholas Weibl Eleanor Wenzke Steve Williams Richard L. Zeyen Frankfort Delbert Glandon Family Franklin Mr. & Mrs. Robert Link Fredericktown Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Dembinski Fremont Bernard L. Bartson Mary Beaston Helen Beier Mr. & Mrs. Joe Beier Carol Bender Mr. & Mrs. Thomas L. Bennison Susan Borkovich Linda Burkett Tom Burns Linda M. Carnicom Mr. & Mrs. Richard Chamberlain Mr. & Mrs. Robert Cominsky Mr. & Mrs. Albert D. Cook Marsha Cook Cristo Rey Center Mr. & Mrs. Bill Cronin Genevieve Dorobek Rosalie A. DuPont Mr. & Mrs. Edward J. Eberly Mr. & Mrs. Henry Einsel Mr. & Mrs. Larry Fisher Mr. & Mrs. Herbert Foos Richard Foos Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Freeh Henrietta C. Gabel Mr. & Mrs. Herb Gabel Mr. & Mrs. Gary Godfred Mr. & Mrs. Joe Gottron

Mike Haaser Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Halm John T. Halm Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Hammer Mr. & Mrs. Jim Hammer Dale Haslinger Muriel Haynes Jan Hazen Mr. & Mrs. Jody Herberling Mr. & Mrs. Paul J. Hoffman Mr. & Mrs. Daniel A. Jenkins Mr. & Mrs. Chris Knight Lawrence Kramer John & Alison Lauer Arlene Lenhart

Streacker Kay Szymanowski Mr. & Mrs. Paul C. Wagner Margie Wasserman Judy Weickert Mr. & Mrs. Don Widman Mr. & Mrs. Geoff Wizgird Mr. & Mrs. Tom Wolf Jack Yeager Mr. & Mrs. Albert Zamora Gahanna Mr. & Mrs. James Arens Mr. & Mrs. William Stehle Galena Susan Laudick

Mr. & Mrs. Rolland Drown

Mr. & Mrs. Evan Sager

Greenville Mr. & Mrs. Dean Pflieger

Kalida Thomas Erhart Mr. & Mrs. Gary Maag

Greenwich Mr. & Mrs. Don Eastman Grove City Steven M. Dorsey Family Dr. & Mrs. Art Schmit Grover Hill Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Miller Hamilton Mr. & Mrs. David Ellerbrock Paula Recker Mr. & Mrs. Robert Tenley Helena Mr. & Mrs. Richard Foos Mr. & Mrs. Ryan Reinhart Hilliard Brenda Nieman Holgate Margaret Elchinger Donald L. Smith

Holland Mr. & Mrs. Darrell Alt Mr. & Mrs. Jim Bayer Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Beyer Laurie and Rich St. John with Sr. Janet Marie Smith. Their The Kevin Burke Family children attended Ladyfield and they’ve only missed one Mr. & Mrs. FamilyFest in 21 years! William Clark Mr. & Mrs. John Lonsway Kathleen Connell Galion Mr. & Mrs. Jack Mayle Designetics Mr. & Mrs. Gary Adkins Kathy McCartney Mr. & Mrs. Paul Fago Genoa Dr. M. Scott Mead Jacalyn Flom Genoa Chevrolet Viola Mehling Mr. & Mrs. Harold G. Genoa Motors Mr. & Mrs. Eugene R. Miller Hoffman Mr. & Mrs. Robert Meng Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Miller Lynn M. Konoff Giles Molyet & Anne Thomas J. Mehelas Germantown Karcher-Molyet Lisa Kahle-Piasecki Renee Raisch Mr. & Mrs. Norbert Molyet Patrick Rohen Gibsonburg Mosser Construction, Inc. Sperling Heating & Marie Burkhart Mr. & Mrs. Robert Moyer Ventilating Co, Inc. Janet Diab Mr. & Mrs. Paul Naderer The Honey Baked Ham Co. Mr. & Mrs. Sam Gruner Bernard Nause Hudson Helen Kirsch Flavia A. Null Joseph J. Patay Mary E. Kohler Tom Ochs Mr. & Mrs. Larry Schmersal Mr. & Mrs. Scott Pertner Pat Picciuto Mr. & Mrs. James Reed Dr. & Mrs. Mark Pickett Huntsville JoAnne Ruggiero Pueblo de Obras Mr. & Mrs. Dan Niese Susie Rusher Mr. & Mrs. Rich Reineck Huron St. Michael Parish Rev. Omer Rethinger Ann Ball Marilyn Rhineberger Grand Rapids Mr. & Mrs. Gene Brandle Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Rich Lawrence G. Albright Terry Diso Rev. Edward Schleter Suzanne Rosa Mr. & Mrs. Greg Frisch Mr. & Mrs. Jim Seiler Rev. David D. Tscherne Mr. & Mrs. Terry Graham Mr. & Mrs. Gerard Shondell Sally L. Holt Granville Janet Sloma William E. Kaman Mr. & Mrs. Don Miller Joyce A. Smith Mr. & Mrs. Richard Keller Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Spader Graytown Christine Norton St. Ann Parish Mr. & Mrs. James E. Mabel Opper St. Joseph Parish Roberts Mr. & Mrs. Gene Rospert Louise D. Stout Mr. & Mrs. Bud Rospert Green Springs Mr. & Mrs. Edward

Kansas Carolyn Davidson Kettering Virginia Cadwell Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Limes Kirby Mr. & Mrs. Bernard C. Boes Kirtland Mr. & Mrs. Mike Srsen Lacarne Bar-B-Que Traveler, Inc. Lakeside Marblehead Andrew J. Walko Leipsic Mr. & Mrs. Dick Bellman Mr. & Mrs. Keith Dewar Bernard Ellerbrock Mr. & Mrs. Orville Ellerbrock Theresa Ellerbrock Alice C. Gable Mr. & Mrs. Elmer Gable Teresia A. Gerten Mr. & Mrs. Richard Haselman Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas Inkrott Mr. & Mrs. Tom Inkrott Helen Kaufman Gertrude Knueven Mr. & Mrs. Rich Kohls Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Kreinbrink Joan Kreinbrink Patricia A. Kreinbrink Mr. & Mrs. Walter Maag Patricia J. Meyer Mr. & Mrs. Richard Meyer Patricia J. Newell Mr. & Mrs. Art Niese Mr. & Mrs. Bernie Niese Connie Niese & Family Mr. & Mrs. Gerald L. Niese Mr. & Mrs. Virgil L. Niese Mr. & Mrs. William F. Niese Lou Ann Noone Mr. & Mrs. Richard Pfahler Mr. & Mrs. Charles Recker Mr. & Mrs. Rick Recker Lucille Sands Mr. & Mrs. Cleo Schroeder The Schroeder Family Mr. & Mrs. Denny Schroeder Mr. & Mrs. Max Schroeder Mr. & Mrs. Ottie Schroeder St. Mary Parish St. Mary’s School Very Rev. George Wenninger Mary Jane Willhelm Mr. & Mrs. Don Zeller Lewis Center Mr. & Mrs. David Pemberton Lima Thomas L. Ahman

Philip Albano Rev. David Beck Sheila J. Bohn Nicholas W. Bucci Douglas Daley Mr. & Mrs. Dick Gibson Sue Groves Alouise M. Heck Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Hollar Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Kidd Nancy Leatherman Mr. & Mrs. Ross McCain Mr. & Mrs. Michael McKowen Alice Missler Henrietta Otto Mary V. Porreca Mr. & Mrs. F. William Power Mr. & Mrs. John Recker Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Say Serra Club of Lima Joan Stolly The AR-HALE Family Foundation Barbara Verhoff Mr. & Mrs. Greg Wannemacher Frank Wellmann Patricia Williams Lorain Al Miller Louisville Mr. & Mrs. Edward Donovan Luckey Mr. & Mrs. Walter D. Reinbolt Maineville Barbara Bonifas Mansfield Cynthia A. Dorsey Norma J. Dorsey Mr. & Mrs. Fred Haag Mr. & Mrs. Mark Hoffman Mr. & Mrs. Mitchell Kirkbride Stella Sutter Marblehead Grace Kopchak Mr. & Mrs. Dick Monak Rev. Daniel Ring The Lighthouse Resort Mr. & Mrs. David Young Marion Robert Walczak Marysville Rick Michalak Massillon Mary Briner Maumee Jeannette Biro Beatrice M. Boellner Mr. & Mrs. Michael V. Brazeau Mr. & Mrs. Jim Burns Mr. & Mrs. Charles Carr Commercial Comfort Systems Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Paul Conrad Belinda M. Costin


Burgard Sisters: Sr. Mary Kent, Sr. Mary Dale and Sr. Mary Ross with friends Don and Caroline Francis. Caroline is an NDA graduate and she and Don have been coming to FamilyFest for a long time and have known the sisters since her years at St. Ann’s Parish. Mr. & Mrs. Jack Eggl Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Farrell Ron Ferenchak Mr. & Mrs. Michael Gill Mr. & Mrs. Walt Graff Mr. & Mrs. John Granata Jean Holler Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Jankowski Leo Kazmierczak Ernestine Koontz Mr. & Mrs. Paul Kraus Mr. & Mrs. Melvin Kwiatkowski Maumee Valley Glass & Mirror, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Larry McHale Mr. & Mrs. Patrick McNamara Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Menacher Thomas J. Mitchell David J. Moser Jane Howe O’Shea Mr. & Mrs. Charles Pauken Walter B. Pauly Mr. & Mrs. Ken Samson Mr. & Mrs. Robert Schmitt St. Joseph Parish Caroline Sybert The Anderson’s, Inc. Toledo ENT, Inc Melvin Tomaszewski Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Wagener Mr. & Mrs. Robert Ziehr Mr. & Mrs. Francis Zigray Mr. & Mrs. Joe Zigray Mayfield Heights Rebecca Bartel Mary Lippert Medina Mr. & Mrs. Ed Bugner Mr. & Mrs. Les Durand


Mentor Rich Koenig Family Metamora Mr. & Mrs. Albert Baker Regina Langenderfer Middleburg Heights Maria Babula Catherine (Bugner) Noga Milan Mr. & Mrs. Ted Clark Marcus E. French Mr. & Mrs. Clifford Scheid Mary Ellen Yontz Millbury Nancy Fisher Miller City St. Nicholas Parish Monclova Dolores B. Eberly Joan Schwartz Mr. & Mrs. Ed Shabnow Mr. & Mrs. Stephen H. Verhoff Monroeville Kathryn Camp Mary Dreschel Frank J. Gies Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Gravenhorst Dorothy Hauler Esther Hauler Mr. & Mrs. Ken Landoll Juanita Link Mr. & Mrs. Dave Mahl Mr. & Mrs. James L. Meyer Mr. & Mrs. Raymond J. Myers Mr. & Mrs. Paul Ott Evelyn A. Ruffing St. Joseph Parish Catherine A. Tyler Mr. & Mrs. Maurice Wensink

Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Wilhelm Montpelier Donald J. Imm Morrow Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Brausch Mount Vernon Vannessa Reineke Eileen Ruffing Mr. & Mrs. James Zeyen Napoleon Mary Anne Bernicke Very Rev. Daniel Borgelt Barbara Cochran Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Gunter Mark Kryling Mr. & Mrs. John Lymanstall Ann Schnitkey Nevada Barb Ruth New Bavaria Dorothy Swary New Riegel Dan Borer Mr. & Mrs. Fred Elchert Harold Ulman New Washington Ann Pflieger Teresa A. Phillips Mr. & Mrs. Eldon Young North Canton Jean Ashenfelter Kayser North Ridgeville Mr. & Mrs. Edmund Lis Northwood Randy Kozina Douglas Njaim Hazel Pollauf Mr. & Mrs. James Rathke

Norwalk Mr. & Mrs. Dick Alge Mr. & Mrs. John Alt Norbert Barman The David Bleile Family Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Cardwell Rita Cecil Belen Cornelio Mr. & Mrs. Doyle D. Cutnaw Florence & Barbara Doughty Winnie Ely Mr. & Mrs. Ken Fries Margaret E. Fritz Mr. & Mrs. Denny Furlong Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Furlong Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Gates Mr. & Mrs. Jim Goostree Helen Hackathorn Martin Hanke Mary & Jerome Hettel Mary Hickey Mr. & Mrs. Charles J. Hipp Connie Hipp Mr. & Mrs. Gerard C. Hipp Jeff Hipp Mr. & Mrs. John Hipp Mr. & Mrs. Paul Hipp Mr. & Mrs. John Hofacker Mary Lou Hohler Lois Hug Donald Klausing Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Kline Mr. & Mrs. Vernon Kluding Margaret Kromer Mr. & Mrs. Carl Laface Albert Lindenberger Mr. & Mrs. Richard Mahl Rita McFadden Mr. & Mrs. Neil McFadden Mr. & Mrs. Tom McLaughlin Mr. & Mrs. John Miller Viola Missler Mary Hirbe Mushett Irene L. Newberger Mary Nickoli Marilyn T. Pennington Mr. & Mrs. Jack Peters Phil Leak Company Terri Porter Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Reichert Sharon Renneckar Rose Riedy Mr. & Mrs. John Riley Rev. Benedict Ringholz Mr. & Mrs. Richard Rospert Mr. & Mrs. Steve Rospert Mr. & Mrs. Tom Rospert Mr. & Mrs. Bill Rospert Mr. & Mrs. Scott Scavuzzo Donald A. Schaffer Mr. & Mrs. John Schaffer Mr. & Mrs. Frank Schnellinger John E. Schumm Mr. & Mrs. Steve Schumm Mary Simon Smith Paving & Excavating, Inc. Kenneth L. Spaar Dr. & Mrs. Robert Spettel St. Mary, Mother of the Redeemer Parish

Mr. & Mrs. Paul Stieber Mr. & Mrs. Bob Stieber Ruthann Stocker Mr. & Mrs. John Stofira The Truchon Family The Walton Family Mr. & Mrs. John Weisenberber Mr. & Mrs. Jim Westerhold Delores Wheeler Theresa Wilhelm Oak Harbor Marcie Daft Jeff Hurlbut Mary Lou Krasniewski Roselyn Kuhn Ohio City Darrell Wieging Oregon Mr. & Mrs. Kenny Boes Ruth Bundy Hubert S. Farmer Mr. & Mrs. Richard Fournier Marge Gibbons William Jaco Mary Ann Joldrichsen Mr. & Mrs. Danny Knopp Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Kwiatkowski Maumee Bay Resort & Conference Center Mr. & Mrs. Dan Peacock Mr. & Mrs. Emery Perlaky Mary C. Pirolli Michael Pirolli Mr. & Mrs. Edward Pollauf Mr. & Mrs. George Pollauf Mr. & Mrs. Melvin Reeder Rev. J. Michael Ricker Mr. & Mrs. Harry Roberts Laura Scothern Evelyn Sindicic Mary Ann (Dumas) Suto Joanne Toth Caroline Tscherne Arthur Westrick The Wilhelm Family Barbara Zatko Ottawa Mr. & Mrs. Norbert Bockrath & Family Mr. & Mrs. Bob Buckland Rosaline Buescher Elaine Christy Mr. & Mrs. Richard Coressel Mr. & Mrs. Harold Ellerbrock Anna Gonzalez Rosella Karhoff Eileen Kohls Mr. & Mrs. Don Leingang Margie E. Meier Mr. & Mrs. Chris Pfahler Mr. & Mrs. Richard Rieman Mr. & Mrs. Ott Schnipke Marie Schroeder Thomas Wenzlick Mr. & Mrs. Bob Williams Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Wischmeyer

Parma Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Shepherd Paulding Mr. & Mrs. Daniel R. Arend Jose Lopez Mr. & Mrs. Robert Miller Mr. & Mrs. Don Phlipot Doris Phlipot Payne Mr. & Mrs. John Morse Pemberville Mary J. Asmus Mr. & Mrs. Bruce M. Hankins Perrysburg Mr. & Mrs. Keith Aschemeier Mr. & Mrs. James Bancroft Bennett Enterprises Phyllis Bojarski Mr. & Mrs. George Booth Mary F. Brigode Mr. & Mrs. Chad Culpert Mary A. Damschroder Anita Fackelamn Mr. & Mrs. Terry Furlong Sharonkae Hammon Mr. & Mrs. Jack Hoeflinger The Horlamus Family Rev. Joseph Jaros Rev. Gerald E. Knueven Mr. & Mrs. Jim Lagger Rev. Thomas Leyland Mr. & Mrs. Tom McNamee Mr. & Mrs. Bill Palicki Robert Sattler Dr. & Mrs. Andrew Seiwert Elwood Shannon Mr. & Mrs. Fred Sneider Judy Sterrett Torrence Sound Equipment Co. Susanne V. Conrad Twining Bernard J. Weis Piqua Mr. & Mrs. Jim Koenig Plain City Mr. & Mrs. Ed Stransky Port Clinton Dr. & Mrs. Robert J. Gedert Mr. & Mrs. William Glovinsky Mr. & Mrs. Carl Harden Micheal Hayes Rev. James E. Peiffer Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Rectenwald Mr. & Mrs. Greg Schill Mr. & Mrs. Jim Snyder Mr. & Mrs. Pete Spieldenner Powell Mary Pat Borgess Prospect Alice Reineke Put In Bay Carol Cerny Anne Spettle

Ravenna Richard G. Esser Risingsun Mary Ellen Werner Rocky River Rev. John T. Ostrowski Rossford All Saints Parish Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Badik Timothy B. Davenport Rev. Kent Kaufman Mr. & Mrs. Vince Langevin James Lippert Mr. & Mrs. John F. Martis Joseph Nycz Nancy A. Stearns Bernadette Sox Mr. & Mrs. Larry Tremsky Paulette Zatko

Mary Lou McKillips Mr. & Mrs. Joseph McPeek David Mehling Jack Mesner Phyllis Miller Mr. & Mrs. Karl Moll Louise F. Moos Mr. & Mrs. Greg Moses & Family Julia Olah Betty Ott Mr. & Mrs. Henry G. Pfanner Anthony J. Pomerson Mr. & Mrs. Jim Powers Mr. & Mrs. Owen Reed Mr. & Mrs. Bob Rengel Mr. & Mrs. Dean Renwand Mr. & Mrs. Ned Riedy Mr. & Mrs. Chuck Riesterer Rev. Stephen Rogers June Rupp Geriann Sartor Dr. & Mrs. Jim Scherger Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence R. Sennish Mr. & Mrs. Charles Singler Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Sloma Marilyn Zehringer Snedden Mr. & Mrs. Charles Stanley Mr. & Mrs. Robert Subcasky Lucille D. Van Tine Albert Windau Irene Wohlever Bette Wolfram Mr. & Mrs. Bryce York Evelyn C. Zeller

Sandusky Mr. & Mrs. John W. Bauer Thomas Beverick Mr. & Mrs. Howard Bond Mr. & Mrs. Larry Craft Joanne Cross Monica Deubel Mr. & Mrs. John Didion Mr. & Mrs. Joe Faggionato John S. Fenton Robert Fischer Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Fitz Mr. & Mrs. George Fitzthum Mr. & Mrs. James G. Foos Martha & Dan Gerold Mr. & Mrs. Robert Grad Mr. & Mrs. Elmer Grahl Mr. & Mrs. Jack Grathwol Shaker Heights Mr. & Mrs. Kyle Grathwol Elsie Lis Mr. & Mrs. Lou Grathwol Mr. & Mrs. D. James Green Shelby Ruth Guendelsberger Mr. & Mrs. Harold Alt Bill & Anne Guendelsberger Mary A. Fisher Miriam I. Hemminger Stephen Keller Dena Heyman Knights of Columbus Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Hippler Council #1968 Holy Angels Parish Regine Kreim Kalahari Waterpark Resort Mr. & Mrs. Steve Metzger & Convention Center Mr. & Mrs. Edward Moore Patricia Kessler Joan Kessler Jack N. Klein Mr. & Mrs. William M. Kramer Carole Kromer Mr. & Mrs. Elmer Kromer Arthur G. Krouse Francis D. Link Mr. & Mrs. Jerold Luby Eleanor L. Mayer Mr. & Mrs. Faber McKenna Cindy Morrin from Erie, MI and Claire

Most Pure Heart of Mary Parish Mr. & Mrs. Charles Schroeder Mr. & Mrs. Dale Schroeder David Willman Mr. & Mrs. George Willman Elizabeth J. O’Neill South Euclid Mary K. Evans Spencerville Mary B. Etzkorn Kathy Hittle Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Kill Mr. & Mrs. Albert Lammers St. Patrick Parish Springfield Mr. & Mrs. Charles Robinson Steubenville Ed Pestian Stryker Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Grime Stanley R. Shaffer Swanton David Brick Barbara Gorsha Nova Haas Holy Trinity Catholic Parish Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Jankowski June V. King Mr. & Mrs. Basil Langenderfer Mr. & Mrs. Robert Mossing Robert Pilliod Mr. & Mrs. Charles Shipley Rosalie Snyder Subway c/o H. & W. Enterprises Swan Creek Candle Co. Sylvania Amazing Smiles Bob Arquette Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Baier Richard M. Bradfield Theresa R. Brint

Ohns enjoy the kids crafts.

Suzanne F. Casper Mr. & Mrs. Todd Cermak Mr. & Mrs. Albert Croci Dental Health Associates John A. Devany Rosemarie Duszynski Employee Benefits Consulting Group LLC Mr. & Mrs. Richard Faist Mr. & Mrs. Don Hengy Mr. & Mrs. Paul Hood Mr. & Mrs. Dick Hoppe Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Joyce Mr. & Mrs. Jim Kesting Sr. Ann Francis Klimkowski, OSF/S Dawn Koehl James Konicki Mr. & Mrs. Dan Liebrecht & Family Sr. Nancy Linenkugal Jeffrey D. Long Lourdes University Denise M. McHue Mr. & Mrs. John McHugh Beverly Miller Mr. & Mrs. Leroy Parks Dorothy Parton Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Peer Kelly Pike Mr. & Mrs. Ed Priebe Mr. & Mrs. Richard Priebe James J. Richard Mr. & Mrs. Don Robinson Mary Kate Savage Virginia A. Seeman Kathryn Shortridge Judith Sloan Mr. & Mrs. Barry Steineman Barbara Stevens Liz Stover Linda Sullivan Ed Swin The Kroger Company Toledo Surgical Specialists, Inc. Tom Wylie Tiffin Paula Daniel Paul C. Fisher Mr. & Mrs. Gene Heyman Frances G. Hipp Mary Ellen Kennedy Mr. & Mrs. Randy Link Mr. & Mrs. Ron Link Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Molyet John W. Omlor Mr. & Mrs. Dave Pflieger Mr. & Mrs. Robert Reinhart Marsha L. Rutherford Mr. & Mrs. Delbert Schank Mr. & Mrs. Duane Schank Richard Scheiber Very Rev. Dennis A. Schroeder Virgil F. Studer Catherine Tiell Robert J. Traunero Tipp City Mr. & Mrs. Paul Westcott


Tiro Mr. & Mrs. Dick Shell

Donna Kwik-LeFebvre Elizabeth Lehman Sue Leverenz Toledo Sharon Lewis Mr. & Mrs. Samir Abu-Absi Mr. & Mrs. Claude Charles Ackerman Liebrecht Mr. & Mrs. Ed Ahlfors Gloria J. Litten Ann T. Alexander Mary Loch Gaylord Antener William L. Lochotzki Ansted-Schuster Florist Frances M. Long Rita Arite The Lortie Family Mary Ann Arquette Mary Ann Louy Associated Eye Care, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Alan P. Maag Hattie Augustyniak Mac & Al’s Garage, LLC George Baibak Mr. & Mrs. Charles Machala Paul A. Barczak Anna Marie Maher Barry Bagels Mr. & Mrs. James Maier Kathy Barry Mail It Corporation Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Bashaw Delores M. Majka Lenore M. Bates Joanne Malikowski Thomas L. Beard Mr. & Mrs. Tom Manders Rose Biscard Mr. & Mrs. Charles F. Mann Black Diamond Garden Frank P. Manning Center Celine Marciniak William Blackwell Romilio J. Marinelli Mr. & Mrs. Paul Bockstahler Marco’s Pizza, Inc. Cynthia (Strause) Bodziak Maria Early Learning Arline Boes Center Mr. & Mrs. Dennis C. Boes Helen A. Maros Gary Boes Gloria Martin Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Mary Immaculate School Borgia Master Golf Management Carol A. Born Group Mr. & Mrs. Ray Bosch Matthew R. Maley, DDS Regina M. Bowerfind Inc. Mary F. Boyd McDonald’s Restuarant Joanne C. Braun Ursula Mattimore Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Kathleen McNett Brengartner Shirley Mercer Brooks Insurance Agency Michael’s Gourmet Mr. & Mrs. Walter Brown Catering, Inc. The Brunner Family Nancy Miller Eleanor Buckenmeyer Janet Miller Dr. & Mrs. Raymond Kathy M. Miller Buganski Josephine Minogue Mr. & Mrs. Richard Burke Dorothy Mitchell Mr. & Mrs. Hugh Callahan Mr. & Mrs. Michael Moeller Juliana Campos Anna Moore Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Carl James H. Morris Dr. & Mrs. Jack Carroll Franz Morsches Catholic Club Anna M. Mueller Mary Ann Cervi Munger Munger Christ The King & Associates Parish Architects, Inc. Churchill’s Religious William Murtagh Goods Irving A. Myers City of Toledo Fire Jonell R. Neimeyer Department Dr. & Mrs. Richard The Timothy Comer Nelson Family Network Savvy, Mr. & Mrs. Fritz Ltd. Comes Michael J. Niemiec Margaret M. Crippen Notre Dame Jack Cronin Academy Mary Ann Culpert Mr. & Mrs. Frank Patricia M. Danford Nowak Eleanore M. Mr. & Mrs. Bob Darmofal O’Brien Mr. & Mrs. Robert Ohlman Farm & Darmofal Greenhouse, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Les Judge & Mrs. Declercq Marcia Deeb Paul and Carol Stieber from Norwalk, Monroeville St. Joe’s with Thomas Osowik Most Rev. Albert Mr. & Mrs. Frank daughter Bonnie Bollenbacher from Toledo, St. Joan of Arc ( They Ottenweller Dietrich are also relatives of our deceased Sr. Mary Virgin Ott). Mr. & Mrs. Ray Letha Dix


Double ARC Mary A. Dmytryka Beverly Domalski Most Rev. Robert Donnelley John A. Donofrio Drs. Jardin and Buganski, DDS Mary Ann Dudderar Dunbar Mechanical Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Carroll Dunne Jane E. Duross Chester Dyko Mr. & Mrs. Denis Eble Mary Margaret Einhart Engineers, Surveyors & Assoc., LLC Rev. Raymond A. Etzel Elizabeth H. Fackelman Fifth Third Bank Bob Fink Mr. & Mrs. Richard Flasck Janet Florian Mr. & Mrs. Robert Fulop Fyr-Fyter Sales & Service Rose Mary Gabriel Mr. & Mrs. Harold Garling Gerald R. Knierim, DDS Theresa A. Gerold Mr. & Mrs. Tom Gibney Dorothy A. Gillig Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Grathwol Grunwell-Cashero Co. Mr. & Mrs. Larry Hall Barbara Hankenhof Janet Hardy Mr. & Mrs. Richard Harley Mr. & Mrs. Robert Hartman Mr. & Mrs. John Hayward Mary E. Heferle The James Heinl Family Mary Ann Heinl Lucie Heinl-Lukasik Mr. & Mrs. Jim Henahan Mr. & Mrs. Eric Henzler Mr. & Mrs. William Herb Mr. & Mrs. William Heringhaus Mr. & Mrs. Donald Hickey

Sharon A. Hickey Rev. Gregory R. Hite Mr. & Mrs. John Hoff Lois Hoffman Mr. & Mrs. R. Bruce Hohl Mr. & Mrs. Thomas R. Holewinski Chris Reynolds Holliday Sue Hollyday Bernice Holzmann Jim Holzemer Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Holzemer Homewood Press Jonelle Hubbel Immaculate Conception Parish Gerard Jacobs Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Jakutowicz Diane Jarzynski Mr. & Mrs. Chuck Jeffery Jennite Company John Loeb Painting Robert G. Johnson Mary Agnes Kehres Anita E. Kelly Mr. & Mrs. Mark Kelly Edward Kerekes Mr. & Mrs. Mark Ketcham Key Private Bank Alphonse King Lizzette King Mr. & Mrs. Tony King Betty Kirschner George M. Koerber Leonard E. Kreinbrink Mr. & Mrs. Frank Kristie Gerri Kruszynski Winifred Kuk Anne Kumor L. E. Savory Tree Service, Inc. Rosella M. LaLonde Rev. Thomas Landgraff Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Lanigan Rev. John R. Laudick Josephine Lawniczak

Otto Walter R. Palicki Judy M. Paulsen Rose Pawliski Mr. & Mrs. Cloyd Payne Irene Pchalek Mitzi Peatee Janet F. Peatee Pepsi Beverages Co. Charles G. Perdeau Ethel Perdeau Mr. & Mrs. Joe Perz Bernard T. Petee Mr. & Mrs. Frank Petersberger John T. Petroski Mr. & Mrs. Gordon Pfleghaar Mary J. Pilcher Mr. & Mrs. Wm. Player Mr. & Mrs. Tom Pletz Podiatric Associates of NW Ohio, Inc. John E. Polcyn Premier Catering Nancy Presser Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Rajner Alexander Rapp Agnes Rasik Vivian Reardon Mr. & Mrs. Paul Rega Regina Coeli School Margaret Reick Marian M. Rejent Candace Renner Alice Robie Resnick Mr. & Mrs. Paul Roesner Janice Rokicki The Rollison Family Dr. & Mrs. Charles Rowan Carolyn Ruge Edward D. Ruszkiewicz Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish Mr. & Mrs. Robert Savage R. Joyce Scarbrough Mr. & Mrs. Dan Schmitt B. Robert Schneider Mary Grace Sewell Sue Shanahan Lawrence J. Shonebarger Signature Bank, NA Rev. Msgr. Charles E. Singler Smitty’s Automotive Service Mr. & Mrs. Robert Sneider Mr. & Mrs. Richard Sochacki Denise Sparks St. John the Baptist Parish St. Martin de Porres Parish St. Michael the Archangel Parish St. Patrick of Heatherdowns Parish St. Stephen Parish Ruth A. Stang Mr. & Mrs. Dan Staudt Joanne Steinbauer Carol J. Stoll Strain’s Market & Garden Center Strause Refrigeration Inc. Cathleen Stubler Eileen Suplica

Mr. & Mrs. Donald Susan McCueSutter Harris Kathleen Sweeny Philadelphia Sylvania Black Belt Ann Johnson Academy Andy Leonard Mary P. Syvert Geraldine Szkatulski Presto Helen M. Szkatulski Mr. & Mrs. Alice V. Szymanski Charles The Collaborative Barcelona Inc. Southampton The John A. Reger Agnes Hellman Company Szpila The Toledo Williamsport Symphony Mr. & Mrs. Phil Lucretia Thomas Buehrer Marsha Thorburn Rudolph L. Thoreson RI Rose Mary Tiemann Barrington Kathryn Timmers Marian M. Mr. & Mrs. Tom FamilyFest Chicken and Rib dinner Take-out line vounteers include: Extejt Titkemeier Dr. John A. (from left) Barbara Feeley from Oregon, OH, Mike Hohne of MauToledo Clinic Passante mee, Jim Huster and Terrie Huster from Jackson, MI, and Shari Department of SC Rheumatology Hohne. They have been volunteering for more than ten years. Charleston Toledo Elevator & Urbana Charleston Kathleen Metzger Machine Co., Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Cletus Eckert Catholic School Mr. & Mrs. Michael Toledo Museum Of Art Schnapp Toth Industries, Inc. Van Wert Hilton Head Island Dr. & Mrs. Tom Tafelski Elizabeth Toth Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Alvarado Maria Doerr Mr. & Mrs. Brett Warner Mr. & Mrs. Mike Tressler Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Koehl Dr. & Mrs. Robert J. Huss George Wenzlick Gloria Tschappa Mr. & Mrs. Dick Say Mount Pleasant Ruth Mary Westmeyer Ulrich Pinciotti Design Vermilion Suzanne Doscher Group Westerville Mr. & Mrs. Joe Hohman Value City Furniture North Charleston Mr. & Mrs. Tony Klausing Rachel Varkoly Wadsworth St. John Catholic Church Westlake Mary C. Walczak Claudia Ash Pickens Arleen A. Austin Richard Walen Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Ciccone Rowena Sim Mr. & Mrs. Mark Bodnar Evelyn Walsh Wakeman Timothy Gregory Rose Mary Watson TN Ila Fay Provoznik-Arhar Janeearlene Smith Rev. Tom Wehinger Antioch Mr. & Mrs. Jack Burke Martha Welber Whitehouse Terry Dillon Ardith Coe Mr. & Mrs. Tom Welly Bonnie Carle The John Conry Family Crossville Susan Wendt Lial Catholic School Mr. & Mrs. Lamoine Dillon Richard Skeels Virginia Wernimont Gertrude Wenzlick Mr. & Mrs. Pat Grady West Printing Co. Franklin Mr. & Mrs. Paul Hartenstein Willard Walter E. Westmeyer Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas Recker Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Kovach Mildred Perry Mr. & Mrs. Ed Westrick Lucy Lombardi Margaret M. Phillips Jackson Patricia Winkler Ethel Matus Kenneth R. Smith Roxanne Niedbalski John H. Wirries Mr. & Mrs. Paul Matus John R. Wirth Woodville Knoxville Mr. & Mrs. Bob Matus Mr. & Mrs. David Wolfe Mr. & Mrs. James Aldrich Barbara Yosick Mr. & Mrs. Larry Nagy James B. Wozniak Rose Ockenga Worthington Maryville Marilyn Wright Sandra Pecora Tom Rieman Charles Kromer Marlene Yablonovsky Mr. & Mrs. Gust Ristas Sarah Yard Xenia TX Elisabeth Rudy Mr. & Mrs. James Yavorcik Pearl A. Roberts Baytown Mr. & Mrs. Geroge Springer Kate Zawierucha The Gary Fischer Family Yellow Springs Mr. & Mrs. Dave Tansey Phyllis Zielinski Mr. & Mrs. Dan Marion Mr. & Mrs. Mike Tansey El Paso The Zimmerman Family Donita Whitt Mr. & Mrs. Jesse Castillo Mildred Zolg PA

Dolores Mack Mr. & Mrs. Tom Mack Sugar Land Suki C. Schea Waco Mr. & Mrs. Frederick J. Sheedy UT Draper Mr. & Mrs. Barry Andrus Dee Andrus Parowan Mr. & Mrs. Roman Weltin VA Arlington Mr. & Mrs. Robert Gorman Rev. Andrew Krafcik Mr. & Mrs. Dom Machion Ashburn Mrs. John Lawlor Blacksburg M. Catherine Meehan Fairfax Dale Babione Falls Church Mr. & Mrs. Frank Stanonik Great Falls Mr. & Mrs. Dale Ellickson Lynchburg LeAnne Burns Monroe John McLaughlin Reston Candace K. Stewart Richmond Robert Furillo Round Hill Mr. & Mrs. John Spisak Springfield Elizabeth Campbell Timberville David Banks Williamsburg Mr. & Mrs. Donald Haynes WA Renton Susan (Stehle) Ritalahti WI Janesville Mary K. Marzano Mr. & Mrs. John Kitching Madison Michael Palte

Toronto Patricia M. Young

Walbridge Mr. & Mrs. Melvin Eischen

Allentown Mr. & Mrs. Richard Bishop

Fairview Mr. & Mrs. Fred Hansen

Troy John Priebe Mr. & Mrs. Rob Schemmel

Wapakoneta Mr. & Mrs. Donald Keller Shaun Ricker Mr. & Mrs. Bob Scherger Mr. & Mrs. Robert Schmerge

Berwyn Philip A. Sugar

Fort Worth Dr. & Mrs. Victor Boschini Mr. & Mrs. Harold King

Milwaukee Doering Leasing Co. John Gallam Mary K. Marzano

Friendswood Mr. & Mrs. Jim McGinley

Stoughton Dr. & Mrs. Gordon Ladwig

New Holland Kathryn Baker

Granbury Joyce Binkert

Manheim Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Roth

Houston Mr. & Mrs. Fritz Eder Mr. & Mrs. David Harris

WV Kenova Mr. & Mrs. Lance Jackman

Union Virginia Smyers University Heights Mr. & Mrs. Darrell Horwath Upper Sandusky Mr. & Ms. Gene Boes

Waterville Dianne Bednarski Pat Dickey Mr. & Mrs. David Kretz Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Lyions

Lebanon Harold J. & Priscilla J. Gonya


Story Mr. & Mrs. Norman Feck



nnual Report

Operation 2010-2011* Province Report Support and Revenue Other 5%

Donations 16%

Social Security 13%

Salaries 66%

Expenses Personal 12% Lay employees 27%

Medical 9%

1 2 3

Corporate 16% 4

Rent/Utilities 14%

5 6 7 8


Travel 4% Depreciation 14%

Other 4%

Partnership for Mission Office 2010-2011*

Bequests $2,031,475 Mailings 213,262 FamilyFest 110,368 Gifts to Sisters 76,748 Gifts in Kind 58,130 Papua New Guinea 42,200 Gifts for Continuing Care 12,183 Memorials 11,171 Sponsor a Sister 5,015 Other 25 Total $2,560,577

Papua New Guinea 2% Continuing Care 1%

Unrestricted 97%

1 2 3

Gift Restrictions Unrestricted Papua New Guinea Continuing Care Total

$2,506,194 42,200 12,183 $2,560,577 *unaudited


Rest in Peace Sr. Theresa Mary Sr. Theresa Mary Hickey entered Eternal life on August 23, 2011, in her 49th year of religious life. She was known as an optimist and a true friend. Theresa Veronica Hickey was born on June 7, 1942 to Della Rose and Cletus Hickey, the second oldest of seven children in a close-knit family. She grew up in Delphos, Ohio, and attended St. John’s school where she came under the influence of the Sisters of Notre Dame. Touched by the joyful witness of her eighth grade teacher, our deceased Sr. Mary Marciana, Theresa was led to the SND Aspirant School. Upon graduation in 1960 from Notre Dame Academy, she entered the novitiate and was given the name Sr. Mary Cletis after her father. She later returned to her baptismal name, Theresa. Her dream was to serve her sisters in the area of food service, specializing in the area of baking.

Sr. Theresa Mary’s signature recipe was fried egg sandwiches. Her directions: two slices of bread smothered with mayonnaise—but not just any mayonnaise. It had to be Hellman’s. Two fried eggs. Plenty of lettuce. Topped off by a slice of cheese. Then she would say: “Can’t you just taste it!” Her places of ministry included: St. Paul, Norwalk; St. Mary, Sandusky; St. Joesph, Fremont; St. Wendelin, Fostoria, Lial, Whitehouse; St. John, Delphos, Ladyfield, Notre Dame Academy and the Provincial Center in Toledo. She also spent 17 months in food service for the Motherhouse in Rome, Italy. She made it a point to know people by name whether that be SND employees, the grocery personnel at Kroger’s where she shopped, or the valet driver, the registrars and the doctors and nurses at Karmanos Medical Center where

she went for her cancer treatments. She took an interest in their lives and made them feel special. In her journal she spoke of how each morning when she would go to the kitchen, she would look out the window and drink in the beauty of the world and thank God for letting her be a part of the new day. Her daily prayer was that she could leave “heartprints” of love, kindness, patience, joy and a sense of humor with all whom she would meet that day. Theresa Mary had a zest for life. May she rest in peace.

What’s New? The 2011 FamilyFest Raffle winners were: $5,000--Mary Pohlman - Fort Wayne IN; $2,500--Katrina Wisniewski of Muscatine IA; $1,000--Susan Boes Jones of Salem AL; $500--Zachary Stearns of Toledo. Congratulations to all of our winners and ticket sellers. The Toledo Urban Federal Credit Union recently honored Sr. Pamela Marie Buganski and other community members for their support of the Credit Union during the past 15 years.

Notre Dame Gift Shop

The Sisters of Notre Dame have opened a Gift Shop at the Provincial Center right off the main lobby. The shop is open on Monday through Friday from 3:00 - 5:00 p.m. and on Saturday from 2:00 - 4:00 p.m. Jewelry, notecards watercolor and other paintings created by the Sisters of Notre Dame are some of the items featured for sale. Visa and MasterCard are accepted.

Notre Dame Academy (NDA) began its International

Baccalaureate (IB) World School program offering the IB Diploma Program curriculum this fall.

NDA is the first Catholic, all-girls school in Ohio to receive this distinction. “We will have the largest program in northwest Ohio. NDA will offer nine IB courses the first year with an option for 12 the following year. “The biggest advantage of the IB program is its focus on learning. It stresses strong critical thinking skills that will particularly benefit young women who tend to be more creative than critical thinkers. It offers a unique global perspective with students communicating with each other from around the world in different courses,” said Kim Grilliot, Principal. 23

Thank you for your support of the Sisters of Notre Dame! You and your intentions are in our prayers.


Non-profit org. U.S. Postage PAID Toledo, Ohio Permit No. 741

3837 Secor Road Toledo, OH 43623

New members join the SND Associates On October 30, 2011, the Sisters and SND Associates celebrated the tenth anniversary since the Associates were established. Women and men become Associates when they feel a spiritual connectedness to the Sisters of Notre Dame spirituality and charism. Associates usually gather 3-4 times each year and oftentimes express an interest “to be closer to God,” and to strengthen their faith, according to Sr. Mary Rosellyn Theisen and Sr. Karel Marie Schwartz, co-directors of the the program. There are about 100 associates including groups that meet with sisters in Florida and Celina, OH. If you would like to learn more about the SND Associates, contact the Associate office at 419-724-1377.

(Right) New Associates gathered for an evening of reflection at the Provincial Center on October 9, 2011. (from left, back row) Victor Flath, Kate Flath, Diane O’Connor, Linda Justen, Dottie Pienta, Ami Payne, (front) Elizabeth Adjayen and Pat Yeager.

Fall CrossRoads 2011  

Annual Report - Sisters of Notre Dame, Toledo Province

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