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A newsletter published by the Sisters of Notre Dame | Toledo Province | Spring 2013

Teaching and reaching out: expanding our view of the world! Learning a second language isn’t usually an easy task. Teaching English as a second language (ESL) is a ministry that several Sisters of Notre Dame have been involved in for many years. People who come to the USA from other countries are eager to communicate in English and seek instruction to improve their English.

Though adults taking the course are strongly encouraged to know two other languages, the first day for each is still complicated! “There is so much information to gather upon registration, and even though the students are bi-lingual, we have trouble communicating because I do not speak their languages! Everyone helps everyone,” laughed Sr. Mary Marcia.

Sister of Notre Dame Mary Marcia Kiser teaches ESOL (English Speakers of Other Languages) as The course usually runs from part of the Ohio state August until funded Adult Basic June and each “Why don’t you Literacy Education adult is tested (ABLE) program to determine ask me to help offered through the level of you?” Owens Community English they ~ Elisabeth Kuhling to College. Being a know. Sister Hilligonde Wolbring reading specialist says that (SND foundresses, 1850) and a teacher of ESL students can for ten years in the choose to Maumee school system qualified focus on speaking and listening or her to be an ABLE teacher and reading and writing. Most choose substitute.

Sr. Mary Marcia teaches English as a second language in her classroom in west Toledo. speaking and listening. Students also take five field trips so they can learn about our community. Sr. Mary Marcia’s current students come from China, Poland, Peru, Columbia, South Korea, Iraq, Iran, Jordan, Mexico, Siberia, Egypt, Lebanon, Palestine, Africa and Samoa. “We work on pronunciation, vocabulary, spelling, culture, and American history. They also learn about citizenship and basic laws like driving, laws among neighbors, property, utilities, public park usage, and a lot more,” she explained. “Every person has their story about why they are in the USA. To become a citizen one must live here for five years, have $1,200 ($800 is for fingerprinting) for the process and go to the Cleveland immigration office with continued on page 4

Dear Friends: Vol. 23, No. 4, Spring 2013 CrossRoads is published quarterly by the Partnership for Mission Office of the Sisters of Notre Dame, Toledo, Ohio. Its purpose is to create a sense of shared mission among members, family and friends. The title CrossRoads refers to the crossing of paths of our congregation and our friends in the communities where we serve. The “cross” in CrossRoads has special significance in our congregation’s history. Editorial Board Denis Eble Sr. Marilyn Marie Ellerbrock Sr. Mary Ralph Gerdeman George Mezinko Sr. Mary Rosellyn Theisen Sr. Jennifer Marie Zimmerman Editor Teri Bockstahler Correspondence may be sent to: CrossRoads Sisters of Notre Dame 3837 Secor Road Toledo, OH 43623 Phone: 419-479-3093 email: Visit us on the web: Our Mission: Sisters of Notre Dame proclaim God’s goodness and provident care. As disciples of Jesus, we: Create community for mission Nurture faith through education Stand in solidarity with those in need.


Spring is finally here! The Easter season of resurrection reminds us of rebirth and hope . . . hope for our friends, families and all of creation. The Sisters of Notre Dame enjoy serving and connecting with others in our varied ministries, which are alive and well! We continue to be enriched by our teaching experiences because we learn so much from our students. True to our charism, we try to be where we are needed most!

Sr. Mary Delores

Gatliff Teaching English as a second language has become an increasing need in our area, and so our sisters eagerly reach out and offer hope to newcomers. Networking with others and meeting new people expand our view of the world!

We rejoiced with the whole Church on hearing of the election of Pope Francis! We are confident that his spirit of simplicity and concern for the poor will greatly impact the Church and the whole world. Thank you for your support which allows us to give and receive each day from the people we encounter through ministry and prayer. In Notre Dame,

Provincial Superior

News Briefs The NDA Diamond Eagle Award was presented to the Sisters of Notre Dame for outstanding service to Notre Dame Academy, Catholic education and ministries in the Toledo community. In their honor, NDA graduates gave $25,000 in scholarships. (left to right) Sr. Mary Ann Culpert (NDA President), Dr. William Balzer (Past Board Chair), Sr. Mary Delores Gatliff (Provincial Superior), Sr. Mary Carol Gregory (former NDA President and Principal and current Provincial Assistant). Sr. Sally Marie Bohnett and Sr. Constance Marie Suchala appeared in the April 10, 2013, edition of the Toledo Free Press newspaper for the “Wear Blue to Work Day” (promoting child abuse prevention) campaign photograph featuring community leaders. Sr. Sally represented Mercy College and Sr. Constance represented Maria Early Learning Center.

Welcome = Hope!

Calveron has lived in the U.S. since 2001 and says she likes to learn more English because it’s better for her family. “I like to listen and pronounce words correctly. I also like the homework because it helps me learn more. I’m so glad to have this class,” Patricia explained.

Sr. Elizabeth Maria said, “I was a teacher for 25 years, and got away from my Spanish for many years. But I always wanted to work with my Sr. Elizabeth Maria teaches English to Patricia Calveron in Fostoria, OH. people (Latin immigrants). Now Sr. Elizabeth Maria Garcia that I’m teaching English, my welcomes Spanish-speaking Spanish speaking students are immigrants to English classes helping me improve my Spanish. that she teaches as part of her They are my greatest teachers!” role as the Pastoral Assistant in Sr. JoAnn Maria Torti who has Hispanic Ministry at St. Wendelin been teaching English as a second Parish in Fostoria. She has been language since 2004 through St. ministering in Fostoria for three Wendelin, also helps with legal years. She also offers translation documentation for immigrants in assistance when people need help Northwest Ohio. Sr. JoAnn Maria with a doctor visit or on other is a certified occasions. representative Two mornings a week her of the Bureau English class meets; a night class of Immigration will begin soon for those who Appeal (BIA). work during the day. “Watching Since 2005 videos helps participants learn she has pronunciation by repeating words helped many and also helps them learn to read clients with English words. We also practice Sr. JoAnn Maria family-based dialogue in workbooks so they immigration such as adjustment can learn conversational English of status, citizenship, family which is used in daily life,” Sr. petitions, work permits and Elizabeth Maria said. assistance with individual tax ID English class student Patricia numbers.

The Department of Homeland Security requires all documents such as birth certificates to be translated into English and to be notarized. She is also involved with Deferred Action for Child Arrivals (DACA). “In this capacity I’m helping young people who were brought to the U.S. as children, and are now between 15 and 31 years old and need to apply for work permits, drivers licenses and naturalization,” Sr. JoAnn Maria said. “This process protects them from deportation from the U.S. which is usually the only home they have ever known. We are helping to keep families together and treat people with dignity,” she added. Sr. Mary Roseria Helmkamp provides a welcoming presence in the St. Philomena Deanery in Sandusky and Ottawa counties. There are 30 migrant camps in those two counties. “When migrants come to our area they are helped Sr. Mary Roseria with food, clothing, worship services, Mass and confessions,”said Sr. Mary Roseria. Local Hispanics also give sister leads of people who need help, as do agencies like Job & Family Services of Ohio. She mostly works in a social or pastoral capacity and interacts with agencies, writing food pantry slips and getting other basic supplies when migrants arrive in the area. 3

Smiles come in one language!

have taught three or four children from the same family, so I really get to know many parishioners quite well,” she said.

Teaching English as a second language to immigrants in our area is important work for several Sisters of Notre Dame AND teaching Spanish and French to American children is the passion of Sr. Mary Elayne Bockey. Sr. Elayne has been at Fostoria St. Wendelin since 1998 and many times six levels of Spanish or French may be taught, depending on whether students began their language study in junior high. “I have learned that everybody smiles in the same language,” Sr. Mary Elayne said with a smile. Sr. Mary Elayne explained that each part of the year has a different focus in her language classes. “We work on grammar and vocabulary, writing about Spanish or French topics, people and places, and continued from page 1

immigration papers. “I have found my students to be delightful, determined, and friendly towards each other; several soon socialize outside of class. I like to teach and enjoy teaching our language. Broken English can be charming at times because when speaking, they get right to the point,” Sr. Marcia said with a smile. “I also like learning about their countries and their cultures. I also learned some of their fears when students said they would not be in class last November on Election Day, 4

In Spanish V, Sr. Mary Elayne sings a hymn with student Catrina Long to begin class.

even singing songs. Preparing for the national exam is always an important part of the year for the upperclassmen too. “St. Wendelin is a small school that feels like one big family. The people here are great and so are the students. In some cases I

Senior Catrina Long has been taking Spanish from Sr. Mary Elayne for five years. “Sr. Mary Elayne is not boring when it comes to teaching Spanish. Right now I’m starting a project where I’ll be examining two sides of an issue in Spanish. Interviewing Spanish speaking people in our area will be a part of the assignment,” Catrina explained. “I’ll learn a lot through this experience and it will be helpful when I’m studying International Business and Spanish in college,” she added. Sr. Mary Elayne says her favorite part of teaching language is seeing the smiles. “The students come in not knowing anything about the language so I like seeing their faces when they begin to understand. It’s a joy to see them mature and move on,” she explained.

especially since our class meets in one of the polling places. The students feared violence on voting day because electing a President in their countries can be so volatile. They pictured a military presence.”

them, they love and miss the beauty of their countries.

“These people are very interested in patriotism and showing gratitude to America. Learning the Star Spangled Banner right away seems important. They come here to give their children a better life, like most parents would do. They are very vigilant toward dictatorships. While they feel their Governments have failed

They are mostly here because of the pain and suffering experienced at the hands of their Government,” she continued. “The class has a family-like atmosphere because the students become friends and support one another. It’s nice to be a part of that,” Sr. Mary Marcia concluded.

Waiting for a new Pope St. Wendelin Catholic School students experienced a taste of what was happening in the Papal Conclave and became aware of this historical event in the life of the church through much research, prayer and preparation. How did Sr. Mary Teresita Richards, theology instructor and director of faith formation make this happen? • Upon the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI, she had sophomore students research “everything you need to know about the Papal office of Pope” and examine the process for a Conclave, the Pope’s job description and other papal facts. • Then, every classroom prayed for a portion of the world’s Cardinals for a week. Prayer signs were prepared by the sophomores to ensure that every cardinal received prayers for each day of the Papal Conference and Papal Conclave. • The sophomores shared their research by designing displays placed in the Church and in the lobby at St. Wendelin Catholic

School. Students in grades K-12 took turns going on a scavenger hunt of the displays to learn the facts about electing a new pope. • Each day as students arrived they saw the schedule of the day in Rome as if they were following the cardinals to each event. • The students, staff and parishioners participated in a contest to guess a name the new Pope might select. • Once the white smoke was seen, St. Wendelin students and staff gathered in the large gym to witness the historic event live on TV. Even a fog machine was on hand to emulate the white smoke!

Sr. Mary Teresita with her Theology class.

“We wanted the kids to experience an event of the universal church, demonstrate the powerful influence of prayer and focus on learning about the conclave, instead of focusing on the politics of the process,” Sr. Mary Teresita explained. “By creating positive memories and trying to recreate the environment of the Vatican and Conclave as much as possible, our students will always remember this historic event,” she said hopefully.

Sisters await Papal announcement From left: Sr. Joanne Mary Frania, Sr. Marilyn Marie Ellerbrock, Sr. Mary Delores Gatliff, Sr. Mary Estella Perkins, Sr. Mary Camilla Lochotzki, Sr. Alice Marie Wellman, Sr. Mary Rosalee Halm and Sr. Susan Marie Reineck anxiously await the announcement of the new Pope while watching live TV at the Provincial Center on March 13, 2013.


Partnership for Mission Dear Friends: Many of our sisters work in service to our Notre Dame community. In this section of CrossRoads, we feature two of these sisters. Although they are not financially compensated, their ministry is a significant contribution to our community. Thank you for your support which provides for the many ministries of the Sisters of Notre Dame. George Mezinko, Partnership for Mission Director

“Since I graduated from the University of Toledo College of Pharmacy and became a registered pharmacist in 1974, I have been serving the Sisters of Notre Dame in our SND Pharmacy located in our Provincial Center. I fill prescriptions for the sisters and counsel them about their use, supply over- the- counter medications and try to care for other medical needs. I am grateful that this ministry allows me to imitate Christ by serving my sisters with loving care.” ~Sr. Mary Ralph Gerdeman (left) with Sr. Mary Dale Burgard.

“It’s a great privilege to assist in the Partnership Office and come in contact with our generous benefactors to thank them and let them know how much they are appreciated for who they are. As I talk to each one, I ask them for their prayer intentions for family, friends, neighbors or the world. These intentions are included with our website requests for prayers by all our sisters. How grateful I am to be able to share the unique joys and cares of our friends and lift them up to the Lord.” ~Sr. Mary Mara Bennett.

We honor and remember. . . IN HONOR OF: Donna Marie Bojarski Phyllis Bojarski Shirley Mesker Elizabeth Elwer Louis & Rosemary Scherger Mr. & Mrs. John Scherger Sr. M. Agnes Rose Tscherne Edward & Diane Bugner Sr. Arlene Marie Hoffman Joseph Tafelski Sr. M. Beatrice Ann Furlong Lawrence & Kathleen Furlong


Barbara Haubert Denny & Sue Jolliff Sr. M. Bryan Gabel Mary Jane Schroeder Sr. M. Cheryl Darr Frances C. Hipp Sr. Dorthea Marie Arndt Gary & Dinah Miller Sr. M. Elisbeth Ruffing Jeanne & Brad Gascoigne Sr. Fredricka Marie Kollsmith Judith Jester

Sr. M. Imaculee Heinl Genevieve Nielsen Sr. Janet Marie Smith Denise M. McHue Sr. M. Jean Francis Boes Dennis & Shelley Boes Sr. M. Joan Furlong Edward & Diane Bugner Lawrence & Kathleen Furlong Sr. Julia Marie Hutchison Edward & Diane Bugner Sr. Julie Marie Bosch

Fred & Camille Berley Sr. M. Laurann Dietrich Cecilia Lumbrezer Sr. M. Leo Furlong Lawrence & Kathleen Furlong Sr. M. Louisa Heinl Edward & Diane Bugner Sr. M. Magdaleva Camp Sr. Marie Denise Hoffman Sr. Marcia Marie Destatte Betty L. Myers Sr. M. Margaret Foos Julie & Mike Keller

Sr. M. Mona Kromer Robert J. Kromer Sr. M. Vivette Baker Michael & Juliann Beazley Sisters of Notre Dame Ann T. Alexander Sisters who taught at St. Mary’s School in Toledo Janice A. Wenck IN MEMORY OF: Kathy (Sloma) Barnes Janet Sloma Agnes Bohnlein Randy & Dawn

Bohnlein Rose M. Brown Bob & Marsha Mueller Joseph & William Buettner Deb & Dennis Siefker Frank & Mary Bugner Edward & Diane Bugner Michael Burgei Robert J. Hempfling Kaye Collier David & Mary Ann Young Elaine Dumas Crippen Steve & Mary Ann Suto

Walden ‘Bud’ Damschroder Mary A. Damschroder Robert L. Dulle LouAnn M. Dulle Carl (Bud) Falter Bev Falter Henrietta Gabel Mary Jane Schroeder Liz Grathwol Ron & Marcie Grathwol Louis & Emerine Grime Gary M. Ferguson Marcene Hall Mary Ann Cervi Susan Harley Nancy Wicks Timothe D. Keefe Bob & Kris Holland & Family John & Patty Parodi Mike & Donna Rhoades Marolyn Keller Eileen Suplica Roger Lawrence Kimmet Jerry & Carolyn Brickner Carol Ann Koch

Carol Fleitz Patrick Kohler Mary E. Kohler Donald J. Koontz Ernestine Koontz Janice D. & Kevin A. Kundert Kenneth C. Kundert Kathy Lepley Leo & Donna Schmelzer Margaret Martin Dolores Kinn Robert F. McClain Sharon & Steve Panik Philip James Miller Judy Miller Garn Michael J. Mossing Robert & Joan Mossing Donna Muth Joe & Kim Faggionato Richard D. Myers Betty L. Myers Jacqueline Pawlicki Phyllis Bojarski Ouida Peart Robert & Martha Lewis

Alex ‘Elli’ Peresta Ron & Patty Martell

James Schimmoeller Patricia F. Ricker & Family

Sr. M. Agnes Link Gertrude A. Pflieger

Sr. M. Antonelle Reineck Frank & Joan Barr

Edward & Sophie Petroski John & Genevieve Petroski

Paul Sahadi Robert & Carol Bartholomew Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Lump

Sr. M. Anna Therese Hartlieb Constance Hoffman A. M. Weis-Maag 1951 classmates of Sandusky St. Mary’s

Sr. M. Anunciata Sutter Joan M. Sutter

Margaret Phillips Rev. Alfred L. Camp Mary C. Carpenter Cathy Mellon Michael & Marcia Strall Jeanette Pollauf Danny & Margie Knopp Helen Pritchard Leonard & Angela LaPointe Rose Pohlman Jerry & Carolyn Brickner Joseph & Alice Reineke Ruth C. Pohlman Bill Row Mary Ellen Row Elizabeth Ruszkowski Don & Jane Fritsch Gary Langenderfer Tony & Janet Shoviak

Jim Seiler David & Mary Ann Young Frank Sindicic Evelyn Sindicic Charles D. Singler Rita J. Singler Pete & Ruth Sloma Janet Sloma Noreen Snyder David & Mary Ann Young Mary Alice ‘Myrt’ Streeter David & Mary Ann Young Tom Sutter Joan M. Sutter Margy L. Westrick Arthur Westrick Janet Wilhelm Roger Wilhelm Mary C. Young Julie & Mike Keller

Sr. M. Anton Peresta Susan Darmofal Margaret Foster Rochelle Hazen Patricia A. Hill Anita Jursek John & Eileen Kennedy Cathy Kerscher Rock & Lisa Lindsay Ron & Patty Martell Margaret Ann Mi Co-workers of Midwest Rubber Co. James & Orlene Peresta Phyllis Peresta Barb & Phil Peresta Pete Carol Schlager Roger & Jane Sedmack Peggy Sullivan Mary C. Walczak

Sr. M. Berna Hoffman Joseph Tafelski Sr. M. Carola Billat Fran August Sr. M. Francella Reineck Frank & Joan Barr Sr. M. Gregory Weltin Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Koehl Sr. Marie Julie Reineke Janet Eskra Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Kerner Sr. Theresa Mary Hickey Patricia F. Ricker & Family Family members Ernestine Koontz All the teachers of St. Wendelin School Thomas Blaser

continued on page 8

Rest in peace . . . enjoy eternal life Sr. Mary Anton Peresta was quiet, unassuming, creative, and a friend to all. She slipped into the arms of a loving God on March 4, 2013. For several years she courageously battled cancer, yet continued to do the things that she loved, teaching, reading, assisting others, and all the while making beautiful greeting cards and crocheting lovely Afghans, scarves and other gift items. She was born on August 2, 1947, in Akron, Ohio. After the eighth grade, she entered the aspirant school of the Sisters of Notre Dame and attended Notre Dame Academy in Toledo. In 1965, she entered the Sisters of Notre Dame and made her first vows in August of 1967.

Sr. Mary Anton received her education at Mary Manse College and Bowling Green State University. She radiated the qualities of a marvelous teacher through her kindness, compassion and interest which served her well as a primary teacher. Sr. Mary Anton knew how to patiently coax the best out of each student. No child left Sister’s classroom without a great foundation for years of learning.

Her gifts were certainly recognized by both staff and students in the schools to which she was assigned: St. Joseph, Erie, MI; St. Mary, Muncie, IN; Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Carmel, IN; St. Joseph, Monroeville; St. Joseph, Maumee; Lial, Whitehouse; and Gesu, Holy Rosary, St. Ann, St. Michael, Christ the King and Ladyfield in Toledo. Sister’s interest in and knowledge of sports players, standings, and ratings was amazing. She often spoke about the hours she and her father spent watching golf together. She also loved the New York Yankees and the San Francisco 49ners. May we celebrate Sr. Mary Anton’s giftedness to us and God’s goodness to her. 7

Thank you for your support of the Sisters of Notre Dame! You and your intentions are in our prayers.

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Outreach Partnerships continued from page 7 Thank you! Honorariums and memorials are listed for donations to the Sisters of Notre Dame received from January 1, 2013, through March 31, 2013. Please notify the CrossRoads office at 419-4793093 should you find an error of omission or spelling. In Sympathy Jerome Brickner - brother of Sr. Mary Quintin Brickner Timothy David Keefe - brother of Sr. Patricia Marie Keefe Margaret Phillips - sister of Srs. Mary Magdaleva and Ethel Mary Camp

As we approach the summer in Northwest Ohio, the SNDs will keep busy in their outreach ministries to those in need. The Putnam County Educational Service Center will again run its summer program where Migrant children can improve their reading and comprehension skills. This collaborative Migrant Ministry program has been in place since 1998 and provides opportunities for high school and college-aged girls to volunteer as mentors and teachers’ assistants. Prior to this formal program the Sisters of Notre Dame have ministered among migrants in Northwest Ohio since the 1970’s. For more information about the Summer Volunteer Program for Single women (ages 18-40) set for July 21-26, 2013 and the High School Volunteer Program set for June 23-June 28, July 8-12, and July 14-18 in Leipsic, Ohio, contact Sr. Marilyn Marie Ellerbrock, SND, at 419-474-5485 or by email,

CrossRoads Spring 2013