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One mission.

Dear Friends: Vol. 23, No. 2, Fall 2012 CrossRoads is published quarterly by the Partnership for Mission Office of the Sisters of Notre Dame, Toledo, Ohio. Its purpose is to create a sense of shared mission among members, family and friends. The title CrossRoads refers to the crossing of paths of our congregation and our friends in the communities where we serve. The “cross” in CrossRoads has special significance in our congregation’s history. Editorial Board Denis Eble Sr. Marilyn Marie Ellerbrock Sr. Mary Ralph Gerdeman George Mezinko Sr. Mary Rosellyn Theisen Sr. Jennifer Marie Zimmerman Editor Teri Bockstahler Correspondence may be sent to: CrossRoads Sisters of Notre Dame 3837 Secor Road Toledo, OH 43623 Phone: 419-479-3093

At this time of year we are thankful for our many blessings and are constantly reminded of God’s goodness and provident care. During the past year our community blessings have included sending Sr. Pamela Marie Buganski to minister in Guatemala as the American Project Coordinator for SewHope, Sr. Joanne Mary Frania to Uganda for several weeks during the summer to direct retreats for SND missionaries and Ugandan sisters, and Sr. Mary Patricia Dorobek to the Generalate in Rome to serve as the first Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation Coordinator for our international congregation, just to name a few.

Sr. Mary Delores Gatliff

Sisters of Notre Dame from the Toledo Province and throughout the world are united in One Heart, One Hope and One Mission. Our commitment to global transformation thrives because of our many friends and benefactors. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your generous support of the 21st annual FamilyFest. We appreciate every raffle ticket purchase, all volunteer hours, each sponsor and everyone who attended – you all contributed to the success of the day! That same support is always evident in the many ministries where our sisters serve. In this annual report issue we thank all of our annual donors, and we report on the 40th anniversary of Lial Catholic School and the service of our sisters in rural schools and parishes west of Toledo. In this Year of Faith we are privileged to nurture the faith in areas where we are needed most. We continue to adapt our ministries in response to the needs of the time just like our foundress Hilligonde Wolbring and co-foundress Elisabeth Kuhling. Thank you again for your partnership which enables us to respond.

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SND Vision Statement~ One Heart: In the convent garden is Sr. Rita Marie Schroeder,

Sisters of Notre Dame proclaim God’s goodness and provident care. As disciples of Jesus, we: Create community for mission Nurture faith through education Stand in solidarity with those in need.


pastoral associate at Holy Trinity, Assumption, OH with neighbors Dick and Thelma Scherzer. One Hope: Sr. Patricia Marie McClain, principal with intermediate students at Lial Catholic School and Sr. Mary Kent Burgard, with one of her preschool students. One Mission: Sr. Mary Valerie Schneider, liturgist at St. Richard’s Parish and School, Swanton, OH.

Lial Catholic School celebrates 40 years! Lial Catholic School celebrates its 40th anniversary this year and has been blessed with its largest enrollment ever with 201 students! The September anniversary Mass and Dinner had more than 250 alumnae, students, and families in attendance. Tours were taken by those who wanted a visit down “memory lane.” The original preschool class of 12 which met in the cottage on the Lial property under the Montessori educational concept on September 11, 1972, moved to the school’s present location by January, 1973, and soon after became a Non-graded, Continuous Progress program. Continuous Progress is different from the traditional classroom by design. “Every classroom is multi-aged and the students are engaged in the learning process at their own learning level,” explained Sr. Patricia Marie McClain, principal. “The teacher adapts the instruction to fit the need of the child which leads to a feeling of success. Success breeds success, a love for learning and leadership skills too. Older students help with teaching and are being taught to be great leaders,” she continued.

Taken in 2007, all Lial Catholic School principals gathered for a group photo. (front, left) Sr. Mary Cyrilla Hellman, Sr. Mary Corneille Gallam, (back row) Sr. Mary Jesse Thompson, Sr. Margaret Mary Faist, Sr. Kathleen Marie Knueven and current principal, Sr. Patricia Marie McClain.

Lial has parent helpers in the classrooms teaching small groups or helping the students or teachers in other ways. The school also has the students focus on service and outreach toward

others. “So far this year the students have participated in the Diocesan 100,000 meals program with a food collection. They also picked six bushels of apples which were delivered to the Our

Primary teacher Connie Kern with a small group.


Lial Catholic School continued. . . Lady of Lourdes Soup Kitchen, and they are already planning for Christmas giving and a mission fair to benefit the Sisters of Notre Dame Papua New Guinea Mission,”Sr. Pat said. Explaining why she chose to teach at Lial Sr. Mary Cheryl Darr says, “I’m here because I believe in the philosophy of Lial School. Lial fosters the individual growth of children, allowing them to become the person God created them to be.”  Sr. Mary Cheryl came to Lial in 1975 when they began the intermediate program. Tom Farrell, intermediate math teacher since 1997 said, “I think Lial chose me.  I felt led here.” “Continuous Progress teaching is not for every teacher but we’ve certainly been fortunate to have had some of the best teachers who love Continuous Progress here at Lial over the years. Sr. Mary Corneille Gallam got Lial started with her small group of preschoolers and the rest is history,” Sr. Pat concluded.

(From left) Lial alums Matt Gruber, and Jennifer and Brian Gruber enjoy visiting with Sr. Mary Stephan Kreinbrink at the 40th anniversary reunion.

(Below) Lial parent helper Pam McCrea assists in the primary classroom with math. Mrs. Jenny Chirico (far right), middle school teacher says, “I have always felt a connection to the Sisters of Notre Dame. My mother has taught at Notre Dame Academy for almost 20 years, and I am an alumna of NDA.”

(Right) Math teacher Tom Farrell with an Intermediate student. 4

Nurturing faith through education and parish ministries Sisters of Notre Dame have always been known as educators and have spent many years in rural communities all over Ohio teaching Catholic children and working in parish ministries. As we begin this “Year of Faith,” we take a look back at a few of these parishes and appreciate their rich faithfilled history and life today. The histories of the rural parishes include the SND presence which has been evident from the beginnings and during years of change. One of these was Immaculate Conception, Marygrove at Raab’s Corner, in Fulton County. The Sisters of Notre Dame ministered there from 1914 to 1983. Immaculate Conception Church is now considered a chapel and the parish is part of Holy Trinity Parish established in 2007 from the four parishes of Immaculate Conception, Marygrove; St. Mary, Assumption; St. Elizabeth, Richfield Center and Our Lady of Fatima, Lyons. “Many parishioners remember the Sisters of Notre Dame who taught them at Immaculate Conception School. They were sad to see the sisters leave in 1983 after 69 years when school consolidations happened. And now after 30 years of absence, we are back!

“Parishioners often ask me if I knew certain sisters who taught them at Immaculate Conception,” said Sr. Rita Marie Schroeder, pastoral associate for Holy Trinity Parish. “They remember with much fondness the presence of the sisters here. We live in the former rectory but the sisters used to live on the third floor of the school. I enjoy living in the country, having great neighbors like Dick and Thelma Scherzer who supply us with all the plants we need each spring for our vegetable garden. The parishioners of Holy Trinity are so welcoming, generous and supportive,” added Sr. Rita Marie gratefully! Sister’s ministry involves visiting the sick and homebound, planning funerals, RCIA classes and planning spiritual enrichment for the parish. Sister Karel Marie Schwartz is a junior high teacher at Holy Trinity School where she is beginning her 8th year teaching 7th and 8th Graders Math and Science and 8th Graders Religion and Social Studies. As teacher at Holy Trinity, Sr. Karel Marie, said, “I teach the students about Christian Social Principles such as: Option for the Poor and Vulnerable and Life and Dignity of the Human Person.

Sr. Rita Marie Schroeder prepares to visit homebound in her parish ministry.


Sr. Karel Marie Schwartz (center) with her Holy Trinity 8th Grade students as they study friction. After a few times down the slide, the students added wax paper to the slide to note the difference!

“While focusing on the dignity of people and putting our faith into action, three or four 8th graders visited one of the Parish shut–ins from Holy Trinity each month. The students took them a hot lunch and visited with them. For their second visit each group wanted to visit the same person which helped them bond with their elder person. The students were really impacted by the visits,” Sr. Karel Marie explained. Students filled out evaluations about the experience and reported on the “gift” they received from visiting with the shut-ins. “Our person was Dorothy. She would thank us a million times but that wasn’t enough so she would say it one more time. It made me realize how thankful she was to get to visit and talk to us!” Another said, “It touched my heart when Herm said he’s lonely and he can’t wait until we come back. One day he didn’t want us to leave. He asked Sister if we could stay all afternoon.”

Sr. Mary Celine with her students at St. Richard’s School.

Students enjoyed learning about the parish shut-ins as evidenced in the following comment, “I loved learning about their (parish shut-ins) past and the memories they had.”


Matthew 25: 31-46 “For I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink. . .”

Educating for life. . . Sr. Jean Marie with St. Richard’s School secretary Kathy Poca.

A few miles south in Fulton County South of Holy Trinity is St. Richard’s Parish and School in Swanton. While the Sisters of Notre Dame don’t have as long of a history at St. Richard’s, they feel grateful to be ministering and nurturing the faith there. Sr. Mary Valerie Schneider is in her 4th year as Liturgist and musician at St. Richard’s Parish in Swanton and also teaches music class for grades three through six at St. Richard’s School. She says, “I love the people of St. Richard’s, selecting the songs for Mass and the general intercessions. It’s wonderful here and I’m able to be creative.” She also works with a group of seven students for the chime (bell) choir, and the church choir, she also started scholas, which are small singing groups.

John Lenz, St. Richard’s School Council President says, “We have a fantastic faculty and staff, and we’re blessed to have three Sisters of Notre Dame as part of our community. It’s evident that the sisters love the students and they are all very committed to what they do. The Sisters garner respect from the students and the children receive respect from the Sisters.” Sr. Mary Celine Bundschuh summed it up well when she said, “I am privileged to be teaching and serving such kind people and students at St. Richard’s. My ministry is to teach every 5th and 6th grade student that they are priceless, precious, unique and deeply loved by God. I teach Religion, Language Arts, and Social Studies. I am very blest to be at St. Richard’s.”

At St. Richard’s School Sr. Jean Marie Walczak is in her second year as principal. “I have a great staff, great students and supportive parents. St. Richard’s School really has a family environment. Parents want their children to be challenged, “she said.


Partnership for Mission Is It Your Will − or Someone Else’s? All your life you’ve made the decisions about how your assets will be used – about how you’ll provide for yourself, for your family, and for the charitable organizations you believe in. Thank you for caring about the Sisters of Notre Dame. Now, we’d like to help you retain that same control over your legacy – over those ideas and dreams you will leave for future generations. Consider creating an up-to-date, well-planned last will and testament. Here is why a will is so important: • A will provides for each of your loved ones as you judge their needs; • It helps you choose caring, responsible guardians for your minor children; • It designates the people who will administer your estate; and, • A will enables you to make gifts to the charitable organizations that have meant the most to you during your life.

If one or more of the reasons above is important to you, we encourage you to take a look at your will to be sure it is written in a way that accomplishes all of your goals. Further, it’s important to review your will from time to time — because life circumstances change. We want you to be sure your will is still accurate and meaningful. Without a valid will, you put every one of these decisions in the hands of others, including administrators appointed by the court. Think about what that might mean for your family.

We understand that many of you don’t want to think that far into the future, and planning can be a chore. But you’ll gain peace of mind and reassurance when the job is done, and your family will breathe easier, too, knowing that you’ve worked out a financial plan for their future. And yes, if you include the Sisters of Notre Dame in your will, we’ll be grateful, too! Every future bequest that we can count on builds our long-term financial strength, and helps us plan with more confidence. If you have included the Sisters in your plans, please let us know. We would like to say thank you! We’d be happy to help you get started. Please call me at 419-7241352 or via e-mail: Sincerely,

George Mezinko Partnership for Mission Director 8

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Charles F. Boes Susan R. Boes Howard A. Bond Bonnie L. Bond Marie C. Bosco Dom Bosco Everett & Eleanor Buettner Virginia Will

In Sympathy Marcella Weitzel - Associate Mary C. Young - mother of Sr. Mary Clarine Young / Associate Jane Boes Cox - sister of Sr. Mary Ruth Boes Virginia Susan Wernimont - sister of Sr. Mary Jean Francis Boes

Frank & Mary Bugner Ed & Diane Bugner

Bishop Albert Ottenweller - brother of deceased Sr. Mary Jogues Ottenweller

Dick & Marge Burger Robert Burger Carolyn Burger Kesler Jan Burger Profit Mary Jane Burger Sprague

Richard Pfahler - father of Srs. Diane Marie and Mary Dean Pfahler

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Dick & Wayne Kott Dorothy Kott

Denny Stemen Linda D. Stemen

Janice D. & Kevin A. Kundert Kenneth C. Kundert

Char Stober Linda D. Stemen Edgar J. Sutter Mary Ann Sutter


Memorial gifts. . . continued

Terwoord Jacklyn (Riley) Dreps

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Sr. M. Virgin Ott Paul & Carol Stieber

Linda Stoll Granata, NDA ‘61 is with her grandaughter Lauren Dempsey, daughter of Katie Granata Dempsey, NDA ‘94, at the FamilyFest “Decorate a Pumpkin” booth.

Ladyfield School Alice & Tom Falvey Family members Ernestine Koehn Koontz

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Mr. & Mrs. Richard Deeman Sue Kozicki Coal City Keith & Connie Whittum Glen Ellyn Frank & Joan Barr Hinsdale Marianne Thomas Joliet Fr. Christopher Groh Libertyville Mr. & Mrs. Michael Klestinski Mokena Mr. & Mrs. Robert S. Kaminski Tim Sanders Morris George Black Linda Gualandi Eugene Hickey J. B. & Judie Roth David & Cynthia Tallman Naperville Patricia Liss Beth Sieja Olson Selitha Raja Maxine C. Wilverding Northfield Sandra Sneider Orland Park Mr. & Mrs. James Gallagher Oswego Christoper Blasek Palos Heights Rosemary Lambert Posen Brian Szpila Rolling Meadows Louis P. Tillie West Chicago Buck Services, Inc. Wheaton Vada Armbrust Vince & Belinda Baratta Bernard & Mary Briody Joe & Tracy Buchholz Bob & Judy Bukala John & Sandy Cannova Larry & Carla Carroll Bill Cashin Tom & Cece Credille Nick Cudzewicz Steve & Barb Dean Julie Devane Mr. & Mrs. Brian Diamond Henry Dreisilker Brent & Nancy Flynn Henry Gron Jill Hanley Debbie Hladilek Bernard Hurley James & Marie Jensen Anna E. Johnston Sara Lynn Klockars John & Catherine Kos Linda Larkin Wallace & Kathleen Leyshon Barry N. Link Kevin Maguire Family Bill Matte Linda McKenzie John & Laura Moran Frank J. Murnane, Jr. Alfred Paoletti Mark Schmitt Sandra & Chris Sheldon


Diane Sowa Maribeth Spittler St. Michael Parish Dave & Cathy Swanson Jim & Mary Beth Theiss Daniel & Anne Trotta Vonderhaar Family Mike & Marcia Winegard Wood Dale Carmelita Foust IN Akron Charles Gerdeman Angola John & Patricia Crowley Batesville Mr. & Mrs. Joseph L. Giesey, III Bristol Darlene Riggs Brownsburg Mr. & Mrs. Joe Knueven Carmel Jeff & Jean Beckley Keith & Beverly Broerman Anthony Capone, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Mark Catton Lisa Claps Matt & Jan Cohoat Tom & Kay Connors Barbara Dykstra Scott & Nancy Eiker Gary & Joan Finn John & Rebecca Flanigan Sheila Freiburger Doug & Cheryl Gettelfinger Mark & Marilyn Haag David Hollensbe Family Patrick R. & Anne S. Kelly Verda A. Klemm Tim & Colleen Kopf Gary & Mary Jeanne Kurdys Nancy Luter Gary & Tina Malone Joseph Marcheggiani Mr. & Mrs. Gerald McCanna David & Barbara Mitchel Patty & Mark Neterer Brian & Patricia Rittgers Sandra M. Rowland Frank Rutkowski Norman Sesi Bob & Aileen Shocklee Brian & Carol Urbanksi Mary E. Wellman Margaret Wrobel Cloverdale Mr. & Mrs. Don Gedert Decatur Sharlene Bauman Dolores Wyss-Brite Evansville Diocese of Evansville Fishers Colleen Giles Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Holman Mike & Joyce Wilson Fort Wayne Kathy (Houser) Ankenbruck Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Ashby Joan Banet Rose Bireley Mr. & Mrs. Frank Bookmyer, Jr. Anne Bougher Mark & Kathryn Braun

Sr. Mary Robert Clare Groth with friends and family playing Bingo. Sister is known for selling lots of FamilyFest raffle tickets! Elizabeth Brown Kathy Current Thomas & Rita Deininger Linda Derheimer Diocese of Ft. Wayne- South Bend Christopher & Carol Ann Eckrich Joanne C. Grueb Carl F. Herman Theresa Hulbert Egbert & Kathleen Jarboe Karen Jones Donald & June Kemp Rae M. Kirk Thomas Klapheke Mrs. William Koester Gerald Korson Sr. Elise Kriss, OSF Steve Ludwiski Rosemary Maher Dennis Mahoney Jim & Ann Michell Raymond & Linda Minnick Theodore J. Moring Anne Nicholas John F. Offerle Mr. & Mrs. John Otto Tom & Mo Palmer Mike H. Parnin Linda Perry Mary M. Pohlman Donald E. & Rita J. Ryan Patricia Scheyer Jeff Sharpe Susan Pohlman Sherburne Mr. & Mrs. William Shrader Edward St. John St. Jude Catholic Church St. Jude Catholic School Sam Talarico Rev. Robert Traub Arlene Turnbow John & Rachel Walsh Richard F. Weber Diane Winkeljohn

Marilyn & William Wunderlin Russell & Judy York Diane Youngpeter Fremont Stephen & Barb Angel Hammond Curt & Angie Mueller Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas Mueller Indianapolis Gloria Allen Mr. & Mrs. J. J. Creamer Michael Hirt William & Ellen Rodgers Michael A. Theising Kendallville Vicki Lash Kokomo John Scherger Lafayette Beatrice Hoevel Lagrange Donald Bobilya Loogootee Joan Dunning Mr. & Mrs. Robert Elliott Mr. & Mrs. Richard Kluesner Mr. & Mrs. Scott Schulte Mr. & Mrs. Troy Smith Michael & Marcia Wagoner Tom & Jean Walker Monroeville Jerome & Sherry Kill Judith M. Kill Theresa E. Oberley Monticello Don Pauken New Haven Mr. & Mrs. Robert Hulbert Joseph Morris Newburgh Alfredo & Nilda Bolisay Odon Madonna Heshelman Plainfield Laine Bullerman

Plymouth Sr. Carleen & Sr. Coletta Wrasman Sheridan Karen & Greg Keinsley Syracuse Clyde & Peggy Rector Washington Steve Bachman Mark Halter Elvia Mandujano Mark’s Gallery of Photography Westfield John & Ann Bates Bruce & Sharon Carlstedt F. L. Grannan Whiting James & Tammy Mueller KS Olathe Joan Brisimitzakis Wichita Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Mayle KY Covington Sr. Paul Ann, SND Elizabethtown Susan Bahl Louisville Annette & Aaron May Jane E. & Donald G. Rizzo Pewee Valley George & Laura Graham LA Lafayette Bruce & Madelyn Trible New Orleans Mirabeau Family Learning Center, Inc. Shreveport Mr. & Mrs. Leonard S. Micinski Stephen Micinski MA Acton Tom & Ruth Kohls

MD Angela Devos Alex Peresta John & Jennie Mohr Catonsville James E. Dusseau Grand Rapids Peggy Reilly Bernie & Tina Reinckens Donald Ellison Timothy McMorrow & Ann Cheryl & David Roman Huntingtown Matthew Frank Byrne Helen Steinmetz Dr. & Mrs. Kyle Pellegrino Diane Frank Grandville Frank & Mary Kay Stobinsk Rockville Barbara Gibbons Scott & Julia McPherson Marcia Tietjen Carole Scharf Fox Dan & Jean Green Hartford Larry & Robin Vellequette Saint Leonard Bessie Grodi Agnes Burgess Helene Gene Wenninger David L. Scroggy Grodi Greenhouse Horton Carol Young ME Bryan Hanlon Ronald & JoAnn Glick Lansing Albion Jeanne Hannum Howell Cecilia Gerber Mr. & Mrs. Richard Mr. & Mrs. Tom Hilkens Michael & Hio Rumschlag Linden Spieldenner Bob Hiszak Hudsonville James & Judy Lynch MI Louise Labardee Jim & Mary Johnson Livonia Addison Ron LaPrad Ida Rev. Robert W. Haener Bill Boyle Pete Lavoy Mary Beauch Luna Pier Blissfield Rosalie Lewis Michael Duffey Mary Larrow Paul Dusseau Larry Martin John G. Mayer Elizabeth S. Roper Brighton Laura Martin Parran’s Greenhouse & Farm Manitou Beach Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Stoma Barbara McCarty Market Dan Puccetti Tim & Barb Williams Kay McClain James Sweet Family Lois Whipple Brooklyn Bill Miller Indian River Maple City Dave Stout Eloise M. Morrin Barbara Wamsley Jane Ireland Peggy Ann Wilds Laura Belle Navarre Jackson Metamora Marilyn Williams Virginia O’Neill Shari Hohne Suzanne Palte Caledonia Jim & Janet Parran Kalamazoo Milford Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Larry Betzler Natali Monroe Canton Jason & Melissa Mr. & Mrs. Cyril J. Ausmus Riedy Leroy C. Calmes Cement City Charlotte Diroff David Bosio Beth Laura Coldwater Janet Niemann Herman & Alvera Sharon Oberly Hemker Megan Scaggs Winifred Mangas Lynne Smith Cottrellville Joyce Staccone Ron & Kathy Lisco Lucille Weeman William Pollauf Lynn R. Weeman Davison Jim & Cindy West James & Orlene Morenci Peresta Susan & Randy Dearborn Clement Carol Hardin Newport Deerfield Daniel & Mary Phil McMahon Marion Detroit Northville Thomas Blaser Mary Ellen Dexter Flecksteiner Sr. Diane Marie Pfahler with Notre Dame Academy students who Suzanne Nowak Novi were helping serve guests at the FamilyFest Bar-b-que dinner. East Lansing Denise Augsburger Phil Kurth Okemos Erie Grand Hotel Madge Ausmus Vivien Parran Donna Bowers Osseo Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Don Ravary Diocese of Kalamazoo Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Yacks Banachowski Katelyn Reau La Salle Ottawa Lake Ann Berninger Jim Sadoski Jessie Binder Jacquelyn Bennett Mary Ann Bohmer Hildegard Savage Barbara Bonkoski Patricia Bischoff Dale E. Burgard Rose Mary Spotts Maureen Devos Mike & Larraine Dressel Dan & Maryann Burgard Kathy Stofka Mr. & Mrs. Earl Russeau Ronald Dressel David & Marilyn Burgard Lisa Strugarek Marv Trombley Mr. & Mrs. Robert Fowler Paul & Julie Burgard Ted Taylor Rayna Underwood Gloria Knaggs Victoria S. Canales Deacon Ken & Sharon Trabbic Lambertville Constance M. LaPointe Lisa Charter Farmington Hills Norbert Abel James A. Lemble, Sr. Peter Close Barbara L. Haudan Lowell Cousino Ed O’Mara Mr. & Mrs. Ward A. Close Ted & Betty Widman Mary Daney Petersburg Earl Cousino Frankenmuth Carol Fleitz LuAnn & Lance Fraley Pam Cousino Carl & Wendy Suhr Linda Jennings Bernie Keller Laura J. Cousino Franklin Virginia E. Katafiasz Victor & Sharon Stevens Mary M. Cousino Jerome Zielinski Carol Krohn Petoskey Prudence Cousino Fraser Angela Langevin Robert Scroggins & Diane Bonnie & Sidney Curtis Livaria Burley Richard J. MacAdams McCallum Pam Dempsey Grand Blanc James Minns

Plymouth Mr. & Mrs. Roch McClain Kathleen Montgomery Stephen & Claudia Ridey Barbara Wernimont Portage Roy Betzler Mary L. Bunce Portland Helen Cook Quincy Mary Ann Tille Richland Thomas & Marsha Scampini Riga Fernando & Linda Hernandez Colleen Hood Lisa Portala David A. Yinger Romulus Christopher McLellan Roscommon Caroline White Saginaw Katherine Flickinger Saint Clair Shores Michelina Macioce Chuck & Angela Meagher Marie Shaheen Sandusky Jerome & Marlene Peresta Southgate Beltone Hearing Care Center Stevensville Dolores E. Meyer Tecumseh Mr. & Mrs. Cornelio Naguit Temperance Mr. & Mrs. Paul Ashburn Bedford Hills Golf Club Ellen Bires JoAnn Burkard Robert Camp Suzanne Carter Mary Jo Chmielewski Mr. & Mrs. Wesley Cousino Mr. & Mrs. James J. Dec Janice Droz Ann Dullinger Bob Duvall Manny & Melissa Evola Sharon Grycza Tammy Guth Ona Kazmier Lanny Koester Joanne Kolinski David Kurdys Leonard & Angela LaPointe Karen R. Larrow Robert Lavoy Cecilia Lumbrezer Betty Miller Bill & Marcia Mominee Mary M. Morrin Doug Petee Ruth Pio Mary Pompos Robert & Florence Schmall Mr. & Mrs. Bob Shaffer Bob & Anne Sweeney Julie Walentowski W. H. Walter


Thomas Weeman Traverse City Rosemary J. Kennedy Trenton Felicia Kopp Troy Dale & MaryJo Hermiller Carol Ann Saionz Warren Phil & Jane Werner Waterford Dave & Janet Jarrell Wayne Rev. David G. Burgard White Lake Holly & Adam Fleischman Wolverine Lake Mark & Judy Kulwik MN Golden Valley James O. Martin Roseville Jill Klausing Mr. & Mrs. Don Meyer Saint Paul Gail & P. Richard Bohr Welcome Fred & Dotty Tindall West Saint Paul Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Nicklay MO Chesterfield Mr. & Mrs. A. Paul DeMargel Saint Joseph Jack & Mary George Saint Louis T. Giudici & Family Bud & Sarah Vance MS Madison Rev. Alfred L. Camp MT Bozeman Christy Cousino NC Cary Frank J. Graff Mark Reiter Charlotte Mary Ann Mueller/Diana Travis Fayetteville Dr. Catherine Kelly Henderson Clarice Hug Lexington Jerry & Celeste Queen Monroe Joan & Dennis Miller Newton James & Rosalie Richards Wake Forest Richard W. Boes NE Gretna Clifton G. Rockwell NH Nashua Rita Ralston NJ Spring Lake Lourdes R. Laraya-Cuasay NM Albuquerque David Wallentowski


NV Fallon Stephanie Schell Henderson JoAnn Alm Las Vegas Diocese of Las Vegas Carolyn Masten Reno Donald Babione NY Brooklyn Diocese of Brooklyn Stephen Velasquez East Elmhurst Audrey Chai Jimenez Ana Perez Mr. & Mrs. Eduardo Rebaza Alma Warner Arnold & Salvacion Williams Mamaroneck Nancy L. Johnson New York Elizabeth Ducat Brad Gerdeman Clare Saviola Oakdale Mary Ann Sadler Orchard Park Linda Tucholski Waterford Carol Hanrahan OH Akron Margaret A. Gray Alvada Jenn Wertz Amherst Marlene Feldkamp Gerald A. Shumaker Archbold Rhonda Leininger Pauline Carollo-Morford David Pugh Athens Danette Niese Attica Ruth Foos Gerald J. Walliser Mr. & Mrs. Harold A. Walliser Aurora John P. Haslinger Avon Eugene Micinski Joan M. Sutter Barberton James Peresta Bascom Mary Ellen Hoover Beavercreek Frank Campanile Bellbrook Charles Cross Pat Frericks Bellevue George Beery, Jr. Agnes E. Bogner Mary Lou Bores John & Brenda Daiello Mr. & Mrs. James DePolo Mary Dick Bud & Bev Falter Mr. & Mrs. Biagio Fontana Noreen Furlong Mr. & Mrs. Sherman Gould

Ruth Ann Hay Carol Hemker Mary Ivory Ken & Shirley Krupp A. F. Lehmkuhl Bob & Mary Meyer Peggy Meyers Mr. & Mrs. Robert Meyers Mr. & Mrs. Charles Morfier Larry & Mary Jane Ocker Joe & Carol Pifher Irma Ramsey Donn & Terry Rospert Kenn & Charlet Rospert Elizabeth Ruppert Mr. & Mrs. John San Gregory Mary M. Scagnetti Paul & Dorothy Schaffer Sylvester Schoen Elaine Schultz Paul & Alice Siesel Mr. & Mrs. Herman Studer Mary Yingling Berea Kenneth A. Camp Berkey Rita Bick Iris Kreuz Berlin Heights Jerry Habeck Ted McNeely Dick & Ellen Mittendorf Dee Ostheimer Bluffton Marcia Thomas Bowling Green Pam Bowen Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Coburn, Jr. Eugene Kirian Joe Knippen Jan LaBine Larry & Norma Lamont Robert Mazur Mr. & Mrs. Richard Mertes Mr. & Mrs. Donald Trabbic Marian Zengel Bradford Louis Reindel Bradner Louis & Doris Brossia Brecksville John P. Trudeau, MD Bryan Randy Bohnlein Denny & Jeannie Breneman Bucyrus Richard Michalek Burgoon Mary Gutschalk Jeanne Haubert Zeno & Emma Wasserman Cambridge Mark & Susann Chismar Canfield Bill & Lorene Pfahler Canton Mr. & Mrs. David Hummel Carey Paul Brodman Barbara Reinhart Renee Reinhart Ricahrd & Jean Reinhart Mary J. Snyder

Carthagena Rev. Joseph Brown Rev. Robert Kunisch, CPPS Castalia Mr. & Mrs. James W. Blake Rich Ciesinski Greg Grime Kathleen Gurney James Hultgren Thomas & Debbie McGory Elizabeth A. Smith Mr. & Mrs. Paul E. Veleba Roland Windau Mr. & Mrs. Julius Zeck Celina Clara R. Fleck Louise Hinders Marjorie E. Meier & children Ed Mueller Mary Agnes Studer Centerville George & Betty Schlotterer Patricia Schweller Cincinnati Doug & Yea Yun Hickey Daniel & Mary Krysztofiak Florence Langenderfer Paul Ruffing Bob & Margie Ruffing Robert & Kathy Stevie Dave & Mig Young Cleveland Dr. & Mrs. Richard E. Christie Patricia Huston L’Arche-Cleveland, Inc. Ann Mace UBS Financial Services Linda K. Wanamaker Cleveland Heights Anne Meissner Joan Zoltanski Clinton Robert & Dianne Oliger Cloverdale Theresa Becker Jim Honigford & Family Tim Wehri Ursula Wenzlick Clyde Patrick & Helen Baker, Sr. Albert Borer Family Joan Eberhard Paul Elfring & Family Spencer Elfring Mary C. Nickell Ruthann Thomson Coldwater Robert J. Hempfling Eileen Weber Collins Mary Caley Karen Chaffin Columbus Ned & Mary Braun Ralph & Christena DeMatteo Susan L. Donohue Antoinette Grilli Frederick Loyd Jake Paredes Clarice Sutter Donald S. Woessner Jennie Yocca Columbus Grove Mike & Jane Fortman

Pam Hummel Margaret Schroeder Marlene Siebeneck Deb & Dennis Siefker Continental Charles & Velma Warnimont Crestline Steve & Kim Metzger Eugene Rietschlin Rosemary Sutter Curtice Butch & Barb Berger Rev. Raymond Sheperd Custar Tom & Joyce Hermiller Cuyahoga Falls Emily O’Dell Dayton Frank & Gretchen Kemper Karl A. Keyes Gordon Meyer Jean Nienhaus John & Martha Osterday Rose & Bill Vernon Defiance Ann M. Beck Richard & Margie Boff Sandra Diehl Omer & Jane Elwer Mr. & Mrs. John Engel Phyllis Fitch Theresa Frank Theresa Kile Brooklynn & Megynn Killion Nate & Kristen Killion Curt Minsel Gerald & Carol Moser Helen Moser Kenneth Moser Thomas A. Moser Ben & Sue Ordway Colleen Phillips St. Michael’s Ridge Parish Floyd & Donna Stites Vivian Wagner Francis E. Weber Larry & Betty Zimmerman Delphos Charles & Helen Ardner Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Ardner Alice Arnzen Charles & Margaret Ashby Ann Baldauf Mary Jo Becker Jane Beckman Ray Beining Claude & Mary Agnes Bergfeld Mr. & Mrs. Donald J. Bergfeld Ken & Lois Blankemeyer Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Bockey Bettie Bohnlein Eileen Bonifas Larry & Heather Bonifas Rosella Bonifas Gerald C. Brickner James Brokamp Doris Brotherwood Tom & Irma Buettner John & Teresa Burnett Timothy & Ann Byrne Maneta Calvelage Irene Calvelage Randy Carder Tony & Sharon Closson

Joyce A. Day Mary Deffenbaugh Gene & Patty Dickman Ken & Jean Dickrede Martha Dickrede Mary Dienstberger Dave & Martha Drerup Timothy A. Drewyore Keith & Deborah Dukes Denny & Cindy Elwer Robert Elwer George & Wanda Ervin Marciel Etzkorn Marie A. Etzkorn Helen Fischer Arthur L. Fischer Margaret Fischer Mr. & Mrs. Vernon Fischer Dorothy A. Fisher Eugene & Joyce Gable Chuck & Eileen Geise Roger & Celeste Geise Earl Gerdeman Tom & Sandy Gerdeman Mary German Paul & Josephine Grilliot Carol Wenzlick Grothaus Don & Fran Grothouse Patricia Hablitzel Ted & Clara Hanf Paul Hemker Margaret Hesseling Hickey-Morris Insurance Agency, Inc. Denny & Pam Hickey Kathleen Hittle Rene Hoehn Rosanne Hoersten Kathy Holdgreve Camilla V. Huysman Don Huysman Diana Ireland Mr. & Mrs. Darrol Keck Mary K. Kill Ron & Sara Kimmet Ed & Therese Klaus Lea Klaus Mary Kay Klausing Doris Knebel Karen Knippen Virg & Mary Knippen J. Fred & Barb Kollsmith Chris Koverman John Kramer Krendl Machine Co., Inc. Tom & Janet Kroeger Bill & Barb Kroeger Kenneth C. Kundert Mary Ann Lisk Larry & Veronica Luersman Carl J. Maas Bill & Mary Massa Mr. & Mrs. Larry McClure Becky Mericle Marian Metzner Beatrice Miller Rob & Deb Moenter Burl G. Morris Karen A. Morris Grace Morris Matt & Chasity Mueller Mike Mueller Bob & Marsha Mueller Jeanette Myers Betty Osting

LaDonna Peterson Pohlman Farms Inc. Adeline Pohlman Alice Pohlman Janice Pohlman Dave & Lucy Pohlman Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Pohlman John R. Pohlman Louise E. Pohlman Paul & Margaret Pohlman Ruth C. Pohlman Helen Pothast Teresa Recker Dennis & Karen Ricker Gary & Patricia Ricker George & Patricia Ricker Omer & Alice Ricker Patricia F. Ricker Joan Ricker Ken Rode Patrick A. Rode Mary Lou Rode Charles A. Rohrbacher, Jr. Greg & Miriam Scherger Donna & Leo Schmelzer Alfred Schmit Dr. & Mrs. Nicholas Schmit Jim & Darlene Schulte Bob & Grace Schulte Irene Schwinnen Dodie Seller John & Sue Sheeran Eloise V. Shumaker Robert Sickels Leonard Smith Susan Smith Nathan Stant Linda D. Stemen Cathy Suever Mary L. Thitoff Bob & Kathy Ulm Irene H. Utrup Lucille Van Oss Georgeanne Vargo Rev. Melvin T. Verhoff Eulette Von Sosson Norma Vonderembse Ronald & Arlene Wagner Gene Warnecke Les & Janet Warniment James & Jean Wellmann John & Joyce Wiechart Alfreda Wieging Roger D. Wilhelm Ronald J. Wilhelm Mary Beth Will Virginia Will Timothy & Lecia Williams Ken Wise John & Mary Lou Wittler Ann Wrasman Barbara Wrasman Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Wrasman Mary Lou Wrocklage Jeanne D. Wulfhorst Delta Joseph W. Haas Jeff Hall Dee Lewis Rita Neate Chris Smith Barbara J. Vidra Deshler Mike & Pam Knueven Family

Sr. Anne Mary Molyet (second from left) with a Lial School family of volunteers: Erin, Daniel and Kevin Burke. Dublin Joann Blum Gil & Ginny Lowder Elida Susan Dew Patrick & Mary Lee Fuge Sharon Grumblis Rev. J. Norbert Howe Mary Jo Krause Pastor James Menke Gene & Alice Rayman Peggy Gerdeman Rizor Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Schwinnen Betty Sherrick Elmore Bill Bundy Elyria Bill Elwer Family Chris & Melissa Snyder Englewood Ed & Alma Kemper Findlay Donna Brown Marilyn Bugner Mike Clark Doug & Joan Conine Mr. & Mrs. Richard F. Edelbrock Carolyn Fisher Dolores Gatliff Bob & Patty Gatliff Andy & Mary Goshe Missie Grossman Ed & Rita Hartzell Denny & Sue Jolliff Elizabeth M. Kill Laura King Dale Koester Mary M. Kreinbrink

Richard & Alice LaFontaine Jane Morrin Betty L. Myers Bill & Nancy Recker Norma J. Rieman Vivian Ritzler Stanley Sattler Mr. & Mrs. LeRoy L. Schroeder Lucille Siebeneck Charlene Spitan Karl & Lori Streacker Paul & Theresa Streacker Elizabeth Tarris Luann Willford Marie Youngpeter Donald Zirger Forest Alice Jaqueth Fort Jennings James C. Buettner Helen Clementz Elizabeth Elwer Robert & Alice Hilvers Mr. & Mrs. George Knebel Sue Knippen Eda Kohls Jim & Rojean Kollsmith Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Maag Julia Neidert Margaret & Jim Schimmoeller Darlene Trentman Diana Wrasman Fostoria Carolyn Baker Tom & Becky Baker Betty Beaston Nan Bodart Donald Boff

Annabelle Bouillon Vince Brickner Jack & Gerry Brubaker Patricia Bulkowski Mr. & Mrs. Carl Cassidy Helen Cochie Louise Collins Mary L. Cool Hazel Coppler-Rowles Sara Dotson Mary M. Droll Leah M. Evans Joella Feasel Michael J. Foos Matt J. Fox, Jr. Mary Frankart Margie Gehring The Geroski’s Sam A. Guillen Phil & Judy Helterbrand Daniel Doc” & Linda Henley” Connie Hoening Sharon Holman Keith Holman Roger & Kathleen Holman Gary Jones Gerald & Sandra King Frank & Dolores Kinn Marylin Kinn Janet S. Kirian-McCarthy Tom & Carrie Kramb Walter Kramb Cathy Krupp Linda Kuhn Mr. & Mrs. Lyle E. Lahman Thom Lonsway


Fred Macias Frank J. Malagon Mr. & Mrs. Donald Mennel Donald P. Miller Nancy Nusser Gene & Fayanne Ochs Piroska Papp Larry & Nila Philipps John A. Pocs Joseph Z. Pocs Shirley Podach John Potteiger William F. Reineke, Sr. William Reinhart Jerry Reiter Mary Ellen Row Floyd Rumschlag Mary Jane Rumschlag Eugene Schalk Nanette Schuett Rita Schultz Paul & Sue Sheeter Darlene Smith St. Wendelin Parish Cynthia Taylor Mr. & Mrs. Herbert J. Thibodeau Mr. & Mrs. Brian K. Tiell Ron Tuttle Mary VanCuran Herm & Jane Vande Kerkhoff Ken & Victoria Walliser Mr. & Mrs. Robert Weber Rev. Nicholas Weibl Paul L. Williams, Sr. Sue Williams Fredericktown Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Dembinski Fremont Bernard L. Bartson Mary Beaston Frank & Carol (Wagner) Bender Mary & John Benner Thomas & Marianne Bennison Susan Borkovich Richard A. Bradfield Jean M. Brown Tom & Margaret Burns Linda M. Carnicom Mr. & Mrs. Albert D. Cook Marsha Cook Cristo Rey Center Jeanne Darr Dorothy Darr Genevieve Dorobek Rosalie A. DuPont Mr. & Mrs. Edward J. Eberly Henry L. Einsel Cindy Evans Elaine & Larry Fisher Herbert & Carol Foos Norm & Jean Foos Jerry & Rosie Freeh Henrietta C. Gabel Herb & Mary Gabel Mr. & Mrs. Larry D. Gish Gary & Joan Godfred Tom & Jeanne Gottron Barb & Larry Gundy Glenn & Mary Ann Halm John T. Halm Sue Hammer Sally Harlan


Dale Haslinger David & Muriel Haynes Pat & Nancy Haynes Ben Hickey Mr. & Mrs. Paul Hoffman Mr. & Mrs. Daniel A. Jenkins Marilyn & Ken Kerik Judy Kiser Chris & Mary Knight Lawrence Kramer Mary C. Kucha John & Alison Lauer Chuck & Arlene Lenhart Mrs. Thomas Longenbach Karen Lowery Marcia Mapus Anne Marquis Perry Mason John & Mary Mayle Viola M. Mehling Coleen Miller Jeff & Carol Miller Giles & Anne Karcher- Molyet Norbert & Sally Molyet Bob & Charline Moyer Mosser Construction, Inc. Irene Naderer Peter A. Naderer Bernard Nause Tom Ochs Alyce Otte Denis Otte William J. Partee Pat Picciuto Mark & Linda Pickett Gloria Poorman Pueblo de Obras Dr. & Mrs. Tom Reineck Rich & Barb Reineck Marci Reineck Marilyn Rhineberger Sara Rich Jim Robison Anthony & Ruthann Ruggiero Carmin & Elaine Ruggiero Sacred Heart Parish Rev. Edward Schleter Jim & Diane Seiler Jeanette & Richard Setzler Gerard & Roselyn Shondell Janet Sloma Joyce A. Smith Bill & Jeanne Snyder Tom Spieldenner Mr. & Mrs. Philip Steinle Edward Streacker Kay Szymanowski Luella Tinkovitz Kay Tischler Delfina C. Trevino Mr. & Mrs. Albert S. Wagner Judy Wagner Karen Wagner Mary A. Wagner Judy Weickert Beverly Whisler Don & Kay Widman Jim & Jan Yeckley Joanne A. Young Albert Zamora Anna Wyss-Zilles Gahanna George Gerdeman Patricia Yocca

Galloway Larry & Rita Kerstiens Kirby Citywide Asphalt & Lynn M. Konoff Mr. & Mrs. Bernard C. Boes Construction Timothy Lanier Family Lacarne Genoa Nicholas & Sylvia Lopez Bar-B-Que Traveler, Inc. Anna Brown Darcy MacPherson Lakeside Marblehead Mr. & Mrs. Robert Meng Dorothy Malak Jane Drusbacky Barbara Nero Thomas J. Mehelas, MD Judy Maher Germantown Joan Moran Andrew & Margaret Walko Renee Raisch Helen Napierala Lancaster Gibsonburg Northwest Electrical Mr. & Mrs. David Butler, Jr. Marie Burkhart Contracting, Inc. Carrie Roberts Janet Diab Lisa & Bill Piasecki Leipsic Mardel Haslinger Ken Robie St. Mary Parish Pamela L. Herman Suzie Spinazze Betty Bellman Robert & Mary Rose Herman Oliver Strbik Family Charles Berger Family Kate Kohler Eileen M. Tippin Keith & Beverly Dewar Mary E. Kohler The Honey Baked Ham Co. Gerard & Amy Ellerbrock Mary M. Ottney The Trust Company of Toledo Mary Ellerbrock Scott & Paula Pertner Rev. Dan Zak Carol Ellerbrock Mike Peter Hudson Theresa Ellerbrock Mr. & Mrs. James Reed Larry & Sue Schmersal Kevin & Ann Evers Hank & Helen Reineck Huntsville Mr. & Mrs. John Fenbert Mike Reineck George Adams Mr. & Mrs. Elmer Gable Susie A. Rusher Dan & Judy Niese Teresia A. Gerten St. Michael Parish Huron Angela Goedde Glandorf Kenneth Baatz Janelda Halker Nancy Brinkman Carol Blackburn Joan & Randy Haselman Grand Rapids Joan Etherington Richard & Edna Haselman Larry Albright Terry & Judi Graham Sharon T. Inkrott Sherry Boerst Rev. David D. Tscherne Granville Barbara Miller Green Springs Mr. & Mrs. Lamar Dickman Grover Hill Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Miller Hamilton Dave Ellerbrock Julie & Claude Fant Eleanora Kill Alicia Tenley Hamler Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Brubaker Helena Mark Foos Norbert Foos Char Sherman and Sr. Joyce Marie Bates are Baked Goods Lisa Hoffman Ryan & Terri booth volunteers. Reinhart Jeanine Vanderlaar Beetty Growel Tom & Mary Ann Inkrott Mr. & Mrs. John VanDerLaar Robert Hemminger Charles Knueven Hilliard James Hurst Gertrude Knueven Heather Michalak Margaret Keller Jeff & Denise Kreinbrink Brenda Nieman Mary Ann & Gene Rospert Joan Kreinbrink Holgate Wilfrid Rospert Pat Kreinbrink Donald L. Smith Evan & Patricia Sager Gene Kuhlman Holland Karen Sexton Terry Lammers Mr. & Mrs. Darrell Alt Thomas & Carol Truman Terry & Dorothy Lammers Jim Bayer Patricia Zeman Gerald & Teresa Maag Dick Beyer Kalida Kathryn Maag Regina M. Amidon Mr. & Mrs. Gary Maag Marvin & Susan Maag Kevin Burke Family Kansas Walter Maag Ernestine Butler Carolyn Davidson David Meyer Mr. & Mrs. William Clark Theresa Miller Patricia J. Meyer Paul Fago Kettering Richard & Karen Meyer Jean Hochstein Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Limes Tom Meyer Harold & Nancy Hoffman Gary & Carolyn Petrick Keith & Kara Mickens Mary Lou Jacobs Sr. Mary Alice Stein Dorothy Nadler Al Kelly Patricia J. Newell

Art & Dorothy Niese Connie Niese Virgil & Margaret Niese William F. Niese Jim Noone Richard & Joan Pfahler John & Jill Potthoff Charles & Jeanne Recker Richard Recker Linus Rosengarten James Russell Lucille Sands Cleo & Kathleen Schroeder David A. Schroeder Family Laura Schroeder Gerald & Ruth Schroeder Gertrude Schroeder Jim Schroeder Joe Schroeder Janice Schroeder Nancy Schroeder Rita Schroeder Scott Schroeder Dennis Steffan Karl Steffan Sam & Chris Walther Eileen Weis Rev. George Wenninger Janet Westrick Tony & Elaine Whaley Lewis Center Mary Domonkos Robin & Steve Sohnly John Stearns Kay Westhoven Lima Philip Albano, III Frank & Linda Baldauf Mary Beery Sheila J. Bohn Thomas Bonifas Nicholas W. Bucci, Jr. Tim & Bev Carder Dorothy Fuerst Sue Groves Ralph & Linda Hollar Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Kidd Barbara Kriegel Nancy Leatherman Ross & Jaye McCain Mr. & Mrs. Michael McKowen Alice Missler Mary V. Porreca Mr. & Mrs. F. William Power Mr. & Mrs. John E. Recker Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Say Carol Schmenk Joan Stolly The AR-HALE Family Foundation Chris & Michele Watkins Frank Wellmann Mel & Pat Williams Lorain Karol Kucia Al Miller Lyndhurst Lauren Lippert Lyons Margaret E. Brown Maineville Barbara Bonifas Mansfield Cynthia A. Dorsey

Norma J. Dorsey Rev. Gregory R. Hite Carol Kirkbride Theresa Siebold Stella Sutter Ben Willman Marblehead Grace Kopchak Rev. Daniel Ring The Lighthouse Resort David & Mary Ann Young Maria Stein Joan L. Kiser Marietta Eric Fitch Dennis & Karen Kuba Marion Nicholas Lantz Marysville Richard F. Michalak, II Massillon Mary Briner Robert Otte Maumee Mr. & Mrs. Richard P. Anderson Mary Ellen Andrus Family Jean Areddy Thomas Baker Bennett Management Corp. Mr. & Mrs. Tom Bennett Jeannette Biro Mary Lou Blaser Ms. Beatrice M. Boellner Joseph Bojarski Tom & Eileen Brittain Amanda Bublick Lottie Buno Howard Burkhardt Mary C. Burns James & Melissa Carnes Helen Jeanne Chengges Katie Chowdhary Belinda M. Costin Mary Beth Crawford Tracey Croak Geraldine Crouse Nancy Dargart Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Farrell Catherine Feck Ron Ferenchak Mr. & Mrs. Robert Fronk Lucy Gearhart Mike & Patsy Gill Mary Beth Goatley Susan Granata Sandee Helminiak Jean Holler Theresa (Hartzler) Huster Kathleen Igwebuike Rose Jagodzinski Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Jankowski Jared Jensen Shirley Justen George Konczal Ernestine Koontz Sharon & Paul Kowalski Paul & Carol Kraus Marguerite Landis Jim & Janet Lankey Mary C. Mabry Laura Manzey Larry & Jan McHale Mr. & Mrs. Patrick McNamara Tom & Maureen Menacher

Thomas J. Mitchell Fred Morgan David J. Moser Genevieve Nielsen Jane Howe O’Shea Ohio Skate Maumee Jayne Pauken Walter B. Pauly Mr. & Mrs. Damian Pfleghaar Luke Phelan Gerald Piotrowicz Nancy Samson Mr. & Mrs. Robert Schmitt Ann Seth Ann M. Spafford Mary Beth Steele Caroline Sybert Howard Teifke The Anderson’s, Inc. Camille Thomas Toledo ENT, Inc. Thomas R. Wagener Louise F. Weis Joan Yurko Mark Ziehr Robert T. Ziehr Joan M. Zigray Mayfield Heights Mary Lippert Medina Ed & Diane Bugner Les & Donna Durand Mentor Rick & Jeanne Koenig Metamora Albert & Barbara Baker Miamisburg Carolyn Kanney Middle Bass Kathryn Schneider Middleburg Heights Maria Babula Ruthann Heintschel Catherine (Bugner) Noga Milan Lynnette Baldwin Jim & Mary Jo Brown Sally Clark Marcus E. French Dot Smith Millbury Lori Ameling Buzz Sobecki Monclova Gertrude Cappelletty Ethan Conlan Dolores B. Eberly John Eberly Mary Nicolasora Rosemary Reiter Joan Schwartz Ed & Barb Shabnow Steve & Paula Verhoff Monroeville Mary Dreschel Phyllis Gravenhorst Dorothy Hauler Julie Landoll Barb & Dave Mahl Carol E. Marksbury Mr. & Mrs. James L. Meyer Mr. & Mrs. Raymond J. Myers Paul D. & Mary Ann Ott Evelyn A. Ruffing Norm & Linda Smith

Catherine A. Tyler Maurice & Rose Wensink Bob & Ellen Wensink Alan Wilhelm Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Wilhelm Mount Vernon John & Vannessa Reineke Eileen Ruffing Mr. & Mrs. James Zeyen Napoleon Mary Anne Bernicke Kathy Bidlack Rev. Daniel Borgelt Christy Burgei Dr. & Mrs. Phil Cochran Patti Finn Ann Grime Hannah Marie Huddle Mark Kryling Holly Sifuentes Jean A. Westhoven Mr. & Mrs. Paul Westhoven Navarre Floyd & Alice Schmidt New Knoxville Annett Kuck New Riegel Elaine Borer Margy Borer Fred & Anna Elchert Jay Reinhart Pete & Peg Schalk Harold & Ruthann Ulman New Washington Ann Pflieger Jane Wurm North Olmsted Mel Gawronski North Ridgeville Edmund Lis Northwood Kathleen Colbry Bernie Goetz Randy Kozina David & Robin Kraemer Bill & Mary Sue Mercer Douglas Njaim Hazel Pollauf James & Carolyn Rathke Norwalk John & Nancy Alt Norbert Barman Kathleen Butler Belen Cornelio Doyal & Mary Cutnaw Eugene Doughty Winnie Ely Margaret E. Fritz Denny & Samantha Furlong Lawrence & Kathleen Furlong Douglas Gates Helen Hackathorn Mary & Jerome Hettel Mr. & Mrs. Charles J. Hipp Elizabeth A. Hipp Gerard C. Hipp Jeff & Mary Ann Hipp John P. Hipp Holli Hohler Lois Hug Albert Lindenberger Richard & Elaine Mahl Rita McFadden Cindy McLaughlin Viola Missler

Mary Hirbe Mushett Marilyn T. Pennington Phil Leak Company Sharon Renneckar John & Sue Riley Steve & Lori Rospert Tom & Joan Rospert Scott & Debbie Scavuzzo Mr. & Mrs. John A. Schaffer Mr. & Mrs. Mark A. Schaffer Mary Ann Schaffer John E. Schumm Smith Paving & Excavating, Inc. James & Betty Smith Edith J. Smith Kenneth L. Spaar Dr. Robert Spettel, Jr., DDS St. Mary, Mother of the Redeemer Parish St. Paul the Apostle Parish Paul & Carol Stieber Bob Stieber Larry & Barb Truchon John P. Urban James & Patricia Westerhold Delores Wheeler Theresa Wilhelm Linda Zimmerman Oak Harbor Rosa Hasselbach Jeff Hurlbut Mary Lou Krasniewski Roselyn Kuhn Tim & Stacy Kuhn Ohio City Darrell Wieging Oregon Carmen Amenta David Bland Kathy Bowie Ruth Bundy Annette Churchya Cheryl Cousino Eagle’s Landing Golf Club Janet Eskra Allison Geddes Marge Gibbons Lisa Cousino William Jaco S. Orrick Jennings Judith L. Joldrichsen Mary Ann Joldrichsen Sallee Kirk Danny & Margie Knopp & sons Barb Kuzma Kevin & Judy Kwiatkowski Maumee Bay Resort & Conference Center Paul & Linda Mylnek Beverly Mominee Patricia Oedy Murray Eleanor Perlaky Mary Pirolli Michael Pirolli Edward & Jeanette Pollauf Joan M. Reichert Rev. Michael Ricker Anna Rinkowski Mr. & Mrs. Curtis Ross Evelyn Sindicic Joanne Toth Karen Van Dyke


Peggy Welsh Arthur Westrick Kathy & Larry Wilhelm Barbara Zatko Ottawa Mr. & Mrs. Art Blankemeier John & Anna Mae Blankemeyer Bob & Sue Buckland Elaine Christy Richard & Laura Coressel Dorothy Duling Robert & Phyllis Frey Anna Gonzalez Ralph Herman Eugene & Barbara Hovest Rita Kaufman Jane & Alan Klemm Chris & Amy Pfahler Thomas Ruhe Kathy Salisbury Mr. & Mrs. Todd Schulte

Jeanne Ruffing-Gascoigne Perrysburg The Balzer-Lockhart Famy Mr. & Mrs. James M. Bancroft Bennett Enterprises Phyllis Bojarski Carole B. Booth Mike & Dee Cicak Monica Clark Chad Culpert Family Mary A. Damschroder Susan Dills A. M. Fackelman Pat Farinella Ed Fisher Mary Furlong Laura Gallaher Anna Gibbons Jane Gogol Melanie Hadeed Jack & Sharonkae Hammon Julie Hebeka

Evelyn Roth Sonya Molyet-Ruppel Barbara A. Russell Andrew & Anna Seiwert Fred & Dorothy Sneider Rick & Nancy Sohnly Don & Marcia Staczek Annette Stemmler Tom & Judy Sterrett Gene & Marcia Sujkowski Torrence Sound Equipment Co. Norbert & Janice Trojanowski Suzanne Conrad-Twining Ed Urbaniak Bernard J. Weis Leslie Wescott Joseph Westmeyer, III Port Clinton Merle & Martha Ahrens Dan & Dianne Cadigan Angelo Cuttaia

Volunteers Kathleen Crown and Gerri Kruszynski serve Bar-b-que dinners at FamilyFest. Phil & Cheri Verhoff Thomas & Anna Mae Wenzlick Bob & Doris Williams Tom Wolke Joyce Yant Ottoville Don & Ginny Kimmet Parma Joseph & Nancy Shepherd Paulding Dan & Susan Arend Donald E. Arend Glenda Ferris Jose Lopez Donald & Janice Phlipot Doris M. Phlipot Pemberville Eileen & Vic Schuerman Pepper Pike


Ray Helminiak Jack & Bev Hoeflinger Holiday Inn French Quarter The Hunt Family Jenny & Josh Jacob Rev. Joseph Jaros Ken’s Flower Shops Rev. Gerald E. Knueven Carol & Tom Landin Rev. Thomas Leyland William Leyland Jim & Carol Lorenzen Josette McCarthy Pamela McCrea Ed & Michele Mikonowicz Hal P. Munger Jim & Tricia Nycz Bill & Rose Palicki Lucille Pattay Patricia Patten Dave Ross

Gloria Denos Fran Derivan Becky Diaz Sherman C. French Christine Galvin Dr. & Mrs. Robert J. Gedert Steph Gonya Lawrence & Kathy Gregory Don Gresbach Dorene Harden Immaculate Conception Parish Immaculate Conception School Carl Koebel Sally Leciejewski Rita McNutt Rev. John C. Missler Ron & Dee Payne Denny Rectenwald Terry Riester

Ben Roberts Gregory & Sandra Schill Jim & Connie Snyder Kathy Titus Tom Weldon Mary Jane Witt Eric Zeitzheim Family Susan Zgodzinski Powell Mary Pat Borgess, MD Joann Christ Put In Bay Jack Bergan Ruth Griebel Gloria Kindt Ted McCann Kris Miller Mother of Sorrows Parish Steve Nagy Bonnie Petro Risingsun Frank Reineck Mary Ellen Werner Amelia Williams Rossford All Saints Parish John & Elaine Bachey Cathleen Voyles-Baden Timothy B. Davenport Sue Grod Rev. Kent Kaufman Rita Konczal George Koury James Lippert Sylvia Malik Rita & John Martis Jim & Angel McGee Elizabeth B. McKinney Gary Mosiniak Family Joseph Nycz Phyllis Schalitz Mr. & Mrs. Thomas E. Sox Nancy A. Stearns Richard & Bonnie Tolles Agnes Vedra Paulette Zatko Saint Marys Bill & Sally Angel Theresa Kemmann Sandusky Imelda Albert John & Barb Bauer Bob & Mary Bleile Mr. & Mrs. Howard Bond Rita Brotzki Ralph & Joan Chamberlain Jude Cole Mary Jane Cole Larry & Roxanna Craft Joanne Cross Lori Demres Pete & Shirley Dubois Joe & Kim Faggionato John S. Fenton Robert Fischer Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Fitz Eugene F. Fitzthum George & Rosemary Fitzthum Ralph Fox Mike & Beth Frank Gene Fresch Rennie Funni Elmer & Paulette Grahl Jack & Mary Ann Grathwol

Ann Groff Ruth Guendelsberger Anne Guendelsberger Rose Hermes Gene & Ann Hippler Holy Angels Parish Kalahari Waterpark Resort & Convention Center Dr. & Mrs. Richard Keller Patricia Kessler Jack N. Klein Peter Koelsch Mr. & Mrs. William M. Kramer Mrs. James L. Laws Robert A. Lieb Francis D. Link Joan R. Luby Rita G. Manner Eleanor L. Mayer Faber & Kay McKenna Mary Lou McKillips Joe & Donna McPeek Mrs. Al F. Miller Lois Moll Judith Moses Sharon Noftz Shirley Petrick Henry & Pat Pfanner Mr. & Mrs. Anthony J. Pomerson Owen Reed Rita M. Rengel Rev. Stephen Rogers Jeanette Ruffing June Rupp Geri Sartor Carol Scherger Gloria Schnurr Charles & Rita Singler Mary Singler Theresa Sloma Alice Sprau Joan Stamm Charles & Marian Stanley Rebecca Straub Robert & Nora Subcasky John & Linda Van Tine Irene Wohlever Evelyn C. Zeller Shelby Dale Cattey Rev. Nicholas Cunningham Cristine DeVito Mark & Julie Friedel Steve & Margaret Keller Charles & Vicki Schroeder Dale & Linda Schroeder John Schroeder David Willman Ed Willman George & Alice Willman Shiloh Mary Rietschlin Sidney Elizabeth J. O’Neill South Euclid Mary K. Evans Spencerville Mr. & Mrs. Michael Kahle Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Kill Sam Kill Albert & Marie Lammers Earl Youngpeter

Spring Valley Kathy Scott Stryker Wayne Grime Summitville Mr. & Mrs. Peter P. Dangelo Swanton Margaret Agosti Charles Bayer, Jr. Beth Beier Bonita Brown William Cook Lynn Fleming Terry Frohriep Gennie Gongwer Nova Haas Fran Hall Jerry & Karen Jankowski Charlene Karamol Charles Keaton Family Andy Keil Bea Kovacs Mr. & Mrs. Basil A. Langenderfer Tony Lucarelli Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Michalak Alan Minnich Robert & Joan Mossing Valerie Myers Dianne Pinkelman Ellen Poca Ruth Ritenour Cecilia Roznowski Carol Shipley Gerald & Sharon Snyder Rosalie Snyder Liam Stewart Swan Creek Candle Co. Keith Tremmel Mike Vary Joyce Warner Patricia Worline Sycamore Connie Curlis Sylvania Robert Arquette, EBCG LLC Sandra Barnes Richard & Nellie Bosak Mr. & Mrs. Ramon Brint Todd & Jane Cermak Sharon & Al Croci Kathleen Crown John DeMarco Jarrod Demski Dental Health Associates John A. Devany, MD Frank Echelmeyer Family Mr. & Mrs. Richard Faist Sr. Carol Ann Grace Yvonne Hengy Sally L. Holt Paul Hood Rose Hubay Karen Keller Jim & Joanne Kesting Cheryl Koenig Sr. Josetta Konopka Tim & Kris Kronbach Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey J. Kuhr Sr. Verona Kurtzman, OSF Colleen Lancz Lourdes University Georgia Mahon Mary Jean McCarty

Phyllis McClain Denise M. McHue Sue McHugh Mr. & Mrs. Lorin Morrin Peg Nicholson Blanche M. Nyers Kelly Pike Mr. & Mrs. John Plenzler Mary Priebe Kate Savage Chuck Schlageter Virginia A. Seeman Roger Seibenick Beverly Serke Carole Shirk Charles & Marie Slates Mark & Linda Sullivan David Szymanski Tam-O-Shanter Sports Complex Laetitia Thayer The Kroger Company Lois Tuttle Roger Warnock Family Tom & Ann Welly Janice Wenck & Family Linda Zawierucha Tiffin Michael Blust Diane J. Borer Linda Brickner Jean Brickner John & Mary Eichhorn Paul C. Fisher Roberta Grothaus Frances C. Hipp Mary Ellen Kennedy Ron & Jane Link Richard Lykens Mary Lykens Evelyn Marker Mrs. Maureen R. McCartan Kristy Miller Bernard & Ruth Molyet Peter & Christine Norris John W. Omlor Betty Ott Richard Scheiber Very Rev. Dennis A. Schroeder Robert & Mary Shultz Kate Stein Robert J. Traunero Mary C. Walczak Brenda Weimerskirch Tipp City Paul Westcott Tiro Jerry Kreinbrink Toledo Samir Abu-Absi Family Charles Ackerman Family Valerie Adamski Elizabeth Adjayen Ed & Sharon Ahlfors James Alleman Kate Andrews Martha Ansman Gaylord Antener Mr. & Mrs. Michael Antonini Ansted-Schuster Florist Rita Arite Joyce Aubry Wm. R. Aubry Hattie Augustyniak

Mike & Jean Badik Richard Ball Rita Barborich Barry Bagels Kathy Barry Bartz Viviano Flowers & Gifts Dennis & JoAnne Bashaw Lenore M. Bates Thomas L. Beard Patricia Beazley Rudi Beham Monica Benezette Mary Bergs Bernard J. Heinl Nationwide Insurance Agency Mary Berning Carl Bettencourt Peggy Bicanovsky Black Diamond Garden Center Marge & Bill Blackwell Barb Bocian Teri & Paul Bockstahler Cynthia (Strause) Bodziak Arline Boes Dennis Boes Gary Boes Bernadette Bollin Victor & Lois Bonitati

Thomas Bundschuh Richard & Betty Burke Marilyn J. Burley Florence Bush Bernadette Butler Louis Byersmith Byrne Paint Co. Patty Byrne Hugh & Shirley Callahan Minnie Campbell Juliana Campos Josie Campos Estil Canterbury Cindy Cappadora Marie Carl Thomas Carl Walter Carlson Bernadette Carr Dr. John Carroll Tom Carter Tina Castle Catholic Club Joan Caughhorn Jeanette Ceglio Central Catholic High School Century Equipment, Inc. Mary Ann Cervi Jacqueline Chaney

Michael & Dolores Czerniak Patricia O’Dwyer Danford Ruth Danner Edward & Rosalie Darmofal Eleanore M. Darmofal Bob & Sue Darmofal Ray & Donna Darr David Gurwell Enterprises Davis College William Deardurff Mr. & Mrs. Les Declercq, Jr. Marcia Deeb Carol DeMario Patricia Demsey Marcella Dillin Diocese of Toledo Mary A. Dmytryka Beverly Domalski Most Rev. Robert W. Donnelly John A. Donofrio Mr. & Mrs. John Donovan Mary Jo Dotson Double ARC Marcia Draughonn Robert Drewior Drs. Jardin, Buganski & Beham, DDS Francis Dubielak, Sr.

Sr. Arlene Marie Hoffman dines with family members Sharon and Tim Soster at FamilyFest. John Bordner Patricia M. Borgess Lillian Bosch Julianne Boyd Mary F. Boyd Judy Brancheau Joanne C. Braun Sr. Bernarda Breidenbach John M. Brennan Cyndy Brookover Brooks Insurance Agency Rev. Jim Brown Sr. Janice Ann Brown, OSU Mr. & Mrs. Loral Browning Eleanor Buckenmeyer Kevin Buckley Dr. & Mrs. Raymond Buganski

Joyce Cherry Dolores Chmielewski Christ The King Parish Churchill’s Religious Goods City of Toledo Fire Department Gary Clark Lisa Clark Ann & Fritz Comes Robert Connolly Marlene Coop Mr. & Mrs. Norman L. Craig Margaret M. Crippen John L. (Jack) Cronin Mary Ann Culpert Marsha Czech Zee Czerniak

Mary Ann Dudderar Dunbar Mechanical Inc. Tricia Dunn Aloise M. Dunne Lucille Durczynski Nancy Dzingleski Carol & Denis Eble Rev. Frank K. Eckart Tammy Edinger SuEllen Clay Ejhinger Engineers, Surveyors & Assoc., LLC Edward Extine Elizabeth H. Fackelman Bob Fink Thomas Fink Mr. & Mrs. William Fischer


Jerry Flahie Mr. & Mrs. Richard Flasck Mr. & Mrs. Donald Francis Patricia M. Freppel Fifth Third Bank Robert & Shirley Fulop Fyr-Fyter Sales & Service Rose Mary Gabriel Rev. F. Anthony Gallagher Anita Garraway Bernadine Gasiorowski Thomas C. Gibney Kathy Gillen Dorothy A. Gillig Don & Joan Glore Andy Gocsik Barbara Golbinec Mary Gonnella Good Shephard Parish Mary Ann Gorney Ron Gorny Peggy Gospodarek Florence Gralak Thomas Green Jeff & Kim Grilliot Colleen Grogan Mr. & Mrs. Carl Groth Eileen Grycza Tom Gugger Mary Gustwiller Joan Gwin Dr. Patricia A. DonahueHageman Larry & Carolyn Hall Jim & Barb Hankenhof Paul & Marilyn Hankins Richard & Joselyn Harley Martha Hartman John & Jeanie Hayward Mary E. Heferle Mr. & Mrs. William Hegedus James E. Heinl Lucie Heinl-Lukasik Jim & Louise Henahan Eric & Sidnee Henzler William Heringhaus Chuck & Pat Herman Jeannine Hoeffel Angie Hoffman Lois Hoffman Sr. Marie Denise Hoffman, OSU Mr. & Mrs. Thomas R. Holewinski Mr. & Mrs. Paul Hollenbeck Sue Hollyday Sr. Claudia Holtz James M. Holzemer Homewood Press Maurine Horgan Gloria Hoskinson Virginia Houck Mr. & Mrs. Gordon Howard Jayne Howard Jonelle Hubbel Renee Huebner Jane Hunter Immaculate Conception Parish Lawrence N. Jacob Gerard Jacobs Paul Reynolds Ivan & Michelle Jaffe Darlene Jambor


Kathy Jeffery John Loeb Painting Robert G. Johnson Ann Jozwiak John Kahl Catherine Kania Mr. & Mrs. Todd Karazim Dorothy Karmol Joanne Katafias Mr. & Mrs. Al Katafiasz Rosemarie Kehres Martin & Joyce Keller Anita E. Kelly Dolores M. Kelly Claire Kerekes Edward Kerekes Sharon & Jim Ketcham Kathy Ketcham Key Private Bank Tony & Barb King Lori Kiser Robert Kleinfelter Esther Klocinski Ed Knapik Rita Konecki Dianne Kornowa Tom & Marian Kowalski Kozy DentalCare Tom & Cathy Krall Isabell Kreft Leonard E. Kreinbrink Lorrie Moore Elizabeth A. Kretz Mr. & Mrs. Frank Kristie Gerri Kruszynski Ann Kubicz Alice Kusner L. E. Savory Tree Service, Inc. Dan LaValley Josephine Lawniczak Therese I. Lazette Micki Lentz Raymond Lewandowski Claude & Mary Ann Liebrecht Rev.. Ed Littelmann Gloria J. Litten Richard Loeffler Frances M. Long Florence M. Lynch Sue Lyons Mac & Al’s Garage LLC John Mackin Mail It Corporation Andy Majer Carol Majka Daniel Malecki Joanne Malikowski Angeline Maluchnik Sr. Margaret Manion Mr. & Mrs. Charles F. Mann, III Frank P. Manning, Jr. Tom & Suzanne Marciniak Marco’s Pizza, Inc. Maria Early Learning Center Romilio J. Marinelli Helen A. Maros Gloria Martin Judy M. Martin Mary Immaculate School Augie & Jane Marzano Bob & Carol Mason Matthew R. Maley, DDS Inc. Kathleen Mattimoe Rosemary Matuszewksi

McDonald’s Restuarant Hiram McFarlin Beth McGowan James & Kristina McHugh Rosemary McHugh Ms. Sarah A. McHugh Marcia McMahon Ken & Julie Melzak Shirley Mercer Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Mercurio George Mezinko Michael’s Gourmet Catering, Inc. Linda Michalak Dianna L. Miller Kathy Miller Kathy M. Miller Norbert & Jean Mills Josephine Minogue Dorothy Mitchell R. Mittelstaedt Jerry Mocek Mr. & Mrs. M. W. Moeller Anna Moore Denise Moore Carolyn Moore Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Moreland Joan Morningstar Franz & Mary Ann Morsches Jessica Moses Sherri Mossing Mike Muckinhaupt Ann Mueller Dorothy Muller Munger Munger & Associates Architects, Inc. Emily Murawski Ann Murnen Irving A. Myers Marcia Myers Tom Navarre Barbara Navarro Network Savvy, Ltd. Joan O’Dwyer Neuser Michael J. Niemiec Mr. & Mrs. Daniel J. Noe Angela Nonnenmacher Ann Nonnenmacher Notre Dame Academy Rev. Richard Notter Frances Nowak Frank & Millie Nowak Bob & Penny O’Brien Tom O’Leary Ohlman Farm & Greenhouse, Inc. Mary Jane Ohns Gina Okoroski John Opferman Kate Orite Mary & Charlie Osswald Our Lady, Queen of the Most Holy Rosary Cathedral Walter R. Palicki Judith M. Paulsen George Pavuk Kathleen Ray-Peatee Janet F. Peatee Michael Pence Pepsi Beverages Co. Ethel Perdeau Megan Perry Susan Perzunski

Barney Petee Frank Petersberger John & Amy Peterson John T. Petroski Rose Pfleghaar Diane Phillips Helen Pieczynski Mary J. Pilcher Vincent & Michelle Piscopo Rita H. Pletcher Podiatric Associates of NW Ohio, Inc. Casey Pogan John E. Polcyn Susan Pollauf George Presser, Jr. Marcia Przybylski Robert & Mary Rahman Alexander Rapp Eleanor Raszka Kathleen Ray Vivian Reardon Mary Ellen Russell Recker Geraldine & Paul Rega Reed Vision by Mercy/Mercy Eye Center Frances Reger Diane Reichow Rev. Robert Reinhart Candace Renner Rev. Omer Rethinger Nancyrae Riddle Alice Robie Resnick Geneva Rodgers Paul Roesner Janice Rokicki George Rose Odessa Rowan Michelle (Trojan) Rowe Karen Rupert Margaret A. Russ Edward D. Ruszkiewicz, MD J/B Rutkowski Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish Strain’s Market & Garden Center Strause Refrigeration Inc. Rev. Richard J. Saelzer Charles Sattler Savage & Associates Robert & Sue Savage Fr. Dominic Savyo Joyce Scarbrough Victoria Schaffer Carol Scheiber Nancy Schlageter Ursula Schlagheck Catherine Schneider Stanley J. Schneider Bernice Schumann Mary Grace Sewell Timothy Shabnow Bonnie & Mark Shambarger Sue Shanahan Sue & Ralph Shawaker Sue M. Shew Lawrence J. Shonebarger Bill Siebenaler Roger D. Siegworth James P. Sigrist Joe & Gail Simpson Rev. Msgr. Charles E. Singler Mr. & Mrs. C. Skorupski Joesph Skowronek

Christine Slade Brian Smith Chip Smith Lisa & Shane Smith Smitty’s Automotive Service Bob Sneider Judy Sobiecki Paula Sochacki Richard Sochacki F. & B. Sondys Sharon Soster Lucille Speier Ray Spychala SS. Peter & Paul Parish Dr. & Mrs. Richard A. St. John St. Michael the Archangel Parish St. Patrick Historic Parish St. Patrick of Heatherdowns Parish Carolyn Stapleton Ms. Suzanne E. Stapleton Mitzi Staskiewicz Troy Stearns Zachary Stearns Andy Stearns Emily Stearns Kara Steele Mary K. Stelzer Margaret A. Stohl Cathleen Stubler Bob & Phyllis Sturek Eileen Suplica Jude F. Sutter Patricia Syring Mary P. Syvert Louella Syzek Eileen Szabo Mary Ellen Szabo Jim Szafarowicz Geraldine Szkatulski Helen M. Szkatulski Lois Szymanski Mike Szymanski Alvin Tafelski Tina Tank The Collaborative Inc. The Toledo Ballet The Toledo Symphony Rudy Thoreson Rose Mary Tiemann Beth Tittl Toledo Cardiology Consultants, Inc. Toledo Clinic Department of Rheumatology Toledo Elevator & Machine Co., Inc. Toledo Mud Hens Baseball Club, Inc. Toledo Museum Of Art Toledo Zoological Society Mike & JoAnne Tressler Betty Trotter Ray Tucholski Sherre Turner Marcella A. Ulinski Rose & Frank Underwood Value City Furniture Rev. Joseph L. Vamos Bonnie Vance Rachel Varkoly Guadalupe Villolovos Jennifer Wagner

Richard & Pamela Walen Evelyn Walsh Christine Wayton Rev. Tom Wehinger Martha Welber Donna Welter West Printing Co. Walter E. Westmeyer Ed & Grace Westrick Twlyla Wheaton David White James W. White Nancy & Royce Wicks Florence Wiezbenski Rev. Robert J. Wilhelm John H. Wirries, Jr. John R. Wirth Sue & Al Wistinghausen

Barb Elfring Van Wert Joseph & Clare Alvarado Carolyn Kesler Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Koehl Jim & Deb Russell Dick & Mary Say Trina Shultz Vermilion John Burich, Jr. Joe & Nan Hohman Mr. & Mrs. Earl Reed Wadsworth Claudia & Brent Dansby Patrick & Jane Ciccone Barbara Mascolo Wakeman Jack Burke

Sr. Susan Marie Reineck sells 50/50 Raffle Tickets to NDA graduate Anita Garroway. Aaron & Marisa Wolfe Mr. & Mrs. David Wolfe Theresa Wozniak Marilyn Wright Marlene Yablonovsky James & Barbara Yavorcik Sally Yeager Pat Yeager Margaret Zatko Kate Zawierucha Phyllis Zielinski Mildred Zolg Dan & Alice Zunk Toronto Lee Churchman Mrs. Ted Troski Patricia M. Young Trotwood Andres Ochoa & Family Troy Lance Reno Union Virginia Smyers Upper Sandusky Helen Boes Teresa Brodman Urbana Mr. & Mrs. C. M. Eckert

Moira Dillon Cora & Robert Doyle Pat Grady Paul Hartenstein James Holiday Lori Huffman Robert Jackson Joe Kovach Eleanor Matus Bob & Germaine Matus Larry Nagy Rose Ockenga Sandra Pecora Terri Petz Tim Plank Ila Fay Provoznik Valerie Sabo Walbridge Mr. & Mrs. Melvin Eischen Janet Norton Fritz Rudolph Dorothy Wodrich Wapakoneta Bob & Polly Scherger Robert Schmerge Don & Helen Schramm Wapakoneta Mr. & Mrs. Michael Wurst

Warrensville Heights Little Sisters of the Poor Waterville Dianne Bednarski Darlene Bell Kelly Dean Pat Dickey Philip & Jacqueline Hertzfeld David & June Kretz Patrick & Sandra Lyions Kathleen Metzger Mike Schnapp Sandra Stapleton Jennifer Vasquez Brett Warner Wauseon Daniel & Sharon Burgard Suzanne & Tim Dennis Geenie Duncan Paul Murphy Westerville Gerald & Suzana Mueller Westlake Arleen A. Austin Mr. & Mrs. Mark Bodnar Janeearlene Smith Wharton Mark Brodman Whitehouse Mike Black Marsha Brown Pat Cook Jeanne Garrett Nick & Stacey Goetz Lial Catholic School Kristen Rectenwald Janice A. Seymour Hope & Basil Van Rooyen Gertrude Wenzlick Willard Mildred Perry Margaret M. Phillips Rick & Nancy Phillips Kenneth R. Smith Dan & Elaine Young Williston Rich Jones Woodville Jim & Lana Aldrich Kathy Conroy Alice Davis Xenia Pearl A. Roberts Yellow Springs Dan & Pam Marion Zanesville Andrea Madson OR Eugene Mary McCoy Lake Oswego Edward C. Sobczak PA Downingtown Angie Muzzo Doylestown Cy Mehling Harrisburg M. Catherine Meehan Hawley David Nonnenmacher New Holland Kathryn Baker Philadelphia

Ann Johnson & Andy Leonard Phoenixville Margaret Keller Pittsburgh Allegheny Financial Group, Ltd. Helen Crawford Presto Nancy & Charles Barcelona Southampton Agnes R. Szpila Womelsdorf Jean & Tony Dawson RI Barrington Marian M. Extejt Dr. John A. Passante Bristol Eileen McDermott SC Charleston Charleston Catholic School Mary Frances Hummel Greenville Annette Burger Mount Pleasant Stephen & Joyce Kiernan North Charleston St. John Catholic Church Santee Donald Burdett TN Crossville Richard Skeels Franklin Christine Marshall Jackson Roxanne Niedbalski Knoxville Tina Marie Baker Maryville Charles Kromer TX Abilene Debra Vasquez Amarillo Msgr. J. C. Gurzynski Baytown Bill Reineke Bedford Mr. & Mrs. Joseph F. Lutz College Station David Boyle El Paso Jesse & Maria del Carmen Castillo Fort Worth Megan & Victor Boschini Georgetown Curtis & Maura Rehfuss Granbury Joyce Binkert Houston Mr. & Mrs. Fritz Eder Mary Jaco Ken & Kathy McKinney San Angelo Diocese of San Angelo Sugar Land Suki C. Schea, MD Waco Mr. & Mrs. Frederick J. Sheedy UT Draper

Dee Andrus Parowan Roman & Laura Weltin Salt Lake City Kevin Mueller VA Arlington Dom & Lauri Machion Chesapeake Christine Messex Clifton Stephen Young Dumfries Linda C. Cuellar Schott Fairfax Dale & Anne Babione Falls Church Mr. & Mrs. Frank Stanonik Midlothian Mr. & Mrs. James A. Kohler, Jr. Monroe John McLaughlin Richmond Robert Furillo Round Hill John J. Spisak Springfield Mr. & Mrs. Gregg Cervi Williamsburg Donald & Barbara Haynes WA Kirkland Barbara Avery Redmond Robert Opple Renton Susan Ritalahti WI Marinette Joseph & Darlene Molosky Milwaukee Stephen Gallam Christine & Eddie Guitierrez Mary Kay Marzano Plover Richard Kajander Stoughton Gordon & Marilyn Ladwig WV Beckley Frank Marra Tracey Webber Kenova Mr. & Mrs. Lance Jackman Parkersburg Sr. Joan Keryenbuhl WY Story Norman & Sue Feck



nnual Report


Professional and Spiritual Development 3% Medical 8% Depreciation 12%

Operations 2011-2012* Support and Revenue Retirement 3%

Other 6%

Donations 11% Salaries 68%

Social Security 12%

Personal 11% Travel 4%

Rent/Utilities 15% 1 2


3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Lay Employees 26%

Other 5%

Corporate 16%

Partnership for Mission Office 2011-2012* Revenue Bequests $ Mailings FamilyFest Gifts to Sisters Papua New Guinea Gifts for Continuing Care Gifts-in-Kind Memorials Sponsor a Sister Other Total Revenue $

145,522 144,342 119,664 59,183 45,155 18,460 16,093 14,685 10,403 500 574,007


Restrictions Unrestricted $ Papua New Guinea Continuing Care Total

510,392 45,155 18,460 574,007

Continuing Care 3%


1 2 3


Unrestricted 89% Papua New Guinea 8%

Rest in peace. . . Sr. Marie Julie Reineke, SND, died on Friday, August 10, 2012 at the age of 60. She was born in Bellevue, OH, and attended Immaculate Conception School for her elementary schooling where she came under the influence of the Sisters of Notre Dame. She excelled as a student, completing grades seven and eight in one year and entered the Notre Dame Aspirancy Program and began high school at Notre Dame Academy in September of 1965. In 1969, she entered the community of the Sisters of Notre Dame and made her final profession of vows in 1971. Sr. Marie Julie attended Mary Manse College, Toledo; received master’s degrees from Ball State University and the University of Dayton; and a certificate in spiritual direction from Creighton

University. For eight years she taught in elementary schools, and then moved into high school where she spent the next 30 years. She was on the faculties of St. Mary, Norwalk; Sacred Heart, Fremont; St. Mary, Muncie, IN; Gesu, Christ the King, and Notre Dame Academy, Toledo. Having completed 22 years as an instructor at Notre Dame Academy, Sr. Marie Julie was asked to leave her beloved alma mater in 2004 and travel to Gainesville, FL to join others in establishing the first Catholic high school in that area of the diocese. Sr. Marie Julie quickly endeared herself to her students, and they asked her to be the Grand Marshal for their first Football

An international journey Sr. Joanne Mary Frania (left), spiritual director, was in Uganda during August directing retreats for SND missionaries and Ugandan sisters. She said, “Living in Uganda is beyond what we can imagine being from the U.S. These people are very happy with the little they have, and convenience and ease are not even a part of their vocabulary. I feel very privileged to have been able to go there.”

Homecoming Parade! Sister also involved herself in the local Holy Faith Parish where again she quickly forged affectionate bonds with parishioners. She was appointed by the bishop of the Diocese of St. Augustine to represent the diocese in the All Florida Catholic Charismatic Commission between 2005 and 2008. She was named the Catholic Educator of the Year in the spring of 2009. A student of Sister’s told of an essay they were asked to write in theology class describing a person whom they believed exemplified qualities of Jesus. “At least ten of us,” she wrote, “chose Sr. Julie because of her patience, joy, courage, and unwavering faith—qualities that I hope we are all able to emulate when we face the challenges to come. When we experience hardship, we, like Sister Julie, should put forth effort and never lose hope or faith.”

SND~USA Associates gather SND Associates and directors (left) from all four USA provinces met October 12-14 at Lial Renewal Center. Associates are one group within SND~USA along with finance, communications, human resources and others who have been meeting to explore working together and creating a shared future. The Associates learned more about each other and spent time discussing ways that they can collaborate for a shared future in the USA. “Ideas from our Associates about how they can support the SND vision of ‘One Heart, One Hope, One Mission,’ were very beneficial,” said Sr. Mary Rosellyn Thiesen, Toledo Province Associate Co-Director. “We look forward to meeting again next year in Chardon,” she added. 23

Thank you for your support of the Sisters of Notre Dame! You and your intentions are in our prayers.


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Leaving a legacy Our legacy? We want the Sisters of Notre Dame to carry on for generations to come. But we also need to provide for our loved ones. What can we do? You can do both and it’s easy. Consider… • Making a gift through your Will or revocable or irrevocable Trust • Leaving a life insurance policy • Designating your retirement plan

• Making a gift now, and receiving income for life Many such gifts can help you and your family today as well as help our mission years into the future. Some gifts you can put into place today without affecting your cash flow during your lifetime.

Dianna Miller has named the Sisters of Notre Dame in her estate plan, making her a member of the Wolbring Giving Society.

Our organization provides general gift planning information and is not qualified to provide specific legal, tax or investment advice. CrossRoads should not be looked to or relied upon as a source for such advice. Consult your own legal and financial advisors before making any gift.

CrossRoads Fall 2012  
CrossRoads Fall 2012  

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