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Dear Friends: Vol. 22, No. 1, Summer 2011 CrossRoads is published quarterly by the Partnership for Mission Office of the Sisters of Notre Dame, Toledo, Ohio. Its purpose is to create a sense of shared mission among members, family and friends. The title CrossRoads refers to the crossing of paths of our congregation and our friends in the communities where we serve. The “cross” in CrossRoads has special significance in our congregation’s history. Editorial Board Denis Eble Sr. Marilyn Marie Ellerbrock George Mezinko Sr. Jennifer Marie Zimmerman Editor Teri Bockstahler Correspondence may be sent to: CrossRoads Sisters of Notre Dame 3837 Secor Road Toledo, OH 43623 Phone: 419-479-3093 email: Visit us on the web: Contributors: Sr. Mary Jeanette Bihn, Jubilee photos Our Mission: Sisters of Notre Dame proclaim God’s goodness and provident care. As disciples of Jesus, we: Create community for mission Nurture faith through education Stand in solidarity with those in need.


ifty years ago this summer four Sisters of Notre Dame from the Toledo Province embarked upon a journey that would change them and the people of Papua New Guinea in ways we could not have imagined. Today 13 national PNG sisters serve alongside our Toledo missionary sisters in this country on the other side of the world. They have witnessed the creation of programs to empower women, to support people impacted by the AIDS virus and to promote education and catechesis for all.

Sr. Mary Delores Gatliff

In Toledo 50 years ago sisters were prominent educators in community and diocesan schools, and many young women called by God and drawn to share the Notre Dame spirit entered the novitiate. This summer we celebrate Jubilees of sisters who mark 25, 50, 60, 65, 70 and 80 years of Grace and Growth (see page 6). Although many things have changed in religious life over the years, our commitment to our good God and to those in need remains the same. We thank God who led us in the past to many places where needs were great, and we rejoice that God continues to do so! Thank you for your ongoing support of our sisters and ministries. We are able to travel near or far where people are marginalized because of your generosity. In Notre Dame, Sr. Mary Delores Gatliff, SND Provincial Superior

About the cover: Sisters of Notre Dame (from front) Mary Bernarda Sullivan, Mary Jamesetta Krafty, Mary Joseleen Hemker, Mary Paulissa Klausing, Mary Vernon Bick, and Mary Georgene Fink process from the Provincial Center Chapel during the Community Jubilee Liturgy in July, 2011.

Where in the world is Papua New Guinea?


here in the world is Papua New Guinea?’ was asked by many Sisters of Notre Dame prior to 1961 when the sisters established a mission there 50 years ago. How many of us know the answer even today? Papua New Guinea (PNG) is the eastern portion of the Island of New Guinea. This area was colonized by the British in the south and by the Germans in the north. When the Sisters arrived in 1961 it was a territory under the trusteeship of Australia. PNG is located in the South Pacific Ocean north of Australia and east of Indonesia. In 1975 the Territory of New Guinea and Papua gained independence from Australia by decree of the United Nations and became the Independent State of Papua New Guinea. Today PNG has a population of more than 6 million people comprised mainly of people from the Melanesian race, and is governed by a Constitutional Parliamentary Democracy. The first four Sisters assigned to the PNG mission were: Sr. Mary







Claver Pollauf, Sr. Mary Alexia Kochanski, Sr. Mary Magdelida Dorsey and Sr. Mary Marisa Conners. Their first convent home was in Fatima where they taught high Sr. Myriam and Sr. Barbara teaching at Maria Kwin. school boys and younger two-year program to teach young boys in primary school. girls skills so they could upgrade their village life. The following year some Sisters

began teaching at St. Anselm Sr. Mary Jamesetta Krafty who Primary School in Banz and in ministered in PNG from 1967-1972 1965 they started a boarding school and again 21 years later from 1993for primary school girls. The 1999 says that the people of PNG sisters could see that there were attracted her first. “The people are not enough high school spots for simple and showed such openness girls finishing 6th Grade, so they towards us, and they were grateful converted the primary school to we (the sisters) were there. It’s a vocational school which would hard to fathom the beauty of the become known as Maria country. Kwin Vocational School. There are The school offered a The following have served as Managers so many wonderful at Maria Kwin Resource Center. flowers South Pacific Ocean 1975-1983 Sr. Mary Rose Bernard like Calla Lilies, and 1984, 1985 Sr. Mary Lisette so many 1986, 1987 Sr. Mary Jean Francis varieties 1988, 1989 Sr. Mary Helen Rita of orchids, and the 1990, 1991 Sr. Marie Bernadette climate 1992-96 Sr. Maria Therese is like an 1997, 1998-02 Sr. Marie Bernadette eternal spring 2002-2011 Sr. Myriam with a 2011 Elizabeth Alam yearround growing season,” she said. continued on page 4 

“Although it does get cool in Kumdi where our school is (Notre Dame Secondary School),” she added. Sr. Mary Rose Bernard Groth also sings the praises of the people of PNG, and reports how they have so little but are so willing to share. Since she has been in PNG for 47 years, she knows the time is right to be back in Toledo, but returning isn’t without pain. “I am at peace with my return, although PNG is my first home! I have so many friends, I love the people, loved my work and my (SND) sisters!” she exclaimed. She says ministering in PNG has been the highlight of her life. “I have been enriched

The Sisters came to Kumdi where the Diocese was building a new high school for girls. Classes began in 1969 while the rest of the school and convent were under construction. The high school consisted of grades 7 to 10. In 2005 Notre Dame high school became a Secondary School with grades 9–12. The high school was under the leadership of the following. 1969

Sr. Mary Helen Rita


Sr. Mary Marilyn


Sr. M. Danielle

1973-74; 77-78 Sr. Mary Corese 1974-75

Sr. Mary Marisa


Sr. M. Antonelle


Sr. Mary Jean Francis


Sr. Mary Magdelida


Sr. Marietta

1988, 1991

Sr. Mary de Porres


Sr. Mary de Porres


Sr. Mary Vivette

(Sr. Mary Vivette continues as Principal of Notre Dame Secondary School to the present) 

by the people and have received many blessings just by being there. I had always dreamed of being a missionary, so my time there was such a privilege,” she said.

Did you know? In 1970 the Sisters began accepting aspirants in preparation for their entrance into the novitiate. In 1971 the first postulants were received and eventually a special building was built for the novitiate. Today Sr. Marietta Widman is the Director of Temporary Professed in PNG and there are 13 national sisters in PNG!

When Sr. Mary Rose Bernard arrived in 1964, the conditions were very primitive and she has enjoyed seeing the progress in PNG. “The people had no religious foundation when we arrived, only spirit worship. Through God’s goodness, things have happened over the years . . . I am filled with gratitude for the opportunity to serve the people and to witness the changes that have come about during the years of our presence in the country. Education has brought changes in many things.

“Over the years we have been emphasizing empowering the women. Now they are beginning to speak out, speak their mind, and have started to take active roles in changing the Highlands of PNG. Many graduates of Fatima Secondary School and Notre

Dame Secondary School (NDSS) have become influential people in the government of PNG,” she explained. NDSS opened in 1969 and has an enrollment of 600 women. Sr. Mary Rose Bernard has spent the last 20 years in the country’s first HIV ministry and later in 2002 at Shalom Care Center, a place for those impacted by the AIDS virus and their families. “It was the hardest to leave the people with the virus and the HIV orphans. A great sense of community is created among these people when they come together learning how to cope with the virus. Here both men and women find true friends and support. A man with nine children had a brother who died of the virus. He took in his brother’s five children.

Sr. Mary Rose Bernard with young friends at Shalom Center.

“My other concern is how to keep the children in school because education is so important. I found a pilot program which pays partial fees through which I was able to help 70 school children this year, but there is so much time and paperwork involved. Sr. Myriam and another lay woman agreed to help with the financial and school reports and keep these partial grants coming. Leaving PNG was a bit easier knowing that schooling for those children will continue,” she said.

Many sisters who are former PNG missionaries gathered after the Toledo celebration on July 17, 2011. (from left) Sr. M. Jamesetta Krafty (1967-1972, 1993-1999), Sr. Frances Marie Penwell (1994-2004), Sr. M. Tina Petrick (2004-2006), Sr. M. Rose Bernard Groth (1964-2011), Sr. M. Danielle Coressel (1970-1973, 1996-2001), Sr. M. Jean Francis Boes (1971-2006), Sr. M. Virginia Wenninger (1972-1974, 1982-1999), Sr. M. Corese Floyd (1962-1981), Sr. M. Cynthia Shaffer, (1992-1998) and in front Sr. M. Marilyn Mayle (1969-1974).

After 47 years, the people of the Western Highlands did not want to see Sr. Mary Rose Bernard leave. They have demonstrated desire to keep in touch with her by cell phone and email, neither of which are easy. “When I explained to everyone that it seemed to be the plan of God for me to go, they took some time to think about that, and then said it was OK for me to go,” Sr. Mary Rose Bernard explained. The Papua New Guinea SND Delegation will celebrate the 50th Anniversary on August 13, 2011. Sr. Mary Jamesetta and Sr. Mary Cheryl Darr will attend the celebration in PNG representing the Toledo sisters.

Former Fatima Secondary Students as well as former NDSS students have stepped up and are participating in the planning, according to Sr. Mary Rose Bernard. “They told the sisters to take care of the Liturgy and they would take care of the rest! They so

Our Toledo and National sisters in Papua New Guinea (January 2011).

appreciate the education they have received from the Sisters of Notre Dame that they want everyone to know about the celebration. One man paid $10,000 kina so the 50th

Anniversary celebration could have media coverage,” said Sr. Mary Rose Bernard.

Happy 50th Anniversary PNG Mission! 

Jubilee e In 1931 th rice of average p was a new car $640.00!


In 1941 Ja panese attacked th e U.S. fleet at Pea rl Harb thus drawin g the U S. into Worl d War

Our dear Sr. Mary Theophane Sullivan died on June 26, 2011, at the age of 101. . . in her 80th year of religious life.

According to Sr. Mary Vernon, when she entered the convent, they didn’t get much news or even listen to the radio. When WWI was over, the young sisters were called together in a room for the announcement.

Sr. Mary Bernarda Sullivan and Sr. Mary Jamesetta Krafy celebrated their 70th Jubilee.

Sr. Mary Paulissa Klausing, Sr. Mary Joseleen Hemker and Sr. Mary Vernon Bick celebrate their 65th Jubilee. 

The co st of a gallon of gas was 15 ce in 1946 nts !

The cost of a firststamp was $ 0.03 in

Celebrating their 25th Jubilee: Sr. Donna Marie Appert, Sr. Marie Christine Cervi and Sr. Mary Tina Petrick.


e . bor, U. II.


In 1986 the Chernobyl nu clear power plant mishap occurred an d gas was $.089 a gallon.

Kennedy 1961: John F. President inaugurated as States. of the United

-class n 1951.

50th Jubilarians: (back row) Sr. Mary Lucy Suter, Sr. Marcia Marie Destatte, Sr. Julia Marie Hutchison, Sr. Mary Carol Gregory and Sr. Margaret Mary Collins. (front) Sr. Mary Marc Burgard and Sr. Carol Mary Bogner.

Years of Grace and Growth! Sr. Mary Rose Bernard Groth, Sr. Mary Georgene Fink, Sr. Mary Edward Ann Hoffman, and Sr. Mary Ross Burgard celebrated their 60th Jubilee. 

Partnership for Mission

In Honor of:

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Patricia Borgess Mary Pat Borgess

What information we collect The Partnership For Mission Office for the Sisters of Notre Dame, Toledo, Ohio collects and uses various forms of personal information from donors that include: address, telephone number, donor comments, e-mail address and amount donated. Tax laws in the United States and the State of Ohio require the Partnership For Mission Office to keep contact information and contribution level of donors on file.

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In Sympathy Charles Snyder - brother of Sr. Mary Patricia Snyder Andy Wellmann - brother of deceased Sr. Mary Johnene Wellmann Richard Kaufman - father of Sr. Mary Richarde Kaufman Alice Herold - mother of Sr. Mary Francein Herold Melvin Wrasman - brother of Sr. Mary Gail Wrasman

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Rest in peace Sr. Mary Theophane A

t the ripe age of 101, God called Sr. Mary Theophane to himself on June 26, 2011. She was in her 80th year as a Sister of Notre Dame. As a young child she came to know the Sisters of Notre Dame and learned from them a deep love for our Blessed Mother. After attending Notre Dame Academy (NDA), she entered the Congregation of the Sisters of Notre Dame and received the name of Sr. Mary Theophane. Her younger sister Rita, soon followed her to NDA and the Congregation and became Sr. Mary Bernarda. Sister loved to educate and draw the very best out of others. She was a loved teacher and principal, a trusted mentor of new teachers, and in her retirement years, a caring tutor for children who were having a difficult time in the classroom. She had a “golden touch” with young people. Her

In prayer we honor and remember continued from page 9


sixteen years in elementary education as teacher and/ or principal included: St. Joseph, Crestline; Immaculate Conception, Bellevue; St. Joseph, Fremont; St. Mary, Leipsic; St. Mary, Sandusky; and Sacred Heart, St. Ann, Gesu, and Ladyfield, Toledo. She spent 25 years in high school education at St. John, Delphos; St. Joseph, Fremont; St. Mary, Sandusky; and Notre Dame Academy, Toledo. Notre Dame Academy was blessed with Sr. Mary Theophane’s leadership for fifteen years. It was she who was at the helm when the school was moved from its original location on Bancroft and Detroit to its present setting on Sylvania Avenue. She will be remembered as the director of the building project at Lial Renewal Center and

Sr. M. Agnes Link Vernon & Veronica Kluding Michael McFadden Sr. M. Anna Mae Foos Jane Kistler Sr. M. Annunciata Sutter Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Hippler Cecil & Jane Erdman Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Grathwol Mary Lou Hohler Wilma F. Humpert

Bernadette Keller Mary C. Pirolli Donald & Rita Ryan Pete Schaal Steve & Sue Sherburne Marilyn & Mike Srsen Ed & Ann Stransky John & Suzanne Sumner Clarice Sutter Edgar & Mary Ann Sutter Joan M. Sutter Stella Sutter Sally (Sutter) & George Young

Convent in the early 1970’s. She also served as local coordinator for many local communities. Her adept organizational skills were enhanced by her genuine care and concern for each person she encountered. The Diocese recognized the wisdom and integrity of Sr. Mary Theophane when in 1974 she was appointed by Bishop John A. Donovan to serve a term on the diocesan Court of Equity. The Court was established to resolve complaints about administrative decisions in the diocese. Sister’s reputation for being fairminded and her many years of administrative leadership made her a good choice to serve in this capacity. In her last years, Sr. Mary Theophane suffered from increasing dementia. God called Sr. Mary Theophane to himself. Now Sister knows the fulfillment of the promise of Jesus: “I shall see you again, and your hearts will be full of joy, and that joy no one shall take from you” (John 16:22).

Sr. M. Dalene Wasserman Janeearlene Smith Sr. M. Pierre Gruss Rev. Andrew Krafcik Sr. M. Theophane Sullivan Darlene M. Burke Jim & Louise Henahan Edwina VanDruten Kurt Michelle & Jeff Peer Linda Sullivan

Memorial Recognition When a memorial gift or culmination of gifts in the name of one person totals $250 in a year, that individual’s name is permanently placed on a special memorial plaque displayed in the Sisters of Notre Dame Provincial Center Chapel.

What’s New? On Sunday, June 12, 2011, three Sisters of Notre Dame were awarded the Diocesan Centenary Award for their service to the Church and leadership: Sr. Mary Beatrice Ann Furlong, Sr. Mary Madelena Pohlman, and Sr. Sr. M. Beatrice Ann Anne Mary Molyet.  The awards were presented by Bishop Leonard Blair at a special Vesper service at Rosary Cathedral. Sr. Mary Laurann Dietrich received the Gold Award as the 2011 Outstanding Senior Volunteer of Northwest Ohio. Sr. M. Madelena She was nominated by Mercy St. Anne Hospital.

Sr. Anne Mary

Sr. Susanna Weaver was among the 16 volunteers of Richland County who received the Spirit of the American Red Cross Hero Award for their work at the Plymouth Shiloh Food Pantry. The award is presented for outstanding humanitarian contributions.

Srs. Mary Charleen Hug and Mary Vivette Baker were inducted into Sr. M. Laurann Sr. M. Susanna the NDA Hall of Fame: Women of Vision. The Women of Vision Award is bestowed on a deserving graduate who has made outstanding contributions to her profession, to Sr. M. Vivette Sr. M. Charleen her society, to her church, and to the growth of the NDA community through her loyal support and service.

Sr. M. Doretta

Young women on the Rome/Assisi pilgrimage in May pose with six of the South Korean Sisters of Notre Dameoutside the Basilica of St. Francis in Assisi. Assisi was just one of the many sacred sites visited during the nine-day pilgrimage. Srs. Marilyn Marie Ellerbrock and Rita Marie Schroeder from the Toledo Province also traveled with the group.

Walking for Wellness participants once again enjoyed a beautiful day for walking on June 4, 2011. Most walked the 7-mile course and enjoyed a picnic lunch back at the Provincial Center. Above Srs. Mary Tina Petrick and Patricia Marie McClain pose with family. Below: All walkers!

Sr. Mary Doretta Peter received a plaque from the Autism Academy of Learning in reocgnition of her many years of loyal and dedicated service as a Board Trustee. 11

Thank you for your support of the Sisters of Notre Dame! You and your intentions are in our prayers.

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CrossRoads Summer 2011  

Sisters of Notre Dame celebrated Jubilees and the 50th Anniversary of the Papua New Guinea Mission.

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