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Dear Friends on the journey, We hope you are having a renewing summer, seeing family and friends and enjoying the sunny weather. As Sisters of Notre Dame our summers are always filled to the brim with community meetings, Jubilee celebrations, retreats and family visits. This summer twenty-two sisters, with Jubilees ranging from 25 to 75 years, celebrated their commitment to “hearing and responding to God’s call.” A highlight of our summer was the perpetual profession of Sr. Jennifer Marie Zimmerman. At age 33, she is our newest member, joining our Toledo province of 197 members and our worldwide congregation of 2035 sisters! Society often looks at religious life differently than many years ago. While some people may be puzzled by those who enter a community, in Sister Jennifer’s words, “For those of us who have the call, it’s really the only option.” Sister Jennifer’s vow day was truly a renewal for every sister; we rejoice in God’s faithfulness! Around the world there are 137 temporary professed Sisters of Notre Dame, as reported by Sr. Mary Kristin Battles and Sr. Mary Shauna Bankemper, our General Superior and Assistant, during their visit to the Toledo Province in May and June. Toledo SNDs and staff appreciated learning from Sr. Mary Kristin the many ways that Sisters of Notre Dame worldwide incarnate the love of our good and provident God, serving the greater needs of people, even when ministries are not compensated. When we enter into service without compensation, your support makes it possible to make sure needs are being met. We sincerely thank you for your generosity.

Sr. Mary Delores Gatliff, SND Provincial Superior

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Sr. Jennifer Marie Zimmerman receives a blessing from her sisters after making her perpetual vows on July 14, 2013, at Christ the King Church, Toledo.


crossroads Vol. 24, No. 1, Summer 2013 CrossRoads is published quarterly by the Partnership for Mission Office of the Sisters of Notre Dame, Toledo, Ohio. Its purpose is to create a sense of shared mission among members, family and friends. The title CrossRoads refers to the crossing of paths of our congregation and our friends in the communities where we serve. The “cross” in CrossRoads has special significance in our congregation’s history. Editorial Board Denis Eble Sr. Marilyn Marie Ellerbrock Sr. Mary Ralph Gerdeman George Mezinko Sr. Mary Rosellyn Theisen Sr. Jennifer Marie Zimmerman Editor Teri Bockstahler Contributors Sr. Mary Jeanette Bihn Correspondence may be sent to: CrossRoads Sisters of Notre Dame 3837 Secor Road Toledo, OH 43623 Phone: 419-479-3093 email: Visit us on the web: Our Mission Sisters of Notre Dame proclaim God’s goodness and provident care, united in: One heart One hope One mission . . . committed to global transformation.

Hearing “The Call” to Religious Life


od continues to call women to religious life . . . but as a society do people slow down enough to really listen? Sr. Jennifer Marie Zimmerman who professed perpetual vows as a Sister of Notre Dame in July felt something was missing in her life; and listening enabled her to hear God’s call. “I had graduated from the University of Toledo and was working back in my hometown of Defiance at General Motors as an Athletic Trainer. I enjoyed my work and at the same time felt unsettled. “My best friend from growing up, Sally Willitzer, was a Sister of Notre Dame postulant at that time and so I got to know the SND community through her. I also went on a pilgrimage to Rome with an SND sponsored group led by Sr. Rita Marie Schroeder which helped me become more acquainted with the Sisters. Later, I began attending a monthly diocesan discernment group and I met Sr. Marilyn Marie Ellerbrock. I soon realized that the talk of religious life wasn’t scaring me away,” laughed Sr. Jennifer Marie. Ten years ago when the process began for Jennifer the SND vocation director was Sr. Mary Pat Dorobek. Sr. Mary Pat began meeting with Jennifer and offered her readings with which to pray and other articles. “Before I knew it Sr. Pat suggested it might be time to meet with Sr. Anne Mary Molyet, the Provincial Superior at that time. I agreed that was a fine idea. But when I walked out of that meeting with my paperwork to enter I found myself asking ‘What just happened?’” Again,

The Mass and profession ceremony were surreal, according to Sr. Jennifer Marie. “I kept looking around and it was overwhelming to be surrounded by everyone that I love. The Mass and day were over before I knew it. I was really living in the moment,” she commented.

I was okay with entering religious life, so I thought it was time to tell my family,” she explained. Jennifer’s Mom and Dad weren’t surprised according to Sr. Jennifer. She said her Mom could see it coming since she had been on the pilgrimage and had been attending discernment meetings. In fact, no one was surprised except for one woman at work. “It was good to hear her doubts though because it made me think. I made my PRO and CON list and there really weren’t any good reasons not to enter. My three-year battle with God was over,” she said. Society looks curiously at religious life, and people are always puzzled by those who enter. “For those of us who have the call, it’s really the only option. If I had not followed the nudge when I felt it and attended a vocation talk, I wouldn’t have realized that nothing else makes sense for me,” she added. Sr. Jennifer Marie says God is still calling and everyone has to fill the God-filled hole in their heart. “God is the only one who can fill it, and then your path is clear,” she concluded.

“We as a whole province rejoice with Sr. Jennifer Marie on the occasion of her perpetual profession of vows in our Notre Dame Congregation! We are grateful to our good and provident God for calling Sr. Jennifer to our community, and we thank Sr. Jennifer for responding so generously to God’s call.” added Sr. Mary Delores Gatliff, Provincial Superior.


is a Jesuit word which refers to a time of intense preparation before perpetual profession. For SNDs, the period can be from four to five months. It’s a necessary time of slowing down to reflect and pray about what is about to happen. Sr. Jennifer lived the last six weeks before profession at the Provincial Center and had an opportunity to spend her “down-time” with the “wisdom-women” which is her title for the older sisters in Toledo who professed, 50, 60 or more years ago. “They reminisced about their Tertiate time and we all got to know each other even better,” Sr. Jennifer Marie said.


Celebrating commitment. . . vSr. Mary Corneille Gallam celebrated 75 years as a Sister of Notre Dame.

Gas was a 10 cents in gallon 1933.

rSr. Mary Clarone Lucius celebrated her 80th Jubilee in January, 2013. She died at the age of 102 in April, 2013.

The aver age car cost $ 590 in 1928

In 1943 a bottle of Coke cost 5 cents.

In 1948 the game Scrabble was introduced.

rFrom left: Sr. Mary Cyrilla Hellman, Sr. Mary Maurus Labadie and Sr. Rose Maria Moser celebrated their 70th Jubilee.

vFrom left: Sr. Mary Louisa Heinl and Sr. Mary Estella Perkins celebrated their 65th Jubilee.

wFrom front left: Sr. Andre Marie Masney, Sr. Mary Alma Rose Langenderfer, Sr. Mary Patricia Fitz. Standing: Sr. Mary Quintin Brickner, Sr. Mary Mona Kromer and Sr. Mary Beatrice Ann Furlong celebrate their 60th Jubilee. 53.

ar ended in 19 The Korean W


vFrom front left: Sr. Mary Alan Miller, Sr. Mary Gail Wrasman. Standing: Sr. Susan Marie Reineck and Sr. Mary Vivette Baker, celebrated 50 years as Sisters of Notre Dame!



In 196 3 King g Martin Lut her ave hi s dream � spee “I have a ch.

In 1988 a ga llon of gas cost 91 cents .

sFrom left: Sr. Leonie Marie Maigret and Sr. Regina Marie Fisher celebrated their 25th Jubilee. In 1973 the Watergate h earings began in the U.S. Senate .

vFrom front left: Sr. Dorthea Marie Arndt, Sr. Marie Kathleen Hood. Standing: Sr. Janet Marie Smith and Sr. Jean Marie Walczak celebrated their 40th Jubilee.


A moment with a

Sr. Mary Virginia Wenninger meeting Pope John Paul II in 1988.


Catholic saints are men and women who lived holy lives in obedience to God’s will, and they became saints at the moment they entered heaven. However, the Church does recognize those souls that the Church can confirm are in heaven as saints. What does it take to be a saint? To become a saint, evidence must be presented to persuade Church officials that the person in question in fact lived a virtuous life, had faith, and had the support and help of God. The Church also looks at miracles as evidence that God is working through that person. 6



ope Francis announced on July 5, 2013, that both John Paul II and Pope John XXIII will be canonized. Since the process of canonization for them has not taken centuries, many Sisters of Notre Dame are able to share stories about meeting Pope John Paul II . . . their moment with a saint.

Sr. Mary Joseleen Hempker was an Adoration Sister in Rome for more than 39 years. When she first arrived in 1958, the Holy Father was Pope Pius XII until his death later that year. Then in October of 1958 Pope John XXIII was elected. She had the opportunity to attend a Mass said by John XXIII but did not meet him. Sr. Mary Joseleen saw Pope John Paul II many times and in 1982 she attended Mass in his private chapel and met him after Mass. “We knew he was a saint then just by listening to him and observing the things he did,” she shared. Sr. Rose Maria Moser was also in Rome from 1973 through 2003 serving as an Adoration Sister, in a secretarial role and assisting with the archives. “Although I saw Pope John Paul II many times, I received his personal blessing and shook his hand once which was a very special moment,” she said. In 1980 Sr. Patricia Marie Keefe was ministering at the Motherhouse for three months helping to prepare for the 1980 General Chapter. On weekends she was able to tour holy places in Rome. One day she joined the throng

that lined up in St. Peter’s Square in hopes that John Paul II would walk past their area along the wooden barricades (before the days of the “Pope mobile). “As Providence would have it, John Paul II walked right down the line of our whole area! I remember the feeling of ‘electricity’ that went through my being, as I shook his hand.....not because he was a ‘celebrity’ as such, but because of his Spirit and Holiness! As he shook my hand, he stopped and asked ‘What Community are you?’  I was surrounded by numerous sisters from the Chapter delegation....  I loudly said to him ‘We are the Sisters of Notre Dame!’  John Paul answered me back; ‘God Bless the Sisters of Notre Dame!’ That was truly an electric moment of profound Grace for me!” said Sr. Patricia Marie. Sr. Joanne Mary Frania met Pope John Paul II when attending the General Chapter meeting of the Sisters of Notre Dame in 1986. Sr. Joan Marie Recker was Toledo’s Provincial Superior at the time, Sr. Mary Vivette Baker attended representing Papua New Guinea and Sr. Julia Marie Hutchison was a delegate from Toledo

Sr. Joanne Mary Frania with Pope John Paul II in 1986.

I’m shaking his hand!” Sr. Mary Lizette Hoevel. “I met Pope John Paul II in a special personal audience as I facilitated an international General Chapter for the international Sister Adorers of the Blood of Christ. At that time I was director of the Formation of Formators course in Rome. As I ministered with the international/ intercongregational formators, I arranged an audience each year for the formators (eight times).  I have several photos with John Paul II and saw him as a really unusually holy man, ‘a saint,’” explained Sr. Mary Barbra Ostheimer. Sr. Mary Stephan Kreinbrink worked in the Vatican secretary of state’s office assisting with the pope’s mail, including during John Paul’s 20th anniversary as pope in 1998. When the Sisters of Notre Dame had their general chapter meeting in Rome in 2004 she had an individual meeting with John Paul and received his blessing. “I expressed my appreciation and gratitude,” Sister Mary Stephan said. “It’s an honor to have met him.”

The Sisters of Notre Dame General Chapter meeting participants had an audience with Pope John II in his private library and attended a Mass in his private chapel in 1986. Sisters from S. Korea, India, Brazil, Germany, Papua New Guinea, and the U.S. were in attendance, to name a few.

when the SNDs had an audience with the Pope in his library after Mass in his private chapel. “When each of us met him, he would ask ‘Sister where are you from? What is your ministry?’ He really engaged you in conversation,” said Sr. Julia Marie. Sr. Joan Marie Recker said about that 1986 meeting, “I don’t remember his exact words to us in 1986, but I do remember that he said something about ‘work, work hard for vocations!’  “During the General Chapter meeting of 2004 Pope John Paul II was too ill to say anything to us as a group-he did not have the energy. But he instead gave Sr. Mary Sujita (General Superior at the time) a card as his message to us.  He also gave each of us a rosary and shook our hand very graciously, although he was already very sickly. Both times were moments of great awe when I felt blessing and connectedness to the ‘holy,’” said Sr. Joan Marie.

Sr. Mary Raymund Johnson was in ministry in Rome from 1978 through 2006 serving as General Treasurer and met Pope John Paul II on two occasions and received rosaries each time. In 1988 Sr. Mary Virginia Wenninger was returning from Papua New Guinea (for the second time) and was able to stop in Rome. It was then that she met Pope John Paul II. “I met John Paul II when I did my tertiate in Rome in 1993. I was the only sister from Toledo but there was one from Chardon, Covington and four from Germany. The seven of us had a private Mass with him then met with him, received a blessing and received a rosary from him. When he talked to you it was as if you were the only person who existed at that time; he was so intent on listening to you,” explained Sr. Regina Marie Fisher. “In 1994 when I was a tertian in Rome preparing for my final vows, I met him...and have my picture with him as

Though this story about meeting a saint focuses mostly on Pope John Paul II, since the formal canonization ceremony is expected soon for Blessed Mother Theresa of Calcutta Sr. Rita Marie Schroeder reports, “Back in the late 80’s, our late Sr. Charlyn Marie McDonough, Sr. Marcia Marie Destatte and I met Mother Theresa of Calcutta. We three were studying at St. Charles Seminary in Philadelphia.  Mother Theresa came to give a graduation talk and the three of us were asked to have dinner with her. I could see that peace radiated within her. She was not rushed and took so much time with each person who approached her.”


Partnership for Mission Dear Friends:

Many of our sisters work in service to our Notre Dame community. In this section of CrossRoads, we feature Sr. Mary Teresita Richards, our new vocation director. Although she is not financially compensated, her ministry is a significant contribution to our community. Thank you for your support which provides for hers and many other ministries of the Sisters of Notre Dame. George Mezinko Partnership for Mission Director “I am very excited and hopeful as I begin my new ministry as the Vocation Director for the Toledo Province. In the first few weeks I have already met many wonderful, young women who are open to discerning their call from God. Pray for them because they truly want to know God’s will for them. I met many of them through our four weeks of Migrant Ministry in Leispic, Ohio. At the end of each week the Sisters and I would comment on the amazing spirit among the four groups of high school and college students who came to help. Their eagerness, generosity, maturity, joyful spirit, responsibility, attentiveness to the needs of the children and each other, and their willingness to spend time in prayer and reflection was very inspiring. This picture was taken on crazy hair day for the Vacation Bible School in Leipsic.” ~ Sr. Mary Teresita IN HONOR OF: Terry & Betty Caldwell Paul & Sue Sheeter Catherine A. Krall Rosemary Matuszewksi Gene & Fayanne Ochs Gene & Fayanne Ochs Sophia Rodgers Geneva Rodgers Bob & Lois Shinko Dick Mittendorf Rev. John Stites Floyd & Donna Stites


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Thank you!

Honorariums and memorials are listed for donations to the Sisters of Notre Dame received from January 1, 2013, through March 31, 2013. Please notify the CrossRoads office at 419-479-3093 should you find an error of omission or spelling.

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Rest in peace a religious vocation began to burn within her at the age of nine when she made her First Holy Communion. Later, at the age of nineteen, she entered the community. In a 2008 Crossroads article, she shared: “I walked across the threshold into religious life as a Sister of Notre Dame and I never had any questions about my decision.” Four days after celebrating her 102nd birthday with sisters and friends on April 27, 2013, Sr. Mary Clarone Lucius, burst through heaven’s gates into the presence of the Lord she served so faithfully throughout her 80 years of religious life.

Sister Mary Clarone attended DeSales College in Toledo, OH; received her master degree at St. Mary’s College, Notre Dame, IN, and post-graduate studies at the Catholic University of America. She was later certified as a spiritual director.

She was born in Landeck, OH, and as she was growing up, her relationship with the Sisters of Notre Dame developed throughout her elementary and high school years while she attended St. John’s in Delphos, Ohio. Sister recalled that the first flicker of

In 1941, Sister Mary Clarone became Directress of Aspirants for high school girls interested in becoming sisters and continued in that role for 23 years. During this time she also taught at Notre Dame Academy. Of those years, she wrote: “I always enjoyed

On June 11, 2013, Sr.

Delphos; St. Paul, Norwalk; and St. Joseph, Fremont. She was involved in community service for 32 years in which she served in various capacities at Notre Dame Academy, Ladyfield, and the Provincial Center; she helped in the Province finance office and also worked as a Home Health Aid.

Lavonne Marie Iott (AKA Sr. Mary Timothy)

entered into the eternal life. Born on May 22, 1937, she grew up in a rural farming community near Petersburg, Michigan. She enrolled as a freshman at Notre Dame Academy and gradually became aware of her desire to become a Sister of Notre Dame. In 1955, she entered the convent. Her younger sister Vivian followed Sister into the Community in 1958, taking the name Sr. Mary Dorothee. Her sister died in 1990. Sr. Lavonne Marie received her BA degree from Mary Manse College and spent 15 years teaching in the following schools: St. Mary, Toledo; St. Joseph, Maumee; St. Mary, Sandusky; St. Wendelin, Fostoria; St. John,


Sister placed her many gifts at the service of others during her 55 years in religious life. Sr. Lavonne Marie had a curious and logical mind that loved to explore all kinds of topics.

working with teens; they were so full of life. Teenagers and young adults need the most love and loving guidance.” When the Notre Dame College Branch Campus was established at the Toledo Provincial Center, she became parttime instructor on that faculty and later served as Dean for 14 years. In 1964 she was named the Provincial Assistant of the Toledo Province and Director of Formation for young sisters for 12 years. When she retired in 1989, she continued to tend the Godfire within others by doing retreat work and spiritual direction. Her mind continued to blaze with interest in community, world happenings and in every person she encountered. She always appreciated the illumination that the sharing of ideas brought to her, and she was ever faithful to her prayer practices, till the final days of her life. She was well read and had a memory that easily retained the content of her reading. Beverly, her younger sister noted that she was by nature a “problem solver.” She had the feel of an artist that knew how to give a lovely touch to the most ordinary space. Caring for the Health Care Center Chapel was a cherished activity for Sister Lavonne Marie. She appreciated beauty and had a sense of color and arrangement that made the chapel a place where our sisters were drawn for quiet and prayer. Perhaps Sister’s most loved ministry was when she was missioned to care for the sick and elderly. She trained for Home Health Care and gave five years to this service. When this ministry could no longer be undertaken, she brought her gentle love to the sisters in our Province Health Care Center who were suffering from severe dementia.

dear sisters Sr. Kathleen Mary Longeway (AKA Sr. Mary Margaret Rose)

was born on December 18, 1931. On the morning of July 7, 2013, Sr. Kathleen Mary quietly slipped into the eternal peace of heaven. She attended St. Ann School, Toledo, where she came under the influence of the Sisters of Notre Dame. She wrote that it was our deceased Sr. Mary Claver who planted the seed of vocation in her in grade six, and our deceased Sr. Mary Paulette “woke” it up in grade seven. “God’s great love shone forth from both of these sisters,” Kathleen remarked. Following her first profession of vows in 1952, Sister began her years of ministry in education. For 55 years she had the joy of teaching little children in the intermediate grades. Especially dear to her were the years

when she was privileged to prepare her students for First Communion. It was during these same years that she attended Mary Manse College and the University of Toledo where she earned a Master’s Degree in History. She taught at Sacred Heart and St. Joseph, Fremont; St. Mary, Sandusky; St. John, Delphos; St. Joseph, Monroeville; Immaculate Conception, Bellevue; St. Anthony, Temperance, Michigan; St. Jude, Fort Wayne, and Our Lady of Mount Carmel in Carmel Indiana and Holy Rosary, Sacred Heart, St. Ann, St. James, St. Michael, St. Mary, and Mary Immaculate School in Toledo. Sr. Kathleen Mary had a special love for history and loved learning about other cultures. In 1988 she was privileged to be a participant in the diocesan pilgrimage to the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico led by Bishop James Hoffman.

On Tuesday, July 30, Sr. Mary Marilyn Mayle entered eternal life after 72 years of religious commitment as a Notre Dame sister. She was born in Norwalk, OH, and attended St. Paul’s Elementary and High School. There, as she became involved in sports and social activities, her charming personality and humor were honed. In September of 1937, she entered the Sisters of Notre Dame in Toledo. After her profession in 1940, as Sr. Mary Marilyn, she continued her education by receiving degrees from DeSales College, Toledo and Catholic University in Washington, D.C. She also became certified in administration. For 46 years she taught in the high schools of the Toledo Diocese with

Music was also an important part of Sister’s life. In high school she played the saxophone. She loved to sing and when changes in liturgical practice opened up new roles for the laity in the celebration of Eucharist, Sister joined the parish choir wherever she was missioned and would serve as a cantor whenever she had the opportunity. Participating in song fests and listening to music brought immense joy into her life.

1969, she was missioned to Papua New Guinea where she was a teacher and headmistress in the high school until 1974. Sr. Mary Marilyn loved working with teenagers, and her students loved her in return. Retiring from teaching in 1987, she devoted herself to pastoral and community service at St. Mary, Sandusky; Lial in Whitehouse; and the Provincial Center. During those years as well as these past several Sister avidly followed and rooted for the Cleveland Indians. fellow Sisters of Notre Dame: St. Joseph, Fremont; St. Mary, Sandusky; St. Wendelin, Fostoria; St. John, Delphos; and Notre Dame Academy, Toledo. She also taught at St. Francis High School in Wheaton, Illinois. In

Sr. Mary Marilyn finally gave her life back to the God she so well served over ninety-four years.


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Crossroads summer2013  

Sisters of Notre Dame, Toledo Province celebrate Sr. Jen's final profession, Jubilees, and report on "meeting a saint."

Crossroads summer2013  

Sisters of Notre Dame, Toledo Province celebrate Sr. Jen's final profession, Jubilees, and report on "meeting a saint."