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PRINCIPLES BEHIND THE PRACTICE Miranda Powers, a Morehead State University (MSU) senior from Auxier, KY, will become the first-ever philosphy intern at St. Claire Regional Medical Center this fall. Serving as her co-preceptors are Sr. Mary Judine Lambert, Administrative Director, Mission Integration and Pastoral Care at St. Claire, and Dr. William Melahn, St. Claire’s Chief Medical Officer who has an extensive background in ethics, including studies at the Kennedy Center for Ethics at Georgetown University.

Sr. Judine will be Powers’ dayto-day contact. Initially, their focus will be on understanding the Ethical and Religious Directives for Catholic Health Care Services, published by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops and serve as St. Claire’s ethical guide for delivering care.

Powers will join Sr. Judine on Intensive Care Rounds every Tuesday, helping her to see ethical issues as they surface in discussions among an interdisciplinary group of staff. “I am excited to play a role in highlighting ethical issues in health care because they are so important,” said Powers in an interview at MSU. “Patients and practitioners need to understand their rights and responsibilities, and families need to learn to make decisions together, so that they can be prepared.” Additionally, Powers will participate in the development of a new program at St. Claire: Ethics Grand Rounds. Once every two months, members of the program will present ethics cases for discussion among St. Claire staff and invited staff from Morehead State University.

Miranda Powers (left) and Sr. Mary Judine Lambert (right) Sr. Judine explained, “The Ethics Grand Rounds will be a first for all of us and an opportunity to build an ethics community that includes physicians, philosophers, business faculty and others. This really helps us to push our mission out in a new direction. It brings our medical decisionmaking into conversation with members of our larger non-medical community. It is an organic effort, so we do not

know where it may lead...and that is very exciting.

We hope that it will shed a new light on our processes, so we will learn a great deal. It will help others to gain insight and understanding of what really forms the foundation of our mission and why we do things the way we do.”

Building Independence

for Generations to Come In 1961 the Sisters of Notre Dame began their ministry at St. Charles. Since that time St. Charles has grown and flourished, helping seniors maintain their dignity, independence, and well-being.

Just as the dust is beginning to settle from our last expansion, St. Charles continues to build community by adding 18 cottages and a multi-purpose center to serve the entire campus. The targeted completion date for the cottages is late 2016. For more information about these beautiful new cottages or to find out how you can make the Village at St. Charles your home, contact Michelle Bonar at (859)292-1645 or 7

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