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Sponsored Ministries

NDUEC DAy in Covington, KY The Notre Dame Urban Education Center hosted an open house and fifth anniversary party on August 26, 2015. During the festivities, Covington Mayor, Sherry Carran, spoke to the crowd and declared August 26 NDUEC Day.

The Sisters of Notre Dame are very proud of the children and families who participate in NDUEC programming, and we are thankful for the volunteers who share their time and talents here. Five years down, many more to go!

NDUEC Core Values

NDUEC Offerings

EXCELLENCE because we believe educating for life assists each person to achieve his or her human potential.

Individualized Tutoring Academic Support Arts and Cultural Enrichment Physical Education Family Program featuring: • Budgeting • Nutritious and Budget Friendly Meal Planning • How to Provide Homework Help • Affordable Activities for the Holidays • How to Prepare Your Taxes • Maintaining Good Credit • A Positive Approach to Discipline • Stretching Your Food Dollars

RESPECT because we believe each person is made in the image of God. MUTUALITY​because we believe in listening to those served regarding their needs.

COLLABORATION because we believe that together we will make more of a difference than acting alone.

julie learning center In late August, the ground floor of the SND Provincial Center was once again filled with the joyful sounds of Julie Learning Center students. JLC prepares young minds to love God, explore and learn from the world around them, and serve the community.

For JLC pre-school and Kindergarten enrollment information, visit 5

The Pulse • Fall 2015

The Pulse | Fall 2015  
The Pulse | Fall 2015  

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