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Sisters of Notre Dame

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Sisters of Notre Dame


Covington Province Uganda Mission Office

D r u m b e at s S p r i n g U p dat e

Dear Partner in Mission, The past few months have been an exciting time for our sisters, staff, and students in Uganda. Here are a few of the highlights:

Notre Dame Senior Secondary Academy students in Buseesa, Uganda

>>> At the end of November, Pope Francis visited Uganda. Sisters participated in the liturgies both in the cathedral in Kampala and at the site where the Ugandan martyrs died. It was surely a blessed time for the people of Uganda.

“When the good God asks something of us, He gives us the means of doing it.” That is a quote from our spiritual mother, St. Julie Billiart. We think she was right! Over the last six months, more than 150 donors and several schools and parishes raised $125,000 in support of Bricks for Buseesa. This money will go toward the construction of the new nursery school at the St. Julie Mission in Buseesa, Uganda.

When we think about the impact this nursery school will make, the SND mission statement’s call to “proclaim God’s goodness and foster the fullness of life” takes on a special meaning. Thank you to everyone who gave their prayers, time, and resources to Bricks for Buseesa. Together we are building a strong educational foundation.

>>> The school year, which usually begins the first week of February, was delayed two weeks because of the presidential election. The days following the election were tense in some areas because of people protesting the election. Riot police were very visible, but the sisters experienced no problems or danger.


>>> The usual warm weather has been unusually hot for some time. This, coupled with the dry season, is creating a shortage of water. For the mission in Buseesa, rainwater is collected from the roofs of the buildings and stored in massive tanks which dot the property. Water from the tanks is used for drinking (after purification), cooking, washing clothes, and cleaning. With 500 people on the property, much water is used each day. Finally, in mid-April the welcoming rains arrived.

>>> On February 28, the newly-appointed Bishop of the Hoima Diocese, Kirabo Vincent was consecrated at the cathedral in Hoima. Several sisters attended the ceremony and the celebration that followed. The sisters were especially thrilled with the announcement of the new bishop because he had served as the pastor in Buseesa some years ago. >>> Provided the visa interviews go as planned, our sisters from Uganda will come to the United States for a two-week visit. One group will visit in May, a second in June/July, and will be here for the Covington Province’s 94th Annual 4th of July Festival. We anxiously await their arrival! Thank you for your continued interest in the mission in Uganda and for your prayerful support. Gratefully in our good and provident God,

Sr. Mary Margaret Droege, SND Director, Uganda Mission Office

Contact Info Sr. Mary Margaret Droege, SND 1601 Dixie Highway, Covington, KY 41011 Email: mmdroege@sndky.org Phone: (859)392-8109

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Drumbeats | May 2016  

Bricks for Buseesa Completed, Sister Kathleen Burns in Uganda, Kids Helping Kids

Drumbeats | May 2016  

Bricks for Buseesa Completed, Sister Kathleen Burns in Uganda, Kids Helping Kids