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Sisters of Notre Dame

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Sisters of Notre Dame


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Dear Partner in Mission, Often in our publications we mention our “sisters in formation” or the “formation building” (pictured above). You may wonder what this “formation” is all about. Formation is basically about assisting a woman to recognize God’s call to a particular way of life and then responding to that call with total love and fidelity.

Sr. Mary Teopista at the Mpala convent

Sisters of Notre Dame

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This edition of Drumbeats explores the topic of “formation” as it is experienced in the Sisters of Notre Dame. Meet some of the special women who are presently in formation and some who are now full members. Gratefully in our good and provident God,

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The Sisters of Notre Dame

The process to becoming a full member of the community is a gradual introduction into deeper discipleship and education about the Sisters of Notre Dame, our charism, mission and spirit. The period of initial formation concludes with the woman offering herself totally to God through the pronouncing of the three vows: chastity, poverty and obedience. “The Congregational Formation Plan” offers the basic plan of formation, allowing adaptation for various cultures.

P.S. Some of these sisters will be visiting the U.S. and Covington Province for the first time this summer.

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Drumbeats | January 2016  

Formation in Uganda

Drumbeats | January 2016  

Formation in Uganda