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community events too. Definitely check them out. While many other paddlers can just stop in at towns along the way, we won’t have that option. We will be preparing three months of food for the trip, storing it in layers of dry bags, and sending it to six resupply points along the way. We can carry two weeks of food at a time in our hatches These meals will mostly be dehydrated, with some fresh fruit and vegetables at the start of each resupply. Don’t worry, there will be chocolate in every batch!

Those are just a few of the questions we are asked when we talk about our expedition. However, more than anything we want people to see that we are everyday people. The only thing that separates us is the decision to DO what we dream. What we have is intention, determination and the ability to prioritise our adventure. We want to encourage ordinary people, especially women, to have a dream and pursue it. It starts with writing it down and putting yourself out there. Be brave and go for it!

* Ellen MacArthur Foundation Lucy Graham and Mathilde Gordon met at university in 2013 through a shared passion for the environment and adventure. Lucy has a Certificate IV in Outdoor Recreation and a Bachelor of Sustainability. Mathilde studied ecology and zoology at university which lead to a career in conservation. Lucy and Mathilde undertake rock climbing, skydiving, snorkeling and scuba diving in addition to their kayaking and camping adventures. Check out these links to follow their journey and donate to Tangaroa Blue Foundation and the Living Oceans Society: Website: Facebook: Chuffed Fundraising:

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