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Whether you are a foodie, a master chef, of severely limited kitchen prowess, open to experiments, or stick to what you know; like it simple or sophisticated, local or exotic, savoury or sweet, a ÂťBowlÂŤ is adjustable to any taste. And also very nice to look at. #smoothiebowls have been around for quite a while now, having first popped up on Instagram. Decorated lovingly and with a great eye for detail, the bowls have developed into a veritable food trend online as well as offline. Promising to


unleash new levels of creativity and redefining the limits of diversity in design, the bell is about to ring in the next round. This has inspired Alnatura to help us embrace the trend: They are now offering idea panels showcasing on their website meal options for any time of day which are ideal for preparation in a bowl. So get ready to replicate these ideas, be inspired, and/or come up with your own variations. Breakfast is not the only meal that looks good in a circular container; lunch, dinner and snacks are all waiting to be dressed to the nines in a bowl. With great flexibility and the option to swap ingredients to taste, a


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