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Left: the pictures are a selection from Ana's instagram, @fluxi.

There is an understanding of Instagram that goes beyond the daily vintage-y looking lunch snapshot or the obligatory bathroom selfie. There is a community of Instagramers that wakes up at 5am to catch the perfect sunrise, drives for 3 hours out to capture the most amazing waves and climbs steep rocks to get this one perfect picture of the day.

Since Instagram hit the app store 4

5pm‌ I'm at The Mill in San Francisco - some would call it hipster central, but I like to think of it as a spacious, light-filled place with simple white and wood interior filled with a bewitching coffee scent. Already sitting at my favorite round marble table next to the window, I'm waiting for Brock , Ted & Luke , three of my favorite Instagramers, to join

creativity. And most of all Instagram

years ago lots has changed in the social media world. Not only that Instagram became the fastest growing community, a tool to communicate and share visually - with a filter on it - snippets of your everyday life with your friends and strangers alike, but also a way to express yourself, to define your passion and evolve your became a place where strangers became friends. While Brock and Luke are ordering their Americano I see Ted talking to a guy I know from somewhere. I remember that it's Sam from Instagram. I follow him, but I don't know him personally. He is actually on his way home, but

me for a cup of pour-over coffee and

being an Instagramer with heart and

some Instagram talk.

soul too, Sam

joins our coffee talk.

Issue 15 | October 2014


sisterMAG Issue 15  

Fall issue of sisterMAG with focus on physics and music: Traveling to the year 2044, vitamin bombs for the cold part of the year, several fa...

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