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Have you ever been standing in the coffee shops, thinking that you might try something new? But there are so many different kind of coffees to choose from. What’s the difference? And what if it’s too strong? And in the end you just order the same latte, as you use to order every day.

If that ever happened, this is the perfect coffee guide for you. We will explain the differences between the 12 most common coffees. So next time you order a coffee, you might be confident enough to try something new.

Lungo * * * * One can grind the coffee more fine or tamp, compacting, the grinded coffee harder, so less water pass through the filter with ground coffee. Or one can simply stop the


extraction early.

Lungo is Italian for »long«. A lungo is a single or double espresso but with twice as much water. First an espresso is made, then when the extraction is finished one immediately starts a new extraction through the same filter. A lungo is simply a long and weak espresso.

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