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Hi there, my name is Steffi, 37 years old and creator of the blog I ❤ Eco. I live with my family in a little quiet village in Belgium. I love to read, illustrate, browse the Internet, meet interesting people and find inner peace while practicing yoga. sisterMAG asked me to tell you my story … I started my own company about two years ago. While working with (people in) suits for several years, I earned a living, developed skills, but didn‘t feel quite satisfied. I realized I wanted more out of life! We are all working for a living, but do we all love what we do? One day I realized … I wanted to do my bit... But how does one contribute to a better world? As a child I was very concerned about the well being of animals. The panda was my best friend (WWF)! But while growing up, I lost the connection. Years later, the documentary about CRADLE 2 CRADLE L reopened my

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eyes. Their passion made it clear to me: we only have ONE planet! I researched for over a year and discovered a new world. I found a whole range of designers and companies with more important values than growth and profit. Instead they focused on working in harmony with nature. As it should be. I guess a lot of us lost our connection with nature. Most of the time, we don’t reflect on the origin of our products anymore. How were they produced? In what circumstances, what ingredients were used and what is their impact on nature or us? To be honest, I’m not a “dark” green consumer. I recycle (very well I might add), use 100% green energy, try to cycle more, cut down on plastic, use natural cosmetics, buy local & seasonal... But I’m not ready to turn my life 360° around (and I’m sure a lot of you feel the same way) I’m not willing to give

Issue N° 4 sisterMAG  

The Fall/Autumn issue of sisterMAG

Issue N° 4 sisterMAG  

The Fall/Autumn issue of sisterMAG