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Paper’d made iTunes’ ‘What’s Hot’ section when it surpassed 100k downloads in just under two weeks. That’s

quite a prodigious feat! To what in

particular do you attribute the rapid success of the app?

Paper‘d is truly unique in the wallpaper app market, which helped us catch the attention of people at Apple who saw our edgy take on wallpaper design. More than anything, though, we think the rapid success of the app came from our social capital - namely our personal followings on Twitter and on our blogs. We were so open about what we were working on with Paper‘d all throughout the creation process (blogging about it, holding focus groups, etc) that our audience was excited and

ready when we finally launched. This helped leverage coverage on sites like Mashable L, which, coupled with the „What‘s Hot“ and „New & Noteworthy“ nods from Apple, helped us reach 100k downloads in less than two weeks. You were fast friends and even

quicker business partners. How do you maintain balance between those

two relationships? Do you always see eye to eye?

We always joke that we‘re the 0.001% of people for whom a best friendship and business partnership could work so smoothly. We went from Twitter friends to offline friends to roommates to business partners in a very short time, and we both feel unbelievably 03 /1 1



Issue N° 4 sisterMAG  

The Fall/Autumn issue of sisterMAG

Issue N° 4 sisterMAG  

The Fall/Autumn issue of sisterMAG