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Did you collaborate with other entrepreneurs in producing Paper’d?

old maps and black & white photos to letterpress wedding invitations and

We designed the app and all of the

perfectly poured cocktails. We’re also

wallpapers ourselves, but we hired a

a pair of travel junkies, so you’ll see a lot

development team, Xhatch, to bring

of travel-inspired influence through-

the app to life.

out the wallpapers as well. More

Motivational quotes, travel destina-

lifestyle-inspired app, which means

tions, even adorable dinosaurs make

up some of the collections in Paper’d. What inspires the design choices?

Our main inspiration comes from Apple itself, and our goal with Paper’d was to create a robust wallpaper gallery whose detail-focused design quality matched up with that of the iPhone and iPod Touch. We see our

than anything, though, Paper’d is a that life is our ultimate source of inspiration. How do you earn money from the app?

Paper‘d is free to download, giving you 230+ free wallpapers, as well as a gallery of 300+ additional wallpapers available through in-app purchase for

wallpapers as the finishing touch to

just $1.99.

an already gorgeous device, and we’re

The name ‘Paper’d’ is clever and cer-

inspired to create designs that integrate seamlessly with the unparalleled Apple aesthetic.

tainly versatile enough to encompass

a variety of different outgrowths. How do you see the brand evolving?

si st er

Outside of Apple itself, our inspiration

To be honest, we don‘t currently have

has come from all across the web

plans for brand evolution, as Paper‘d

– the humor of Someecards, the

is a side project in the Shatterboxx

addictiveness of Pinterest, the artsy-

family. We do love the name and

ness of Etsy - there are so many other

brand, though, and we expect all brand

platforms to be inspired by. Offline,

evolution to come about organically as

we find inspiration in everything from

our business evolves.




Issue N° 4 sisterMAG  

The Fall/Autumn issue of sisterMAG

Issue N° 4 sisterMAG  

The Fall/Autumn issue of sisterMAG