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in time, the Dressipi Fashion Fingerprint becomes portable across all retailers and all channels. This will help achieve our 3 main goals: 1. Create a much better customer experience 2. Create a far more efficient retail industry 3. Build a system that can make recommendations based as much on

understanding the context and emotion behind a decision as well as the concrete attributes of that decision. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Improving experience




Who do you see as your main competitors? No direct competitors (personal style advice) but plenty of competition for the limited time that people have for visiting fashon websites: ShopStyle, StyleCompare, Polyvore for example all do a great job of helping women search for clothes across multiple brands – they just don’t do the personal edit and advice that we do. What have you done before? Donna


L: Co­ founder of Dressipi. Donna Kelly is a seasoned digital media expert. Prior to co­ si st er M AG



Issue N° 4 sisterMAG  

The Fall/Autumn issue of sisterMAG

Issue N° 4 sisterMAG  

The Fall/Autumn issue of sisterMAG