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Museums can’t adopt a museum you work or volunteer at, as we wanted to avoid self promotion, and you need to have visited at least once, as we felt you couldn’t be an ambassador for something you’d never seen. So, if you know of a great museum you feel, deserves more attention, that you would like to adopt in to your family, then please get in touch via info@museum140. com and we’ll send you a short questionnaire - just 5 questions - to complete along with some further info. The blog is in English, but we also accept submissions in German (which will then get translated). As a thank you, everyone who takes part will also receive an “I Adopted A Museum” sticker. More infos: http://adopt.museum140.com

MUSEUM DIARY jennifuchs.tumblr.com @jennifuchs

Jenni Fuchs is a museologist living in Berlin. She founded Museum140 to run social media projects based around museums, such as Adopt-a-Museum. Museum Diary is her own blog about all museum-related things. Great post How To Go On A Museum Date (http://bit.ly/yeZi1e)

THE MUSEUM OF THE FUTURE themuseumofthefuture.com @jaspervisser

Innovation and Participation in Culture – blog from Dutch Jasper Visser about digital strategies for organisations. Helpful! 5 things you could do with Pinterest, your institution‘s new best friend (http://bit.ly/x9gDrW)

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