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One thing that should not be missing in our anniversary issue about Botticelli's work is, of course, our "Digital Ladies Travel" feature! Since the artist's life centred in Florence, Italy, we searched for locals who could show us the most beautiful parts of the city that cannot be found in the pages of every travel guide. We came across Skylar from North East Ohio, who runs the beautiful blog "Style by Skye" and currently lives in Florence to study design. In the following feature she takes us to the most interesting museums, shows us the best gelato spots, and the most delicious (heartshaped!) pizza of the city, which will surely tempt many of us to start looking for flights. We wish you much pleasure in planning your trip and leave you with a quote from Heinrich Heine: »If Italy, as the poets proclaim, is comparable to a beautiful woman, Florence is the bouquet of flowers at her heart«.

Best Shopping Street

The best shopping street in Florence is definitely Via De'Tornabuoni. This street is lined with renowned luxury labels and merchants. The best shopping street for more affordable shopping would be Via Calimala. 

Both streets are parallel to the gorgeous Piazza Della Repubblica square.

Via De Tornabuoni

Best View of the City

The best view of Florence can be enjoyed from »Pizzale Michelangelo«. This piazzale is popular for good reason because it’s one of the best spots to gaze over the city’s skyline without climbing hundreds of steps! Although the area is often crowded with visitors, there is ample room to view.

Pizzale Michelangelo is my favorite place to watch a stunning sunset.

Pizzale Michelangelo

My Tip: I suggest bringing along some wine and snacks!

Best Italian food

Italian cuisine is vast but when I think of Italian food, I immediately think pizza! The best pizza in Florence is »Gusta Pizza«, located across the Santa Trinita Bridge. Make sure you order a heart-shaped pie!

Gusta Pizza

I've searched for the best gelato in Florence for months and I'm happy to say I finally found this treasure: »Gelateria Dei Neri«.This spot is a must for smooth, vibrant, and savory gelato. In my opinion, cherry, pistachio, and ricotta and fig are the best flavours to try.

Gelateria Dei Neri

You truly cannot find a bad cup of coffee in Florence but my favorite is found at »La Ménagère«. This quaint cafe near the center of Florence creates an atmosphere that will make you want to keep ordering cappuccinos and find an excuse to come back.

»La Ménagère« is an eclectic spot because the bar downstairs features live jazz music every Friday and Saturday night. This is one of my favourite ways to enjoy Florence at night. It's a more unique and authentic experience for a relaxing evening.

Best coffee, La Ménagère
Best night bar La Ménagère

Best spot for arts and culture

I couldn't pick just one for this question as there are so many amazing museums in Florence the 2 most famous and magnificent museums are The Uffizi Gallery and The Galleria De'll Academia. But if you have time I would also visit The Museum of Opera Of Saint of Fiore. All of these museums majestically illustrate the rich history of Florence.

Il Dumo
Galleria De'll Accademia

Best date spot

The entire city is romantic, so an ideal romantic evening in Florence should be sweet and simple. Buy a pizza and a bottle of wine and sit along the arno river. It's the best way to take in the city while enjoying the scenery, the people, and your special company.

A tourist may miss one of the unique rooftop bars in the city like View on Art. It's part of the Hotel Medici but the rooftop is open to the public and has tables aligned along the rooftop. This quickly became one of my favourite ways to enjoy a stunning view of Florence.

Text & Photos: Skylar Beck