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S TEFAN ZWEI G ( 1881 - 1 9 3 2 )

As Austrian writer STEFAN ZWEIG (1881-1932), would later write about the meeting of those two artists and the ambitions of the young poet who sought to impress with airy words instead of hard rock: »The fickle thing we would call coincidence brought Rilke to Paris, where he became Rodin’s secretary and lived in

those lofty, hallowed halls out in Meudon, where there were white and pristine works, a wood made from stone that was still separated in its parts by the emptiness of space and the inner finality of its outlines. He saw the old master with his dividing power and he was tempted to be like him, to make his written material as final and strict as Rodin plastically formed his portraits of the world – to shape glasslike verses into the same harsh lines as Rodin did with the marbled weight of earthgrown stone.«


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