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The f riends hip b e tween Rod in a nd Ril k e is the p rime examp le o f an a mb ival ent rel at i o n shi p b e tween two gre at ar t i st s that went throu gh t h e stages of early em o t i o nal c onnection, cl ose c oll aboration an d t he i ne vitabl e es tra n g ement.

The artistic results of their collaboration show much more than a personal connection and give insight into the work and lives of two heroes of art of the 20th century.



At 25 years old, poet and writer RAINER MARIA RILKE (18751926) met the then 61 year old and world-renowned AUGUSTE RODIN (1840-1917) on September 1st, 1902 in Paris. Back then, Rilke was writing a book about the French sculptor that he would finish towards the end of 1902. In 1905, Rilke returned to Paris, moving to Rodin’s estate in Meudon, located just outside the city, and became his secretary. He corresponded with admirers from Germany, kept in touch with publishers and magazines, became an expert on all aspects of Rodin’s work and life, travelled to give talks about the artist and spread his fame. 32

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