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C H AMP IO NS A RE M A D E , NOT BORN . « In the award-winning independent film GIRLFIGHT , directed by Karyn Kusama, there is a scene in which Michelle Rodriguez alias Diana Guzman goes into a local boxing club for the first time and says to the trainer Hector: »I wanna be a boxer. For real. I wanna fight.« And he answers: »Well, you can train. But you can’t fight.« »Why not?«, she asks. His initial response: »You just can’t. Girls don’t have the same power as boys.« This scene illustrates well how boxing is or was often reduced to pure muscle power. And how little confidence people have in women when it comes to this sport, which was admittedly quite archaic in its original form. Although it is based upon much more than SISTER-MAG.COM

potency. To be able to box, you need endurance and control of your body, speed, coordination and concentration, tactical calculation and the knowledge of a lot of techniques. But above all, you need a lot of discipline, an iron will and, last but not least, courage. These are all qualities that women can acquire just as much as men. And they should, because they are also useful in real life. Neither sex was born with these qualities. In the film, a banner reads: »Champions are made, not born.« And that is exactly what it is about: You have to fight to win. And learn how to fight. Boxing is good training, both physical and psychological. If you know how it feels to get punched in


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