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T i m Yilma z & Ka i Meld er

W o m e n h av e t h e t e c h n i q u e s o f boxing down earlier than men and t h e y a l s o a d va n c e m o r e q u i c k ly

Five weeks ago, in a mad rush, I registered for this camp in Bad Gastein. By chance, I saw the picture of a woman in the Instagram timeline and felt instinctively drawn to her look of steely determination, the thick boxing gloves and the idea to let off some steam. The caption read: »THE FUTURE IS FEMALE« . The next day, I called Tim Yilmaz from the Mariposa boxing club in Munich. »Boxing,« he says, »is a high-quality training for your coordination and your muscles. In other words, the perfect sport. And it is perfect to unwind.« Then he says that it will be intense and that I should bring a lot of sweatabsorbing workout clothes. »But SISTER-MAG.COM


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