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Strategy 4 WHAT’S THERE TO LAUGH ABOUT? CLEAR, NON-VERBAL COMMUNICATION We as women often tend to show an unnecessarily impolite demeanour in the workplace. Especially in meetings or a review involving criticism, our nonverbal, impolite behaviour can be misinterpreted completely. This includes a social smile or a supportive nod. In meetings or a review involving criticism, however, this can be interpreted as approval or even the inability to handle conflicts or, in the

worst-case scenario, as you belittling the situation with your smile. And this is an impression you surely do not want to make. Men often behave completely different in comparison. They smile far less in meetings and do not nod as often. They refrain from social, interpersonal signals and merely refer to the factual and content level of the talk.


Try to stay on the factual level in meetings and discussions at work and get into the habit of looking serious and interested. You can of course keep your friendly manner in other job-related contexts, because this is definitely one of our strengths as women. You should simply learn to use this strength in a targeted way. SISTER-MAG.COM


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