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RGB: A cultural



into a pop-cultural icon overnight. Amongst the generation of millennials, the 85-year old Supreme Court Justice was suddenly adored like a popstar. The slogan »NO TRUTH WITHOUT RUTH« nowadays sells on mugs and tote bags. »I DISSENT « and »THE NOTORIOUS RBG« have become popular fashion statements on T-shirts (which Ginsburg confessed of having herself in her wardrobe). Such souvenirs have made Ginsburg THE political icon of a liberal America. RBG is now a worldwide brand a whole generation of young liberals identifies with. The products function to build groups. Whoever wears an RBG T-shirt displays his or her liberal attitude. From a cultural studies point of view, such souvenirs can be compared to religious


relics which enable its buyers to partake in the myth of RBG. In contemporary popular culture, Ginsburg is stylized as superhero with the help of mythical narratives: In the Hollywood blockbuster DEADPOOL 2 (2018), Deadpool thinks of admitting her in his X-force, i.e. a team of superheroes. In fact, Ginsburg can be purchased as an action figure replete with lace jabot and JUDGE’S GAVEL . Talking of her lace jabot: Her fashion outfits are also cult. Ginsburg usually spruces up her judge’s gown with a jabot, choosing white lace or colourful patterns. When she announced a dissent, she chose her well-known »DISSENT JABOT« made from black velvet and gemstones.


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