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Why routine is important for


The explanation for why routine is key to creativity is pretty simple. Former U.S. president Barack Obama has famously talked about one of his routines of only owning grey and blue suits. He told Vanity Fair in 2012:

B a ra c k O b a ma

»I don´t want to make decisions about w h at I ' m e at i n g o r w e a r i n g . B e c a u s e I h av e t o o m a n y o t h e r d e c i s i o n s t o m a k e . «

So Barack Obama did not want to pay attention to what he would wear or eat. He minimised the complexity of small decisions to keep the potential of his thoughts for bigger issues. In this case, routines can be helpful to battle the continuous

stream of decisions by limiting choices. People who get up around similar times and stick to a routine during the day will have more time and thoughts for being creative. Surprisingly, routines help to fully take advantage of any creative potential.


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