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As a freelance journalist, it is crucial for me to establish routines and structure my days. At the same time, my profession demands creativity and being able to develop new ideas, pitches, and a different spin on old stories. This led me to the question: how can I successfully unite routine and creativity? It’s not exactly news that a good routine and creative work go hand in glove. Countless scientists have explored this topic, mainly to find the source and secret of creative talents like Albert Einstein or Franz Kafka. The result of all their work: most genius people weren’t only incredibly creative, they also had daily routines. SISTER-MAG.COM

Early bird or late riser? The

routine matters

This graph shows several famously creative people and their solid routines. What’s clear is that it doesn’t matter if you get up early, only eat out, or have a nap every day – what matters is the constant upkeep of a routine for a reason!


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