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I imagine these carvings to be the embodiments of a consciousness where we can become true servants of our mother planet, her guardians rather than her despoilers. As though she is a temple, and we are her devotees. For me that would bring meaning to all human life, and honours all who share the planet with us. So, ultimately I want to have

no style as such, just to show that art cannot be seen any longer as a neutral space for ideas and formal imaginings: it can enter into the minds of people and feed the spirit that needs to help our planet, now. Recent art has been largely providing infantile playthings for the rich. That is unconscionable now.

Where and when will your work be exhibited in the near future? Museo del Tartuca, Siena. Tuscany Italy.

May 25th. Open for six weeks. Twenty two recent stone carvings.

Bowman Sculpture 6 Duke street St. James’s London SW1Y 6BN

Mid June for six weeks Twelve new bronzes, cast from the stone.


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