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Language is thus being staged, and its imagery reminds us of speech bubbles in comic books. It is even shorter to use emoticons, a combination of the terms »emotion« and »icon«, which combines an emotion with a symbol. In social media texts or messages, they can be expressed using character combinations. Colons and parentheses, as an example, can be used to form smileys. The possibilities are practically endless :). The Japanese have come up with another style – Kaomoji – with artful creations such as ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ and the popular emojis. These graphic symbols have stood for emotions since 2011. As in a rebus, whole stories can be told with a series of emojis. Their advantage: because they are pictorial, our eyes can capture them faster within a message.

According to German orthography, numbers up to and including 12 should technically be written out. Technically! Often, however, due to character limitations on social media platforms such as Twitter, they are being written in digits instead of letters. One touch is enough and a »2« instead of a »two« is used in the text. There are nowadays even creative abbreviations using numbers: »l8r« for example stands for »later« or »2nite« for »tonight«.


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