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we also have to be fast. So we communicate as much content as possible within an extremely short amount of time. The means endless abbreviations and omissions. Like letter combinations for instance. There are English initialisms such as LOL (laughing out loud), YOLO (you only live once) or TBT (throwback thursday) and German abbreviations such as HDL (hab dich lieb – love you) or HDGDL (hab dich ganz doll lieb – love you very much). The chosen language depends on who you are communicating with. You would for instance probably send your mother an HDL rather than a YOLO on WhatsApp.


Emotions can also be abbreviated on WhatsApp and the like. Instead of explaining in a sentence or a sub-clause how you are feeling, what you wish for or what you are upset about, you simply type one word, add a hashtag or an asterisk in parentheses to put emphasis on the feeling. *Sigh* or #groan can for instance stand for a strenuous activity, *smooch* or #hug can show that the sender wants to send the receiver a kiss. 158

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