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e k i l is HellA F UNNEL In Dante’s imagination, hell looked like a huge funnel that formed when the fallen angel LUCIFER dropped to earth with a slam. On the southern hemisphere that was completely covered with water, Lucifer’s impact formed the mountain of purgatory – the place where the

souls who weren’t supposed to go to heaven right away were purified. This is where the second part of the »DIVINE COMEDY« takes place. The third and last section leads Dante to paradise. But first of all, he and Virgil have to survive hell.

er p e de The THE M ORE EVI L The funnel looks like an amphitheatre consisting of ten terraces – the vestibule and the NINE CIRCLES OF HELL . The deeper in the ground they are, the smaller are the circles and the more brutal are the punishments the »residents« have to suffer. In the vestibule, for example, the worthless people stray who are neither

wanted in heaven nor in hell and who are permanently tormented by wasps and hornets. This place is separated from actual hell by the river ACHERON . Since Dante is still alive, he is not allowed to cross the river. Virgil, however, persuades the ferryman CHARON to take them to the other side.


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