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Tr a n s l a te d f ro m t h e n ove l Die Muse d es Bild ha uers (A sc ulpto r’s muse) by Alexa n d ra Laviz z a ri (p.131, G erma n Ed itio n )

» O my master, there is no man like you walking this earth, you are the beauty o f m y l i f e ! Y o u ta k e c a r e of me and my needs, how gracious of you, but even i f I w e r e s ta r v i n g o r c o l d my soul would be the most content and happy on earth … because I love you, my master, and my love for you is the most beautiful gift you could give me.« *

Whenever she was by herself, Gwen wrote hundreds of short letters to Rodin. She painted less and spent slow hours contemplating her failure alternating with sleepless nights thinking about her »MASTER« . Friends, relatives, her beloved brother and even Rodin himself tried to put an end to her mad love to no avail. He started meeting other women and cut her off, but nothing helped. She sought him out on his way to the train station, spent the nights in his garden in MEUDON , ate little and stopped taking care of herself. Even though his love might have faded, Rodin kept


up a deep friendship with Gwen up until his death in 1917 . They regularly exchanged letters that helped and stabilised her. This trust also made Gwen take up painting again even though she now had to force herself to work with brushes and colour.

» O m e i n M e i s t e r , e s g i b t k e i n e n M a n n w i e S i e a u f d e r We l t , S i e sind die Schönheit meines Lebens! Sie kümmern sich um meine

Bedürfnisse, das ist so gütig von Ihnen, aber wenn ich hungerte oder kalt hätte, wäre meine Seele noch die zufriedenste und glücklichste a u f E r d e n , … we i l i c h S i e l i e b e , m e i n M e i s t e r, a b e r m e i n e L i e b e z u Ihnen ist das Schönste, was Sie mir geben.« SISTER-MAG.COM


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